he also give me like 15 books

Sister Sister

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Pairing: Damon Salvatore x reader

Summary/Request:Would you mind writing a TVd Oneshot with Damon please? Maybe she’s like Caroline’s twin and it’s back in the beginning when he was using Caroline so maybe he starts talking to her one day thinking its Caroline and she’s like what who are you and he’s like you know don’t pretend blah blah and then maybe later he sees them at mystic grill together and is all flirty with Y/N and buying drinks etc and Caroline’s wants him to back off but Y/N just as flirty maybe please? - Anonymous

Word Count: 2697

“Care, why the hell are you wearing a scarf? And a long sleeved t shirt? It’s like 30 degrees” You asked your twin.

“It looks stylish”

“Really? you look like a mime.”

“Whatever, Y/N. Tell mum that I’m going to be home later.”

“Yeah, okay. I’m going to make dinner too, I’ll leave you a plate in the microwave.”

“You’re the best.”

“What are big sisters for?”

You sauntered away and headed to the store to buy some stuff for dinner. With your mum always working at the station and Caroline always being miss extra curriculars you were the one who dealt with the dinner and cleaning. You managed to match Caroline’s grades while you did all of your other things. Once you were done at the store you headed home and began dinner. While you were cooking your front door opened.

“Mum? Dinner will be done soon, but I thought you were going have dinner at the station?”

“Well well, domestic goddess.” He came over to the pot and dipped a finger into the sauce pot.

“needs more salt and chilli flakes.”

You rolled your eyes and tasted your sauce too, you agreed with Damon and added the seasoning.

“Why are you here?”

“You know why, come on.”

He took your hand and raised it to his mouth.

You pulled back, disgusted.

“Come on Caroline what about our agreement”

He tried to take your hand again.

“Fuck off, I’m not Caroline. I’m her sister Y/N”

“She has a sister?”

“Yeah, she does.”

“This is awkward. I’m Damon Salvatore.”

“I know, I’ve heard about you”

“Well, your sauce smells good.” 

He came and dipped again.

“Now it’s perfect.”

“Look, this is cool and what not but can you please leave?”

“Right, I’m sorry. your food is amazing by the way, Y/N”

He winked and left the kitchen. You packed some food in a tupperware box for your mum and headed to the station.

You walked past your mum’s colleagues and they greeted you, some commenting on how nice your food smelt.

“Hey mum”

“Hey, honey.”

“Got your food”

“Smells great.”

You smiled and sat on her desk.

“Can you run a name through the database? 

“Yeah sure”

“Damon Salvatore”

She looked at you.

“A boyfriend?”

“No, I’ve seen him around the Grill and I want to get the job there.”


She still typed his name in.

“His record is clean”

“Really? Not even a speeding ticket?”


“Can you check any other towns and cities?”

“Yes I can but why do you want to know so much?”

“Because I don’t want to work near a criminal”

Your mother wanted to ask why you were so paranoid but she decided against it to save herself the trouble.

“It’s going to take some time so when I find out you’ll find out”

“Okay thank you. love you and make sure you eat it!”

She chuckled as you walked out. While you returned home you debated whether you should confront Caroline on her ‘friendship’ with Damon.

“Care! I’m home!” You yelled out.

“I’m in my room” 

You bounded up the stairs and jumped onto her bed. 

“So, there’s this guy”

“OH MY GOD! Tell me!”

“Hes tall, brown haired. the most beautiful eyes. He dresses like a bad boy. Oh my god, his muscles!”

“What’s his name?”

“Damon Salvatore”

“What?! Stay away Y/N”

“Why?” You asked tilting your head to the side.

“He’s just not good for you.”

“Then why was he good for you huh? He mistook me for you and the shit he did was weird. Why do you kiss each other on the wrist?”

“He’s just not good for you Y/N. I swear, if you date him I’ll never talk to you again.”

“Then why the hell were you with him? You’re such a hypocrite, Care”

“Get out”

“Have I hit a nerve? Did I find your dirty little secret?”


“Fuck yourself” you snarled and left her room.

You were sat on your bed and felt the remorse instantly. You don’t know how things got to where they were. You just wanted to confront her about it but you judged her, something you swore you would never do. It was a complete and total accident but she needed to know how stupid she was being. 

You felt a tap on your shoulder while you were reading in the park. You looked up and saw Damon. 

“Can I help you?” You asked sassily

“Yes you can. I need your intelligence”

“Are you sure you don’t want to make out with my wrist”

“Well if you’re offering I wouldn’t decline”

“It wasn’t an offer. What do you want”

He dropped a book in your lap. You picked it up and inspected it.

“It looks really old.”

“Because it is, well done for the inference though Sherlock”

“Why do you need me?”

“It seems like my ancestors liked to write in riddles and I can’t figure out what they mean”

You went to all of the book marked pages and began to work through the answers to the riddles. Damon made the process fun by giving sarcastic quips and getting frustrated when you spent more than 15 minutes on a certain riddle. He was pretty cute in that respect. Also him lying on his arm gave you a view of his flexed bicep which was what helped you through the ordeal.

“Maybe he’s talking about an ass”

“Damon why the hell would he say his idea was to take it into the ass?”

“Maybe he was gay? Or experimenting in the bedroom with his wife”

“I don’t think he would need to turn ass into a riddle”

“Then what is it?”

“A barn”

“A barn?”

“Yeah, you keep donkeys in barns, which is why you thought it was an ass plus it makes more sense to keep the thing hidden within the hay”

“You’re a genius. At least now we know who the smart one in the family is”

You laughed.

”You’re the first person to realise that. Everyone thinks it’s care only because she’s a lot more school involved”

“Aren’t you? I mean I see your name up around the school a lot”

“Yeah but it’s for one thing, they just haven’t changed the posters”

“They really ought to, it won’t do them any bad having your face plastered around the school”

“I’ll just be mistaken for Caroline”

“You guys don’t look that identical”

“Which is why you thought I was her?”

“Well now that I’ve had a chance to study your face you don’t look completely identical”

“Name me some differences”

“Well your hair is longer and slightly darker, you have a different eye brow shape, your lips are ever so slightly fuller and your cheekbones are more defined”

“Hmm fine”

He smiled at you and you realised how handsome Damon was, his true smile made him look more gentle and less aloof.

“I’m getting burnt out so I’m going to head home, if you need more help, text me”

“What must a man do to receive your phone number?”

“Ask kindly”

“Ms Y/N Forbes, would you please allow me the honour of having your esteemed phone number logged into my cell phone,, ” Damon said with a posh voice, grasping your hand.

You giggled.

“Why, yes you may”

You exchanged phone numbers and you drove home after he offered to take you.

The next day while you were walking into the school, everyone was staring at you. You thought everyone though you were Caroline and that she’d done something stupid when you walked in to see your face all over the walls. Some of them showed the differences between you and Caroline while others had a selfie from instagram. You walked to you locker and set your books in to it, you were about to call Damon when he tapped you on your shoulder. 


“Why is my face all over the school walls?”

“Because the posters needed an update.”

“Yeah just the ones that already had my face on them. Not every other one”

“I spent my time ripping down every other poster and replacing it with your new ones and I don’t even get a thank you?”

“Wait, every single one? Like EVERY single one?“


As if it were planned, Caroline came storming towards you.

“Why the hell is your face all over the school?”

“Because I have a secret admirer? I don’t know”

“Every single poster for the cheer tryouts was ripped off. How do you expect freshmen to come?”

“Are you sure it’s not because it’s her face up their and not yours, blondie?”

“So you did it? Have you got the hots for my sister or something?”

“Yeah, I did, because your sister should not be overshadowed by you as she has been for the past 4 years.”

“I do not over shadow her”

“ENOUGH” You yelled, causing everyone to turn and stare.

“Damon, leave. Caroline, tell the teachers I’m ill and get me today’s work. I’m not staying here a moment longer” You slammed your locker shut and and began to walk away, ignoring Damon and Caroline ’s calls.

You got into your car and drove to the station. 

“Why aren’t you at school?”

“Sanity day.”

“You wanna talk about it?”

You began to explain the situation to your mum.

“And the most annoying thing is she gets so pissed off for no damn reason. She’s such an attention seeker”

“You know how insecure she is”

“But does that give her the right to push me out of the way? Do you know the amount of times a guys come and tried to flirt with me because he thought I was her?”

“If you feel like that then tell her”

“And what will she do? Dismiss it, like always”

“Look, you can’t harbour these feelings against your twin sister, Y/N. When Caroline gets home tonight, tell her how you feel, or if you’re still angry then write everything down on a piece of paper and then burn it.”

You didn’t reply and you just thought about the situation for a second.

“Yeah, we’ll go to the Grill tonight.”

“There we go. Now, who wants to help me read through some reports?”

You jumped up and grabbed a file from the stack on her desk and began to read through it. You spent the majority of your time reading through the reports and at around two your mum offered to go and grab lunch. While you waited you checked through your phone notifications. Most of them were from your friends asking about your explosive argument, one was from your service provider telling you that you were close to finishing your data allowance there was also one from Damon.

Damon: Hey, you okay?

Y/N: Hey, yeah I’m fine, just got a bit pissed off is all.

Damon: Where’d you go?

Y/N: W/ my mum at the station. Listen, are you free tonight?

Damon: Yeah, why?

Y/N: Me and care are going to the Grill to patch things up, in case it ends in an argument and I storm out I don’t want her to be without a ride

Damon: so you need me to be your ride home?

Y/N: Pretty please?

Damon: what do I get in return? 😉😬

Y/N: Gratitude and bourbon?

Damon: deal. Why do you care anyway? Why doesn't she get Elena or someone to pick her up?

Y/N: their weak ass’ don’t like getting involved it fucking pisses me off.

Damon: why?

Y/N: some bullshit about not wanting to get into a fight with either one of us, foolish children.

Damon: haha so this is gonna sound serious, but I want to ask you something.

Y/N: ominous much?

“Y/N, I’m back bearing a burrito,” Your mum said dropping the bag onto her desk.

Y/N: hold that thought, my burrito’s here and it has importance over you 😛😘

You locked your phone and went to grab your food.

“A chicken burrito with tortilla chips, salsa and extra guac”

You took the bag from her and ripped off the wrapping and took a huge bite

“Ugh I love you mother”

She chuckled and sat at her desk to eat her own food. Once you finished eating you thought it would be a good idea to return home. Caroline would be home from school and it would give you the chance to talk to her about dinner.

The both of you returned home at the same time, as you pulled into the driveway, Matt dropped her out of his car. 

“Hey Y/N, we missed you in history today”


Caroline walked past you and you followed behind her. She unlocked the door and you both went inside.

“So, I spoke with mum and she said we need to talk this out, so were having dinner at the grill. Be ready by 6.”

“Yeah, okay”

At 6 you both left for the Grill. You texted Damon and told him you were leaving and you arrived fifteen minutes later.

Matt seated you at the bar and took your order.

“So about today,” you said, prompting Caroline to apologise.


“Aren’t you going to say anything?”

“I don’t need to say anything you’re the one who made this into a big deal.”

“ME?! I think you’re confused.”

“No, if you didn’t have feelings for Damon then-”

“Hold up there, I only bought up Damon because I wanted to know what your relationship with him was”

“Why do you care?”

“Because he tried to make out with my arm as I have told you already”

Before the conversation got more heated Damon strolled into the Grill.

“Blondie, Y/N”

Caroline rolled her eyes while you greeted him back.

“Two bourbons”

Caroline scoffed.

“She doesnt want anything from you”

“Oh so now you speak for me?”

“Come on Y/N, him really?”

“Well two humans as beautiful as Y/N and I must be together, its destiny.”

You giggled as Matt placed the cups in front of Damon. You took a glass and downed it. 

“I like a man who has a good taste in alcohol.”

“Well then, honey, you’ll love me”

“Stop flirting with my sister.”

He ignored her and placed his hand on the small of your back. You felt a jolt of electricity run up your spine making you sit up.

“So what I wanted to text you about before you dumped me for mexican food. I want to go out with you. On a proper real date.”

“No way”

“He wasnt asking you Caroline, he was asking me. But okay. I’ll go out on a date with you. How can I resist a hot guy who knows his drinks and how to treat a woman?”

She growled slightly.

“I want to go home”

You threw her your keys.

“Go ahead”


“I’ll drop her” Damon interjected.

She took her bag from the bar and stormed out.

“It wasnt meant to happen like this” You groaned your head falling into your hands.

“I was meant to apologise to her and we were meant to be okay and now-”

Damon lifted your head and pressed his lips to yours. you were shocked at first but then began to move along with him. He pulled away and placed a hand on your cheek.

“I’ll talk to her okay?”

“Thank you. I hope you don’t think this is our first date”

“It’s not?”


“I guess I’ll have to make an effort the next time”

Part 1. Thoughts on the maximum ride movie so far

Spoilers for the maximum ride movie.
You have been warned

Im not even 15 minutes in, I am already disappointed.

The actors are grossly in accurate to the books, nudge is way out of character, Angel is supposed to be sweet not a creepy kid yet. For fucks sake…

Okay character design here.
Book: thin build incredibly long black hair basically the very easily considered the second-in-command max actually listens to him.
Movie: built like a freaking quarterback has short cropped hair and even though he voices his opinion he’s also being a complete push over. Give me back my brooding 14 year old emo boy not some f****** 20 something looking looking f****** quarterback.

Book: straw berry blonde (lighter spectrum) pale, also skinny. Firm on his ideals but still follows max.
Movie: another f***** quarterback he has dark brown hair. Jesus.

Book: blonde hair blue eyes a sweetheart and a bit hyper but very happy.
Movie: dark brown hair and eyes, obsessed with protection from erasers. Not a a happy kid.

Book: person of color, huge amounts of kinky beautiful hair. speaks alot, isn’t stupid or rude as hell.
Movie: at least they got her skin tone right, but low and f***** Behold a person can’t have their natural f****** hair Ono the world’s going to end. Is flat-out being stupid super rude to Max and called angel a freak. Greaaaat

Book: blonde blue eyes. Also a total sweetheart, everyone is used to her mind reading. Act fairly normal and is a happy outspoken little girl.
Movie: holy s*** they managed to get the actual f****** look right are you serious?!!! Oh wait she’s acting like a creepy reserved child from The Omen nevermind they still f***** her up and I had hope to…

Book: brown long hair, braided usually. Has the usual build of a 14 year old. Plus wings. Bad ass, caring leader who takes great care of the kids and even if she’s a touch paranoid she has reason to be.
Movie: top 10 not even shoulder length bleach blonde ffucking didn’t even do the girl’s eyebrows looks like some seventeen-year-old fucking bombshell from an old movie or some shit. she flat-out threatens nudge instead of saying that it’s not appropriate or that it’s not safe to run off and go fucking shopping just and righteous bitch and not the leader that we are immediately introduced to in the books.

Other shit that bugs me rn
Apparently the fuckin school is a got dang Petco or some crap according to its security protocols.
Apparently Max and the kids haven’t even left the freaking house since Jeb left instead of a you know being on their own little mountain.
Oh oh and the closest store to close by to go fucking shopping that no just planning on running off to is only 5 miles away bullshit

Lord help me im gonna watch more of it….

When I first read on the news that Weekend Festival Baltic is going to be in Estonia (Pärnu) originally from Finland as Weekend Festival. I was so sure that I am going there no matter what! When Weekend said that Martin is going to perform I freaked out. I have waited for seeing him perform almost 3 years, and now he is really coming! 

Because I wanted to see him, but I am 15 and you have to be 16 to go to the Festival, I asked my sister to come with me. The only problem was where are we going to stay, because all the hotels are already booked. Back then we also didn’t have tickets. All these weeks went so fast that there were only 2 weeks until Weekend Baltic. I cried because then I was already on the edge of giving up, and not trying to get the tickets. I took apart of every contest there was, and didn’t won. 

Then like a week before the Festival my sister came to visit us from Estonia to Finland, and told me she has an early birthday present for me. When she came into my room, she gave this medium sized bag to me. I looked inside and took out two T-shirts, were all these artists that were performing are written on it. I looked my sister in confusion and she told me to look what else is in the bag. 

When I already saw the gift card I started crying hysterically. My sister said that at first I should watch what is inside the gift card. I didn’t look, because I knew these were the tickets, I just hugged her, and cried even more. Also my mom filmed the whole thing. Two days later I logged in to my Instagram and my mouth fell open. “Congratulations *my name* you just won 2x3day tickets to Weekend Baltic!” I quickly ran up to my sister and told what just happened.

 Few months back I cried because I didn’t got the tickets and now I was crying of happiness because I now I had more tickets I asked for. After all this I shared a picture asking everyone to share this with Martin so I could meet him. Most of the people ignored this. 

When the Festival started (06.08.15) more people started sharing this post and on the third day of the Festival (08.08.15) people went crazy with the sharing, so did I. I send snapchat’s asking Louis is it possible to meet Martijn. He didn’t answered

When me, my sister and some of our friends started going to the Festival they said ‘It is impossible that you are going to meet Martin! Don’t think about it because you are not going to meet him.“ I knew I am going to meet him. If not today I will one day. When Felix Jaehn performed I got a direct message on Instagram. 

Louis send me a photo with Martijn and said ” I’ll let you know when we arrive, we’ll make something happen :)“ can you imagine what I did? I screamed over the main stage "I am going to meet Martin Garrix!”  

After like 1.5 hours when David Guetta performed on the main stage I got another message from Louis when he told me he is standing where is EHBO post me and my sister ran from the sea to the info, as fast as possible, to ask where it is. Well these info people didn’t know where it is. I got another message from Louis where he said that we should hurry. I told him I don’t know where it is so he just said he is standing by the entrance. We ran there but he wasn’t there. He send me the next photo where he is standing in front of some theme park thing. We ran there, I send him the same picture as telling we are here, but we didn’t saw him.

Few seconds later I saw Louis, but didn’t realised it was him (lol only me) then he waved to us, and then it hit me. I am going to meet Martijn? What the f? How did this happened? Only few months ago I was crying my eyes out because I can’t see Martijn performing, and now I am the only one out of over 25 thousand people with my sister who is going to meet him? I hugged Louis and he gave us these passes so we could go to the backstage area.I told him how I cried because I can’t even see Martijn performing and now I am so lucky that I am going to meet him. 

When we arrived Louis asked from Aubrey where’s Martijn. He said that he has an interview. Louis asked if we want something to drink (oh god he is so kind I can’t) And so we waited for like 30 seconds. I saw it when Martijn came out of some room and I just looked at him. I looked back to my phone and then back to Martijn. I didn’t realised it was real. Like is he really standing there or am I dreaming? 

When I realised that it is real life I gave my phone to my sister and hugged Martijn super tight. He asked if this is my phone what my sister held, I nodded and “we took a picture” actually a video but I just screenshoted this part. He also took “a photo” with my sister and she told “You are my sister’s biggest idol” Martin answered “That’s awesome!” And then I died…it was the best thing ever! Martijn asked where we wanna stand and asked some woman to give us passes so we could see him better. But she didn’t agreed with it so yeah. We talked a bit more and then I hugged Martijn once more. He told us to enjoy the show and then he got to go, bc it was only like 15 minutes to his set. We said our good bye, and started walking out of the backstage area. Louis came with us to make sure we don’t get lost and can find the way out. Because this backstage was massive! I also took a picture with Louis and hugged him once more. When we got out me and my sister both screamed! It was amazing, no words to describe how I felt and still feel! I am going to remember this for the rest of my life for sure!:)



christopher larkin came to his last panel of the con in a bath robe over his clothes because he was cold, and his socks, no shoes

christopher larkin took a beer that was offered from a fan and was drinking it at the panel at 10am

christopher larkin can and did irish dance

christopher larkin is releasing an album on the 29th of september, the band is carry hatchet. like the physical act of carrying the thing bellamy had on his belt in season one, not the name

christopher larkin has a flip phone. he does not respond to texts, only emails

christopher larkin had people writing on the cover on his signing table, he’d give you a number and ask you a question like “what’s your favorite dog/pizza/toothpaste/medication?” and your twitter/instagram handle and your name (i am number 15)

christopher larkin’s table was also covered in everything from his pockets. his driver’s license was on there

christopher larkin had mints on his table with a sticky note saying “eat it!”

christopher larkin was making notes of the panels while he was answering questions

christopher larkin’s name is legally chritopher larkin

christopher larkin gives amazing cuddles

christopher larkin gave me his book after richard threw it at a panel and lost his page. he signed it for me and we’re staring a book club

this was christopher larkin’s first con and i was literally blown away by how sweet and engaging he was with everyone who spoke to him, especially since he is very reserved in front of crowds and i really hope more people have the chance to meet him because he’s very, very underrated