he also fights with kids lol

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Are you thinking about adding Tsurugi into the Age AU? Or did you just consider it but never knew how to add him in?

I am pretty much experiencing both those questions at once. ^^;; Like… I was planning to have Tsurugi for quite awhile. (I mean yes, I did say I wasn’t sure how I would add C3 characters into it several times now.) But I thought I could at least have Tsurugi, because we know more about his character and such. (also he’s pretty good with young kids?? You can fight me on this. But him and Takuto are adorable okay?)

I was thinking about making him a close friend of Wrath(aka Okami). OF COURSE. Like Tetsu and Hugh’s senpai and kohai relationship in this au or Jeje and Mikuni’s “friendship” that only happened because little Misono and Lily are close. So Tsurugi can take part in the everyday shenanigans of the Servamp Family.

They would have a close and unlikely friendship??? Lol, like the kind where people think they are dating, and it gets annoying because like “Guys,come on. A boy and girl can be friends without falling in love or whatever.”

If I go with the friendship route that means Tsurugi will be around 13 years old in this au. Like Okami. (cause remember most characters ages are altered in this au, THAT WHY ITS AGE AU. 8D) and likely met through school or whatever circumstance you wanna imagine.

Perhaps it could be more interesting and Okami is someone who protected him or even maybe stood up for him in school. Because even as a human, I feel like she would be the kind of person who won’t stand for any injustice against others.

 Why? Well, we all know Tsurugi didn’t have the happiest past…. so he might still be having personal issues that caused Wrath to become his friend. (IDK REALLY, I have been tossing this all up in the air forever now.)

Even though I said age au is supposed to be a happy au where things are better now cause everyone is human, has family/friends, and there is no crazy war and no one is getting hurt or dying. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have it’s dark undertones. For example:

  • In the Servamp family, sure they appear to be a happy large family of siblings. But. They have no spoken of or visible mother around. (Spare me the Mamahiru jokes,I know. But let’s be serious for a sec) and their father figure(“creator/sensei”) is mentioned. BUT NEVER SEEN. It’s due to him being super busy all the time and works farther away, claiming it’s to support his family. Which is the reason why Hugh works part-time at 16 and Kuro is usually home watching young Tsubaki. 
  • Sakuya’s older sister is alive. But their past together still remains. I made it to where it’s another pretty unspoken thing in age au, and doesn’t seem to bother them since life is pretty good now on their own. Although they have escaped that awful life, the hatred of lies and such is still there. Also there might be a slight distrust between Sakuya and his sister, because even if everything she did/does is for him… She’s still a liar to him. (but that will all depend on how I decide to interpret her character. She’s not very major in this au though, so yeah.)
  • Ophelia is also a character who is alive. But as a child like Hyde now. I said I am not killing child Ophelia in this au. NO NO. But whose to say everything is perfect forever even when they are older? Like I said a lot of things are left for imagination on purpose for past and future things.
  • Mikuni and Misono’s family is still together right now. (Mikuni’s 14 and Misono being 3) but whose also to say things stay perfect forever, there too?
  • and so on.

I leave these all as a given or up to imagination.(cause obviously I am not gonna have the ability to draw every single last idea I get.) It’s so the characters are still themselves, but with a twist? That’s how alternate universes be after all.

I have no better way of explaining it. ppfftttt but you get the idea. I was mostly waiting to see if Tsurugi and Wrath actually become Wrath Pair in the manga, CAUSE I WAS certain it was gonna happen, but now…. I ain’t sure of anything anymore, 8| Sooooo I might just go for it??? A very secondary idea I had was the C3 as teachers thing, and Tsurugi would still be an adult instead, but he would maybe work at the preschool/daycare that Lily and Misono are at.(cause the whole good with kids thing, maybe not the best role model, but at least he is fun. lol)  But yeah, I don’t know. -3-;;


Taeyong: *meets a child and sees their mother*

Taeyong: wow I love children!!!!! l actually have a few at home lol. It’s hard to be a mom right??? All of that cooking and cleaning is so tiring!! Right?????? One time my little one got this horrible haircut that made him look like a confused coconut all the time but that’s okay because he was cute and he was the Baby™. Also!!! my kids are great kids!! They only fight when one of them gets bored and he decides to pit them against each other. Did you know that they got their first win for-

That Girl is a Problem

Paul Lahote is PISSED when Jake brings around his best friend. She wasn’t supposed to know about any of this. Or was she? 

Pairing: PaulxReader, JacobxReader (Friends)

Warnings: Cursing 

Song(s) to Listen To: Truthfully by DNCE OR/AND That’s What You Get by Paramore 

A/N: This is my first Twilight relate imagine at all, so even though constructive criticism is encouraged, pls don't rip me to shreds lol. Also, if this goes over well, I have a part 2 planned. Hope you guys like this!!

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(warning: longpost)

JBJ is a fan-made name for a group of 7 eliminated trainee from Produce 101 Season 2 in the top 35. JBJ stands for Just Be Joyful as we all know but it’s actually stands for Junyoungheega Beorin Jashikdeul which means “Kids Abandoned By Junyounghee(Ahn Junyeoung PD)”, then later changed to Jeongmal Baramjikhan Johab which means “A Really Desirable Combination”. JBJ start off with KenCallTaeGyun because fans thought they would fit in the same group together. Sooner, Donghan was added and form KenCallTaeGyunDong. Then Hyunbin and Taehyun was added and JBJ was formed. xx

Fans didnt put them together in random they see potential in the seven of them through produce 101. 

Noh Taehyun, who came out as a member of HOTSHOT, make a big fuzz with his dance skill. He gained attention after choreographing legendary stage Shape of You and acknowledge for his crumping dance. He’s approved as JBJ’s leader because he has such an amazing leadership skill (also let’s thank him because without him shouting “JBJ GATHER” we wont have ot7 selfie). Though he’s bullied a lot by the younger, seems like they listen to him well too. JBJ’s eldest. Also the shortest.

Kim Sanggyun, who came out as a member of TOPPDOGG, displayed an amazing rap skills and got known for his “ano, ano, hajimemasite”. Though he’s really charming on the stage, he’s also showing a really cute personality. Everyone seriously think he’s the cold hyungline and wont talk much unless it’s unnecessary, turns out he’s the narcissist and most confident one. Don’t forget he’s also savage and cute. (the point is whatever you thought him would be, you’re wrong lol)

Takada Kenta, he’s an all-rounder. Dances well, has gotten a vocal part and rap part and manage to do all of them perfectly. He manage to go this far to top35 with almost none screentime (like seriously, bless kenta’s stan). He’s JBJ’s hyungline but he gave a fake-maknae vibe. But also (probably) the most normal one among them. They need kenta to make everything sane.

Kim Yongguk (Chinese-Korean) also known as Jin Longguo, is acknowledge as a hidden gem, gained a lot of attention for his amazing vocals in If It’s You and also his iconic introduction video “call me yongguk”. Though we all know his voice crack a lot (ask shihyun lol) but he’s the highest potential to be JBJ’s main vocal. He was supposed to be the “im-so-done-with-all-of-you” member but instead he’s probably the reason for one to be so done. He’s 100% proofed as a living meme. A sunbae for them (except taehyun) because he debuted first. Confident af. Tsundere.

Kim Taedong, we all know the kid deserve to debut since the beginning of produce 101 because he’s the only one who went from F class to A class (it’s a no-joke achievement like seriously) he gained nickname “miracle trainee” (because boi he’s a miracle). He’s also an all-rounder, manage to show his dance skill in Shape of You, get to be a center twice (among 7 of them), and get to pull refreshing concept and dark/gloomy concept perfectly got him nickname “Day Taedong and Night Taedong”. Among them all, Taedong’s company is a pain in the ass the most because they didnt give the kid any schedule after pd101 ended even though taedong has all the potential, even until now we haven’t heard any update from TVL regarding his situation (let’s hope for the best). 

Kwon Hyunbin, who supposed to be a model trainee yet here he is wanted to achieve his dream as a singer, gain a lot of attention for his visual. Even though in earlier episodes his image is bad but he show how he improved a lot and showed how serious he wanted to be a singer. He’s doing a great job in hyping JBJ up in SNS and also made us went through a dramatic story about his dream and his duty (lol the kid wanted to debut but ygk+ wanted him to be a model he’s like a teenage whining on SNS) tall af and like to teased donghan a lot (not anymore since donghan’s turning evil now).

Kim Donghan, underrated visual, who was slow to be recognized yet he manage to make it to top 35 even when he’s in the cutline. He shows amazing dance skill in Shape of You and did a great job as Call Me Baby’s center. He’s the savage maknae of JBJ who said that their relationship was only business relationship (like damn kid yongguk and kenta almost choke lol) who also a 100% maknae who needs love from his hyungs. Tall af (2), currently fighting hyunbin for the main visual position lol. 

But what’s more important here is ATM. ATM stands for Amazing Team Maker, is JBJ’s stan. Without ATM, JBJ wont happen. And without JBJ, ATM wont exist. 

There won’t (shouldn’t) be any akgaes in ATM because all we want is OT7 to debut. Since if it’s not OT7, it’s incomplete, something is missing, something is left out. We wont fight among ATM, but we’re gonna stand for JBJ against haters who said they dont deserve to debut BECAUSE THEY FREAKING DESERVE IT. 

stan. jbj. now. (sorry not sorry for longass post)

Another SVTFOE promo

I don’t complain AT ALL… this new information get’s me HYPED!

“Say goodbye to your freedom”

Ludo is taking over Mewni’s castle?! By the way, why is River shirtless? Ludo is going to take the castle when they were having that party on the other promo?

Well, I think this is going to happen when Ludo attacks that mewman town with his rats. Moon and Star are going to show up and stand agaist him, but Moon is going to reason with Ludo, and that’s why she’s grapping Ludo’s arms in this gif. But, Toffee intervenes because he wants Moon to shut up Ludo to stay crazy. Probably this is going to be when he says “have you learned nothing?” since something very alike happened when Toffee ambushed Moon in the monster temple.

I’m pretty sure she is talking about Ludo. I mean, how could Star defeat Toffee? Or is something more going to happen, like, Toffee retrats because he just wanted to show up that time? And why is Star so mad that her wand brights in green?

So now we know for certain whom is one of the skulls Toffee had in his shoulders. I called it, only something like that could have make Moon to be mad and desesperate enough to use a super-dark-spell from Eclipsa’s chapter. Also, this could be the very first time Star watches her mom cry.

Whoa… Marco sure has balls. And in the beggining of this show, he was “The Safe Kid” who only knew karate not to get into fights, but to defend himself if he had to. Spend 16 years in Hekapoo’s dimension sure had a positive effect in him. Also, is he in a dungeon? Or is he just hiding with some people so he can get to make a plan? 

What is Ludo trying to do to the book? And why, if the book was empty, reacted like that? did you see Ludo was sent flying? LOL 

Ok, for the nexts things I only have screenshots. Those appeared for a really short time, so…

Is Toffee from the past! Look, he even has all his fingers! He looks angry… and he has a curtain made of skulls! Fuck the Iron Throne, made with defeated warriors’ blades, THIS IS HARCORE!!

Uhm… Moon doesn’t seem actually worried… so this could be a little accident with Star’s wand in green mode.

Well, this is obviously when Moon found Eclipsa’s chapter in the past battle. But why is she with a hood?


OK, THIS IS BAD. Have you seen the crazy lady eyes she has? I’m sure having her around would be worse than having Toffee around. Toffee wants revenge on Moon and everyone around to her. Eclipsa probably is going to do a super bloodbath against all of Mewni for trapping her and maybe monsters too for not staying loyal to her or whatever.

In my opinion, all this clips are a little messy. We can’t say for certain when are going to happen all of this things. When are Moon and Star going to be in the forest? Does that happen before or after Ludo attacks Mewni and/or takes over the castle? In which moment does Moon tell Star what did Toffee to her?


my (serious) review of boruto episode 2

- animation wasn’t on par with episode one’s animation but then again, nothing can compare to episode one.

- Shikadai essentially being Boruto’s babysitter gives me life.

- I fuckin love Inojin.

- While i do like the new and improved academy, i miss the old one.


- Iwabe seems cool. He’s the character that’s essentially connecting Shippuden’s storyline to Boruto’s storyline lol. 

- Also, Iwabe, you can’t be like the Hokage. The Hokage is ninja jesus now, nobody can come close.

- Sumire is cute and all, I just hope she doesn’t start a ship war lol. THEY’RE KIDS, GIVE THEM A BREAK.

- Chocho fangirling over Naruto. Classic.

- Sarada. Bae as usual. [I saw you being worried about Boruto gurl, i know you care  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

- The fight was pretty good. Boruto is his own person and he has well established that through this fight. Can’t be Naruto’s son if you don’t spam shadow clones heh.


Can’t wait for the next one. MY SMOL BABY METAL LEE <3

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how could ryuji be the best if hes constantly making lewd comments about women

*cracks knuckles* WE GON’ LEARN TODAY SON

To begin, I think there’s inherently a weird flaw in Ryuji’s writing (or perhaps a localization/translation issue) in that the very thing you mention doesn’t make sense for his personality. I’ll admit I love that boy more than anything so I’m a bit quick to defend him, but also if I take myself outside of that for a sec, it genuinely doesn’t line up. I don’t know if Ryuji started out as like, Pervy Bro and they were like “oh we can’t make him a straight up dick” or if he started off an empathetic, loyal character and they were like “oh but we need someone to be the horny teenage boy” (I’m inclined to think the latter). Either way, Ryuji is very protective and responsive to the girls on the team. Let’s take a look at what I think of as True Ryuji (tru-uji if you will hahahaha i hate myself too it’s ok), and just fyi SPOILERS. I haven’t finished the game yet so not full game spoilers but just-before-5th-palace-spoilers.

When Ann walks into the metaverse, his priority is her safety, not some dumb “oh this GIRL is gonna SLOW US DOWN” shit–which, if Ryuji is Typical Bro, would’ve been his reaction. He’s also extremely motivated by the mistreatment of girls, especially Ann, by Kamoshida. Also the physical abuse, of course, but his first insult tends to be calling Kamoshida a pervert and gross and whatnot which leads me to think he has a bigger problem with Kamoshida’s sexual abuse than his physical (WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING seeing as how Ryuji was a victim of the physical abuse). Ryuji is beyond impressed with Makoto and her persona’s awakening, arguably the most out of the entire team, and in full, active, vocal support of it–not to mention he literally jumps into traffic to stop a car so we can hurry and save Makoto. He is the first to run to Futaba when she falls down AND when Ann is pushing Futaba’s boundaries during the closet scene, Ryuji is very insistent that Ann should not continue. In the end we get the info we’re looking for and Futaba comes out applause all around good job Ann etc etc etc but Ryuji’s sensitivity to Futaba and her feelings was like….so refreshing to me?? Esp as someone with anxiety?? That was so touching idc if i sound like a cheeseball I KNOW IT’S A VIDEO GAME but my boy was so pure. THENNN when Haru is getting harassed, Ryuji is first to arrive (shoutout to track team and long legs) and immediately takes up a defensive position. He demands that her fiance leave her alone because she’s our friend–which, at this point in time, is basically a lie. He also is first to run to her when she falls and immediately agrees to having her rest, offering our attic as the resting place without asking (knowing there’s no problem with it) and even tho he’s been beefin’ with Morgana he puts Haru before that and works with Morgana to get Haru to safety.

And that’s just the phantom thieves girls!!! There’s so many other instances where he’s A GOOD BOY (the old lady at the station *tear*, willingly provoking the Shadows so we can escape even tho it means certain death, unashamed to share vulnerable or traditionally-considered-”weak” emotions) that I could literally go on forever. 

His obsession with girls and making comments about their bodies is like, def not ok, but in The Real World my guess is that it’s because the writers had trouble deciding what kind of person he was gonna be and tried to fit both in and tbh for me I just can’t buy it. I could buy some of it, like checking out Ann or something, but then in Hawaii when he’s talking about how the girls there are “massive” I was like ????? Ryuji would never go THAT far. In a headcanon-y space, I would say that Ryuji’s dad is obviously The Ultimate Piece of Shit and 1) didn’t give Ryuji a good idea of what a man is so 2) Ryuji no longer has a male presence in his life and thus nothing else to go off of, which means 3) in an effort to be Masculine and Become a Man during his coming-of-age age (lol), he’s just copying what he thinks is how he’s supposed to act. I also think that Ryuji’s mom is a sweet, kind lady who wouldn’t hesitate to bitch slap her son if she heard him talk about girls that way and she’s raised him to be respectful so that also contradicts his behavior. It’s not genuinely who he is–he’s so quick to tell guys to back off the girls at the beach even tho he literally just went to do the same thing–it’s just who he thinks he’s supposed to be. And we all know Ryuji struggles with self-esteem and not putting himself down, so like, he doesn’t have the ability to outright reject that notion (yet). He so often wants to be someone other than himself that he adopts this persona (haha didn’t mean to do that) thinking it’s just the way of the world. 

None of the above makes his behavior excusable AT ALL, like more than once I literally said “dude chill out” to my screen ok, but I think in game-verse it can be explained and outside of the game it can also be explained. I contend that he is still pure and good and right and the goddamn sunshine incarnate, but dude’s got flaws and some things he has to work out (and I fully believe Ann threatens and then casually DOES call his mom to tell on him one day [much to his protests and FOR REALs and ARE YOU KIDDING MEs and ANN I’M SO SORRY I PROMISE I WON’T SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT AGAIN JUST DON’T TELL MY MOM] and Ryuji gets a Second Awakening when he gets home that night and never makes a lewd comment again)

((also he’s probably bi and doesn’t know how to face that yet so he’s overcompensating FIGHT ME ON THIS))

*EDIT* @defciggy pointed out the duality doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive which is something I normally try to be cognizant of bc ppl are gray areas but I got a lil carried away lol so I just want to retract a little bit and say the writing isn’t necessarily flawed/mistaken/poor but that the good in him is bigger than the bad

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why did keith get in that one fight in the piercings punk klance au??? aLSO ILY AND I LOVE THE PUNK AU PLEASE MAKE MORE I CANT BREATHE WHEN I SEE THEM

Keith gets into a lot of fights, but he’s usually defending others. He’ll see a kid getting bullied and immediately jump in, fists swinging lol. (That specific time he was helping a guy on the streets who was getting beat up). People don’t know that though, so they’re kinda scared of him, and he was labelled as the school delinquent. 

Also, thank you! I’m drawing a few things for this AU, but i’m not sure when i’ll be able to finish them, ‘cause you know, college :/

My Thoughts On Kagayake Kintaro

Warning Spoilers

Great episode with lots of action, I just love the score and the beautiful animation shots  in all 3 episodes.


Kintaro may have started out as a little shit but on the long journey he learned things and in the end he proved himself as the holy child when he saved Usagi.

Mikey was being a adorable little shit in this episode, making Raph pull him in the snow, his spit ends up in Raphs face and using Donnie’s head as a stepping stone. But he risked his life by jumping down the cliff to go after Kintaro and he ends up falling after a ninja cat throws a little bomb at him but luckily Leo saves him.

Donnie becoming the responsible parent there, when Raph and Mikey were fighting.

Mikey was probably right that white ninja’s are friendly but as they are under Jei’s spell they’ve become evil

When one of those Ninja cats nearly cuts Mikey’s arm off and we see him with out no arm (but he had it in his shell). I wonder if that’s foreshadowing that Mikey isn’t going to have no arm in the final (‘Cough’ SAINW 'Cough’).

Kintaro hurt his ankle in that fight and it was nice to see Donnie bandaging it up for him.

I love that Leo let Usagi rest and help look after Kintaro and then give Kintaro some confidence when he said he stood on his own in that fight.

It was pretty obvious that the Turtles were still under Jei’s spell

Wow they were some big hits when Kintaro fought the Turtles.

“Put your evil eyes back on” Lol Leo

I like the turtles doing the evil fake out.

I know Jei was immortal but how the hell they got away with Leo throwing his sword into Jei’s chest, seeing it stick out of his back and it’s stays there for at least a few minutes while he’s fighting Usagi. Unbelievable!!!!!

I like that everything went dark red in the Usagi and Jei fight and you were just able to see Usagi got slashed by the spear a few times and even see Usagi rip the sword out of Jei’s chest.

“Did you hear him land, I din’t hear him land” Lol Mikey

Jei ain’t dead because he’s immortal so he will just possess someone else body, but I expect they have to be near him for him to do that and as that’s a big drop, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon because that’s a big fall, so no one is going to be near him.

Awww!!!! Kintaro hugged Usagi.

I thought the fight was pretty brutal for Kintaro as he’s only a kid. Jei tried to kill him twice and also use Kintaro to hit the turtles and he hit’s the ground hard while he was chained up.

I had a feeling we weren’t going to see them arrive home, but it didn’t bother me because this arc was mainly focusing on Usagi. It would of been funny to see them arrive home and  April appears and says “where the hell have you been and what are you wearing”

I wonder how long they’ve actually been gone, it could of been a few seconds or a few hours or a few days.

Due to production order this is the final episode before the future arc so it’s kind of sad that this is technically the last time we see the turtles as teenagers. But we may see them as teenagers at the start of the 1st episode.

Next week is the most adorable episode, Lone Rat and Cubs.

This may or may not be a Kaisoo analysis, it depends on what you prefer. If you’re a Kaisoo shipper, it is. If you’re not, it doesn’t matter, because I just wanna talk about JI and KS lmao. This scene is from EXO’s Showtime episode 12 (about 14:45 if you wanna see things more clearly, I know this gif is low quality heh).

I know this is old af, like 4 years ago, and maybe there’re posts talking about this already which I haven’t stumbled into, so I have to release it here or it’ll keep nagging my sorry head for the rest of my life. If I say something offensive, I have to say sorry beforehand. Now prepare yourself for a long-assed post and half-assed attempt in English.

For ones who don’t recall where this scene from, it was the thigh-strength battle that JI himself suggested others to play and in which he “won”. And this is his bitter expression after knowing that his victory was in the script that other members were acting along.

(He looked so hurt, someones go and give him a hug or something to help him boost his ego pleaseeee…)

So when I was in the middle of weeping for our poor boy, I glanced briefly to the left of the scene, and what have I got here? I bet at this point all of you’ve noticed it right?

Idk if Kaisoo is real or not, I even don’t know if I wish they were a real couple or not, because then it’d lead to a lot of shitty stuff relating to idols and their sexuality and other shit which would undoubtedly do harms to our boys, but well that’s not the point here.

The point here is that: when other members were having fun and acting along with the shitty script and it seemed like no one fcking cared about what JI were feeling, here we go! Please look at KS in the background.

KS laughed along with others at first, then his smile died immediately after he turned to look at JI. And holy shit, my heart explodes every time I watch this scene (and I’ve watched it for 736384 times already, which is pathetic I know).

First he smiled pretty widely (because hey, everyone was laughing, so why wouldn’t he, right? This was supposed to be fun, right?), then he saw JI’s expression, then he blinked his eyes several times (like he couldn’t control his emotions), then his smile faded and his eyes averted to elsewhere (like he couldn’t stand watching JI being hurt), and at last he even ducked his head to look at the floor. And damn that crossed chopsticks and those caption words and CY’s handsome face for fcking blocking KS’s reaction, but nonetheless, you get what I mean, right?

Idk about other members’ reaction to JI’s expression because all the scenes were very brief and zoomed out so all other faces were tiny af, but I’m so fcking sure that KS looked so fcking sad because his boyfriend was fcking sad and he just cared so much about JI’s feelings at that time (or all the times may I say :->). Just look at him, and if you tell me KS just ducked his head to look down at BH’s shoes which might be more interesting than the whole scene before his eyes, fight me (or not, I’m just kidding).

To me KS is a type of guy that hardly shows what he’s truly feeling. He always looks pretty calm or cold or blank or puts on satansoo’s facade whatsoever, but in this scene, he was like being caught off-guard, and we all can see how much he was affected by JI’s feelings. I know probably KS would be reacting the same if this were other members, but still, I find this (this scene, this brotherhood, this bromance lol) absolutely beautiful. So even if watching this scene makes me hurt, it also warms my heart too.

Omg I need to stop here lmao. Sorry, again, for this shitty post which I doubt there is even someone else not me read. I just wanna release my feelings *laughs* *cries*

So after some of the hype cooled down bc AMAZING episode there’s still something that bugged me a freaking lot.

Yuri’s behavior anyone??????? Okay I get he is 15 and his new friend Otabek Altin says he recognized in his eyes his resolve, so we get he’s a spirited kid that was just born to fight to get the things he wants. Then again he was super aggressive towards Victor in the scene they shared, but something else happened toooooooo!!! Victor was also aggressive there.

Okay what I’m trying to explain here bc one-sided!YuYuu shipper here lol is that Yuri was challenging Victor and his relationship with Yuuri because he likes, likes Yuuri. I KNOW IT’S CRAZY BUT HEAR ME OUT.

First we have this.

Yuri is clearly bitter about the situation involving Victor and Yuuri. And here I was like… yeah he’s bitter because he also wanted to get Victor’s attention.

Victor asks him this then. And I was like Yeah Yuri wanted to win against this man bc hello? Russia’s hero???? Yuri of course denies it and is like ‘Don’t be so full of yourself’. We can only presume what the hell is this kid actually thinking bc he’s all serious telling Victor ‘Don’t be so full of yourself’. If Yuri admires him (I think he does) I don’t think he’d admit that anytime soon– 


Victor loses his composure towards Yuri for the first time. Yuri expresses his discontent towards Victor’s presence and the reasons right now can only be interpreted oñhfioehaoigg (we so need another Yurio’s POV).


Yuri tells Victor the ring, the symbol of his union (engagement cough) with Yuuri is garbage, practically that it is worthless and he couldn’t give a shit about it, that he will WIN just to prove how incompetent Victor (the owner) is. AND THE WAY HIS EYES FLICKER WITH EMOTION AND RESOLVE AS HE SAYS THIS, SO MUCH FIGHTING SPIRIT THERE.


If Yuri wins, then there’s no wedding cos no gold medal for Yuuri. If he wins, he is gonna show Yuuri and everyone how incompetent Victor is. AND THE WAY VICTOR LOOKS AT THIS CHALLENGE AS HE STARES DOWN AT YURI.


Then Yuri leaves and Victor reflects on a bit of what happened there. He says that if he had stayed in Russia as a competitor, Yuri wouldn’t be this motivated to fight. Here we can only guess what he’s talking about. BUT THE IMPORTANT PART IS THIS ONE: Yuuri you may not realize this


Yuri was openly aggressive towards Victor. He could have gone to bother Yuuri and tell him he should be focusing on trying to win instead of doing stupid shit or anything rude like that BUT as we saw in the past chapter, Yuri is in good terms with Yuuri. HE WENT TO LOOK FOR HIM AND CHEER HIM UP AFTER REMEMBERING SOMETHING YUURI WANTED TO DO WITH VICTOR AND GAVE HIM HIS PRECIOUS PIROZHKI WITH KATSUDON INSIDE AND HE ALSO KNEW HIS BDAY WAS CLOSE AND EVEN WAS FEELING FRUSTRATED WHEN YUURI WAS FAILING AT HIS FREE PROGRAM.

Instead of going to find Yuuri and make his war declaration, he went to Victor and was the bitter 15 y.o. version of the person he is right now and I think it’s because he likes Yuuri ;;;;;;

But I can only guess I just needed to vent out bc this scene really bugs me a lot and I know things can be missed in translation BUT I NEED TO KNOW RIGHT NOW WHAT THE HELL and yeah– bye–

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If the boys ever have kids, how many do you think they would have? What would be their sex? :o

Shu: I think he’d rather just have a cat. If he did have a kid, though, I think he would want just one. Probably a daughter. He probably doesn’t care much about that tho and he can go with whatever his partner wants. Like u could be like “I want 100 children” and he’d be like “shit we better get started then”

Reiji: Two sons and a daughter. The daughter is the youngest. Her big bros are very protective over her ^^

Laito: I don’t know if he wants kids, I think kids might make him nervous lolol

Ayato: I think right now, he needs a bit of time to grow up a bit first. But after that I think he’ll want tons of kids. Just tons of them

Kanato: Two daughters! People say they look creepy lol

Subaru: He just wants one kid and that kid would be His Entire World. idk if he wants a son or a daughter or whatever

Ruki: A son and two daughters - the son is the middle child. His two sisters overwhelm him a little bit lol. He’s kind of a mama’s boy

Yuma: I think he’d have a bunch of sons! Maybe 3? And maybe like, one daughter who ends up being the Alpha Child and she’s super strong and good with cars and stuff. god yuma would love his kids so much

Kou: I don’t know how many kids he wants but I think he definitely wants at least one daughter!!

Azusa: Justin, Melissa, and Christina, duh

Carla: A billion kids. Super proud of his oldest daughter tho

Shin: Also a billion kids. Buncha fuckin wolf pups dude!!! WOLF PUPS

Kino: A daughter and a son! I bet they get into fights a lot lol

Daryl/Carl Headcanons

A lil bit of norman and chandler too 

-they get really close after 4x16 and he soothes Carl through nightmares of the Claimers n shit

-Daryl and Carl totally talk shit about Rick behind his back XD

- during s5 Daryl helps Carl when he can’t hold Judith anymore. Malnourishment takes away strength in lengths of time, apparently.

-Daryl and Carl share food with each other lol

-Daryl can be a lil protective of the kid when Rick ain’t around


-sometimes they sleep on each other during the first few nights in alexandria b/c they don’t feel like using pillows

-Daryl totally reprimands Rick when he ignores Carl for a long period of time

-he also reprimands Rick when Carl’s depressed or some shit while taking care of Judith.


“Rick!” Daryl calls, jogging up a step as he sets his crossbow down on the porch. Rick steps outside, nodding to him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothin’. How’s Carl?”

“Dunno’, why don’t you ask im’?” Daryl sighs. The ignorance of this fuckin’ guy. “Dammit Rick, listen. Y’need to…” He cuts off with a huff. “You can’t keep ignorin’ Carl, kay’? Your his dad. You need to talk to’im. What happened to protectin’ him? Carin’ for him? C’mon man, even Lori made sure to check on’im at least for a few minutes.”

“Daryl, Carl is fine. He’s taking care of Judy.”

“What- so he’s just a fuckin’ housewife? Does he do the laundry and serve dinner too?”

The archer grabs his arm, dragging him into the house. “Carl!” He calls.

“Hey, Daryl.” Carl answers quietly, head peeking out of the living room as he holds a sleeping Judith. “Oh, hi dad.” He mumbles and looks away.

Daryl pushes Rick toward his son. “Talk to’im. Now.”


-Carl will literally go over the wall and come back with a jar of peanut butter and give it to Daryl but take a spoonful for himself. (cuz who don’t like peanut butter?)

-if Carl falls asleep on the couch while waiting for his dad and Rick just walks past, Daryl will carry him upstairs to bed.

-Daryl always finds Carl up super early taking care of Judy and helps.


-after the Sanctuary he literally bear tackles Carl at the Kingdom b/c he was worried about him when Negan paraded him around the place like a fucking trophy and showing off.


-across the set Norman screams ‘CORAL’ when Chandler is walking out of the makeup trailer after putting on his prosthetic and Jeffery just laughs his ass off.

-Norman fucking decks Jeff in the arm after making Chan cry.

-Norman and Chandler like to hang off each other on set in front of Andrew and make him a jealous pickle.

Park Jihoon is the most all rounder kid ever omfg I’ve been slayed.. its 6:27 am I stayed up for mnet to release vids late but it was so worth it sob..

Jihoon can sing, rap, beatbox, DANCE, flip (like what the heck that came out of nowhere !!), and hes a visual kid too !!

This boy is talented and deserves his number 1 spot im just crying now T_T


boy, oh boy have I neglected posting this concert experience story (3 ½ months overdue yike) for the people who probably could care less about it, but it is finally here, & it is v v v extensive as it includes basically every detail I can recall accurately.

Here ya go, curious cats:

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Request: Harry & Evie hcs?
-while on the isle they had a friends with benefits kinda relationship 
-it ended though one month before evie left from the isle because she started having feelings and knew harry wouldn’t return them
-sad side harry also had feelings for her
-meeting each other after months in the isle he admires her from afar 
-and inside her she just melts for an other kiss with him
-welllll he comes in auradon and doug ain’t happy about it
-evie tries to get away from him
-but he keeps following her
-welp he finds her finally alone
-and confesses that he is in love with her
-and she is so surpised like omg wtf why didnt you said that earlier u fucker
-and with a kiss she confesses her love for him
-but she also feels guilty bc there is doug ya know
-but who said secret relationships dont exist, they isle kids they dont always play with rules.
-he always sneaks up in her room
-once mal almost caught them lol
-he also flirts with her a lot infront doug
-doug cant do anything tho bc he is against fighting kk
-and bc harry will get punished if he get in a fight :< ye they dont trust him
-evie cant take it anymore and breaks up with doug
-it ended really bad
-harry was there for her and protected her through the whole thing
-but doug was a sweetie and didn’t said anything to anyone
-they talked about it and found a solution yaay!!
-now evie and harry can fuuck- i mean be together without guilty feelings.
-she helps him become a better person
-also drizzy is like their adopted daughter
-there was a time harry tried to convince her to call them mom and dad
-lets say drizzy was so creeped out that he didn’t talk to him for a week!!
-did i mention that harry is in the fencing club??? He is the second best out of all!!(lonnie is first)
-it always cheers him up when he sees evie in the cute cheerleading outfit.
-also he once beated the shit out of chad for disgracing the name of his love
-you know you can say whatever the hell you want about him but not for his babe.

iainwrites replied to your post “Hola. I am writing a fic where Teenage Harry Dresden, Alex Verus, and…”

I’m a little prejudiced on this, but I really believe Harry would be Hat Stalled, full stop. He displays each of the House traits at any given time and sometimes embraces the more Slytherin aspects. In the end though, I still feel he’d choke to be in Griffindor, because Adult Harry is all about choice. Kid Harry, it’s all your call.

Nope. lol. I will fight you for this. XD

For start, Harry couldn’t be a Hufflepuff if he tried. He’s not quiet enough, or subtle enough. He enters doors by blowing them off the hinges for dramatic effect.

He’s smart, and a complete magic nerd, but he’s not detailed enough for Ravenclaw. He uses Bob to remember things. But it’s always towards something. He enjoys the learning process. He would sacrifice every book he’s ever earned to help someone else, and he wouldn’t even think twice.

Slytherin, he has the thoughts, yes, but he also says no. Take, for example, when he’s escaping from Justin. He goes back, he sells himself to Lea for power, but not for himself, for Elaine, and because Justin needs to be stopped. In Restoration of Faith his tutor tells him to leave the girl because the people have called them in to the police for kidnap. A Slytherin would be like “Well I’m going home.” but he doesn’t. He goes out of his way to help this girl when she’s not exactly nice to him in the first place. He has no reason other than she needs help. Back in book one Marcone offers Harry a lot of money just to work for him. not even doing anything, just advise him. And Harry stands up to him for no other reason than he thinks Marcone needs standing up too.

It’s like saying Ron could have easily been a Hufflepuff. He has the traits, he’s quieter than the rest of the house, and blood line doesn’t necessarily determine where you go. But the fundamental parts of his personality mean he’s a Gryffindor. Malfoy is certainly creative enough for Ravenclaw, he’s second in every class to Hermione, but the hat doesn’t hesitate to put him in Slytherin.

Also, if one is writing a fic, one has to remember that it’s about who he becomes too. And the traits he expresses as he grows would be more comfortuble in Gryffindor than the other houses.

By contrast Slytherin would encourage those “darker thoughts”, Ravenclaw would see him learn latin properly, and Hufflepuff would probably see him more chill.


Sorry for the lack of reaction and characters.
Also I didn’t show her Genocider Syo or Touko because she already saw them and it would be pointless, but I did show komaeda because she likes him and he looked a little different.
(Don’t get me wrong I love Fukawa and Syo)

Here’s a Quick summary of what my Cosine thinks of the characters
Komaru Naegi - boring main character
Monoca Towa - Sweet
Kotoko utsugi - Magical anime girl
Nagisa Shingetsu - Donald Trump’s Kid
Jataro kemuri - Dirty mechanic
Masaru Diamon - Leon’s DJ Baby
Shirokuma - Fighting Cinnamon Roll
Kurokuma - Wannabe Gangster
Haiji Towa - Boring Hobo
Nagito Komaeda - Job didn’t work out

Hiyoko Hagakure - My aunt is a main character

Taichi Fujisaki - My cousin is related to Fujisaki
Yuta Asahina - Asahina’s Son

Also sorry for all the typos…

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Naruto Uzumaki

Yeah this is gonna be one of them LONGGG post so bear with me lol

Naruto all in all is a horrible character! Lol however I’m gonna go into detail why so people can understand why he’s not great but I’m gonna break this into two parts

PART ONE: pre-shippuden naruto:

In the beginning naruto was just a puck with a sucky sob story yeah he had no friends and no one liked him but he was still a brat but he had potential

One of my fav parts of naruto is the land of waves arc that’s where naruto learns first hand that the life of the shinobi isn’t just sunshines and rainbows and he realizes that the shinobi system is unfair and I think he even proclaims that’s he’s gonna change the system for the better (he didn’t)

The land of waves arc is where we meet zabuza and haku and when we first learn about the sharingan (the sharingan was so much better in naruto then in shippuden to many power ups) and zabuza shows us how awful being a shinobi can be

Another arc where I saw some potential in naruto is the chunin exam arc when he fought against neji AT THE TIME I believed in what naruto was saying, create your own destiny blah blah blah however even though I agreed with naruto I still believed that neji should’ve won that fight

Now let me just take a moment and explain why I believe neji should’ve won the fight and I’m gonna explain why naruto isn’t an underdog:

The manga/anime try’s to portray naruto as this underdog but that’s not who he is he has a great family lineage and that’s very important in the naruto universe because if your from a powerful family most likely your gonna be powerful and naruto had the nine tails sealed in him which makes him a chakra machine!

The only thing naruto didn’t have was friends and that change pretty quickly in the manga and they always try to make it seem like his sob story is sad when it isn’t it’s annoying! I hate seeing naruto on that damn swing away from the other kids that’s shit boring

Also the reason why I said I believed in what naruto said at the time but still think neji should’ve won the fight because at the time NEJI WAS STRONGER THEN NARUTO

Neji worked his ass off day in and day out during the chunin exams naruto didn’t even have a proper instructor to help him (kakashi was helping sasuke) so how did he get so strong?

Neji was enslaved by his own family and when he took off his head protector during the fight and was telling his story I actually felt for him he had an amazing sob story

Neji didn’t let him being enslaved hindered his training tho he was a prodigy yes but he ALWAYS worked hard how would neji someone who’s been training I bet since he could walk lose to naruto someone who always goofed off?

Now I said I believed in what naruto said in the beginning because I thought that it was a good message make your own destiny blah blah blah but I disregard everything naruto said when he became child of prophecy in shippuden

PART TWO shippuden naruto:

I hate shippuden naruto he’s full of shit full of talk no jutsu and full of HIMSELF

One of the first people I believed naruto lied to was jiraiya he believed that naruto was the child of prophecy and he was gonna bring great change to the shinobi world but where is the change???? Everything is the same

Anyways another person naruto lied to was to konan and pein I loved and hated the pein arc one of my favorite arc and also hate that arc lol

I loved the arc because pein was right EVERYTHING that came out of his mouth was facts and pein shows naruto how evil the hidden leaf can be especially when in come to war and money

Pein even asked naruto how would he achieve peace for the hidden rain and all the villages and naruto couldn’t even answer in that scene I was happy because it shows naruto is really just a kid and he doesn’t know everything

However they way the fight ended was bullshit even when I was younger and I watched the fight I was confused on how all naruto had to do was talk to pein and everything went back to Normal!

Like NOOO jiraiya already tried talking to pein it didn’t work pein killed his own sensei!!! how does a fucking TNJ work from naruto? somebody pein doesn’t even know?

And then he promises pein and konan that he’ll change the shinobi world for the better -_-

And then there’s neji! Neji died a slave to his clan like he knew he would the only thing neji was wrong about was naruto’s destiny he thought naruto was a loser but actually he was the child of prophecy

Neji dying for naruto was the WORST way he could have die naruto full out lied to neji and I never seen a panel where naruto is like “oops sorry destiny does exist” like everyone wants to act like the chunin exams never happened and I’m just sick of it


Oh and another thing why I can’t stand naruto is that he didn’t even think to consider sasuke feelings when he decided with itachi to sweep the whole uchiha massacre under the rug! Like wtf the person most affected by his clan slaughtering should be at least present in a decision like this!

Honestly naruto doesn’t care for anyone else except himself and his dream of becoming hokage he’s selfish and I don’t even wanna get started on the whole naruto and sasuke “brother” relationship naruto really didn’t care for sasuke he only wanted sasuke back because he was lonely without him

Naruto in a way is like sakura when in come to sasuke they project there feelings onto him and they don’t ever sit and really wonder why sasuke does what he does or how sasuke feels

One example:
In boruto when naruto asks sasuke to come back to the leaf village why would sasuke EVER go back to the village that ordered the KILLING OF HIS ENTIRE CLAN?¿?

I could say more but I feel like this is enough

Thanks for the ask 👾