he also fights with kids lol

Taeyong: *meets a child and sees their mother*

Taeyong: wow I love children!!!!! l actually have a few at home lol. It’s hard to be a mom right??? All of that cooking and cleaning is so tiring!! Right?????? One time my little one got this horrible haircut that made him look like a confused coconut all the time but that’s okay because he was cute and he was the Baby™. Also!!! my kids are great kids!! They only fight when one of them gets bored and he decides to pit them against each other. Did you know that they got their first win for-

my (serious) review of boruto episode 2

- animation wasn’t on par with episode one’s animation but then again, nothing can compare to episode one.

- Shikadai essentially being Boruto’s babysitter gives me life.

- I fuckin love Inojin.

- While i do like the new and improved academy, i miss the old one.


- Iwabe seems cool. He’s the character that’s essentially connecting Shippuden’s storyline to Boruto’s storyline lol. 

- Also, Iwabe, you can’t be like the Hokage. The Hokage is ninja jesus now, nobody can come close.

- Sumire is cute and all, I just hope she doesn’t start a ship war lol. THEY’RE KIDS, GIVE THEM A BREAK.

- Chocho fangirling over Naruto. Classic.

- Sarada. Bae as usual. [I saw you being worried about Boruto gurl, i know you care  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

- The fight was pretty good. Boruto is his own person and he has well established that through this fight. Can’t be Naruto’s son if you don’t spam shadow clones heh.


Can’t wait for the next one. MY SMOL BABY METAL LEE <3

Park Jihoon is the most all rounder kid ever omfg I’ve been slayed.. its 6:27 am I stayed up for mnet to release vids late but it was so worth it sob..

Jihoon can sing, rap, beatbox, DANCE, flip (like what the heck that came out of nowhere !!), and hes a visual kid too !!

This boy is talented and deserves his number 1 spot im just crying now T_T

This may or may not be a Kaisoo analysis, it depends on what you prefer. If you’re a Kaisoo shipper, it is. If you’re not, it doesn’t matter, because I just wanna talk about JI and KS lmao. This scene is from EXO’s Showtime episode 12 (about 14:45 if you wanna see things more clearly, I know this gif is low quality heh).

I know this is old af, like 4 years ago, and maybe there’re posts talking about this already which I haven’t stumbled into, so I have to release it here or it’ll keep nagging my sorry head for the rest of my life. If I say something offensive, I have to say sorry beforehand. Now prepare yourself for a long-assed post and half-assed attempt in English.

For ones who don’t recall where this scene from, it was the thigh-strength battle that JI himself suggested others to play and in which he “won”. And this is his bitter expression after knowing that his victory was in the script that other members were acting along.

(He looked so hurt, someones go and give him a hug or something to help him boost his ego pleaseeee…)

So when I was in the middle of weeping for our poor boy, I glanced briefly to the left of the scene, and what have I got here? I bet at this point all of you’ve noticed it right?

Idk if Kaisoo is real or not, I even don’t know if I wish they were a real couple or not, because then it’d lead to a lot of shitty stuff relating to idols and their sexuality and other shit which would undoubtedly do harms to our boys, but well that’s not the point here.

The point here is that: when other members were having fun and acting along with the shitty script and it seemed like no one fcking cared about what JI were feeling, here we go! Please look at KS in the background.

KS laughed along with others at first, then his smile died immediately after he turned to look at JI. And holy shit, my heart explodes every time I watch this scene (and I’ve watched it for 736384 times already, which is pathetic I know).

First he smiled pretty widely (because hey, everyone was laughing, so why wouldn’t he, right? This was supposed to be fun, right?), then he saw JI’s expression, then he blinked his eyes several times (like he couldn’t control his emotions), then his smile faded and his eyes averted to elsewhere (like he couldn’t stand watching JI being hurt), and at last he even ducked his head to look at the floor. And damn that crossed chopsticks and those caption words and CY’s handsome face for fcking blocking KS’s reaction, but nonetheless, you get what I mean, right?

Idk about other members’ reaction to JI’s expression because all the scenes were very brief and zoomed out so all other faces were tiny af, but I’m so fcking sure that KS looked so fcking sad because his boyfriend was fcking sad and he just cared so much about JI’s feelings at that time (or all the times may I say :->). Just look at him, and if you tell me KS just ducked his head to look down at BH’s shoes which might be more interesting than the whole scene before his eyes, fight me (or not, I’m just kidding).

To me KS is a type of guy that hardly shows what he’s truly feeling. He always looks pretty calm or cold or blank or puts on satansoo’s facade whatsoever, but in this scene, he was like being caught off-guard, and we all can see how much he was affected by JI’s feelings. I know probably KS would be reacting the same if this were other members, but still, I find this (this scene, this brotherhood, this bromance lol) absolutely beautiful. So even if watching this scene makes me hurt, it also warms my heart too.

Omg I need to stop here lmao. Sorry, again, for this shitty post which I doubt there is even someone else not me read. I just wanna release my feelings *laughs* *cries*

Daryl/Carl Headcanons

A lil bit of norman and chandler too 

-they get really close after 4x16 and he soothes Carl through nightmares of the Claimers n shit

-Daryl and Carl totally talk shit about Rick behind his back XD

- during s5 Daryl helps Carl when he can’t hold Judith anymore. Malnourishment takes away strength in lengths of time, apparently.

-Daryl and Carl share food with each other lol

-Daryl can be a lil protective of the kid when Rick ain’t around


-sometimes they sleep on each other during the first few nights in alexandria b/c they don’t feel like using pillows

-Daryl totally reprimands Rick when he ignores Carl for a long period of time

-he also reprimands Rick when Carl’s depressed or some shit while taking care of Judith.


“Rick!” Daryl calls, jogging up a step as he sets his crossbow down on the porch. Rick steps outside, nodding to him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothin’. How’s Carl?”

“Dunno’, why don’t you ask im’?” Daryl sighs. The ignorance of this fuckin’ guy. “Dammit Rick, listen. Y’need to…” He cuts off with a huff. “You can’t keep ignorin’ Carl, kay’? Your his dad. You need to talk to’im. What happened to protectin’ him? Carin’ for him? C’mon man, even Lori made sure to check on’im at least for a few minutes.”

“Daryl, Carl is fine. He’s taking care of Judy.”

“What- so he’s just a fuckin’ housewife? Does he do the laundry and serve dinner too?”

The archer grabs his arm, dragging him into the house. “Carl!” He calls.

“Hey, Daryl.” Carl answers quietly, head peeking out of the living room as he holds a sleeping Judith. “Oh, hi dad.” He mumbles and looks away.

Daryl pushes Rick toward his son. “Talk to’im. Now.”


-Carl will literally go over the wall and come back with a jar of peanut butter and give it to Daryl but take a spoonful for himself. (cuz who don’t like peanut butter?)

-if Carl falls asleep on the couch while waiting for his dad and Rick just walks past, Daryl will carry him upstairs to bed.

-Daryl always finds Carl up super early taking care of Judy and helps.


-after the Sanctuary he literally bear tackles Carl at the Kingdom b/c he was worried about him when Negan paraded him around the place like a fucking trophy and showing off.


-across the set Norman screams ‘CORAL’ when Chandler is walking out of the makeup trailer after putting on his prosthetic and Jeffery just laughs his ass off.

-Norman fucking decks Jeff in the arm after making Chan cry.

-Norman and Chandler like to hang off each other on set in front of Andrew and make him a jealous pickle.

iainwrites replied to your post “Hola. I am writing a fic where Teenage Harry Dresden, Alex Verus, and…”

I’m a little prejudiced on this, but I really believe Harry would be Hat Stalled, full stop. He displays each of the House traits at any given time and sometimes embraces the more Slytherin aspects. In the end though, I still feel he’d choke to be in Griffindor, because Adult Harry is all about choice. Kid Harry, it’s all your call.

Nope. lol. I will fight you for this. XD

For start, Harry couldn’t be a Hufflepuff if he tried. He’s not quiet enough, or subtle enough. He enters doors by blowing them off the hinges for dramatic effect.

He’s smart, and a complete magic nerd, but he’s not detailed enough for Ravenclaw. He uses Bob to remember things. But it’s always towards something. He enjoys the learning process. He would sacrifice every book he’s ever earned to help someone else, and he wouldn’t even think twice.

Slytherin, he has the thoughts, yes, but he also says no. Take, for example, when he’s escaping from Justin. He goes back, he sells himself to Lea for power, but not for himself, for Elaine, and because Justin needs to be stopped. In Restoration of Faith his tutor tells him to leave the girl because the people have called them in to the police for kidnap. A Slytherin would be like “Well I’m going home.” but he doesn’t. He goes out of his way to help this girl when she’s not exactly nice to him in the first place. He has no reason other than she needs help. Back in book one Marcone offers Harry a lot of money just to work for him. not even doing anything, just advise him. And Harry stands up to him for no other reason than he thinks Marcone needs standing up too.

It’s like saying Ron could have easily been a Hufflepuff. He has the traits, he’s quieter than the rest of the house, and blood line doesn’t necessarily determine where you go. But the fundamental parts of his personality mean he’s a Gryffindor. Malfoy is certainly creative enough for Ravenclaw, he’s second in every class to Hermione, but the hat doesn’t hesitate to put him in Slytherin.

Also, if one is writing a fic, one has to remember that it’s about who he becomes too. And the traits he expresses as he grows would be more comfortuble in Gryffindor than the other houses.

By contrast Slytherin would encourage those “darker thoughts”, Ravenclaw would see him learn latin properly, and Hufflepuff would probably see him more chill.

So after some of the hype cooled down bc AMAZING episode there’s still something that bugged me a freaking lot.

Yuri’s behavior anyone??????? Okay I get he is 15 and his new friend Otabek Altin says he recognized in his eyes his resolve, so we get he’s a spirited kid that was just born to fight to get the things he wants. Then again he was super aggressive towards Victor in the scene they shared, but something else happened toooooooo!!! Victor was also aggressive there.

Okay what I’m trying to explain here bc one-sided!YuYuu shipper here lol is that Yuri was challenging Victor and his relationship with Yuuri because he likes, likes Yuuri. I KNOW IT’S CRAZY BUT HEAR ME OUT.

First we have this.

Yuri is clearly bitter about the situation involving Victor and Yuuri. And here I was like… yeah he’s bitter because he also wanted to get Victor’s attention.

Victor asks him this then. And I was like Yeah Yuri wanted to win against this man bc hello? Russia’s hero???? Yuri of course denies it and is like ‘Don’t be so full of yourself’. We can only presume what the hell is this kid actually thinking bc he’s all serious telling Victor ‘Don’t be so full of yourself’. If Yuri admires him (I think he does) I don’t think he’d admit that anytime soon– 


Victor loses his composure towards Yuri for the first time. Yuri expresses his discontent towards Victor’s presence and the reasons right now can only be interpreted oñhfioehaoigg (we so need another Yurio’s POV).


Yuri tells Victor the ring, the symbol of his union (engagement cough) with Yuuri is garbage, practically that it is worthless and he couldn’t give a shit about it, that he will WIN just to prove how incompetent Victor (the owner) is. AND THE WAY HIS EYES FLICKER WITH EMOTION AND RESOLVE AS HE SAYS THIS, SO MUCH FIGHTING SPIRIT THERE.


If Yuri wins, then there’s no wedding cos no gold medal for Yuuri. If he wins, he is gonna show Yuuri and everyone how incompetent Victor is. AND THE WAY VICTOR LOOKS AT THIS CHALLENGE AS HE STARES DOWN AT YURI.


Then Yuri leaves and Victor reflects on a bit of what happened there. He says that if he had stayed in Russia as a competitor, Yuri wouldn’t be this motivated to fight. Here we can only guess what he’s talking about. BUT THE IMPORTANT PART IS THIS ONE: Yuuri you may not realize this


Yuri was openly aggressive towards Victor. He could have gone to bother Yuuri and tell him he should be focusing on trying to win instead of doing stupid shit or anything rude like that BUT as we saw in the past chapter, Yuri is in good terms with Yuuri. HE WENT TO LOOK FOR HIM AND CHEER HIM UP AFTER REMEMBERING SOMETHING YUURI WANTED TO DO WITH VICTOR AND GAVE HIM HIS PRECIOUS PIROZHKI WITH KATSUDON INSIDE AND HE ALSO KNEW HIS BDAY WAS CLOSE AND EVEN WAS FEELING FRUSTRATED WHEN YUURI WAS FAILING AT HIS FREE PROGRAM.

Instead of going to find Yuuri and make his war declaration, he went to Victor and was the bitter 15 y.o. version of the person he is right now and I think it’s because he likes Yuuri ;;;;;;

But I can only guess I just needed to vent out bc this scene really bugs me a lot and I know things can be missed in translation BUT I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW WHAT THE HELL and yeah– bye–

Boruto Episode 2: My Review

What I Liked About It:

1. Boruto and Shikadai’s Brotp

- Yup, this takes the number one spot again because the anime has deigned to bless us all with more of moments of this awesome brotp. Boruto claiming that he’s gonna ‘make his mark’ ala Hiccup Haddock style? Nope, Shikadai is ready to shut down any behavior that’ll get him into further trouble. Kids loudly whispering behind Boruto’s back? Shikadai makes sure to remind Boruto not to pay attention to that nonsense and do his own thing. Inojin blurts out that Boruto is probably riding in on his dad’s fame? “Inojin, take that back.”

Seriously though, so far Shikadai is THE big bro of the Boruto anime. Lemme just list all the other brotp moments I loved from this episode:

Keep reading

those70scomics replied to your post “those70scomics replied to your post: (Not my entry…”

Yeah, the T7S writers were not good at remembering (or choosing) details to keep the show universe consistent (unlike *The Middle,* which does it right; it also lets the kids age at a normal rate *lol*). For me, Hyde’s pet name for Jackie is *grasshopper* or *small grasshopper,* in honor of their Zen lessons – and the name he calls her – in “Cat Fight Club”. Coming up with a unique and in-character pet name Jackie would call him will take some thought.

Is this an entry for the game or just sharing a headcanon? xD. *waits before replying the rest of it*

MAN, t70s writers were a mess! It seems like they never got to agree on characterization, timeline, details and so. I love the way you address the timeline in the comics, lol, it’s the only logic explanation at this point, to be honest.

anonymous asked:

Favorite TMNT character by each incarnation? You know, best Leo, best Raph, best Mikey, best Donnie, best Splinter, best April, best Shredder, you get the jizz :)

OOOOoooooh this sounds like fun and it will take me a while haha *cracks knuckles* Lets do it! But to make this easier I’m going to just go off the animated series. So I’ll be comparing the 1987 series, the 2003 series, and the current 2012 series. So without hesitation lets get started.


1987: This version of Leonardo was the charming superhero save the day type. He was always helpful and always wanted to do good things. He also got very carried away with things like readin, playing video games, etc. But he was still a very likable character.
2003: This version of Leonardo was probably the most well-developed so far of the 3 versions. He was very serious and focused on his training but when you see the hell he went through you understand why. Hell he gets a permanent part of his shell removed and he is so dedicated to protecting his family you can’t help but feel for the guy. He was also an extreme badass in combat.
2012: This leonardo is definitely more like an actual teenager than the other 2. He’s a big nerd and loves anime and star trek knock offs. He is a still a badass though (especially in the season 2 finale). Sometimes he can be a bit of a jerk though but its understandable when your brothers don’t listen to you and other times its cause he IS a teenager and acts like it. 
Winner: My favorite is definitely the 2003 Leo still, after you see what he goes through and how he overcomes it I cant help but root for him.

Michelangelo (my favorite)

1987: Okay I’m just gonna say it. I friggin love this Mikey. He’s so likable, he’s so funny and HIS FRIGGIN VOICE! I absolutely love Surfer voices. “CHYAH DUDE COWABUNGA” No one can give a battle cry like this Michelangelo. Cowabunga became a household saying when I was a kid at the beach and pool. The only bad thing I can say about this mikey is the fact they took his nunchucks away in later seasons cause they were “too violent” and replaced them with a grappling hook which was lame.
2003: I liked the fact this Mikey was one of the most competent fighters out of all the turtles. He was creative and had a spider-man way of talking so much his enemies could not concentrate…especially Raph. Though he had many negative qualities. Don’t get me wrong I love Mikey but this one would always make corny jokes and references and then brag how he is was a champion in an Inter-dimensional tournament. That got really irritating at times.
2012: Greg Cipes was perfectly cast as Michelangelo. He was born to be him and this Mikey is pretty fun and a likable dude. The only gripe I have with this Mikey is they make him to be a straight out idiot at times, like he needs someone to hold his hand. That is my one gripe with him. Mikey is my fav and I get that he likes to goof around but he should always have a filter of when its right to and when to be serious. They’ve been fixing that through the season so I’m not too worried.
Winner: Come on dudes it goes to the 80s Michelangelo, To me this is the greatest interpretation of Mikey we’ve had so far and GOD I LOVE HIS VOICE. No one can say Cowabunga like him.


1987 and 2003: Honestly when I go back and rewatch both series they are pretty similar. Though 1987 Donnie wanted to be excepted by the whole world while 2003 Don didn’t and just cared for making inventions to expand his knowledge and to help his brothers.
2012: This Donnie is very eccentric and excitable and he’s in love with April (eecchhh not a fan of that). He’s always making inventions like the previous 2 but his main focus is to make retro mutagen to stop the Kraang. Honestly some episodes he can get on my nerves but one episode I really loved him in was the Ep he was teaching a vigilante how to use a Bo Staff and how to train for Ninjitsu.

Winner: This is a Tie


This Raph is waaayyy different than the other 2. He’s still cynical but he’s comedic with it. He’s very similar to Michelangelo and is constantly breaking the 4th wall. He also has some of the best one liners in the series. Even though he’s different from the other 2 I like him and later on in the series they tried to make him more aggressive than the others.
2003: This Raph was like the Wolverine of the series, Always loved to fight and was constantly training. Also he was such a badass and Mikey called him their secret weapon. He also has that tough Brooklyn accent which I loved they gave the 1st Live Action movie one.
2012: This Raph has his ups and his downs to me. On one hand he is one of the strongest fighters and is a great asset to the team. But on the other hand this Raph can just be a straight up jerkish bully sometimes and I hate that. If he’s angry I get it but I don’t like him picking on his bros the way he does. I know he is growing as a character so I can’t fault him too much and he’s becoming more and more likable as the series goes on.

Winner: 2003 Raph because he’s just a badass and he’s a lot like the 1st live action movie raph which was my favorite incarnation of him.


1987: This splinter was very wise and had a great voice that fit him. He did seem like an actual martial arts sensei you could have. He just didn’t do much, sure he got into fights every now and then but it was nothing too spectacular.
2003: This splinter had a much deeper story and even had a few arcs of his own which were very entertaining. My problem with him was his voice though. It seemed like he was trying too hard to sound like an Old Martial arts master.
2012: This splinter is just incredible. You can tell he was a badass Martial Arts master and now that he is a rat he incorporates that into his fighting. His voice is awesome and his fight scenes HOLY DAMMIT CHRISTMAS! You see why he is the master of the turtles and his stories can actually be applied to actual life.

Winner: No surprise here the 2012 splinter by a landslide

April O’neil

1987: I’m just going to be blunt, I had the biggest crush on this April as a kid. She was just too frickin sexy in that yellow jumpsuit and those Tig Ol bitties….mmmmm so nice. Though she was kind of a shallow character
2003: The pale one lol I thought she was pretty cool. I liked the fact that she was also a scientist and could match Don in techno babble and intelligence. I also like how she learned martial arts from Splinter to protect herself and became not only intelligent but a warrior…..that pale skin though
2012: The Booty teen haha, unlike the others this one is actually a teenager…..and part mutant…wow. She’s got a likable personality and can defend herself since she’s learning from Splinter. She can come off as whiny sometimes but she always gets the job done…..though she does have some annoying ‘Teenage’ tendencies.

Winner: 200——-I really should give it to her, but I’m shallow and 1987 April is a hottie so that’s my personal favorite haha


1987: This shredder was only intimidating in the first 5 episodes of the show then he became a joke. And just a typical whiner of an 80s villain. It’s kind of pathetic really. Don’t get me wrong I loved James Avery’s voice but the character was too much of a wimp to be taking seriously.
2003: THE FIRST VERSION, which I guess is the Utrom one…Not the Demon one or Karai. I’ll say this. THIS SHREDDER HAD THE BEST GODDAMN DESIGN OUT OF ANY SHREDDER’s in History for his first few appearances

before we found out he was an alien. To me that took away some of the badassness of this shredder cause its kind of like. Oh I’m really good at video games so Im kicking your ass instead of training. That bugged me but the design was incredible.
2012: This version of Shredder took what I loved about the 2003 shredder and keeps it grounded. He is a lethal martial artist who was like a brother to splinter but then turned to the dark side. He even stole his daughter, that’s just cold. His suit looks meh to me though

Winner: 2012 Shredder with 2003’s armor now that would be incredible.

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I cant believe you are still talking about yachtgate lmfao. Its been a year get over it. Also what if he marries Kendall in the future? Lol I'm kidding don't get mad at me


The Tears [Produce 101 Season 2, Episode 2]

Originally posted by kasugano

Finishing Off The Auditions

Woojin: Justin Bieber really suited Woojin’s vocal range. I don’t really like his vocal timbre though.

YGK+: Vocally they were awful. Their dancing was okay though.

S.How: At first I was like “who?”, but they were determined to let me know lol. They did really well!

Bae Jinyoung: His dancing was super stiff.

Ardor and Able: They slayed and totally deserved that A ranking.

Kim Dongbin: Can I give this kid a hug? He had mega stage fight. I was nervous just watching him.

FNC: He was just average and a good example of why people shouldn’t always expect a lot from big companies (I will admit I was super prepared to be impressed).

Jellyfish: He was also average.

Starship: They did well!

Moonbok: I wasn’t expecting him to be in F. He might not be the best vocalist or dancer, but he’s super entertaining to watch. I’d put him in D just for that.

Brand New Music: Their singing needs work but their dancing and stage presence is awesome!


There were so many “oh shit” faces when that choreo was shown. Also the song is ridiculously high (for boys). My eyes were welling up when the boys’ frustration at not getting the choreography began (also when they called their families). It’s gotta be hard putting you all into this and not seeing the results you want. I hope everyone at least manages to improve, even if they don’t make it into B.O.I (that’s what I’m calling it for now lol).


Oh my God. The amount of complete freezing that happened had me nervous. I believe it was the camera that made them nervous (especially Moonbok since he seemed to have it down during practice).

Side Notes

You would think that after six years of training. NU’EST would be better. But then again it was an on and off six years.

My Current Ideal Line Up: Daehwi, Samuel, Jaehwan, Taehyun, Sungun, Jisung, Seongwu, Moonbok..and I don’t have any 3 more yet lol. Hopefully next episode I will have a full line up.

On to the Level Changes!


//Yes! Before Ottoman times (and at the very beginning of), Serbia had a crush on Bosnia. Now, it was more puppy love (they were both in 9-12 year old range while he had it) and it faded away naturally after some time, but Bosnia was his first crush. And like all young crushes, he acted like a complete idiot when around her lol

Bosnia also 100% knew about it, and abused the fact that he would trip over his own feet to do things for her (she was… opportunistic as a kid to say the least) He was her friend yeah, but there were no reciprocated feelings beyond that.

There is some historical prompting here in that Serbia and Bosnia in historical times helped each other out frequently. When things in one court got sticky they would flee to the other, helping each other with fighting the Ottoman Empire, etc. Mainly though, they were kids around the same age, who knew each other pretty well, so it felt natural to give one of them a crush on the other.

I looked through my blog and I’m 90% sure the only place I mentioned Serbia’s old crush was the profiles which means someone actually read them *clutches heart* dog bless

so i was helping out at a primary school jumble sale the other day and this little boy who was probably about 2 or 3 toddles over and picks up some sunglasses. these sunglasses are pink and the rims are shaped like flowers and this kid has clearly fallen hard for these glasses. i tell the kid he should try the sunglasses on and just as he puts them on his face his dad comes over and takes them off him. just as i’m working up my rant about gender and how boys can like pink flowery sunglasses, the dad pulls out his wallet, gives the kid 50p and says ‘not until you’ve payed the nice lady for them’. i didn’t see the kid take the sunglasses off for the rest of the jumble sale.  


Sorry for the lack of reaction and characters.
Also I didn’t show her Genocider Syo or Touko because she already saw them and it would be pointless, but I did show komaeda because she likes him and he looked a little different.
(Don’t get me wrong I love Fukawa and Syo)

Here’s a Quick summary of what my Cosine thinks of the characters
Komaru Naegi - boring main character
Monoca Towa - Sweet
Kotoko utsugi - Magical anime girl
Nagisa Shingetsu - Donald Trump’s Kid
Jataro kemuri - Dirty mechanic
Masaru Diamon - Leon’s DJ Baby
Shirokuma - Fighting Cinnamon Roll
Kurokuma - Wannabe Gangster
Haiji Towa - Boring Hobo
Nagito Komaeda - Job didn’t work out

Hiyoko Hagakure - My aunt is a main character

Taichi Fujisaki - My cousin is related to Fujisaki
Yuta Asahina - Asahina’s Son

Also sorry for all the typos…

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20 and 22 for Cro.

20: What are Tropes you associate with your muse?

//What a good thing I’ve spent like half my life on tvtropes rip

Hair Trigger Temper, although more when he was a kid.

The Lancer of the group.

Former Teen Rebel for his wilder medieval ‘i’m going to fight everyone’ days.

Perma-Stubble, I always imagine his facial hair as stubble even if I never really draw it like that.

Boisterous Bruiser. Of a sort, he dramatic at times lol

22: If given a million dollars, what would your OC do?

//Honestly, probably like, give it to the government or something, or like donate it to places that need some money. Nations are very preoccupied with being seen as the best you know. He’d also probably buy some like, nice wine.