he actually gives me heart palpitations

One of the Regulars (Jughead x Reader Request)

Request: ‘You move to riverdale because you’re living with your grandpa (pops) and you find jughead there all the time and decide to talk to him’ - @jaib2-blog

Characters: Jughead x Reader. (Mentioned) Cheryl, Betty, Archie.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1053.

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‘The Town with Pep.’ I read out loud as we drove past the worn out sign.

‘Well it used to be.’ My Grandpa replied to me, raising his eyebrows. We were entering my new home, Riverdale. My parents were constantly travelling for work, they wanted stability for me so they decided to send me to live with my Grandpa. Out of all our family, Grandpa Pop was my favourite. He was kind and funny plus he owned a really cool diner.

We pulled up to a pastel blue house.

‘Well I guess this is home sweet home then.’ I announced. Grandpa looked at me warmly.

‘Anything you need to make this feel like home, you let me know.’ I smiled at his generosity. We got out the car and grabbed my belongings from the trunk, and walked into the cute little house. The furnishings were just as I remembered when I visited as a kid. I could feel my previous nerves start to dissolve, I was going to make this move work.

‘I’m really sorry to do this y/n but I have to get back work, make yourself at home and I’ll be back as soon as I can.’ Pop told me, glancing up from his cell phone.

‘No worries, but bring me back a burger? I’ve been dreaming of one since the flight in.’ I cheekily asked. Pop chuckled at me.

‘Of course, now no getting into trouble. See you later.’ He was out the door in seconds.

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did hearing dan say he's 26 give you heart palpitations and make you actually contemplate death like it did to me or

i’m constantly contemplating death

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What's your fave moment for each boy? Like "I really loved when Jaebum did this thing back in Real GOT7 Season 2" or "Jackson cracked me up during [blank] dance practice video video", sorry if that's too wide ranged, you can choose to do only one member if thinking about all of them is too hard haha

It’s so hard to pick one moment because they all do so many great things but I’ll try my hardest to pinpoint one (or two if I can’t help myself.

My favourite JB moment would have to be when he’s watching their debut trailers and he’s freaking out from second hand embarrassment. It’s so funny and I can’t help but cringe with him. His reaction makes me want to laugh at him and hug him at the same time. (Link)

The Mark moment I like the best is whenever he pops out from under the table when everyone is getting scared in that Real GOT7 video. It’s a side of him that I’ve never really gotten to see before since he’s so quiet and everyone else kind of over powers him sometime. It was really cool to see and I love anytime he laughs because he’s got the cutest smile. (Link)

Now Jackson is my bias so it’s hard to pick just one favourite moment because he has so many that I adore. One of them is whenever they’re debuting the new light sticks (I really want one btw because they’re super cute) and he’s just being really excited. (Link) It’s so cute. Another one is when he’s alone in the dorm and his shirt is off most of the time and it’s just ugh….really really nice. Shirtless Jackson gives me heart palpitations. (Link)

One of my favourite Jinyoung moments is when he flicks someones heart away. I know it’s really savage of him and the person was trying to be really sweet but it was just really funny to see him flick it away. (Link)

Youngjae has had so many of my favourite moments that it’s actually hard to pick but I think my favourite moment of his is one where he isn’t even in the frame. It’s when he Bambam and Mark are in the park and he’s struggling with CoCo in the background. (Link)

My favourite Bambam moment on the other hand would have to be when he gets mad when they try to scare him in Real GOT7. The fact that he throws the headphones and then gets scared anyway is really funny. (Link)

Last and definitely not least comes Yugyeom. He’s so cute and squishy, I just love him. Not my favourite moment of his is when he’s on Hit The Stage. Honestly I feel like a proud mom watching her child do really well in a dance recital. (Link)

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I'm such a sucker for protective!Avengers! Do you have any headcanons for protective!Tony? Your headcanons are just simply the best, they make me smile so much <3 <3 <3

  • Tony does this thing where he pretends he doesn’t actually care about anyone or anything. Like, yes. He’s so chill. He is so in control and unaffected. How dare you think otherwise. (It’s a consequence of growing up under the observation of the press and the sheer fame that came with being a Stark.)
  • So when Peter comes along and worms his way into Tony’s life, and gives Tony heart palpitations every time he does something reckless (which is ALL OF THE TIME), Tony has a tiny freak out. Just a little one. There’s frantic hand waving and hair gripping and loud, furious babbling. Rhodey sits off to the side with a glass of whiskey, sipping at it and ‘mm hmm’ing.
  • So Tony doesn’t like people knowing he cares as much as he does - because god does he care, so much that it hurts - but then Peter comes along, and he can’t really hide it. You can imagine the NYPD’s surprise. One week they have an allusive, troublesome vigilante swinging in to help them and piss them off with bad jokes, and then the next week, the guy has a shiny new suit and Iron Man is following his arching swings and helping him out. Fucking Iron Man, over there, helping Spidey up and looking him over and telling him to be careful next time. 
  • This kind of leads to mid-battle scolding. Tony can multi-task, okay? He can fight and save civilians while giving Peter instructions (most of which are some variation of stay out of range of his fists, kid and be careful and you’re too injured, stay down.) 
  • But Peter is Peter and does not stay down. He does not listen. When the need to impress Tony wears off so much, you can bet he’s back in full swing trying to take down things 10x his size.
  • Heart palpitations. Tony has so many heart palpitations b/c of this child.
  • This leads to post-battle scolding. Tony didn’t realise he even possessed a Responsible Grown Up voice until he had to grab Peter post-battle and talk to him sternly about proper risks and the danger of doing things like that, arms crossed and faceplate down to show off his Stern Face. Peter looks like a scolded puppy. There a police officers off to the side snickering. One superhero bitching out another is gold, okay, someone takes a photo and puts it online and it gets very, very popular. (Peter is so embarrassed, holy god.)
  • That doesn’t mean Tony isn’t protective outside of the costume, though. Peter is bullied and given a black eye, and Tony offers to sue the school, the boy, the boy’s family, and the entire tri-state area. Tony hangs out with Peter when they’re both out of the suit, and a business person from SI makes a snide comment about charity cases or illegitimate children Tony is covering up or poor rent boys, eyeing Peter’s ratty shoes with raised eyes. And Tony stops. Turns around. Looks at the man with fire in his eyes. You can kiss your job goodbye, sir.
"You fight like a hamster" | Luke Hemmings

Cause anon was having bad Luke feels and this gif gives me heart palpitations. Also high five if you know what movie the title is from. 

You weren’t that short. Actually, for a girl, you were considered above average height. It wasn’t your fault that your boyfriend was taller than your average tree. And it definitely wasn’t your fault that he seemed to forget about you every time he put anything away. 

“Luke!” you called out, “Tell me you didn’t put the flour on the highest shelf again!" 

You wanted to bake cookies, and cookies needed flour. 

There was no answer. You knew he was only a room away, so it couldn’t be that he couldn’t hear you. 

"Lucas!” you called again, giving him a couple of seconds to respond before opening your mouth again. “LUKE HEMMINGS WOULD YOU GET YOUR BUTT OVER TO THE KITCHEN." 

The door opened, revealing him standing there, an amused smirk on his face. "What’s up?" 

"Why is my flour on the shelf I can’t reach?” you asked, squinting your eyes. 

“Cause you barely use it so it didn’t make sense to keep it between the other stuff we do use regularly." 

"But now I can’t reach." 

"Then I can get it for you." 

You crossed your arms. "No,” you protested stubbornly. “You need to stop putting my stuff out of my reach." 

"It’s not my fault you’re tiny,” he grinned. Your eyes widened. He did not just…

“I’m not tiny! You’re just unnaturally tall." 

"Do you want me to get you the flour?” he asked, and you could tell that he was getting impatient. 

You nodded, watching him as he grabbed the flour with ease, and put it down on the counter with just a little too much force. 

“I’m not tiny,” you responded, “I could fight you." 

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J’s favorite gifs: Kai edition

Please allow me to introduce the beautiful angel that is Kim Jongin:

And his dangerous other half who causes heart palpitations worldwide, Kai:

Seeing Jongin happy can automatically make anyone else happy guaranteed. Seeing him doing ballet can make you fall in love.

The mad king on his throne. He is wild and unhinged, though his movements are graceful rather like a viper’s. Threatening.

Have you ever looked at someone and immediately thought to yourself, ‘I want to protect this precious being from everything in the entire world’?

This is literally labeled “porn-star dancing” in my Kai gif folder.

All hail the conquering prince. (Actually, this one gives me an idea for a scenario…)

- Admin J

I still can’t get over how good an episode this was. Everything that I’ve been missing was in this episode and it was glorious. 

First there was the Westallen heart to heart in the first few minutes in the episode. These little chats between them have been sorely missed this season. There is literally nothing else like them on the show.  I love that Iris asks him point blank why he’s really doing it. She assumes it’s because of Patty but there was something underlying there IMO that will be fleshed out a later date. It was annoying to hear about Patty yet again but this time (unlike her tenure on the show) she actually served a purpose. It’s time to move Barry from that place where Patty is an issue. Sure he was sad to see her go, but he’s not wallowing in it. And when it comes time to make major life decisions Patty isn’t the person he’s concerned about. She’s no longer in his life but he loves it anyway. He loves his job, being the Flash, and Iris and Joe. He has everything he needs…Patty who? 

I really love that the one, and I do mean ONE rule that Jay gave: “don’t get sucked in emotionally” Barry broke in record speed. When he ‘took out’ E2 Barry he was only doing it long enough to go to the CCPD and use his access as CSI to get some info on Zoom’s whereabouts. That plan died quicker than Ronnie (why won’t they let that man live?) as soon as he saw Iris. I don’t know why people bother giving Barry instructions. 

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My experience meeting Johnny Depp...

WELL what can i say…i just cannot believe it actually happened. Me, just a normal girl from england meeting her idol and probably one of the most famous people on the planet, Johnny Depp

Sunday night was probably the most nerve wracking evening of my life as i just did not know what to expect, was there going to be hundreds of people there when i turn up already? Was i going to get a wristband in time? Was i going to go home disappointed and not meet him? 

Anyway Monday morning arrived…it was 05:30am and i was wide awake tooooo excited to function so i decided to get ready haha. I left the house at 7am and got the 07:22 train and got to Leicester Square at around 08:15am. 


(i’m on the far right, next to me is leah, chelsea, kelsey, sophia, rachel and emily) there were more of us but this is like the only picture we got of all of us :( 


Yeah so it was about half 10 and we collected our wristbands and we went back to KFC to warm up because it was so fucking cold i’m surprised i didn’t get frostbite on my hands…and we had a bite to eat and laughed and nearly was sick thinking about Johnny and what he was going to wear and if he was gonna bring Amber (which he did will tell you about that later) lmao. 

Then it was about noon and we had to line up in order of our wristband numbers (i was 103) and then we could get our space at the barrier (which we all got to thank you lord) and then literally stayed there for 6 hours…in the freezing cold. But surprisingly it went quite quick as we were people watching and guessing peoples names as they walk past and saying what celeb they look like (we saw colin farrell, hugh laurie, MEGAN TRAINOR LMAO, about five thousand Johnny look-a-likes (who thought they looked like him it was so cringe)). AND WE SAW JERRY CASUALLY WALKING AROUND AND I FUCKING LOST IT AND SHOUTED “OMG ITS JERRY THAT IS JERRY” and the other security man said to me “are you seriously getting excited over Jerry”, yes i was, i actually was.

it was about 5pm and the red carpet got rolled out, music started blaring out of speakers (uptown funk was the fucking jam of the night), more and more paps arrived and set up their cameras for john and other celebs…


IT WAS 6PM…dead on the dot. I heard something along the lines of “the rougue that is CHARLIE MORTDECAI has arrived! JOHNNY DEPP!” A black Audi pulled up about 50 metres to the left of me and the biggest eruption of screams i have ever heard in my life happened. I’m surprised i didn’t scream up my lungs i screamed that much. The first thing i saw was Jerry’s grey head and an overload of flashes from paparazzi cameras. 

Then i saw his fucking beautiful face from afar, i just lost it and started screaming/crying and literally dying. He pushed his hair back and that was it i was gone, 100% GONE. When i saw amber i shouted “HE BROUGHT AMBER OH MY GOD” she looked fucking stunning and their outfits matched and they just looked so good. They were holding hands and had their backs to us as they were getting their pictures taken and i was just in awe at HOW GOOD HIS ASS LOOKED IN THAT RALPH LAUREN SUIT. Holy shit. 

Amber let go of Johnny’s hand and Johnny went to the main part of the paparazzi area and stood there for a good 5 minutes having his picture taken, he was literally 5 metres away from me at this point i could literally smell him. AND THEN THE MOMENT WE FIRST LOCKED EYES HAPPENED…

Me and Chelsea were just dying he was so close to us and it sort of went quiet so i thought “this is my moment i’m gonna shout so he hears me” so i shouted “johnny i love you” and chelsea shouted straight after “johnny!” and literally 1 second after he turned to us and goes “Me? Haha" 

i literally wen’t weak at the knees, the only reason i didn’t collapse was because the people behind me squashing me kept holding me up! 

After that he went over to the press and was having mini interviews for BBC, ITV, Good Morning Britain, MTV etc… and i was in perfect eyesight of his ass for a good 15 minutes…

i couldn’t believe it was happening like Johnny Depp was standing infront of me what the actual fuck………

AND THEN THE LEGEND that is David Keopp came over to us and said "HEY you got tickets for tonights movie?” and i legit thought he was going to give us some tickets so i said “No :(” and he just goes “Oh too bad it’s a great film”……… i was so upset lmao lmao 

After Johnny got interviewed he then started signing stuff for fans and omg he was just getting closer and closer and closer to me my heart was palpitating and i was hyperventilating. 


He got to Chelsea and he signed her drawings and pictures of him and his aroma of warm coffee hit me in the face and i just had to say “oh my god he smells good” while he was signing her drawing he did a little smirk as if to say “i know i do” haha. 

He then got to me and holy fucking hell he looked at me in the eyes…

i then asked him to sign my phone case, and he grabbed it and went “wow” and then signed it, i recorded him signing it and just look at the pure concentration…

you can see his fucking grey beard hairs that’s how fucking CLOSE he was so me jfdnfjniefnwjgivpefsj

and then i couldn’t help myself so i had to touch his hand, i literally stroked and caressed his right hand, it was so rough and rugged, a proper man’s hand. AND THEN MALCOM HIS OTHER BODY GUARD GRABBED MY HAND OFF OF HIM. i still got to touch Johnny though didn’t i? yes i did. 

I then told him i “love him so much” and he said “thank you” and moved onto the girl next to me. 

pictures do not do the man justice, he is so much better looking in real life he is just perfect. 

he took his time and went over to everyone and didn’t leave anyone out.

Johnny seems so calm and chilled when he’s in London it’s the best thing to see!! Waiting for him for 11 hours was definitely 100% worth it even if it was only 2 degrees, and also met my depp squad for the first time and i can actually say they are my best friends. If you ever have the chance to go to a Johnny premiere, GO! It’s the best experience you will ever have, you will not regret it! 

p.s Johnny has touched this.