he ain't havin' it

@theultimategernerd wanted to see Qrow in F4 (and so did I)

An anon asked for Tai in F4, too, so have matching STRQ brother’s! 

Tai-quan-Qrow (I don’t ship them in the SLIGHTEST! Like, EW, no thank you…but how is that not their ship name?) 

Have matching Qrow and Tai because I feel like Summer and Raven would pull shit like this on those two all the time.

Return of the man bun for these two and Qrow appears with some glasses! I can’t imagine his vision ever going, but I needed this. Seriously, those two bird twins have to have 15/20 vision. 

Tai: -leans against Qrow- Hey, Qroooooow? How do you beat level 30? This boss is nuts!

Qrow: Wh-what?! Stop leaning on me, Tai! You’re supposed to be helping Short-Stack and I move!

Tai: Ah, come on you big, grumpy, bird-nerd! First off, you make an excellent object to lean on. Secondly, the girls are getting take out, and we’ve been working all day! Lets chill for a bit!

Qrow: Do what you want. I’m going to keep working. We have a mission in a week and I need this place in order before we leave.

Tai: Don’t you mean Summer needs it in place?

Qrow: To that I ask you, who do YOU think is going to hear about it if it’s not neat and in order?

Tai: Pleeeeeeease? I’ve died fifteen times already!

Qrow: Bird-nerd says ‘NO’! Now, if you’d be so kind as to GET OFF OF ME!

Tai and Raven help Summer and Qrow move into their Vale Kingdom apartment about a month after graduation and returning from a mission in Atlas.

Tai is very done with moving boxes. He’d rather play video games on his Scroll and lean on Qrow as if the blondie was a Great Dane.

Qrow isn’t amused.

y3daner  asked:

(bachelor au) i have a feeling yuuri has this knack for making people shed their masks?? like he makes people be more genuine and less like they're playing a role to woe him. (victor is the biggest culprit of this, despite not being in the show) yuuri ain't havin any of that tv personality. he wants real romance with a real person. and part of why everyone has their hearts broken is because they developed real feelings for him because yuuri katsuki couldn't let them be fake

this is incredible and all completely accurate and i want to hold onto this forever, a+++++ identification of yuuri katsuki who doesn’t want to be on this show, but as long as he signed the contract, he might as fucking well pursue everyone earnestly, even if it is emotionally exhausting and he would rather hide in executive producer victor nikiforov’s bugatti and melt into the custom red leather interior and listen to victor’s shitty eastern european music and embarrassing stories about being drunk and rich and aimlessly wandering through a series of discotheques for the first half of victor’s twenties (”yeah, but did you do that on camera in front of 20 million people?” “honestly, yuuri, it is completely possible”).  

also i’m writing official fic now because haha kill me!!! 


You work as a nurse / doctor to Mr J and his men, but you stop answering his calls because you don’t want to be a part of that life style anymore. So he tracks you down. 

anonymous asked:

"diplomacy through napping" would be one of the greatest fix-its ever for naruto. the nara are smart and logical. they wouldn't hang out with the uchiha so much if there was any suspicion of them being a threat. the other clans and likely the civilians too would be convinced that the uchiha aren't a threat to anyone in the village, and all of danzou's schemes to get rid of the uchiha would fall apart spectacularly. bonus, shikaku totally knows of danzou's plots and he ain't havin' none of it.

Naras fixing everything through the power of sleep in unconventional places? I can totally get behind that. :D



She frowned, squirming in all the heavy fabric layers. “Shinta..Ya should take off some of your clothes…Stayin’ in cool wet clothin’ isn’t much good…ya know?” as if knowing how he would react, she added in.. “I wont watch…” with this Sasuga shifted and sat on the floor facing away from him. Thin fingers pulled out a book, only slightly damp luckily, and flipped it open to a marked page. “I’ll read okay..So I wont look at ya like that…promise.”

How inappropriate. Maybe if they were indoors in private he may do so in his own space, but not in public and not in front of her. Sure no one could very well see them, but even so, it would be terribly cold if he were to take off his haori and undershirt. “I’d rather not…