he also had a drinking problem

The Club (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut with a dash of fluff.
Word count: 3.6k 

Part one: Kitchen Counter, Part two: Laundry Room.

» Song: Love In This Club part II

Summary: ”Or we can just do it here.“ He hummed, his fingers immediately latching onto his belt and working as quickly as ever to get it loose. “Jeon Jungkook,” You quietly scolded with a laugh, placing a hand over his and looked around. “People can see you.” Once you looked back down at him, he shook his head slowly, “It doesn’t matter, baby,” He reasoned, his tongue flickering over his lips. “Everyone’s wasted, I promise. I just…I want you so bad.” 

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Evan and Connor OTP questions??

- Who in your otp had the Emo phase in high school? Evan. Come on, we all know it’s Connor, except it’s not a phase, Cynthia. It’s who he is.
- Who loves breakfast foods? Evan loves almost all breakfast foods. He would eat breakfast for every meal if he could, but that’s ‘not healthy’ according to Alana.
- Who washes the dishes while the other dries? They have a dishwasher, but if it’s busted, Evan washes and Connor dries because Evan is usually more attentive and makes sure the plates are actually clean.
- Who likes to drive? Connor. Evan’s anxiety only worsens when he drives, so Connor does all of the driving for them. Sometimes they walk places, though, or ride their bikes.
- Who is more organized? Evan. Connor doesn’t really mind mess, but Evan always feels better if things are in order.
- Who likes to go outside and who is the hermit? Evan’s the hermit. I kid, I kid. Evan loves being outside, while Connor is pretty sure he’s allergic to the fresh air. He’ll go on hikes and climb trees with Evan if Evan really wants to, though. Connor can’t say no to him.
- Who gets super excited about everything? Evan is definitely the more expressive when it comes to his passions, but Connor does still get excited about things. He tries to act like he doesn’t care, but Evan’s learned to notice the spark in Connor’s eyes when he’s excited about something.
- Who likes to eat spicy food? Connor. Evan has digestive problems and can’t always eat really spicy things. Connor, on the other hand, will drink an entire bottle of hot sauce without blinking.
- Who is the one who kills the bugs? Neither. Evan takes them outside while Connor acts like he’s totally not scared. He is actually very scared.
- Who loves to cook? Connor, surprisingly. Neither one of them knew how until the got to college and Connor bought a bunch of cookbooks to try and make sure they didn’t rely too much on ramen. Also, with Evan’s dietary restrictions, he had to make sure there was something he could eat.
- Who is the one who gets the other to try new things? Evan. Connor can be a stubborn person, but Evan usually gets him to be a bit more adventurous when it comes to the outdoors.
- Who is more protective? They both are, in their own ways. Connor is very physically protective of Evan; he’s willing to beat the crap out of anyone that bothers him. Evan worries over Connor, though, and will stand up for him if he thinks he really needs it.
- Who likes PDA more? Neither one of them. They’re both too uncomfortable around strangers to just start kissing, and they both like to keep their affection private. However, around close friends, Connor’s usually the one cuddling Evan or grabbing his hand. Evan will sometimes initiate things, though.
- Who would go and do something stupid for 20.00$? Connor. Murphy. He can usually be egged on by Jared, who is offering the $20. Evan worries for him, and can usually be found crying on Zoe’s couch whispering “He’s so stupid. Oh my god.”
- Who is the one who eats too much? Evan has a habit of either overeating or undereating. Connor tries to make sure he’s staying healthy, though. 
- Who is the one who lies awake at night if they don’t have the other’s arms around them? Both of them. Once they become comfortable around each other enough to start cuddling, they don’t really want to stop. They’re the type of couple to stay awake texting until one of them crashes (usually Evan). The other (usually Connor) then just stares at pictures of them until they can finally fall asleep.
- Who would be the one to cry at their wedding? Surprisingly, Connor. It just hits him halfway through the ceremony that he’s actually getting married. He didn’t think it would ever happen, and certainly not with someone as amazing as Evan. He just starts bawling and Evan has to hug him until he stops.
- Who buys all the parenting books? Again, Connor. Both boys worry about being good fathers because they both had shitty dads, but Connor’s the one to study up on it. Evan has to tell him that he’s going to be a good dad and that he needs to stop worrying so much.
- Who is the one that tries to cook but can’t? Evan tries to make Connor breakfast in bed on their anniversary and it’s horrifying. He nearly burns down their house. Connor has to use the emergency fire extinguisher while Evan calls 911.
- Who would cheer on the other in an act of stupidity? Neither. If one of them is doing something stupid, the other will try to intervene, especially if Jared Kleinman is involved in some way.
- Who would get the tattoo of their lover’s name? Connor, because Evan hates needles. He doesn’t get Evan’s name, though, he gets his initials tattooed on his wrist for their tenth anniversary. Evan thinks it’s actually pretty romantic.
- Who would wear the other’s clothes in public? They both do. Evan has stolen almost all of Connor’s hoodies and wears them, but Connor’s the one to steal Evan’s shirts. Evan always gets flustered when he sees Connor in one of his blue t-shirts, so Connor keeps doing it.
- Who is the caring one who would do anything for you in an instant? They both are in different ways. Evan would drop everything in his life to be there to emotionally support Connor every step of the way, while Connor would do literally anything to make sure Evan is safe and happy.
- Who constantly laughs at themselves? Both still get embarrassed easily, but Connor’s the first to laugh at himself when he does something stupid. Evan always worries about looking like an idiot.
- Who brings home a stray dog and begs the other to keep it? CONNOR. He brings home like, thirty dogs a year and Evan always hates telling him no, but they don’t have enough room for all of them. They do adopt two, though, and Connor is alright with that.
- Who proposes? Evan does. Connor isn’t the most romantic, and he’s honestly probably a little more insecure about their relationship than Evan is. He just worries that he’s going to screw it up all the time. Evan proposes to him in the old orchard Connor’s family used to go to, and Connor sort of panics and says nothing and Evan gets worried until finally Connor just blurts out “Why?” Things eventually work themselves out, though.
- Who takes forever in the bathroom? Connor ‘My hair has to look amazing, Evan’ Murphy. His hair does look amazing, though, so Evan doesn’t really complain.
- Who bounces their leg up and down constantly? Evan. He has a lot of nervous ticks, and bouncing his leg is one of them. If it gets out of hand, Connor just leans over and puts his hand on Evan’s knee to get him to stop.
- Who is the one who doesn’t study and aces their exams? Connor. He is in classes with Alana Beck, after all. He’s incredibly intelligent, but he doesn’t try at all and thus doesn’t live up to his full potential. He always helps Evan study, though.
- Who is the one who can’t stop laughing when they are tired? Evan. Connor thinks it’s really cute, though, so he keeps telling Evan jokes to get him to laugh more.

Jealousy (Yoongi Smut)

Originally posted by bangtanbtsmut

Requested: No
Words: 2792
Warnings: angst? (I’m not sure if you can actually consider this angst), smutttttt
Description: You and Yoongi come back from a date, which was ruined by Yoongi being jealous. While trying to tease him, things get heated….
You stormed into the house, immediately taking your heels off after entering and putting them beside the door.

You heard the door close, and that was like a signal for you to go off. “What the hell, Yoongi? Can’t we just have one normal date? Why do you always have to ruin it?” You questioned, turning towards your boyfriend.

“I didn’t ruin anything.” He said simply, making you more angry than you already were.

“You ruined everything! This was supposed to be a perfect, amazing date, but you just had to  get us kicked out of that restaurant, didn’t you?” You asked. “You love causing problems, don’t you?”

Yoongi began taking his shoes off while he spoke. “It’s not my fault. That waiter kept hitting on you. What else was I supposed to do?” He questions.

You rolled your eyes, recollecting the memory from about an hour ago when your boyfriend of two years had “accidentally” poured his drink on the male waiter that happened to be serving your table.

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Shit our barb says

Our alcoholic barbarian, Borbo, doesn’t trust alchemists and early on we had trouble getting him to drink health potions. I had an idea to get some alcohol to cut the potions with so that he’d drink them without complaint but I didn’t want to say the plan out loud where he could hear so I was arguing with our cleric about getting more booze.
Me, frustrated: I have a plan!
Borbo: you have a plan. I have a problem!

Also, when we’re making complicated plans he tends to stand there nodding and saying “I understand everything that’s going on!”


30 days of riverdale. [7/30] ༺

favourite parent: fp jones

❝ look at me, jughead! never come back here. understand? ❞

do I even need to justify this? this man took the rap for MURDER to protect his son. fred is dead to me right now for talking shit about the jones family, I still don’t trust hermione, hal sucks for what he did to polly, and I can never decide a solid opinion on alice. for a while she was okay, even got some character development, but now she’s back to being bitch mom and my respect has dropped once again. but fp? even though he had a drinking problem and a bad history, he did this for his son, and in that move, he stole Fred’s “riverdale’s best parent” award right out from under him.

also skeet ulrich amirite

“Savior” (Gaston)

word count: 713

request: I lived your gaston x reader! It was amazing! Please continue writing more of them

requested by: anon

summary: Your mom wants to marry you off to someone other than Gaston and he has a bit of a problem with that. You also seem to be the only one who can match wits with Gaston.

a/n: Yep! Another one, because I’m a hoe for Gaston but most of all, Luke Evans.

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Joie De Vivre

Summary: Bucky meets a sassy barista

Word Count: 1809

A/N: no one requested this but i wanted to do something else w the coffee shop au!/ story line idk

Pairings: bucky x reader

Fuck, this is the longest day ever, you complained to yourself as you foamed the milk for the thousandth time for the thousandth latte of the day. Your thoughts were interrupted by an angry customer yelling ‘why are you taking so long!’ Your grip on the cup tightened before loosening it up and turning around to face the person.

“We’re almost done,” your friend muttered next to you before you took a deep breath and plastered a fake smile on your face along with a fake apology for taking up their time. Returning back to the register you call up the next person, grabbing an empty plastic cup and the black sharpie, ready to jot down their order -Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, Sugar- Free Syrup, Extra Shot, Light Ice, No whip.

Ignoring the pretentiousness of the order you couldn’t help let out a huff at the ridiculously long list of instructions, but nonetheless you created the order, mentally cursing at those who decided to create fancy names for coffees. You tried to not scoff when you yelled, “Bucky, your order is ready!” while setting the drink on the counter in front of you. What kind of a name is Bucky, you wondered.

“Did you follow the instructions?” A quiet but raspy voice asked as a hand reached for the drink.

“Yes. I do know how to do my job,” you replied without looking up at the customer as you cleaned your station.

“Wow, employees really changed since I last came around,” the voice said and you could practically hear the smirk that was on the man’s face. You dropped your wash cloth on the counter rather dramatically, ready to give a whole speech to the stranger but when you looked up you couldn’t help but be in awe of him. The man named Bucky was wearing a red henley that showed off his muscles perfectly along with low riding running shorts and shoes. His brown fluffy chocolate colored hair fell gracefully to his shoulders and framed his face, exaggerating the blueness of his eyes, a juxtaposition to his rigid look.

“See something you like?” Bucky said with a shit-eating grin, raising an eyebrow at you.

“I- I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you replied, ducking your head in hopes that the stranger doesn’t see you blush.

“Right, okay. I’ll see you tomorrow macchiato girl,” he said, raising his drink while he winked at you before taking his first sip and letting out a satisfied sigh.

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Something to make you guys feel better this barricade day ;)))

Wait okay you guys know in the movie when the national guard are all like who goes there and enjolras is all like FRENCH REVOLTION? Yeah imagine this:
- It starts off at a party
- The Amis are all there and an undoubtedly hammered Courf would dare a stonefaced brokdy Enj to tell a joke and like it essentially goes like “knock knock” “who’s there” and Enj deadpanning “French Revolution”
- The second time he does this is when he finally gets drunk thanks to the combined efforts of Courfeyrac, Bahorel, and Grantaire.
- He then proceeds to walk (stumble) around the club asking people the fucking joke (punctuated by tons of hiccups)
- “Enjolras, let’s go. I don’t think he wants to hear the joke.”
Enj’s bottom lip begins to puff out just slightly, and his eyes grow wide and begin to water. If there’s one thing he’s better at than speeches, it’s puppy eyes
“But everyone likes the joke ! (everyone’s really done with the joke) Please, R, last one ?????”
And he is undoubtedly way too sober for this as he rubs a rough hand across his face, wearily mumbling his agreement
- Hint: the guy isn’t the last one
- He tells the joke to anyone in his sight and fuck why did R think this was a good idea?
- They get kicked out bc Enj got into a fistfight (really he was sort of waving his arms around talking about robespierre and the bourgeoisie????) when he slurred his joke into a girls ear while falling all on top of her and her boyfriend notices and confronts him and Enj just sort of launches himself at him accusing him of being bourgeoisie scum?????
- The next time it happens is during a les amis meeting
- Because unfortunately when Grantaire said he found someone new who wanted to attend a les amis meeting he failed to mention it was someone who was hot and funny and very good at flirting with grantaire and very good at keeping him and courf distracted with his face!!! And he’s totally mildly, keep in mind MILDLY pissed because the cause!!!! Courf and Grantaire need to pay attention!!! And damn straight Enjolras can be funny too! He can make Grantaire laugh too!!!
- And so that’s how in the middle of a meeting he shoves Combeferre to their music stand podium and shoves fifty people and their beers out of his way as he makes his way through a cramped room to slam his hand down on Grantaire’s table, and say with a straight face, “knock knock who’s there? French Revolution!!!!”
- (Grantaire was too shocked by the whole situation to say the “who” in response.)
- (Grantaire also laughed like never before at all the disgruntled patrons rubbing their bruised arms and picking up their spilled drinks death-glaring at Enjolras, looking more intense than ever, scaring everyone in the Musain. Enjolras takes this as a win and if he can’t stop smiling as soon as he gets home because of Grantaire’s fucking laugh, that’s no one’s problem but his)
- The fourth time, as everyone has expected, Enjolras has overworked himself to the point of passing out and is sulking™. Les Amis had a huge role in organizing this pride march in Paris and he was going to give this super cool speech he spent a month toiling over but guess what his body cannot handle sixteen hours without water so of course, he passed the fuck out and passes the time watching pride on the tv in his hospital room
- He watches Combeferre give his speech and sees all the Amis (save Grantaire, which he finds weird because Grantaire loves going to pride a lot???) crowded at the front of the impromptu stage, cheering, decked out in glitter and rainbows and Jehan with their they/them sweater they spent two months knitting and Enjolras is very very jealous and sulking very very much
- And then, a knock sounds
- Grantaire pokes his head in, smiling sheepishly, hands full with flowers (all in pride colors, of course), and a rainbow teddy bear signed by the amis, and he’s decked out in daisy chains and decked out with flower crowns courtesy of Bahorel, Feuilly, Courf, and Jehan’s combined efforts
- “Knock knock” “who’s there” “French Revolution! Coincidentally, also what I’ve named this teddy bear. His middle name is Voltaire.”
- Enjolras is very very happy and can’t stop smiling and after a bit of arguing he manages to persuade Grantaire to climb into his hospital bed with him. He falls asleep to Grantaire taking off some of the flower crowns on his curls and placing them atop Enj’s head.
- (He wakes up to the Amis giggling about just how proud they are of having their two gays finally making moves on each other)

A PSA on Alcohol Poisoning.

Hey there everyone, today I at the beach I came across an intoxicated boy and gave him water and his friends clear instructions to call his mother or an ambulance, as he very obviously had far to much as he was sitting there sobbing and drooling. To my horror they not only ignored me, but dumped the poor boy face down in the hot sun and bolted.

Even if you are underaged it is important at this point that you contact emergency services.

And if the intoxicated person is responsive and easily agitated do it in a way that will not anger them to avoid getting punched by an angry drunk.

Heres how to tell Alcohol poisoning has set in.

Usually self-diagnosable

Symptoms after drinking include slurred speech, incoordination, and mood and behavior changes. Sometimes, coma can occur.

People may experience:

Whole body: blackout, dehydration, or flushing, blueish color, cold skin

Cognitive: amnesia, mental confusion, or unresponsiveness

Gastrointestinal: nausea or vomiting

Behavioral: aggression or lack of restraint

Also common: depression, euphoria, problems with coordination, rapid involuntary eye movement, or slurred speech.seizures


At this point lay the person on their side to avoid them choking on their vomit and make sure they can breathe. The young boy I helped had actually been so drunk he forgot to and I had to coach him for a good few minutes to make sure he was getting air.

Keep them out of too hot or too cold areas as well!

If you absolutely have to move the person and they are unresponsive make sure their neck is supported and at an angle they can breathe clearly at, but its best to avoid moving them long distances.

Please be careful! And better yet, just dont drink/and or like an idiot.

Coffee Mugs - Bucky Barnes

- Sorry for not posting in forever. I’ve been so busy and then had the worst writers block. // This started out as a late night drabble, but now it’s kind of an imagine. Enjoy. - Also: my requests are open. I write Marvel and Criminal Minds!

— Bucky drinks coffee to try and get rid of his problems

Warnings: None.


Steam billowed around the coffee that sat in a plain grey mug on the kitchen table. Stark Tower was rarely cold, but winter in New York was out to bite this year.

Sat, looking at his mug was Bucky. Tired, and alone at nearly midnight. He was expressionless, sleep deprivation shone across his skin as he mumbled aimlessly about things he needed to remember - worthless things, but he needed them.

He looked out the window, the glowing streets of New York staring back at him. The lights seemed so dark at night, yet so bright. He felt happier at night, safer. He never knew why, but he didn’t like to question it either.

“Well the city never sleeps…so that makes two of us, huh?” He mumbled to himself, picking up his mug and wandering over to the window where he continued to stare at the city.

The door clicked behind him. He didn’t respond because for once, he didn’t feel threatened. He knew who it was from their footsteps.

“You’re up late,” You greeted him, “Coffee, baby, really?” You sighed.

“I wanted to make sure you were alright. Is that a crime now?” He raised his eyebrow at you, and you rolled your eyes back at him. He smiled as you placed down your bags.

“How is she anyway?” He asked, placing down the mug once again. “Peggy’s doing okay. She talked a lot, stayed on track, which was good. Then I had to get Tony’s equipment from the store. It took longer than I thought.” You gestured to the bags.

“I’m glad. I would go and see her but…I don’t want to hurt her.” You frowned, looking back at him. “I think she’d love to see you.”

“Really?” He asked, dumbfounded, “She mentioned you, asking how you were. You mean a lot to Steve, so you mean a lot to Peggy too.”

“I never thought about it like that.” He admitted, his eyes growing heavier as he looked at his mug, dregs of coffee remained, and he cursed it for making him even more tired.

“C'mon, Buck. Let’s go to sleep.” You smiled, stretching out your hand, waiting for him. “Do your bags not need to go away? Or, uh, taking to the labs? What about those emails you mentioned?”

“Bucky!” You exclaimed, grabbing his hand firmly. “You can’t be scared to go to sleep. I know you hate Buck, but you need to try. You can’t live off coffee forever, trust me, I’ve tried. Please. I love you, and you need to sleep.” He glanced at his pyjama clad legs and frowned. “I’ll be right next to you. Nothing bad will happen.”

He anxiously trailed behind you, waiting for you, or anyone, or anything, to do something that meant he wouldn’t have to sleep.

You two lay in bed for a few minutes, for Bucky it felt like hours, before he began to ramble in avoidance. “Hey, babe?”

“Yes, Bucky?” You mumbled, sleep trying to capture you. “Does mike wazowski blink or wink?”

You laughed slightly, tiredly, “I don’t know Bucky. We’ll find out tomorrow, yeah?”

“Fine.” He huffed, “I love you, Bucky.”

“I love you too.”

And soon enough, he fell asleep.

When the pale pink sunlight flowed through the curtains, Bucky groaned, placing the pillow that you had previously been sleeping on over his head. He knew that you had to leave early to finish a mission with Sam and Steve, but he still missed you.

He rolled over, disregarding the pillow falling onto the floor, throwing the covers back and standing. He rubbed his eyes, pushing his messy brown hair behind his ears.

Forcing himself into the once again empty kitchen, he started to use to coffee machine once more. He stood for a while, waiting for its magic.

His eyes skimmed the room, noticing his old coffee cup still on the sideboard from the night prior, but a piece of paper now sat beside it.

“If you ask me, Mike Wasowski is definitely winking…he seems like that kind of guy.” He read, laughing to himself.

Luke Hemmings Smut

The music blared from the speakers as you and your best friend, Luke, lounged by the pool. Your parents were gone for the weekend which meant that you had the huge house to yourself. As soon as they had left you had called Luke and he had arrived within thirty minutes, his bags for the weekend in his hand.

The fact that your parents were gone meant that you and Luke could do whatever the two of you wanted. You had already raided the liquor cabinet, helping yourselfs to whatever your hearts desired. It also meant that you could play your music over the speakers without your mother yelling at you to turn it down. The closest neighbors were at least a half mile away so you had no problem turning the music up as loud as you wanted. The spacious yard was also surrounded by large pine trees which helped minimize the noise.

By now the two of you had been drinking for a while and you could feel the alcohol flowing throughout your body. Your eyes kept flickering towards Luke, mesmerized by him. You were laughing at everything he was saying and doing.

However, not only was the alcohol affecting you, it was doing the same to Luke. His blue eyes were glued to you as he danced around the pool, making you laugh. He was also becoming much more talkative and acting more like an idiot than normal in your opinion.

As you watched Luke dance, the song that was playing slowly faded out of the speakers only to be replaced by a much slower song. Luke walked around the pool and over to you holding his arm out in front of him.

“Dance with me,” he begged, his blue eyes wide.

Giggling, you placed your hand in his and he pulled you against him. His hands rested on the small of your back as you wrapped your around his neck.

Together the two of you swayed back and forth to the beat of the music. A giggle erupted from your lips as you looked up at Luke.

“What’s so funny, Y/N?” he asked.

“Look at us,” you gestured. “We must look like such a sight. You in your bathing suit and me in my workout clothes still.”

As the song came to an end, neither of you made an attempt move to leave. However, the next song began to play breaking the two of you out of your trance. Luke’s hands dropped from your waist as the both of you took a step away from each other.

You began to giggle as Luke grabbed his drink from the table and sat down in one of the lawn chairs.

“What’s so funny Y/N?” he asked, confused.

“I used to strip for Jake to this song,” you said, referring to your ex boyfriend.

“Well you can always strip for me,” Luke joked.

Giggling, you took three steps towards Luke and stopped in front of him. You began to slowly sway your hips to the music as Luke let out a laugh before taking out a drink. His blue eyes widened as your hand traveled over your chest and down towards your shorts. Slowly, you lifted up the hem of your shirt and placed a single finger inside the waistband of your shorts.

Your other hand lifted your shirt up slightly, revealing part of your stomach, teasing him. Luke squirmed in his chair as he watched you lift your t shirt up, flashing him your hot pink sports bra for a brief moment. Taking the remaining steps towards Luke, you grabbed his hands and moved them to your waist.

“Take it off,” you whispered in his ear.

His hands shook as he gently pulled your t shirt over your head. Taking a step back, you slowly turned around, shaking your hips as you walked towards the lounge chair where your phone was currently laying.  

Your phone was connected to the bluetooth speakers and you picked it up, pressing the repeat button for the song before placing it back on the chair.

When you turned around to face Luke, his eyes were glued to you. He motioned for you to come back and you obliged. When you reached him, he placed his hands on your hips but you swatted them away.

“You’re not allowed to touch yet,” you said.  

Placing his hands on the armrests, you sat down on his lap, straddling him. Your arms snaked around his neck, as you rocked your hips against him. With each movement you could feel his erection press against your core. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Luke’s hands form into fists and you smiled. He was melting underneath your touch.

You buried your head against his shoulder, placing kisses along his neck. He groaned as you gently bit his neck, working your way towards his mouth. Your lips met his as you kissed him roughly, still rocking your hips against his.

His hands moved to your thighs and this time you didn’t push them away. He rubbed them three times stopping short at the material of your shorts. On the fourth time, his hands went underneath the fabric and continued until his fingers brushed against your underwear. You felt a finger slip beneath the fabric and run along your folds. You placed your hands on his arms and gently pulled them away from you and back to the arm rests.

“Not yet,” you whispered.

Luke groaned as you stood up and stepped out of your shorts, revealing your black underwear. Luke’s eyes moved over your body as you sat back down on him. You could feel his erection pressing against your core even more now that your shorts were gone. Leaning down, you began to leave kisses along his toned chest and over his stomach.

“Y/N, you’re fucking killing me,” Luke whined.

Reaching over, you untied his bathing suit and he raised his hips, allowing you to pull his swimsuit and boxers down. His erection sprang free and you rocked your hips forward, brushing it against your underwear as Luke moaned.

Scooting backwards, you moved off the chair and kneeled in front of Luke. Your hand wrapped around his length as you pumped it a few times, pre cum pooling around the tip.

“You keep that up I’m going to explode before we fucking do anything else,” Luke growled.

His hands grasped your shoulders as he pushed you away and stood up. He held out his hand and you placed yours in it as he pulled you up. His hands moved to the back of your thighs as he easily picked you up.

“Let’s go somewhere a little more private,” he said, kicking off his swimsuit and boxers as he began to move.

He carried you a couple hundred feet to the outdoor shower., kicking the wooden open the wooden door, revealing a large shower. When he stepped inside the showerhead began spitting water, due to the automatic sensor.

His blonde hair turned dark from the water as he placed you down. He reached towards you and lifted your sports bra over your head, tossing it to the floor. His hands moved to your wet breasts as he squeezed them before pinching your nipples. You moaned as his lips moved down your wet body and tugged on the waistband of your underwear. His hands slid them down your body before you kicked them off.

He placed a hand on your stomach and pushed you against the wall as he lips moved towards your core. You moaned as his tongue ran along your folds and circled over your sensitive spot.

“Holy fuck Luke,” you breathed.

Just as you felt your high approaching Luke removed his tongue and stood up facing you.

“What the hell? I was close!”

“Now you know how I feel,” Luke replied.

He sat down on the built in bench, his erection standing up. You walked over and straddled him, noting how attractive how when he was covered in water.  Your lips met his as he began to kiss you roughly, rocking your hips against his.

His hips moved forward and without warning he slammed into you. You gasped as he filled you up and began thrusting, leaving no time to waste. You were not expecting this from Luke. He was always so gentle and quiet you did not think he would be the type to have quick and rough sex.

You buried your head against his shoulder, biting down as he rocked his hips roughly against yours. Your body moved up and down and you could feel his length hitting the right spot with every thrust.

His fingers dug into your waist as he held onto you.

A knot began to form in your stomach as you felt your high quickly approaching.

“I’m close,” you warned him.

“Me too,” he replied.

With three more thrusts he told you to let go and the two of you released together. Your body instantly became weak from the sensation and you didn’t move for a moment. Even though you were completely soaked from the shower you could yourself sweating.

“Are you always that rough?” you asked, lifting your head up to look at him.

He blushed. “The rougher the better,” he replied.

You laughed as you slowly stood up, grabbing ahold of his shoulders to steady yourself.

Luke stood up and you wrapped an arm around his waist as the two of you walked back to the pool to pick up the clothes that you had discarded, joking that there was going to be another round of stripping later. Expect this time Luke was going to be the one stripping.

Warm Me Up Ch. 34

OH SNAP-WHAT’S THAT- A NEW CHAPTER FUCK YEAH, (To the tune of Usnavi’s excitement after getting a date with Vanessa. Can you tell I’m obsessed? Also, listen to Lady Gaga’s A Million Reasons as well as Secondhand Serenade’s Fall for You and Tori Kelly’s/ Ed Sheeran’s I Was Made For Loving You for this chapter <3)

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It wasn’t until a little past noon that Will got worried. He hadn’t gotten a text from Nico, and when he called, Nico didn’t answer. He pulled Kayla along past the HEB and hefted a few bags in his other hand. “Come on, Princess time to go home. You sure you don’t want help with the bag?”

“I got it. I wanna give it to him.” Will smiled and nodded, walking along the sidewalk. The sun was beating down, but the wind that blew around them offered enough relief. Kayla bounded along in a pink sundress with her red hair pulled up into a ponytail, skipping over cracks in the sidewalk. Suddenly, Kayla stopped, causing Will to falter. “Look, it’s Nico!”

He frowned and looked up to see Nico pacing back and forth with a cigarette in one hand as his other ran through his hair. Immediately, Will felt the instinct to go to him and find out what was wrong. “Come on,” he told his sister, gripping her hand as they crossed at a light.

“Why is he smoking?” she asked as he pulled her along. “Isn’t that bad?” Will didn’t answer, his eyes on Nico as he paced. “Will, I’m scared,” Kayla whimpered.

“No, no, no, it’s okay,” he assured. “Just hold on a second, okay?” He reached the bus stop and reached out, stopping Nico mid-pace. He jumped, and looked up with frightened, tear-filled eyes. “What happened, Nico, what’s wrong?” he asked anxiously.

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First Love -1- Suga AU

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First love - Suga AU 

Parts; Masterlist, One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

Pairing; Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre; Romance, angst

Word count; 4.667

Synopsis; Meeting the genius of the music class was something you looked forward to, that is until he opened his mouth but even though he treated you like crap, you couldn’t help but feel attracted to him when he was playing the piano, how could you fight against feelings like this and was it something you wanted to fight against in the first place.

“Y/N hurry up, you can’t be late for your first day!” your mother was more nervous then you about the first day of college. It was rather funny, the things she put in your bags to survive the first day, you could live off it for at least a week, as you were majoring in dance and music, you couldn’t eat all the snacks she gave you but you were not complaining as you made your way to school. You had just moved to Seoul and still had to get used to everything around you and the accent, well let’s say your start wasn’t an easy one, you just hoped to make some friends in this building, so it would be less lonely.

The minute you walked into the building, you felt impressed again and as you followed the instructions you walked into a classroom and took a seat next to a guy. “Hi I’m y/n.” you bowed your head slightly out of respect and he actually smiled at you and you felt a bit mesmerized by his smile, god he was handsome.

“Nice to meet you I’m Park Jimin.” even his name was beautiful. You couldn’t help but hope he would become a friend, he was probably also majoring in dance as this was the homeroom for the dancers and if you looked at his posture you just could tell he was a dancer. “What is your specialty?”

“Oh, modern dance and freestyle I guess. What about you?”

“Also modern dance and I can do freestyle.” he smiled at you but turned away when our teacher walked in, you all got up and greeted the teacher, she was looking nice but strict but that was a good thing.

“Welcome everyone, I’m your dance teacher and I’ve taken the liberty to team you all up. You are sitting with your dance partner, this will be your partner until the end of the school year, so be sure to get to know each other.  You smiled at Jimin who looked pleased, which was a relieve, to be honest. You always thought that first days were slow days but today it was already hectic and after your first dance practice, you both walked towards the music department, even though Jimin wasn’t majoring in it, he just wanted to walk you towards the class and you both stopped when you heard someone play the Piano. You peeked around the corner and your eyes quickly found the person behind the piano and it was quite something to see. This guy had the same height as Jimin, at least that’s what you guessed but his presence gave a much bigger vibe and you couldn’t help but feel attracted to the person but you weren’t the only one because he had some fans watching him play.

You couldn’t see his face but you could tell he was slender. “Yah what are you doing?” you hadn’t realized you had walked into the room to see how he looked like. Jimin held your arm and pulled you back slightly but it was already too late because the minute he pulled you back, you accidentally bumped into a stand, which of course fell over, disturbing the guy who was behind the piano. He stopped playing and looked up, boy was he annoyed, he narrowed his eyes and got up. He walked over to you and Jimin and picked up the stand. “You should look out where you walk.” he talked with a slur, which took you by surprise because even though he was obviously annoyed by you. He still talked gently, he had won you over with just a few words and when he was actually looking at you, you couldn’t help but stare at his face because he was really handsome, his eyes stood out, they were a bit cat like.

“Are you done looking?” his voice wasn’t gentle any longer and you quickly nodded. You were really embarrassed by this and you just wanted to leave and hide somewhere but you couldn’t as you had to be here. “Jimin, you should go.” you turned and pushed him out of the room “If he does anything, let me know okay?” you nodded and waved after him before returning to the room. You sang but also played the piano but after encountering him you really didn’t feel confident about your piano skills but he was probably a few years older than you so he had more experience.

“Why are you still here?” you jumped at his voice and felt busted for some reason. “I am attending this class,” you mumbled as he glared at you from behind the piano. “Are you sure that you belong here?”

“I’m sure.”

“What instrument do you play?” you pointed at the piano and he actually snorted at that as he looked you over. “Prove it.”

“Excuse me what?”

“You heard me, prove it.” he got up from the piano and gestured for you to take a seat, you really didn’t want to but still slowly walked to the piano, you could tell he was losing his patience, which made you even more nervous. You tripped over a cord and he was just in time to catch you but he should have just let you fall because he was hurting you right now “Yah are you always this clumsy?” You shook your head because you really weren’t but he just made you really nervous.

“I’m sorry,” you mumbled as you took a seat behind the piano. You cracked your fingers before putting them on the keys. You were praying that you wouldn’t screw this up because for some reason you really wanted his approval. You started to play a classic song and you were cheering inside when you didn’t mess up and when your piece was finished, the guy slowly clapped but you couldn’t tell if he was sincere or if he was being sarcastic but when you looked up, the only thing you saw was his back as he walked out of the room. This made you feel annoyed to be honest, who the hell was he that he acted like that, did he own the place or something? But there wasn’t any time to think about this because the other students walked in and the teacher followed. The teacher wanted to see what we could do, so you played the same piece again and you also had to sing, which wasn’t a problem and at the end of the class, your voice was a bit sore but luckily you knew how to fix that, just drink some honey tea.

When you walked towards the bus stop Jimin followed you. “You know I asked around about that guy and his name is Min Yoongi, he is a third-grade student, majoring in Music and producing. He is the genius of his class and he really doesn’t like people.”

“That’s no surprise, he really doesn’t try to be nice at all. He asked me to play for him and when he did he just left the room. How rude right?”

“You aren’t that bad right?” you punched his arm “Of course not, I’m a really decent pianist but apparently he doesn’t think so.” you shrugged as you got on the bus waving at Jimin, it was nice that you already had made a friend with the same passion as you but that Yoongi person really bugged the hell out of you, it was just frustrating that he treated you like that. You sat down when your eyes landed on the guy left of you and you closed your eyes just to get some patience because of course, he was on the same bus as you, he had seen you as well and you could feel the blush on your face so you looked out of the window so he couldn’t see.

What surprised you was that he was sitting next to you. “You sang really well.” your mouth dropped because you didn’t expect him to even say something to you let alone acknowledge that you existed. “Thank you,” you mumbled embarrassed because that meant that he had been listening.

“In the future, if I’m in the practice room, would you be so kind as to not disturb me.” you turned to look at him because he was really rude right now. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me, I would like you to stay away from the practice room if I’m there.”

“Yah aren’t you a bit much?”

“Why are you talking informal to me, if I’m correct I’m still older.” you snorted and turned your head away from him because even though he was being a jackass he was still too handsome and it was confusing you because you felt attracted to him. “I’m sorry sunbaenim.” You had to clench your teeth when you said this but he was right why did you speak informally to him, it was like you couldn’t help yourself.

“Can you sit somewhere else sunbae?” He actually got up and sat on his previous spot and in your mind, you were cursing at him.

The following days went by with you avoiding min yoongi at all costs and the worst part about this, is that he knew it and every time you thought you could relax, he appeared. “Why are you sitting so low?” Jimin just sat down beside you, he was still walking around in his work out clothes, you couldn’t do that as you had music class next. You pointed at Yoongi who was sitting with two guys, they were talking and writing stuff down and then you realized that they were probably working on their music. You really wanted to know what they were writing about because you had a bad feeling. “Really, can’t you just pretend he doesn’t exist?”

“I’m trying but somehow we are always in the same space, which is really annoying because he really, like really doesn’t like me.”

“So what, he is just being an ass, rise above it, prove him you’re better than him by getting in his face.”

“You know I’m shy, how in the world am I going to do that?”

“Just own yourself, if he tells you to not disturb him when he is working on his music just disturb him, if he tells you to get lost, sit down, make sure he can’t ignore you because we both know that you got a low key crush on him, which I don’t get but there you have it.” he shrugged as he stuffed his mouth with instant noodles. “Yah how can you eat that?”

“Well just put it in your mouth.” he quickly pushed the noodles in your mouth, making you choke on them, which made you both laugh out loud whilst he was patting your back. You felt his eyes on you but Jimin was right, why would you care about what he thought, he was nothing to you except for the low-key crush that Jimin pointed out. After you had finally swallowed the noodles you took a gulp water and got up. “I have to run, let’s meet after class to practice the piece.” you waved as you ran towards the music room and as you sat behind the piano, you began to play the piece you were preparing for the showcase, when the door suddenly opened and of course it was none other than Yoongi, who crossed his arms whilst looking arrogantly at you but this time you weren’t going anywhere, you even continued playing the piano. “What do you want?”

“You know what I want, now get lost.” you snorted and continued playing as if he wasn’t here, knowing you were royally pissing him off. “Yah I told you to get lost.”

“Why? I was here first and I need to practice for the showcase, so maybe you should leave.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, why should I leave?”

“Because I want to play.”

“Too bad you weren’t here earlier.” you gave him your best smile but inside you were dying, you were so nervous and afraid he would hit you or something like that. Yoongi didn’t stay still though as he actually grabbed your arm and pulled you away from the piano, he even had the nerve to push you, which made you trip over cords and you actually fell.

“Leave will you.” He didn’t even ask if you were okay, which made you pissed off and as you got up, you felt a shooting pain through your ankle, which wasn’t good as you were Jimin’s partner in one difficult piece. “Yah Min Yoongi, are you going to take responsibility for this.” you gestured to your swollen ankle but he just waved you off “You fell on your own so why would I?”

“What have I done to you that you need to be so damn rude! You know I’m also majoring in dance and you’re not only messing with my education but also with my friends as I’m his dancing partner!” you had raised your voice because you really was sick of his behavior. He had pushed you deliberately and now your ankle was hurting and the showcase was around the corner you couldn’t be injured. “Then you should’ve looked out, now leave.” you weren’t going anywhere and actually took a seat behind the drums and started to play really loud, that is until he took away the drumsticks.

“Are you kidding me right now, do I really have to forcefully remove you from this room?”


He started to pull your arm but this time you weren’t going to budge and you used all your strength so he couldn’t push you out of the room. “Seriously, how.”

“You forget that I’m a dancer, if I don’t want to move, I won’t move, I’ve got a lot of muscles in my legs so good luck.” at a certain point he gave up. “You’re really annoying, to do you know that”

“I wouldn’t know because I really didn’t do anything to be annoying!” you were in each other’s face and before you knew what was happening he had pulled you against him and kissed you, this was not a gentle kiss as he bit your lower lip to get access in your frozen mind, you did just that, the kiss didn’t last long though as you regained your conscious. You quickly pushed him away and slapped him. “What the hell!!” you actually stormed off. “Thank you!” you heard him yell after you with a smile in his voice, this was just low of him. “AISH!” you startled a few people who were walking past you but you didn’t care any longer. You decided to skip music class and decided to work out even though your ankle was still hurting, you needed to get rid of this energy, the second you realized you were constantly touching your lower lip, you cursed at yourself. How did he know that would work? Did he know you liked him? There was no way he could know right?

The next few days were a welcome distraction from that damned kiss as Jimin and you were working hard for the showcase, it was going to be awesome and intense as it was a modern dance about lovers, it almost took all your time and the time you had left went into practicing your piece for the piano. You were exhausted so the day before the showcase you decided to get some rest and as you were strolling in the park Jimin joined you together with our newest friend Taehyung, he was majoring in theater and music, he was beautiful, there were no other words to describe him. The three of you became friends fast and were almost inseparable, which other people made fun off and the comments that were thrown our way weren’t really nice.

“Maybe we should practice again,” Jimin mumbled but you immediately shook your head because you weren’t going to as we knew the routine, we practiced so much that making a mistake would be weird. You had been on a strict diet the minute we began with the lifts and you couldn’t wait till tomorrow evening when it was all over and you could eat normally again. “Stop worrying, we know the routine and we need to give our bodies rest for a day, what do you think Tae?”

“I think you guys are going to be amazing.” You quickly ruffled his hair which wasn’t an easy thing to do as he was taller than you but this time you took him by surprise, “Are you crazy?!” he ran after you laughing, it was quite refreshing to have a playful friend like him, he was in the same music class as you, he played the saxophone, he was really good and his voice was really low, which made him really attractive for girls, it was fascinating to see how much attention he was getting, it was as if you were walking with a celebrity, he made friends quickly, which wasn’t that weird because he has an amazing personality. He eventually caught you and that’s when you felt someone watching, the hairs on the back of your neck were standing upright, which could only mean one thing. Yoongi was here as well, this made you stop fooling around. “We should go.” you looked at the ground and started to walk into a different direction when Taehyung stopped you. “Why? Is it because of Min yoongi sunbaenim?” You nodded and pulled your arm out of his grasp “Yah Min Yoongi, stop bothering Y/N!” Jimin walked right up to him and was actually angry, which was something you hadn’t seen before and it was scary as hell, the way he became quiet, his face went all serious and now he was talking to Min Yoongi in a way that gave you goosebumps.

“Who are you to tell me that and who says I’m here for Y/N?“ He answered sarcastically but hearing him say your name, well that definitely did something to you but this was not the time to let the crush show. “If you don’t like her than just stay away.” he was right in his face and his fists were balled, which wasn’t a good thing but before you could get in between Taehyung stopped you and went himself. “Both of you should stop this.” he pushed Yoongi back and pulled jimin with him, Jimin struggled at first but stopped when he saw your shocked expression. You quickly threw a glance at Yoongi who was looking at you but his eyes told you he was not happy about this and you had a bad feeling.

“Guys, I’m going home, I feel tired, I will see you tomorrow, oh and Jiminie don’t worry about tomorrow, it will be fine.” you waved at them and ran home, to tell the truth you just didn’t want to be there because you felt flustered by the way Yoongi was looking at you and the fact that Jimin almost got in a fight because of you well it upset you and to do well tomorrow you had to let all of that go, which meant you had to distance yourself for a few hours and that was exactly what you did by taking a bath, watching dramas and doing some homework by practicing your piano piece.

The next day was important and as you entered the school, Jimin immediately pulled you aside. “I can’t do this.” you just smiled at him and put his face between your hands. “You will be fine because you’re not alone.” he nodded thoughtfully and let you go change, you was warming up when the door opened and showed Yoongi sunbaenim, you decided to ignore him as this warm up was really important. You almost jumped when you felt his hands on your back “Here let me help you.” he pushed your body down but way to hard “YAH stop that.” you pushed back and he immediately let go of you and as you got up and looked at him. IT took everything in you to not punch the smirk from his beautiful face. “What do you want?

“I have something to tell you but now I think you should hear it when I will be performing.” with that, he walked away and the bad feeling you had become worse but now was not the time to worry about that as it was showtime. Jimin was a bundle of nerves and you couldn’t let go of what Yoongi had said. “Jimin we are up, you should take your position.” you pushed him on stage and he quickly took his place and as soon as the music started you followed, you were dancing on the song “I’m Here”  by Kim Kyung Hee and it was a really emotional song, which made the audience dead silent, this made it even more intense and you couldn’t help but cry at the end, when you ended in each other’s arms. The applause that followed was shocking and you couldn’t help but laugh as Jimin hugged you tightly and after he let you go, you both bowed to the crowd and that’s when you quickly made way for the next artist, which was a ballet routine and as you quickly went to change into a black dress, you had to pass Yoongi who was working on his stage with his two friends and one of them bowed his head when you walked by and you weren’t sure if it was out of respect or if he was mocking you but you did catch Yoongi’s eyes and they were looking at you as if he hadn’t seen you before, which probably meant he had seen you perform, well that would teach him, feeling satisfied with yourself, you returned after changing your clothes and makeup plus hair, which turned you into a musician.

Jimin put his arm around your shoulder and led you to the side of the stage and you were just in time to see Yoongi start his stage and the bad feeling you had got confirmed when he started to rap with his friends and when you heard your name, you felt your heart sink because the words he was rapping, weren’t nice at all, they were condescending and you felt the tears coming up because why would he hate you so much that he had to rap such vile words about your body and why did he kiss you if he hated you so much, it just didn’t make sense. Next thing you know Jimin but his headphone on your head and started to play the music you liked really loud so you couldn’t hear them anymore and you had never been so grateful towards him. You walked away and sat down on a chair and just stared at your hands while calming yourself down with the music, you know everyone was staring at you but you ignored it all by just simply closing your eyes and focussing on the music.

Jimin tapped your shoulder when it was your time, You opened your eyes and took off the headphone. “Thank you,” you mumbled but the happy feeling you had after performing was gone and the culprit was sitting not that far away from you, he was looking at you with an expression you hadn’t seen yet and it actually regretted at least that’s what it looked like but he couldn’t be in your head right now, as the piano piece was difficult enough. You walked to the piano and sat down, you cracked your fingers again and sighed deeply and the second you put your fingers on the keys, your head became blank and you played your heart out, it was a good thing it was an emotional piece, as it suited well with your current mood. The minute it was over you bowed a few times and walked off, now you had to wait till the last performance which was Yoongi behind the piano and this time you decided to watch him because he couldn’t do anything bad to you through the piano and of course he played beautifully and you had to clap at the end, it always surprised you how mesmerizing he was when he sat behind the piano, completely lost in his own world, sadly enough his character was bad the second he stopped playing.

The music teacher tapped you on the shoulder and you followed his finger to the piano that had been added. “Yoongi asked me to tell you he wanted to play with you.” your heart started beating really fast because there was no way he would do something right? He wouldn’t mess with your education, right?

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, he has much more experience.” the teacher smiled at you and you knew you really didn’t have a choice and if you had a choice Yoongi just ruined that as he told the audience that you would be playing with him. You looked back at Jimin who looked worried but shrugged his shoulders nonetheless so there was no other option than to return to the stage. You bowed to the audience before sitting down and when you saw the piece he had chosen, you panicked slightly because this piece was really difficult and normally you had to practice this a lot. You locked eyes with Yoongi but instead of the disgust he usually showed you saw encouragement, he was actually smiling at you. You started playing when he gave the signal and as you had to focus on the notes you couldn’t really get into it but you didn’t miss a beat, you know Yoongi was looking at you from time to time but you never once met his glance and you were almost thanking the gods when the piece finally ended but the applause that followed was something else.

You got up and bowed to Yoongi and then to the crowd but before you could walk off, Yoongi grabbed your hand and pulled you against him, while the audience was still applauding. “I’m sorry.” your mouth dropped because he was actually saying sorry and meaning it. “Excuse me, what?” he chuckled at your shocked expression and he gently caressed your hand. This took everything in you not to get into crush mode. “I’m sorry about earlier, I made that rap when I first met you but it was too late to change it.” you nodded still completely in shock, you stepped out of his embrace and after one last bow, you quickly walked off stage, still not sure about what had happened, why was he being nice to you? “What was that?!” Jimin asked when you sat down next to him and you just shrugged “I don’t know.” there wasn’t time to discuss it as we all had to get on stage for the last bow and the second we were off stage everyone went home, you didn’t wait for Jimin or anyone else and as you got home you let yourself fall on your bed, thinking about that moment you had with Yoongi but it was overshadowed by his rap.

The next days you tried to avoid Yoongi at all cost but his song followed you everywhere you went and the gossip was brutal, you started to hide in the dance studio or you could be found behind the piano but never when Yoongi was in the classroom, the only people who knew you were at school were Jimin and Taehyung and of course your teachers, it was a tiresome week but you succeeded in avoiding Yoongi that is until the last day, you were completely lost in your music when suddenly someone put a hand on your shoulder. “Omo that scared me,” you mumbled.

“I think we need to talk.”

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So how about it?

So these two requests were similar and I just decided to put the two together! Thank you for sending in your requests and I hope you enjoy this! The ending is a little bit so-so but the process of writing this had been fun! (Though I do have to tell you, I got distracted a lot of times by watching Kitchen Nightmares).

It is Saturday night and you are currently working away on the documents that have kept you from going back to your apartment early. Not that you quite minded: things between your boyfriend and you have started to become really dull and he also just does not quite understand the commitment you have to your job. It made going back to your space unbearable. Sometimes he ever accuses you of having an affair with Bruce! As if he would go for someone like you.

Almost every single day, you have to reassure him that he is the only one that you love and that he is the one you are in a relationship with but it was starting to get very tiring of having to repeat the same thing over and over again every single day. Even though you would really love to be in your bed more than anything right now, the thought of having to see your boyfriend and sit through his accusations is really not appealing.

You let out a sigh when you finished proofreading the third out of ten documents. The meetings had ran late causing more papers to pile up on your desk. Some of your fellow colleagues have already called the quits and went home but you knew you can at least manage a few more before you would not even be able to make any sense out of the documents anymore.

You are halfway through the fourth document when a knock resounds throughout your office and you are startled out of your reverie. You stare wide eyes at the door, tensing slightly but the moment the door opens, you visibly relax.

Bruce looks at you with that almost smile of his and you let out a sigh, willing your heart to stop racing. Just because Wayne Enterprise has one of the top notch’s security, it does not mean that no one might try to break in to the building. As you recall, there had been several attempts a few times. You are horrible at fighting despite taking self-defense classes.

“You scared me, Bruce.” You place your pen down on the table and gently massage your wrist. You definitely did not know how tired you had been until you placed that pen down.

Bruce shakes his head. “Highly doubt that, Y/N. I was about to head down to grab some coffee but saw that your lights are still on. Do you want to grab some coffee with me before we dive back in to finishing the papers?” Bruce feels a little bit guilty that he is making you work overtime but those documents need to be on his table come tomorrow morning. Though, despite the guilt, he is quite happy to be able to be spending some time with you now.

You nod your head. “Oh, sure. Coffee sounds so good right now.” You abandon your table and Bruce gives you a full smile, motioning for you to follow after him. You thought by heading down, Bruce had meant the pantry but apparently not, since the two of you headed to the elevator, heading towards the ground floor. “I may have to grab my wallet –“

Bruce shakes his head, cutting you off. “My treat, Y/N. Because of me, you are behind on those documents. The least I can do is offer you some coffee.” Right at that moment though, your stomach growls, demanding to be fed and Bruce chuckles. “Perhaps we should grab something light for dinner too?”

You laugh sheepishly, patting your stomach to calm it down. You don’t even remember when was the last time you had eaten anything. You remember eating a granola bar for breakfast that morning but that was about it. No wonder your stomach is protesting – you missed lunch too.

The walk to the closest café took about ten minutes and in that ten minutes, you have come to realize that Bruce Wayne is extremely handsome and has very good humour too. Your boyfriend used to have some very good humour as well until he started becoming very cynical and just downright annoying you. At times, you wonder why you are even with him.

“So how’s life?” Bruce asks as he holds the door open for you and you accidentally let out a sigh. Bruce raises one of his eyebrows. “That bad, huh?” You thank him and the both of you walk in to the café. You gave him a nod, letting Bruce lead you to the counter.

Bruce hasn’t always liked you in the first place. He had thought you were a tremendous worker and you had obviously the passion for whatever it is that you do. He thought you were a nice friend, one that is not afraid to state your opinions too. He enjoys being friends with you. Somewhere along the way, the respect he had for you grew and he started seeing you in a different light. One that he had troubles getting his head around but now, he’s used to it. He knows he has feelings for you – it’s growing in to something bigger than just a crush now – but he also knows he won’t do anything since you are currently in a relationship.

“Thank you.” You immediately grab a table for the two of you. Bruce brings over the tray filled with drinks and sandwiches, taking a seat across of you. “I know I say this a lot but thank you for this, really. The last time I had food was probably this morning.” You tell him reaching for the sandwich.

Bruce chuckles and reach for his own sandwich, taking a bite. It doesn’t taste as delicious as Alfred’s but it will have to make do until he gets home. “No problem, Y/N. I would not have been able to finish the documents without you.”

You laugh, shaking your head. “That’s a lie – you probably would have stayed in the office the entire night.” You pointed out, taking another bite of the sandwich. “This is pretty decent. I feel like I’ve tasted better.”

Bruce nods his head. “I can’t lie about that and true, Alfred makes better sandwiches but this is decent and the place is pretty nice as well.” Bruce comments, looking around the café. There weren’t a lot of people, that is expected since it’s pretty late at night already but the fact that this café is still open, it’s definitely a great place to go to for late night supper.

“Yeah, I do agree. This is pretty nice and not far from the office too.” You finish eating your sandwich and began taking a sip of your drink. The two of you are quiet as Bruce continues to finish his sandwich. The silence had been nice and comfortable – not awkward at all – though the moment is broken when your phone began to ring endlessly.

You pick it up and let out a sigh, sending an apologetic look at Bruce. He shakes his head. You answer the phone and sigh. “I’m still working – I sent you a text earlier, right now? I left the office to grab a bite at the café – of course, I am with Bruce – come on, can we talk about this later? Please just drop it for now.” You exchange a few more words with your boyfriend and hang up the call after that. You press your hand to your forehead, feeling a headache coming from the conversation.

Bruce frowns. You didn’t look well after receiving that call. He supposes it was from your boyfriend – he had briefly glanced at the ID caller earlier – and wonders how you are truly feeling. “Trouble?” He couldn’t help but ask.

You nod your head. “It’s just things have been rough lately and I feel like I’m not in to him anymore. He’s a nice guy but lately, I don’t know.” You have no idea why you are telling this to Bruce but you really needed to let it out. “Every single day he is always gripping me about something and I just, I feel like I am starting to get really tired of it all.” You used to really love your boyfriend – you had been high school sweethearts too – but nowadays, you are starting to think that maybe it’s time for the two of you to break up. Your eyes widen slightly when you realize what you have just thought of.

Bruce nods his head. He has a lot of things he wants to say but he doesn’t because he does not want to be the reason you break up with your boyfriend. He rather you break up with him on your own accord so Bruce can pursue you after that. “I have nothing much I can say, perhaps you can try stopping yourself by holding back. If you aren’t happy, make a change.” Bruce offers an advice, thinking about all the times he had been unhappy with the situation in his life. Thankfully, he had Alfred to help him. Perhaps all you needed in your life is an Alfred.

You ponder his words for a few seconds before nodding your head. “That makes sense.” It really does. Perhaps you need to move on from the past to be able to live in the present.

“Should we head back to the office?” Bruce takes note of your absent-minded look. You blink a couple of times before nodding your head. “Though I do want you to go home and rest even if you did not manage to finish going through all of the documents.” Bruce reminds you and you smile at him.

Captain Black (Part 2)

Originally posted by void-astrology


Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1k (just a short lil fluff)

Warnings: Pirate stuff ;) aka implied smut

A/n: I probably won’t do a part 3 to this. But don’t despair, this isn’t the end of pirate!Sirius my friends, I’m not done with him yet……

“Whey, up she rises!”

You shook your head with a playful smile, taming your hair as you came up onto the deck of the Grand Canis.

“And what’s this? The captain has surely discovered the most important thing to man.” James, the first mate continued on.

“Respectful subordinates?” Sirius mocked his friend.

“Nay, the breasts of woman!”

A roaring laugh elapsed over the shipmates, who were carrying on with their work, some playing a game of dice.

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Sweet Like Caramel pt. 1- Delitoonz

Part 2

by Faith (just-delitoonz-things)

Jonathan had only worked at the coffee shop for a month before he decided that this was the best job in the entire world. For one thing, he got coffee 50% off, which for a guy living on his own in New York, paycheck to paycheck, was life changing. For another, he got to make coffee for cute guys, specifically one cute guy who had come in every morning since Jonathan had started working there. His name was Luke, and that’s pretty much all Jonathan knew about him except for the fact that he always came in at 6:30 sharp looking like he hated the world and everything in it. Jonathan hoped that the extra caramel he always put on his large caramel macchiatos made Luke’s mornings a little better.

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traveler--3326  asked:

Hello! I'm not sure how much you know about the 1848-50 California gold rush, but as a native Californian, I've always been fascinated by the topic. My question is multifaceted. For one: how big would miners plots of land along the various rivers be, and would people actually live on the same plots that they mined for gold? Also, what would it be like for a young woman and/or young men and children in an area like this?

Hello there! Well, aren’t you in luck because we have the Archivist from @scriptlibrarian answering this one! The Archivist has also studied history and has got your back so just read on!

There is gold in them darn hills!

Quick history of the California Gold Rush.  In 1848, John Marshal found flecks of gold in the American River, just below the Sierra Nevadas, in Coloma California, while building a water powered sawmill for John Sutter.

Just days after he discovered the gold, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, ending the Mexican-American War, giving California to the United States and essentially the gold.

The discovery of Gold shaped California into the state is today.  California saw the largest migration influx in the history of the United States.  In 1848 there was roughly 157,000 people in California (150,000 Natives, 6,500 Spanish/Mexican, 700 American/Non-Native).  Within 20 months the Non-Native Population soared to 100,000 and by the mid 1850’s was past 300,000.  This massive population influx put California on fast track to Statehood, and with the Compromise of 1850 California was allowed into the Union, just two years after the land was acquired, as a Free State - leading a imbalance in Free vs Slave States.  

So now that we got background history established let’s look at your questions.

How big would miner’s plots of land along the various rivers be…

I admit, I dug around for this information and beyond going into deep dark storage and digging out (pun intended) my books from school … the best answer I could find is - depends.

Yeah I hate that also.

A miner would first have to  Staking a Claim, which involves first the discovery of a valuable mineral in quantities that a “prudent man” would invest time and expenses to recover them. Then mark the claim boundaries, with wooden posts, capped steel posts, both of which must be four feet tall, or stone cairns, which must be three feet tall. Then filing a claim with the land management agency (USFS or BLM), and the local county registrar.   

There are four types of Land Claims, a miner could make:

  • Placer (minerals free of the local bedrock, and deposited in benches or streams) - This would be your typical visual of Gold Miners.  Bent over a stream with a pan, looking for flexs or small nuggets of gold. 
  • Lode (minerals in place in the mother rock) - next stage up.  The Miner has a section off shoot of the river, and is breaking up the rocks looking for veins of gold.
  • Tunnel (a location for a proposed tunnel which claims all veins discovered during the driving of it) - This would be someone with enough capital to start mining operation looking for gold, and could hire workers.
  • Millsite (a maximum five acre site for processing ore) - This is a full on organization, that is mining not just gold, but other minerals as well.  Has a team of miners, and likely a full town surrounding it to supplement the miners.

So if your character would need to find the gold, stake out his claim, then register it.  Depending on how much gold found, expense to work the land, and fees for the register - would determine the size of his land claim.

Would your character live in the same spot as they mine?

Yes, they would have a camp with a tent and supplies near by, so they could work their claim dawn to dusk.  They did this for a variety of reasons:

Ease of access to the claim.  The last thing anyone wanted to do was hike in and out of the area, wasting precious time traveling when they could be mining.

Protecting their assets.  If they are away from their claim, someone could sneak in and mine the area, or re stake the claim stating it was abandoned.

Also, what would it be like for a young woman and/or young men and children in an area like this?

The Gold Rush was not really a place for children. It was a brutal work, and a very lonely existence.  Many men left their families behind in hopes of making it rich to bring back the gold to them.   

That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t women in the camps.  

At one point there was a call out to women to go to California, because there was a fear men would do ‘untold’ things without the calm and stable influence of a woman (not many headed the call).

There were wives that worked the claims with their husbands, and likely even a few who took over the claim after he died.  Though this was dangerous as she would be on her own, and had very little rights to the land.  

Most of the women seen in or around the camps were washers, cooks, those seeking out a living for their family.  These women came with their husbands, fathers, brothers and ended up making the money for the family to survive, while the men panned for gold.

By the 1850’s there were roughly 1000 women working in and around the mines, but they were still a small part of the population, and  by the 1860’s they were less than 19% of the population of California.

A good resource to look into the role women played in the Gold Rush would be They Saw the Elephant: Woman in the Gold Rush by JoAnn Levy.

Now as for young men, it would depend on what you mean by young men?  

There were many teenage boys out in the fields, either they came with their father or ran away from home. The Gold Rush was an opportunity to make it rich fast, and men from all walks of life, old and young found their way to California.

Children were less likely in the mines or panning for gold.  If the whole family was in the gold fields, the younger kids would be with mom, helping with cooking, washing, etc.  Older boys maybe 12ish would be with dad.  There are not many accounts, but it didn’t mean they weren’t there.  

William Tecumseh Sherman - the future Civil War General, worked in San Francisco during the Gold Rush as a banker, and had his two young sons with him during the time, while his wife and daughter stayed back East.  Now this was in the city and not the gold fields.  Women, kids and families were very common in San Francisco.

In contrast Ulysses S. Grant was in the Army at the time, stationed in the gold fields and had left his family behind.  This also led to him being discharged from the Army, because of his drinking problem, as he had never done well being away from his wife, Julia.

Irony both men would come together a decade later, a friendship that some say changed the world.  But that is another essay.

Some interesting facts about the Gold Rush that could be helpful.

  • The Gold Rush attracted immigrants from around the world, by 1850 more than 25 percent of California’s population had been born outside the United States. As the amount of available gold began to dwindle, miners increasingly fought one another for profits and anti-immigrant tensions soared. In 1850 California’s legislature passed a Foreign Miner’s tax, which levied a monthly fee of $20 on non-citizens, the equivalent of more than $500 in today’s money. That bill was eventually repealed, but was replaced with another in 1852 that expressly singled out Chinese miners, charging them $2 ($80 today) a month. Violence against foreign miners increased as well, and beatings, rapes and even murders became commonplace. However no ethnic group suffered more than California’s Native Americans. Before the Gold Rush, its native population numbered roughly 300,000. Within 20 years, more than 100,000 would be dead. Most died from disease or mining-related accidents, but more than 4,000 were murdered by enraged miners.
  • Early sections of San Francisco were built out of ships abandoned by prospectors. The Gold Rush conjures up images of thousands of “’49ers” heading west in wagons to strike it rich in California, but many of the first prospectors actually arrived by ship. Within months, San Francisco’s port was teeming with boats that had been abandoned after their passengers, and crew headed inland to hunt for gold. As the formerly tiny town began to boom, demand for lumber increased dramatically, and the ships were dismantled and sold as construction material. Hundreds of houses, banks, saloons, hotels, jails and other structures were built out of the abandoned ships, while others were used as landfill. Today, more than 150 years after the Gold Rush began, archeologists and preservations continue to find relics, sometimes even entire ships, beneath the streets of the City by the Bay.  Map of where ships can be found in San Francisco
  • Mining wasn’t cheap! Most of the men who flocked to northern California arrived with little more than the clothes on their backs. Once there, they needed to buy food and supplies, which San Francisco’s merchants were all too willing to provide for a cost. Stuck in a remote region, far from home, many prospectors coughed up most of their hard-earned money for the most basic supplies. At the height of the boom in 1849, prospectors could expect prices sure to cause sticker shock: A single egg could cost the equivalent of $25 in today’s money, coffee went for more than $100 per pound and replacing a pair of worn out boots could set you back more than $2,500.
  • The merchant’s made the money not the miners.  As the boom continued, more and more men got out of the gold-hunting business and began to open businesses catering to newly arrived prospectors. In fact, some of America’s greatest industrialists got their start in the Gold Rush. Philip Armour, who would later found a meatpacking empire in Chicago, made a fortune operating the sluices that controlled the flow of water into the rivers being mined. Before John Studebaker built one of America’s great automobile fortunes, he manufactured wheelbarrows for Gold Rush miners. And two entrepreneurial bankers named Henry Wells and William Fargo moved west to open an office in San Francisco, an enterprise that soon grew to become one of America’s premier banking institutions. One of the biggest mercantile success stories was that of Levi Strauss. A German-born tailor, Strauss arrived in San Francisco in 1850 with plans to open a store selling canvas tarps and wagon coverings to the miners. After hearing that sturdy work pants, ones that could withstand the punishing 16-hour days regularly put in by miners, were more in demand, he shifted gears, opening a store in downtown San Francisco that would eventually become a manufacturing empire, producing Levi’s denim jeans.
  • And to prove how fate is fickle - the man who’s name will always be associated with the California Gold Rush - John Sutter - died in poverty.  As news had spread about the discovery of gold on his property, within months, most of his workers had abandoned him to search for gold themselves, while thousands of other prospectors overran and destroyed much of his land and equipment. Faced with mounting debts, Sutter was forced to deed his land to one of his sons, who used it to create a new settlement called Sacramento. Sutter Sr. was furious—he had hoped the town would be named after him—but he had more pressing concerns. Nearly bankrupt, he began a decades-long campaign to have the U.S. government reimburse him for his financial losses, to no avail. While thousands became rich off his former land, a bitter Sutter retired to Pennsylvania and died.

I hope this information is helpful, and will give you some insight of the world during the California Gold Rush.

Some great sources to check out:

Women in the Gold Rush

Summary of Gold Mining Techniques

Articles on the Gold Rush

History Channel’s Gold Rush

anonymous asked:

Guardians prompt if you're interested: Stakar pov of peter/Stakar talking to yondu about peter

Stakar had just about given up on expecting the galaxy to surprise him anymore. And now here he was, finding out that Yondu Udonta had a kid stashed away – a grown kid, running his own merc crew.

… okay, the whole idea of any of the Ravagers having some by-blow on some planet somewhere wasn’t exactly a big shock, but this was something else entirely, not a random kid that Yondu had fathered on a planet he’d never gone back to, but a kid he’d raised as his own – and kept secret from the Ravagers, from Ego, and from the galaxy in general for twenty-five years.

Oh, sure, it wasn’t a big secret that Peter Quill was a Ravager; Stakar had even vaguely heard about Yondu’s disgraced faction getting involved with some fight out in the Nova Empire. (Not that he was keeping tabs on the little shit or anything.) But now the whole truth came out and it was a real kick in the gut.

It meant having to accept that he’d believed things about Yondu for the last two and a half decades that were … well, not completely wrong, but definitely a little bit off-center. Mainly because Yondu was a close-mouthed shithead who never told anybody anything if he didn’t have to. And, if Stakar was gonna be completely honest with himself (and if he wasn’t, Aleta sure wouldn’t hold back) he had to accept a certain amount of responsibility as well. He knew what Yondu was like, and he knew that twenty years as a Kree slave left deep, deep scars – which meant that sometimes in order to figure out what was going on in the stubborn bastard’s head, you had to kick the truth out of him.

And he hadn’t done that. So here he was, with Yondu dead and Yondu’s kid on his hands.

Peter Quill. Half Terran, half something else.

Stakar’s first impression of him was that he didn’t seem like much. But then, Quill had just lost two fathers in one day, and he’d just found out that he and Yondu’s first mate were the only survivors of the Ravager clan he’d grown up in, and he’d also just had a whole pile of extended Ravager clan he’d never met dumped on him, so okay, that was gonna throw anybody off.

And he’d never had the grace or the misfortune of attending a wake for a Ravager captain. Stakar’s entire ship was one big drunken party, and through it all, Stakar kept trying to corner Quill to talk to him, and having one hell of a hard time doing it. (He did find out that some of Quill’s crew could party with the best of ‘em, though, especially that big gray fellow and the green gal. They did have to throw the damn little rat in the brig after he tried to stab a couple of guys who started shit-talking Yondu, though.)

It took two days of narrowly missing each other, but Stakar finally tracked Quill down in one of the spare M-ships. Quill had pulled up all the telemetry so it looked like the ship was outside in the depths of space, even though it was sitting in the hangar bay of Stakar’s mothership, and then he’d curled up in the pilot’s chair with the music player that he never seemed to be without.

Yondu had raised himself a fuckin’ weird kid.

But what it came down to was, your kid was your kid, and Stakar never would’ve said this (and never had a chance to prove it) but as much of a total shithead as Yondu had been, he had a pretty good idea he’d have thrown himself out an airlock for that bastard too.

So he plunked down in the copilot’s chair beside Quill, poured out a glass from the bottle in his hand, and offered it across the space between them. Quill glanced at it and winced.

“No thanks. My hangovers have hangovers.”

“What, they don’t have booze on Terra?” It was good Xandarian brandy, laced with a hit of Knowhere spinal fluid for that extra kick. Stakar knocked back a slug.

“Sure they do, but I was eight when I left. I hadn’t exactly started building up a tolerance yet.”

“Yondu took ya,” Stakar said, pouring himself another shot.

“Yeah, if you wanna get personal about it.” Quill wrapped his fingers around the music player and tucked it against his chest. He was still wearing one of the little ear thingies; the other one was down on his shoulder, so Stakar could hear the tinny beat of whatever noise he was listening to. Quill toyed with the fallen earpiece, making moves like to put it back in. The message was clear: buzz off, jerk, I’m busy.

Good thing Stakar had never been too sharp at taking a hint.

“You pissed about that?”

“Yes … no … I don’t know.” Quill looked sullen. He sucked in a breath and reached out a hand. “If we’re going to talk about this, I hope that offer of a drink’s still on the table.”

So basically Stakar got Yondu’s kid completely trashed, and they talked about a lot of things, Yondu being the main topic. Quill was screamingly furious at the blue asshole (Stakar could relate), and coping with a soul-deep grief at the same time. They talked about Yondu; they talked about Quill’s childhood; Stakar told Quill about breaking Yondu out of that Kree hell hole; and Quill told him a lot of things Stakar had never known about those missing decades after he’d cut Yondu out of the Ravager fold.

At the end of it all, he had to half-drag a limp Quill off to find a spare bunk to put him in. Terrans really weren’t much for drinking, on a galactic scale. He couldn’t help wondering if Yondu had ever run into that particular problem, and if he’d also had the same problem Stakar was currently having, which was an alternately belligerent and overly friendly Quill draped on his neck.

“I’m gonna be so fuckin’ hung over,” Quill muttered, one limp arm flopped over Stakar’s shoulders and basically holding him up. “I was just gettin’ over the last one. Asshole.”

“It’s tradition,” Stakar told him, which was more or less straight-up what he’d told Yondu a really long time ago.

Quill laughed and then dropped his head onto Stakar’s shoulder. He was really huggy when he got drunk, Stakar had found out the hard way. “I miss 'im,” he mumbled into the collar of Stakar’s Ravager coat. “God – I miss him – I never knew, y'know? There’s so many goddamn things I shoulda said.”

“You and me both, kid,” Stakar told him, pouring him into the first unoccupied bunk he found. “But you know what? With you, at least, I get the feeling he knew already.”

“Doesn’t make up for not saying it,” Quill mumbled into the tangle of blankets on the bunk.

“Nah, don’t matter. Yondu was never much for talking about shit. Good luck ever tryin’ to have that conversation with him.”

Quill caught at the edge of Stakar’s jacket and looked up with drunken earnestness. “You think he knew.”

“Stake my reputation as a Ravager on it, kid.”

“I like you,” Quill mumbled, rolling over and trailing the hand he’d fisted in Stakar’s jacket. “Good job gettin’ Yondu out of the slave – uh – things. That’s good. Thanks. Lucky he got you.”

Stakar gazed down at the moplike tangle of orange-brown Terran hair submerged in a pile of blankets. Damn it. For all he knew, the kid was a shit space pirate – but he got why Yondu had thrown over a payoff from Ego and the entire Ravager fleet for this idiot.

“Hey, Stakar! Where you want this?”

“For Krask’s sake,” Stakar muttered, jolted out of his thoughts, as Martinex dumped a completely shitfaced, limp space-rat-creature on him.

“He got out,” Martinex said unnecessarily. “And then he got drunk again. Any ideas?”

“Hey, Quill –” Stakar began, and turned around to find that Quill had either fallen asleep or passed out.

Stakar deposited the raccoon on the edge of Quill’s bunk. Rocket muttered an obscenity through a muzzle that curled in a brief snarl, then rolled over and wedged himself under Quill’s arm. Quill wrapped an arm around him and burrowed into his fur.

Stakar rescued the music player and put it on a shelf above the bunk, where it wouldn’t accidentally get knocked off or puked on, and left them curled up together in a tousled heap.

Yondu might be gone, but he’d raised a pretty okay kid somewhere along the way, and that wasn’t a bad legacy to leave behind.

As you all heard.
Hyungwon posted in the FanCafe that Wonho is not a Shin, but a Lee.
Basically what that means is that his name is not Shin Hoseok, but Lee Hoseok.
Y'all acting like this is something illegal. Someone always changes their name. So what if Wonho did?

Hyungwon also stated that Wonho is not a 93, but a 92liner.

[!!] There are so many people that lies about their age.
I also lied about my age once.
He lied about his age just one year different, what’s so bad about that? He HAS his reasons to do it.

[!!!!!] Wonho has gone through so much in his past. Yeah, he use to smoke, drink. So what? IT’S NORMAL. You guys are acting like he’s the ONLY idol that has done it. THAT WAS HIS PAST SELF, KEEP THE PAST IN THE PAST.
Wonho has change so much, he changed for the better. You guys should support him, not bash on him.
Wonho had problems with his family. He wanted to help his mother out, & there he is, doing what he wanted.

Please, PLEASE, keep what happened in the past, IN THE PAST. Wonho has his reason to lie about his age AND surname. It doesn’t make him a bad person at all.

Shin Hoseok, Lee Hoseok, 93liner, 92liner, who cares? Doesn’t changes the fact that he’s an adorable angel, that cares a lot about his fans & just wants to move on from his past.

If you’re going to continue hating wonho & leave the fandom just because of this, you’re dumb af.

At the end of the day, he’s the one on stage still, while you’re still sitting your ass down.

I used to work at this small hipster coffeeshop and I’ve experienced some pretty strange stuff, because it’s located in a really fancy area in my city and it’s also in the bottom of a building for tech startup we get all kinds of folks.

Anyways, one evening we were slammed and this guy comes in. He’s kind of a regular, but he’s slimy in a creepy frat boy way, and kind of backhanded with a lot of comments. One of my coworkers loves him, I keep my distance and stay professional.

He orders a caramel iced coffee with 2%, so I make him a caramel iced coffee with 2%. Because it’s not a fucking latte the coloring of the drink looks different (more coffee, less sweet, no espresso, lack of milk etc.). He takes a sip and says that it doesn’t taste right, and I add more caramel.

It still doesn’t taste right.

So, it clicks that maybe he wants the latte so I ask him if that’s what he wants (our caramel latte has a strange sounding name so many people just say ‘caramel latte’ or macchiato) and he says ‘no’ that he wants a caramel iced coffee. We try this again. It doesn’t taste right. I tell my coworker (side note: I hate that bitch) and she tries to figure out exactly what he wants but his order is all over the place, apparently this drink is small and doesn’t have a lot of milk, and we offer 1. Caramel Cortado or a Cappuccino before we just fucking give up. Meanwhile a guest had preordered the caramel latte and we made that during this fiasco.

We weren’t going to make 4 drinks for free that’s for damn sure.

This FUCKING MORON grabs that drink and says that’s exactly what he wanted and scolded me for not making it right the first time.

Also, you would think that after this he would learn the name of the drink but now all he does is say 'caramel coffee’ so 🙃🙃🙃🙃fuck him.