he actually gives me heart palpitations

it's kinda cute how the rapper line acts like they can't sing

when all of them are actually kinda good

suga: i’m kinda convinced now that suga lowkey loves singing that guy literally tries to sing whatever chance he gets whether it’s on bts gayo or jimin’s high notes he always puts on his singing face and just sings his angry soul out. then when he sings on tracks, dangerous things happen.

namjoon: then rap mon like he always acts like he can’t and makes jokes about it when we all know his actual singing gives real life heart palpitations. listen to his predebut song “something” or some of the bangtan songs where he has a vocal part and die with me.

hoseok: then j hope who can basically double as a serious vocalist. he has a truly versatile role and can sing if he wanted to…. i think if j hope sings, raps, dances, and screams though we’d all be in really big trouble.

it’s endearing really how they hide from being too talented..

oh jesus i just thought about adam parrish having freckles which on its own was enough to give me heart palpitations but then i started thinking about ronan noticing adam’s freckles like

they’re out exploring cabeswater and the sun brings out a spray of freckles across adam’s nose and ronan thinks they’re so cute he wants to punch a tree

or adam has freckles on his arms and every time he wears short sleeves ronan’s mesmerized watching them shift over his bones and lean muscles and looking for pictures and patterns in them

or adam wears a shirt with a more open collar and ronan realizes he has a constellation of freckles across his shoulders and collarbone and has to go and take like 15 minutes to collect himself

oh my god i’m literally so into adam parrish having freckles and ronan completely losing his shit over them lord give me strength to get me through this difficult time

J’s favorite gifs: Kai edition

Please allow me to introduce the beautiful angel that is Kim Jongin:

And his dangerous other half who causes heart palpitations worldwide, Kai:

Seeing Jongin happy can automatically make anyone else happy guaranteed. Seeing him doing ballet can make you fall in love.

The mad king on his throne. He is wild and unhinged, though his movements are graceful rather like a viper’s. Threatening.

Have you ever looked at someone and immediately thought to yourself, ‘I want to protect this precious being from everything in the entire world’?

This is literally labeled “porn-star dancing” in my Kai gif folder.

All hail the conquering prince. (Actually, this one gives me an idea for a scenario…)

- Admin J