he ain't havin' it



She frowned, squirming in all the heavy fabric layers. “Shinta..Ya should take off some of your clothes…Stayin’ in cool wet clothin’ isn’t much good…ya know?” as if knowing how he would react, she added in.. “I wont watch…” with this Sasuga shifted and sat on the floor facing away from him. Thin fingers pulled out a book, only slightly damp luckily, and flipped it open to a marked page. “I’ll read okay..So I wont look at ya like that…promise.”

How inappropriate. Maybe if they were indoors in private he may do so in his own space, but not in public and not in front of her. Sure no one could very well see them, but even so, it would be terribly cold if he were to take off his haori and undershirt. “I’d rather not…