he actually makes me feel beautiful which is something

A Dream Coming True (a Jared Leto oneshot)

“Did you know that these poor animals weren’t even killed humanely? The standards these animals were living in were and are just as bad as the way they are killed. Billions and billions animals are killed brutally each year just to feed us while we have enough opportunities. If I and million others didn’t die, you won’t either. I’m vegan and healthy more than ever. You like pizza? Eat it without pepperoni. You like burgers? Eat a vegan burger. Don’t give shitty excuses like your health either. Are you really comfortable with these poor animals dying just for our fun?”

“Yes I am! They taste good and they don’t even have emotions. So what?” a man shouted from the crowd.

This was my first time making a speech alone on a street. Why should people be assholes?

“At least they have a brain unlike you!” I was really mad. I couldn’t stand ignorant and idiot people. Was he even real?

“Boo-hoo! I’m going to cry now.”

“I want a soy latte please. For y/n.” I was trying to relax after my stressful speech. Why was it just so hard for people to understand the truth? People were just too selfish to see it.

“It’s 4.70 ma’am.”

As I was reaching for my purse, I heard a voice. It was soft but hot.

“It’s on me.” I looked behind me where the voice was coming. I saw a handsome man. His hair was short and brown with blond tips . He had style… And sunglasses.

“And you are?”

“I’m Jared. I listened to your speech. It was amazing. Oh and and an espresso shot for me.” he said to the cashier after talking to me.

“Thanks. I’m happy that someone really listened to me.”

“That one dude annoyed me really much though. I was almost going to go and slap him personally.”

We giggled. We rushed out after getting our drinks to find somewhere to sit. He asked politely if he could join me.

“Yeah, of course. Thanks for the coffee Jared. It’s really nice seeing people who actually care. I thought there was no hope.”

“It was nice hearing you too.” as he took his sunglasses off, I saw the most beautiful pair of blue eyes I have ever seen. He continued:

“And your name is?”

“y/n. My name is y/n.”

“It’s a pleasure y/n.” he was a true gentleman. He was conscious, handsome and nice but I didn’t want to be affected too quickly.

“So you are a vegan either Jared?”

“Activist, vegan, singer, Jared Leto… That’s me.”

“Wow so you sing? Is there something you can’t do?”

“I can’t draw?” 

“And that’s my thing I guess.” I chuckled.

“So you can draw… I guess we are completing each other.”

“If you want to impress me, you’ll have to find a better one J.” He smiled and looked down.

“I don’t need to try hard.” I looked at him raising my eyebrows. We both laughed. He actually had a point but I wasn’t going to admit that.

It had been around five months since I had met Jared and my life had changed a lot already. There was something going on between us but I was not sure what that was. I felt really good when I was with Jared and when he was away… I was starting to feel weird without him. I was not good at going on with people but he… He was making me happy

He had invited me to his mansion-like house which I had only seen from the outside once. I was actually feeling that something huge was going to happen and the first time in my life, I felt like I had to look good for a man. He was going to take me at 8.00 pm. so it was almost time. I put my nude lipstick on before I sprayed on my fave cruelty-free perfume. I looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn’t felt so beautiful in a long time. As I was checking if everything was okay, I heard my door ringing. I had to chill for real. 

A heavenly smell hit me as I opened the door. When I came back to the real world, I saw him. He had casual clothes on but it was so hot. Especially his hat and white shirt. His bracelets, jeans, shoes… Everything was combined so good. His stubble was looking so sexy.

“Damn girl you lookin’ fine.” We both let out a laugh. I felt that my cheeks were warming up. 

“You too Mr. Leto but I prefer keeping it formal.” 

“Oh, sorry ma’am. I meant you look one fine lady. I was wondering if you would mind if I accompanied you to my car.” He leaned down as he put his one arm behind his back and one hand in front of me like a real gentleman wanting me to hold it. This guy… How could I say no? I held his hand as I closed my door with my other hand. 

After a car ride full of laughter, we arrived to his house. It was 8.38 pm so we had a plenty of time. I was actually pretty sure that he was going to insist that I stayed the night so I didn’t really worry about the time. As he opened the door, I saw a fuckhuge living. It was mostly black. So elegant… We heard footsteps when we stepped inside. As I raised my head, I saw another handsome man which was probably Jared’s brother Shannon. Jared was always talking about him. They were caring for each other and that was really cute.

“It’s really nice finally meeting you y/n. Jared just won’t stop talking about you. I’m almost sure he is in love with you.” WTF? I wanted to dance but all I could do was laughing and looking at Jared. His eyes were huge and he was looking at Shannon. I wanted to change the subject.

“So you told me that you were good at singing J. I’d like to hear you sing.”

“Ohh I totally forgot about that. But I need to talk to Shannon first. Suit yourself. It won’t take long.” Shannon looked at him trying to figure out what he was going to tell.

“Mmkay then. I’m here.” 

As soon as they went upstairs and closed the door, I got curious. And curiousity is one of my weak spots. I had to hear what they were talking about. I got upstairs trying my best to be silent. I put my ear on the door they were in.

“-Why would you even say that! I didn’t want her to know that until I made sure that she feels the same for me. Thank you really much Shan!”

“Bro chill. She will just think that I was joking. I’m pretty sure that she didn’t even take it seriously. No way she will understand that you like her.”

“I don’t like her…” My world broke down but I kept listening.

“I love her.” My eyes popped. This was even more shocking.

“Love is a strong word brother. Are you sure that it’s love?”

“I mean… I never felt like this before. I feel extremely sad when I don’t see her. My feelings for her gets stronger and stronger everyday.” I had heard enough. I couldn’t risk getting caught so I rushed down as quiet as I can. I sat back at the black sofa where I was already sitting before. I heard the door open. Shannon was the first to get out.

“It was nice meeting you y/n but I need to go.” He winked as he was opening the door.

“It was nice meeting you too Shannon.” I smiled. He smiled back before he closed the door. I’m pretty sure he didn’t need to go but he just wanted to leave us alone.

“So I guess now you want to hear me sing.” 

“I want to talk to you Jared.” He seemed worried now. 

“Yeah, of course.” He sat next to me.

We were so close. We didn’t say anything for about a minute before I broke the silence.

“Jared you know. If you want to tell me something, do it.” He didn’t get what I meant first but then…

“Oh shit. You heard us didn’t you. Look, If you don’t feel the same it’s not impo-” I didn’t let him finish his words and with a reflex, I pressed my lips on his. His eyes popped open before closing them and he started kissing me harder. He was holding my face while I was moving my hands on his muscled back.

“I…Love…You…Too” I was trying to talk between every kiss. Things were getting hot. I slipped my hand into his shirt feeling his abs as he was leaving kisses on my neck. He held my hand as he brought me to the bedroom which was always going to have a place in my mind.

“You make me happy y/n.”

“I feel complete when I’m with you Jared…”

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digital-waterfall replied to your post: noooooooooo i just finished house of c…

you have an otp in house of cards? granted i’m only in season 2, but the only one i can think of is claire/pure unadulterated ambition or frank/the oval office

let’s talk about frank/claire for a second. 

so frank is an asshole and we all know this. but like we see his pov. we get to hear his inner dialogue. he’s so unapologetic for his nature that i just love him. i love bad guys who know they’re bad guys and are good at it. and usually in a situation like this, the wife is kind of kept virginal from it all. but she’s just as horrible at it and maybe even better at it and i fucking love it. i love her ability to walk in and fuck shit up with a glimmer in her eye. i love that when she can’t do something on her own, it physically makes her vomit to have to ask for help. 

you know what i love more than frank and claire? frank/claire. let’s face it. they’re both the smartest, most power-hungry people on the planet so it was bound to happen that they crave what the other has. she was never going to stop at being first lady. but you know what i just adore? is the fact that frank is this absolute bad guy who actually loves his wife. shit. there’s times where he looks at the camera and says something about claire that makes me tremble. “they can mess with me all they want, but mess with claire and i’ll slit their fucking neck” or whatever the line was. oh my god. he actually loves something in the world besides the oval office and it comes in the form of this beautiful, powerful, intelligent, cutthroat character that happens to be the woman he married. does claire love frank as much? nope. i think she wants to. but she doesn’t feel like they’re ever gonna be equals until she’s sitting in that chair too. which can’t happen. 

is their relationship the most dysfunctional thing ever? yes. totally. undoubtedly. it’s so unhealthy and wrong and yet makes so much sense. 

that said, i’m rooting for claire. she’s my baby. i want her to be happy and get whatever she wants. i want her to take over the world. 

A Soft Stucky headcanon before bed:

After a particularly hard working day back in the ‘30s, Steve’s having trouble sleeping because he still aches all over and Bucky just kinda scoops him up and goes “lemme try something” before clearing his throat. Steve interrupts him with “James Buchanan Barnes, you are not actually about to sing me a lullaby” and Bucky retorts “hey, my singing voice is delightful and you know it.” And he starts crooning Stephen Foster’s “Beautiful Dreamer” and it doesn’t exactly help Steve sleep but it certainly makes him feel better.

After Bucky comes out of cryo, de-brainwashed but still haunted by half-remembered horrors, he cuddles up close to Steve in bed most nights when the voices get bad. One night, Bucky is a shaking mess and Steve holds him tight to his chest and says “let me try something” to which Bucky manages to faintly chuckle “Steven Grant Rogers, you are not actually about to sing me a lullaby.”

“Hey, my singing voice is delightful and you know it.”

And Steve gently croons “Beautiful Dreamer” until Bucky falls asleep.

Consider this … there is more than one way to lie. You can lie by making a statement that is simply not true. You can lie by withholding relevant information. You can lie by making a statement which is technically true, but will be interpreted as something that is false.

We all lie.

And, actually, that’s ok. Sometimes. Sometimes lying is a kindness. When I was pregnant with my daughter, crazy on hormones, sleep deprived and not myself in any sense of the word… my husband told me I was beautiful anyway. We both knew it was a lie, but my crazy brain melted every time he said it.

But… when one is asking for another’s consent, we may not lie.

If a person asks another for sex, and the other has concerns… about safety, about that person’s true feelings, about exclusivity, about anything… and the first person lies about addressing any of those concerns, then consent cannot be given. The second person might think they’re giving consent. The person asking for consent might hear the right words that consent was given… but it is all based on smoke and mirrors. The consent does not exist in reality. 

When the person who “gave” consent later finds out the truth and withdraws their previous consent, in actuality, the consent never existed.

In open relationships, honesty becomes more important than ever before. Entire networks of relationships are based on consent. If one person lies in order to save or keep one relationship, that lie ripples through the entire network, destroying everyone’s consent. 

Those in the network might not even know for awhile. Everyone operates under presumed consent. 

Until the truth comes out, and everyone realizes that the tops of the trees look green,  but underneath everything has been destroyed by wildfire.

And the truth will come out.

It always does.

So don’t. Don’t let us ever fool ourselves into thinking we have anyone else’s consent, if we had to lie, or half lie, or withhold information to get consent. 

Consent can only exist in the light of truth and honesty. Period.

in a sky full of stars( i think i saw you)

Here’s a little something for dmarien who gave me the prompt! A little Captain Cobra feels set after the recent spoilers events. Also some Snow and Killian feels. 

He’s sitting on the small couch in the loft, leaning over the window sill, looking out into the night sky. The stars are really bright tonight. It’s actually beautiful, which makes him feel even worse, that the sky can look so bright and inspiring on such a dark, hopeless night, the night his world basically fell apart.

He lost her, and not in the way he thought he would. He remembers when he told her that he was afraid of losing her, afraid of losing his happy ending, but he never expected it would happen this way, that she would be the one to leave. He thought it would perhaps end in his death, not hers. But then again, is he really living if she isn’t there with him.

Everyone is there at the loft. Charming is in the kitchen holding baby Neal, while talking to Mary Margaret, who he continuously sees making glances at him whenever he turns around. Robin and Regina are there too. They are sitting at the table, Robin holding Regina’s hand, as they sit there quietly, drinking coffee and making concerned eyes at each other.

Henry is not there. He was with Granny and Roland earlier, at the diner, and he hadn’t come back yet. He didn’t even know. He lost his mother, and he didn’t even know. He didn’t even get to say goodbye, which is the one thing that Killian did get, not that it made any of this better.

He turns when he hears someone walking towards him, and he thinks he knows who it is. “Hoo- Killian? Can I sit?” She gestures to the seat next to him, and he moves over to give her more room, attempting to avoid eye contact. It was too hard.

“How are you?”

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