he acts like he is hunting down his prey

Request -- Would you be able to do one where the reader and the Winchesters are hunting Gadreel and they find him, only to find out that the reader can see his wings and Gadreel tells her that means she's his soul mate? Sam and Dean are distrustful at first, but she knows he's telling the truth, and beg them not to kill him.

(I hope you like it! I’ve also done a Castiel version of this kind of request. xx)

Gadreel shifted in his uncomfortable navy-blue plastic chair that was among the many that lined six tables, organized to resemble what seemed like a high-school cafeteria. Many men, women, and children were sitting in the same room, eating their dinners; he could see some adults having sly smokes while their kids picked at their food. As he was observing the people that were scattered around him, his eyes landed on a group of tattooed grown males that were looking at him as if he were prey, like they did with all newcomers to the homeless shelter; the angel immediately brought his gaze back to his sorry-looking sandwich that he had gotten to try and “fit in”. Of course, he didn’t have any desire whatsoever to eat it or try to choke it down for the sake of acting like a starving mortal.

If only they knew the truth, he thought to himself in disgust, fists clenching on the table. They surely would not be thinking of me as weak.

You and the Winchesters were desperately trying to hunt him down, and he had been on the run for days until he had stumbled across the shelter; he knew that he could just go to Metatron, but he didn’t want to deal with disappointment again, just like he had when he was jailed in Heaven. This was much better for him, hiding amongst lost wayward souls, some who begged and prayed to be fixed and others who just wanted to stay broken; sighing to himself, he realized that he was being weak by running away, but it was for the best.

“Zeke,” Hearing the name that he had been going by, Gadreel turned around to see the priest who ran the shelter smiling at him warmly.

“Father,” he greeted in return, lips turning up slightly at the corners. “Is there something that you need of me?”

“It’s not me that needs something, but rather, your—” He raised an eyebrow. “—friends?”

Gadreel’s face went ashen, his slight smile disappearing. “F-Friends?”

“You should’ve told me that you have people in your life that are supportive of you.”

He gestured to the entrance of the cafeteria and the angel’s green eyes became wide with fear. You were looking at your feet because you were a bit ashamed, and Sam seemed uncertain from the conflicted expression; Dean, though, was absolutely enjoying the shock on “Zeke“‘s face, and gave him a threatening grin before mouthing You have nowhere to go.

“Dean,” you hissed in warning when you saw him do that out of the corner of your eye. “Don’t.”

"It took us forever to get here. He can take a little taunting!” he angrily whispered back, opening and closing his fist as if imagining the First Blade in his hand. “It probably wouldn’t have taken as long if you had tried harder to find him!”

You had only half heartedly helped in the search for Gadreel, for you, just like Sam, was unsure about what he really wanted; he was just a misunderstood angel who’s path became askew. “I always try my best, you bastard.”

“Excuse me?”

“Both of you, quit it,” Sam ordered, and the argument instantly disappeared with a roll of your eyes and a groan from Dean; the three of you saw the priest wave you over to the terrified Gadreel, and started to walk. “Let’s just play our roles and get out of here with him.”

Once you had approached them, you remembered after a couple of silent moments that you had agreed to speak first when Dean elbowed you.

“G—Zeke,” Your gaze was full of apologies as you spoke directly to him. “You don’t need to be ashamed of yourself; we’re your friends, and we can support you no matter what.”

"We’ve managed to make enough room in our apartment so that you can crash there; it’s much more comfortable than over here,” Sam spoke, turning to the Father. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to be offensive. It’s amazing that you run this place.”

“That’s alright. I know it’s not the most desirable place to stay, but it helps some get back on their feet.” After waving off Sam’s apology, he turned to Gadreel. “You have been wonderful here, Zeke, but I want you to go with your friends. There are many people who don’t have support that would rush at the chance to take your place here.”

Guilt ran through the angel at the statement when he remembered that he was taking a human’s place, and visibly slumped. “I do not wish to be a bother to the three of you.”

“Don’t worry,” Dean clapped him hard on the shoulder, forcing himself not to say, You’ve been a pain in our asses this whole time. “Let’s just go and get you settled at our place, and we’ll discuss things.”

The priest had obviously not heard the ominous undertones of Dean’s voice. “Would you like me to gather your things, Zeke?”

“I do not have any,” Gadreel choked out in reply, and your heart sunk.“Thank you so much, Father.”

“Please do check in with me sometime, Zeke; I’d love to hear from you when things get better.”

As the four of you walked away, Dean’s hand still on the angel’s shoulder, you looked up at him.

“I’m really sorry, Gad,” you whispered sadly. “But we need answers more than ever, now.”

“I understand,” he replied softly, trying to reassure you. “I truly do.”

His voice was full of defeat as he spoke, and as the words left his mouth you saw the outline of wings on his back, sprouting from his shoulder blades; blinking, you shook your head.

I need some sleep, You thought to yourself when you looked back and saw that the shapes of the wings were gone.

The ride back to the bunker was long and tense, and it was obvious that Dean was beyond unhappy that Gadreel was sitting in his car, almost seeming like he would just stop driving so that he could kill him; you thanked Sam silently for managing to take and hide the Blade so that couldn’t be possible. Sitting next to the angel was oddly comforting, and you didn’t know that every time your arm brushed his he felt at ease as well.

When you finally stopped in front of the bunker, Dean was the first to jump out of the Impala, opening your door and practically pulling you out so he could violently grab Gadreel and put handcuffs around his wrists.

“Is this truly necessary, brother?” Gad asked dryly. “If I wanted to fight back, I certainly would have done so by now.”

“Don’t you dare call me ‘brother’,” The older Winchester hissed, grabbing him by his collar. “Remember last time, how I left you all alone in that angel’s trap, beaten and bloody? It’s going to be a hell of a lot worse.”

"It seems to be evading you that you also traded me for Castiel last time,” Gadreel smirked. “Brother.”

You screamed out in shock when Dean abruptly shoved the angel to the ground and started to beat him with all that he was; Sam was there before it could go much farther, grabbing his brother’s arms and pinning them behind his back as he struggled. Rushing over to Gadreel, you started to help him up into a sitting position, eyes going wide when he coughed up some blood.

“Are you alright?” you asked, and then flushed a bit. “I’m sorry, that was a completely idiotic question.”

“I’m fine,” he replied, trying to heave himself up with your assistance. “I’d be much better if Dean wasn’t affected by irritation so easily.”

“Well, that’s just—” Gadreel watched as your mouth suddenly dropped open when he was sitting up completely, and you didn’t finish your sentence.

“Y/N? What is it?”

You tried to speak, but no words would come out as you stared at…his wings? They surely could not be what you had thought to be an illusion earlier, definitely not; you could plainly see them now. They were a lot of bare spots, and you were sure that they had been a lot worse before he had been healing himself inside of Sam; most of the feathers were dark hues of grey and black with some barely hanging on to the skeleton, but you also saw some pure white ones buried within them, shimmering and healthy. Gadreel was still confused when you reached out, but his bewilderment faded away when you grazed a snowy feather with your fingertips and an absolutely idyllic feeling rushed through him; you gasped when an onyx one became lighter when you accidentally brushed it, as if you had repaired it a bit just with your touch. The angel could see his wings reflected in your curious irises and suddenly, he felt something within him. It was an emotion of utter love and devotion, a bond abruptly made that could never be shattered; you felt it as well, and your hand unconsciously moved from the soft feathers to his face, your heart beating loudly as you gently caressed his cheek. He started to reach out for you to pull you closer to his body, but you were ripped away from him almost immediately by Dean, who had controlled his temper while he and Sam had watched the scene in shock.

“What are you trying to pull?!” he yelled, and started to squeeze your arm tightly.

“Dean,” you whimpered; his grip was starting to become painful. “Stop!”

“No! This son of a bitch is doing something to you!”

Your whole arm was now felt like it was on fire and the bone was going to snap clean in half. “You’re hurting me!

Before Dean could respond to the now obvious torment in your voice, Gadreel, with newfound strength, pushed him down and led you away from him before shrouding you with his wings; you felt completely safe inside the veil of feathers, leaning into his chest. To the boys, of course, it only looked like he was embracing you with just his arms and their faces were appalled and disoriented.

“I wouldn’t hurt her again if I were you,” Gadreel called.

“Alright, let’s just take this slow,” Sam announced, mostly focused on his older brother. “Please explain to us what this is.”

“I—I don’t exactly know,” You stepped back a bit, and the angel actually looked a bit hurt when you did. “I can see his wings.”

“You can what?!” The brothers both asked in disbelief.

"Allow me to explain,” Gadreel was gazing into your eyes and speaking to you, but projected his voice so the Winchesters could hear him. “This is…a very sensitive subject for me to talk about, so please, bear with me. When a mortal can perceive an angel’s wings, it means that there is a connection between the celestial being and human; it is a divine bond, and one that God Himself couldn’t break, if He wanted to. Y/N, you and I have had a relationship that has only come to the surface at this point, and it cannot be touched upon by others; you are my soul mate.”

“Like hell she is!” Dean shouted, and his brother yanked him back before he could come towards you. “What angle are you playing at?!”

"How do we know that you’re being honest with us?” Sam questioned, uncertainty in his eyes.

You knew. You knew that he was, and the truth that he spoke rang in your mind like the pure sound of a bell; the weight of it almost brought you back down to the ground, but Gadreel held onto you tightly as you realized how profound his words were. Soul mate. You were meant for him and he for you, and your relationship was the strongest kind that could ever come to exist; pain would be prominent when you were apart, but unequivocal consolation would wash it away when you were in each other’s arms again.

“He’s telling the truth,” You said it loud enough so the boys could hear the complete validity in your voice, and didn’t realize that you were crying until your soul mate wiped tears from your pink cheeks with his thumbs; Sam and Dean were now watching in awed silence as they saw your affectionate gazes. “You can’t hurt him anymore; you just can’t take him away from me.” You turned around so you could look straight at Dean, and he bit his lip before nodding and stepping back; when you glanced at Sam, he gave you a wide smile and a single nod before gesturing for you to turn back to your angel.

"There’s one thing that you need to know, Y/N,” Gadreel told you in a hushed tone, making what he was saying intimate between the two of you. “Human feelings, they can be altered, or changed completely; this could happen to you, for it is not hard to make an impression on mortal emotions. What I have to tell you is that if that happens, the bond between us will still be present and if you tell me that I must leave, I will. I shall always be waiting for you to come back to me, though, so that I can hold you to me once more.”

“You won’t need to, Gad,” You grinned at him, tears starting to fall down you face again. Gadreel’s green-grey eyes looked liked rain had just passed and the overcast clouds were gone, leaving them alight and absolutely lovingly tender as you fell back into him once more; he pressed a single kiss to your forehead, and you savored the touch of his lips. “You’ll never have to wait for me.”

Creatures of the Night Part 3

Summary: Phil, PJ, and Chris are a small clan of vampires living in London. Phil discovers newborn vampire Dan, who was abandoned by his creator.

Vampire AU, featuring Phan and KicktheStickz

Read Part One HERE and Part Two HERE

It was a quiet night; the grass was dewy from the earlier rain, giving off an earthy smell. Phil was quick as he ran through the woods toward the sound of a sweet pulsating heart and the smell of delicious blood. There was a lone hiker not two miles away, a perfect meal that would satisfy him for a long time.

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anonymous asked:

scenario for Kagami, Bokuto and Kuroo play-fighting with female s/o please :3 thanks hun!

Hope this is good enough! Enjoy Anon-chan!


“Taiga, you have rice on your face,” you noted as you watched your boyfriend devour the five plates you prepared him for dinner. He looked up to you with circle eyes and then tried to look at his cheek for the rice.

“Where?” Kagami asked as he patted his face. A giggle escaped your mouth.

You placed a piece of rice atop your cheek in the same spot that the rice was on Kagami’s cheek. Your finger pointed to the rice on your face as you smiled. “I’m Taiga and can’t feel rice on my face,”

Your giggles always pleased Kagami but he pouted as you continued to tease him. He watched you paralyzed by the u comfortable tingle you sent down his spine because your acting was horrible.

“I don’t sound like that, ____-san!”

“I don’t sound like that, ____-san!” you mocked Kagami dramatically. You couldn’t hold in your laugh once Kagami’s frown deepened. It was unfortunate you had your eyes closed from laughing because Kagami grew a mischievous smirk across his face.

He slowly crawled over to you liked a jaguar hunting it’s prey. You were too engulfed by your laughs to notice Kagami’s presence close. All in an instant, Kagami had pounced on you excitedly.

“Got ya!”

“Ah! Taiga! Haha, stop!”

“Nope this is what you get!”

Now Kagami’s arms and legs wrapped around you, holding you captive. His fingers traced your body while wiggling. You didn’t even bother silencing your laughs as Kagami enjoyed tickling you for revenge. If his neighbors were to complain, you didn’t care. It was these moments that you cherished with Kagami.


“Did you see when he went like ‘Whataaaa!’ And then ‘Heyaaaa!’!?” Bokuto exclaimed excitedly while imitating the karate moves in the movie you two had just watched.

Bokuto’s eyes trailed to you as a small adorable laugh escaped your lips. Even after such a long time of dating, Bokuto still found you the most entrancing woman ever. He couldn’t help but smile at your beauty. How you looked in every way possible was just simple to Bokuto. Of course you were the most beautiful woman. You were perfect in every way possible.

“Or how about when the guy came out with a staff and didn’t even use it? He just started beating everyone up with his fighting moves, then later noticed he didn’t even need the bo staff?” you asked with a brightening smile.

You walked a few steps ahead Bokuto as he watched you glide. A playful smirk came across his face. “You mean like this?”

A strangle howl came from Bokuto’s mouth as you turned to him. It was no surprise your boyfriend has stood in a karate pose, as if ready to fight. This was how it always was between you two. And without any surprise, you copied Bokuto. As both of you threw light punches and jumped in the air throwing kicks at one another, there was no care of the people watching you. You could hear parents telling kids not to be like you two and you heard teenagers either adoring your fighting cries or assumed you two to be wrong in the head. But as Bokuto and you continued to play around, all the cares you two would have about what people said had no effect.

Bokuto was Bokuto, you were you, and those people weren’t ever going to be in your lives again. So why should you care how silly you two acted together in public? All you processed in that moment was how happy you were and ever will be with Bokuto because he loved you, and you loved him. Silly was and all.


The early summer heat had taken over the house, forcing you and Kuroo to reside within your backyard’s pool. There we no complaints, actually quite the opposite. With some last few projects of high school taking up your days and the heat creating an uncomfortable environment between you two, the pool was amazing. Kuroo couldn’t agree more with you once you suggested to take a break in the pool.

“This feels amazing,” you purred with a satisfied smile. Kuroo lifted his sunglasses above his eyes as he watched your body float atop the water’s surface.

“Too bad we have to get out soon,”

You pouted at the sound of Kuroo’s reminder to your responsibilities. Of course he has good intentions but with the heat beaming down on your wet skin, you couldn’t help but be disappointed. Kuroo watched as you broke your balance and swam over to him.

“But honey, doesn’t this feel good?” you asked with puppy dog eyes and frown. Kuroo smirked to your childish act, but couldn’t help his heart skip a beat. You were too cute. He kissed the top of your forehead and looked to you.

“If I had it my way, we would be in here all day. Or even better, at the beach. But we need to pass our exams if we want to get into college,” Kuroo said as he wrapped his arms around your waist.

“So responsible,” you replied, looking to the side with a pout. As Kuroo tried to look down at your face, it was too late. A mischievous smirk appeared on your face as a humorous thought entered your mind. “Do you feel responsible now!?”

Suddenly a splash of water attacked Kuroo’s face. Once he could open his eyes, he saw you backed away and already hitting the surface of the pool’s water. Kuroo blocked the water with his hands. Once he put down his block, Kuroo watched you swim away laughing.

“I’m going to get you back you know!”

The rest of the time was spent just splashing water at one another. Yes there was many many many things to do to get ready for college. But high school was about to end for the two of you. What’s a little more time spending with Kuroo going to hurt?

act 3 theory

If you’ve been on my blog long enough you know I’m a sucker for theories. Especially Exo theories. 

First: Exo Act 3 / Exacto 3

All theater productions have three acts. How they are split depends on the playwright. So what are the three acts?? (I’m dead ass sitting here looking at my albums thinking how the fuck does WOLF and GROWL fit into this? When it clicked.)

Act one: XOXO
First Studio album. 

Flowerboy, Schoolboy concept. Still involves the Tree of Life, still ties in to MAMA. This is the guys growing and developing as ‘humans’. Its their adjustment to their life here on earth and then…Wolf happens (bare with me here). I don’t think WOLF was necessarily about the guys being wolves, now. I believe that even from here the guys were already fearing something. The “wolf” in them might have actually been their MAMA powers. Growl was also a part of them figuring stuff out, and getting into trouble etc. 
Cue Overdose era: The labyrinth. The guys get lost, they’re actually terrified at this point and try to get out. We know that they’re trying to get out, but are too confused to find the way out. Suho looks angry, and the other look just as lost- except Kai.

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anonymous asked:

ok so, seidou's human s/o right? what if two years after thinking he's dead and gone, sees him again. how'd it go down, how'd he react, how'd they react etc etc. thank you and have a nice day!!! good luck with your blog!

(( i feel so bad for seidou…. 

honestly i dont know how he’s gonna act but im kinda basing this off his own mental instability—because we all know hes more so than kaneki because he basically tossed away his humanity, unlike our tragic protagonist ))

It’s not so much an accident but more like Seidou’s ravenous hunger that leads him to chasing down his next meal down a network of alleyways and into an abandoned factory. He moves with precision, the thrill of the hunt making him all the more excited as he chases after them. “Got you now~” He laughs as he corners them, the person (his prey, his prey, his food, meat, meat, meat) rapidly swinging around with fear in their eyes and then something else entirely. 

“…Seidou? Is that—” They swallow thickly, taking a step back at the crazed look in his eyes, the kagune pulsing with eagerness behind him. “You? I thought you d-died back there.”

He stares at their face, confused. Vaguely, vaguely he remembered this person, their face, voice and. And how did they know his name? He pulls back a little, eyeing them as they wipe quickly at their eyes. He can barely recall the light teasing, the laughter, arms around his neck and warmth, warmth that he somehow felt he had once.


One sniff of the air was all he needed to know that they were crying. “Dying? Dying, I—me, dying? No, no, I don’t remember that.” He steps a little closer. They flinch. “Nevermind that—no, I’ve a meal to eat, yes. Starvation—I hate that.”

They press against the wall, trying to shrink and hope it’ll swallow them up. “I understand.” They breathe, trying to relax themselves down. He’s crazed, insane, and they know there’s no reasoning beyond that. “…Sorry.”

It’s appalling to him. Apologizing to him? Hah! No, that didn’t matter. Seidou leaps forward with a guttural growl. They don’t even scream.

And as he’s eating, he isn’t able to stop crying. And he didn’t understand why.