he acknowledged my existance

from the Battlefront 2 trailer… is this one of the Sentinels described in Empire’s End??? They had red robes and holographic projections of Palpatine’s face on them and Palpatine’s voice is speaking during this part of the trailer…

He’s Not My Boyfriend

(A/N): This fic wasn’t requested but I was thinking of writing this prompt for so long so I decided to finally write it. It’s longer than most of my other fics so please enjoy. Also, I’ve literally been writing this for about two weeks now because the only time I get to write anymore is during breaks at school. Sorry for the delays in updates. <3


Jeon Jungkook

{Word Count: 3.4k}

Category: Angst, smut

Warnings: Kinda Fuckboy!Jungkook, Some cursing, public sex

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A surprise for Rhys

Rhys and I walked side by side through the tall doors of the winter court palace. Our hands were interlocked, our faces unreadable as we made our way to the front of the icy white room that was elegantly decorated with whites, silvers, and blues. Sky high ceilings and full length windows welcomed us, along with the high lord of the winter court and his mate sitting on two white thrones at the front of the brightly lit room, surrounded by their court members. They wore rich furs and tight white leather armour. We too were surrounded by our court–contrasting severely with everything in this place in our dark attire. Cassian was at my right, and Mor was at Rhys’s left with Azriel, Nesta, and Elain following behind us. Amren stayed behind to protect our city. We had received the summons to appear before the winter court earlier that morning, giving us very little time to plan. I forced my breathing to even out and let a calm smirk show on my face as we came to a stop before Kallias.

They made no move to stand or speak, so I took a step forward, letting go of Rhys’s hand. “Kallias, Viviane–how are you? We came as quickly as we could.” Viviane did not look at any of us, her gaze focused on something far away. Kallias stood, angling his stare at Rhys. “We have been receiving threats from the humans daily now, and we aren’t going to put up with it any longer.”

I tightened my hands into fists and then released, forcing a calm over myself. Still, snowflakes danced on my fingertips. “We are handling the situation as we speak. As soon as we leave here I will personally be going to them to assure the threats are put to an end for good.” Finally, after I finished speaking Kallias looked at me instead of Rhys, acknowledging my existence. He then spoke directly to me, “This is exactly the type of thing we feared woul-”

“The children,” Viviane cut in as she stood from her seat, her striking blue eyes and pale blonde hair making me want to paint an ice queen on fire. “They threatened our children, Feyre.” She said, coming closer to me as a single tear slid down her pale cheek. Kallias took a step towards her, a look of pain on his face, but Viviane put a hand up to him as a signal to stay where he was. I could feel my court stirring behind me, but did not acknowledge it.

Slowly, Viviane took my hand into her own. “How do we know they aren’t just as terrible as Amarantha herself?” She asked. “You, High lady, should understand more than most; seeing as you are with child.”

I felt my blood freeze at her words. Felt my heart stop inside of my chest as her voice seemed to echo throughout the now too large room. I knew, but it was too early to tell anyone. Even my mate, who I was now terrified to look at. A look of confusion crossed Vivianes face as she took in my expression. “Oh no, Feyre–I didn’t know you hadn’t told them-” and that was the last thing she was able to say before I felt warm arms encircle me and darkness clouded my vision as Rhys winnowed us out.

When we came to my surroundings were not what I expected. Instead of taking us back to Velaris, Rhys had taken us to the cabin. Alone. He faced me now, looking into my eyes with confusion.

“Is it….true?” He asked. And it was then that I realized he was restraining himself, attempting to not get his hopes up. I knew how badly he wanted children, had always known. I stepped closer to him so that our bodies almost touched and lifted a hand to his cheek.

“Yes,” I answered, “it’s just very early-” Rhys dropped to his knees, tears filling his eyes as he wrapped his arms around my waist, kissing my stomach once and then looking up at me. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked, the betrayal starting to set in. Slowly, I grasped his arms and pulled him back up so that we stood face to face. “I was afraid…and I didn’t want to get your hopes up if things didn’t work…” I said, allowing myself to release these fears that I had been harboring in the darkest parts of my mind. 

To be continued…

Caramel Mocha (Coffee Shop AU)

Summary: One of your favorite things about fall is that coffee shops instantly become cozier. When you visit one of the newer shops, you find the barista to be very cute. Of course, he thinks the same about you.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word Count: 1680 (just a lil something)

Warnings: Major fluff, mild embarrassment, & like one instance of language.

A/N: This idea came from the lovely @caplansteverogers while we were texting. For a badass angst/mob AU queen, she has some pretty cute ideas, so thank you so much for helping me out with this, Jess! I love you <3

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Injury on the Quidditch Field

Pairing: Stuart Twombly x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3738

Author’s Note: I wanted to write Stuart for Stuart Week that @rememberstilinski and @sarcasticallystilinski had extended and who doesn’t love Stuart? Come on. But, thanks to my amazing best fren @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me!

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It’s crazy how hard you have to work to be able to achieve your dreams, and then there’s this internship. Working towards this internship is like the hunger games. You fight to the death, but no one’s actually dying. Obviously. Even though I went to highly well known college, it seemed that no one actually wanted me on their team. I even had a guy demand my presence on his team based on my looks, which I was not okay with. So, now I’m in the group with the leftovers, which included Neha, Yo-Yo, Billy, Nick, Stuart, and Lyle, who was the leader of the group. They all seemed really nice except for Stuart. He seemed to have a snarky attitude, which I was immediately attracted to. Why? I don’t know exactly, but it didn’t help that he was absolutely gorgeous. He’s got dark chestnut hair that’s poking out of his navy blue beanie, black rimmed glasses with gorgeous whiskey colored orbs, moles that danced across his left cheek, trailing down onto his neck, and his lips; boy, his lips look so soft and so pink. Surprisingly, Stuart and I had gotten pretty close after I took the chance to talk to him one day.

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Break Even

A Christmassy SnowBaz fic for the Carry On Countdown


Of course, it’s not enough that the Crucible stuck me and that twat in a room together.  It’s not enough that I have to deal with his abuse every single day six months out of the year.  Of course, someone out there, whoever’s controlling the fates, has gotten it in their mind that I don’t have it bad enough.

           You know what would make this even better?  Make Simon and Baz buy each other Christmas presents!  Perfect!

           I trudge along the snowy pavement, scowling at the melting slush.  I’ve been in five shops already and I can’t find anything.  I don’t even know what I’m looking for.  What do you get for someone you despise?

           I suppose I could pull a prank or something. That’s probably what he will do. He never fails to stoop to the lowest level when it comes to me.

           But then again, he would probably kill me if I pulled something like that.  For some reason, he’s allowed to mess with me, but I’m not allowed to mess with him. Figures.

           Exhausted, I duck into a coffee shop.  The air is warm and spiced with cinnamon.  As I make my way to the front of the line, I see the display of gift cards next to the till.

           Baz drinks coffee, doesn’t he?  Of course he does.  Everyone drinks coffee.

           So I buy my peppermint mocha, load a gift card and walk out relieved.


Of course, it’s not enough that I have to pretend I hate the boy with every word I say.  It’s not enough that I have no choice but to make his life a living hell every single day six months out of the year. Now I have to display my everlasting hatred by means of a Christmas gift exchange.

           Whoever thought this was a good idea can get fucked.

           I shove my way out of a candy store emptyhanded. Every shop is bringing me closer to the point of giving up.  What kind of villain gives the hero candy for Christmas?

           Then again, what kind of villain gives the hero anything for Christmas?

           Maybe the villain who doesn’t want to be the villain.

           I shake my head to clear it, squinting up at the sign over the next window.  Antiques it says in big loopy writing.  I sigh and push through the door.

           The smell hits me first.  It’s not a bad smell necessarily, just old and musty, kind of like breathing straight dust, and I cough.  As my eyes adjust I begin to make out the piles of knick-knacks stacked up on every surface, age-old brass and silver winking at me from every corner.  Or rather, blinking.  Like someone who’s trying to wink but never quite got the hang of it.

           I don’t know where to start.  I don’t even know what I’m looking for.  What do you get for someone who despises you?

           From what I can tell, everything in here is pretty expensive, which almost causes me to turn around right then.  Expensive doesn’t fit the guidelines I’ve set for myself. The gift can’t be too sentimental or he’ll know you don’t hate him.  It can’t be too expensive or he’ll think you cared enough to spend money on him.  It can’t be candy because candy is for kids, it can’t be cologne because that’s too personal, it can’t be homemade or he’ll think you spent time and effort on him. The list goes on and on.

           A flash of metal catches my eye, and I turn to see a tiny silver object on a table by the window.  I wander over to it.

           It’s a sheath, only big enough for a dagger, and it’s patterned in bronze rosebuds.  When I pick it up, I discover that the blade is still inside, intact, and actually nicely polished.

           Of course, Snow already has a sword, but when you live with a vampire, what harm would it do to have an extra weapon handy at all times?  One that doesn’t disappear when you’re not using it?

           “How much for this?” I ask the shopkeeper.


When the last day of classes rolls around, I find Baz in our room – no surprises there – packing the last of his things for the holidays.  I clear my throat as I enter.  He turns, but only for a second, and he doesn’t make any other move to acknowledge my existence.  Again, no surprises there.

           “Are you leaving soon?” I ask, trying to at least begin the conversation in a civil manner.

           “Yes, Snow,” he sighs, “as you’ll be thrilled to know.”

           I roll my eyes.  It doesn’t matter what I do.  This is just him.

           I drop my bag on my bed and rummage through it, searching for the tiny gift.  When I find it, I toss in onto his bed.  “Here.”

           He looks at it, his brow furrowed.  “What’s this?”

           “Christmas gift exchange,” I say, “you might have forgotten.”

           He opens the pathetic little square of wrapping paper I’ve taped around the gift card, and mutters something incoherent.  “What was that?” I ask.

           “I said, this is my favourite coffee shop.”

           “Oh,” I reply, not sure what else to say.  “Well, good then.  Happy Christmas, I guess.”

           He slips the card into his pocket and doesn’t move.  I figure he’s completely forgotten about the gift exchange, or he deliberately didn’t get me anything, and decide not to press the subject.  I flop down on my bed and pull out a magic book.  No use in packing for me, I’m not going anywhere. Not like Baz.  Not everyone gets to celebrate with a family.  And certainly not everyone gets to celebrate in a fucking mansion.

           A small wrapped package appears in my periphery. I look up.  Baz is madly arranging clothes in his luggage, trying to look like he didn’t put the thing on my bed.  I’m surprised, I’ll admit.  I guess he didn’t forget.

           “What’s this?” I ask.  I don’t know why I ask it, as the answer is fairly obvious.

           “Just open it,” he says, not looking at me.

           Carefully I pull the tape off of the paper, not wanting to trigger anything in case this is still some sort of prank.  I wouldn’t put anything past him, the boy who literally pushed me down the stairs and tried to feed me to the Chimera.  But nothing ticks, and nothing blows up in my hands.  Slowly I pull the paper back from the object, holding it far away from my face, just to be safe.

           I am not expecting a dagger.

           Specifically, I am not expecting a dagger with a matching sheath that clips onto a belt, adorned with a rosebud pattern of bronze. I am not expecting what appears to be a polished silver blade with a soft leather hilt that fits in my hand like it was molded to the shape of my grip.

           My mouth is hanging open in awe.  I can’t seem to form words.

           I look back up at him.  He’s stopped rearranging his luggage and is watching me, and he looks almost nervous.

           “How much did you spend on this?” I breathe.

           He shakes his head.  “It was just from a pawn shop,” he mutters.

           “Damn, Baz,” I chuckle, “way to make me look like a shit gift-giver.”

           His eyes harden.  “I’ll take it back then,” he growls, moving to take it from my hands.

           “No!”  I clutch the knife to my chest.  He stops, looking surprised, like he hadn’t actually expected me to like it.  How he could think that beats me.  “I love it,” I say, not even realizing that I’ve admitted to something.

           His brow softens a bit.  “I just thought it might be easier than always having to summon your sword,” he shrugs.

           “It’s perfect,” I breathe, staring at the roses on the sheath, spellbound by the thing.

           Suddenly I’m hit by a wave of guilt.  I spent a handful on a lame gift card, when Baz went and actually found me something that would mean something.  I don’t stop to think about why he would want it to mean something, I only know that it leaves the scales completely unbalanced.

           I need to repay him somehow.

           I stand, and suddenly we’re nearly face-to-face. If our room wasn’t so damn tight we wouldn’t be this close together, but for once the proximity doesn’t bother me. It clearly affects him though, because he shies away as soon as I stand.  He won’t even make eye-contact with me.

           “I can’t accept this,” I tell him, “not without paying you back somehow.”

           “What part of the term ‘gift exchange’ do you not understand, Snow?” he asks, raising an eyebrow at me.  “It’s a gift.  Let’s just wish each other a Happy Christmas and be done with it.”

           “No, that’s not how we work,” I insist.  “I torment you, you torment me, and somehow we always break even.  So now we have to break even on this.”

           “I’m not telling you how much I spent on that,” he shakes his head.

           “Why not?”  My heart drops for a second.  “Was it terribly expensive?”

           “No, it’s just not what you do.  You don’t tell someone what you spent on them, it just makes them feel guilty.”

           “And since when have you ever passed up an opportunity to make me feel guilty?” I challenge.  He doesn’t answer, just stares at something that isn’t my eyes. I can’t quite tell what he’s looking at. Maybe the wall behind me, maybe my shoulder, maybe nothing in particular.

           “Alright,” I concede, “no money, then.  But there must be something I can do.”

           And – Merlin – his cheeks turn pink.

           And now I’m very aware of how close we are.

           And of how I can pinpoint his gaze now.

           He’s looking at my face, but not my eyes.  My mouth.


           I don’t think.  I just lean in and kiss him.


Simon’s mouth, no matter how many times I’ve thought he might kiss me, is a complete shock.  I’ve stared at his lips plenty, but apparently I wasn’t prepared to feel them against mine.

           And now here he is, pressing a gentle kiss to my cold mouth like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

           Before I can even close my eyes, he pulls back.

           I don’t speak.  I don’t trust myself to.

           “Is that alright?” he whispers.

           “Yeah.”  Crowley, I’m shaking.

           “Are we even then?”

           “Um,” I swallow nervously, “almost.”

           “Oh?” He smiles, and my heart stops entirely.  “What else do you want?”

           I lean in by just a fraction, hoping he’ll take the hint.

           He does.

           And then his mouth is flush against mine, not even bothering to be shy.  

Flashing Lights (part 3) - Benedict x reader

A/N: Well this was loads of fun to write. Especially the end because damn, the cumberbutt gets me every time. A huge thanks to @duskybatfishgirl for providing me with this post that inspired me profoundly, lol. Also, this week I might be slower on updates because of a few upcoming exams, but I promise I’ll make an effort. Just be patient, you guys, because a lot of good stuff is coming up ;D

Requested by @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch: Flashing Lights. I loved this fic. I was wondering if you could to do another one like it. But Benedict is going on the graham Norton show to promote Sherlock. And the reader is the surprise guest.

Word count: 2509
Warnings: none

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[part 1] [part 2]

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The Adoption

Part One

Stepping off of a plane on London soil was always a comfort to me.  The tarmac of a London airport meant I was an hour or two from the embraces of my kids and the love of my life, Emily.  I had been gone for an extended period this time, longer than usual.  Updates from home had Lucy getting the highest marks in each class, Noah motoring around the house creating havoc wherever he went and Emily buying what had to be the sexiest piece of lingerie I’d ever seen.  I couldn’t wait to get home to hold my children and bury myself inside Em.

I handed the gentlemen who would be driving me home my bag after shaking his hand and thanking him for making the hour long drive to get me to my family.  He put my bag in the trunk and within a few minutes we were off.

I tapped Emily’s phone number on my phone screen and put the phone to my ear,

“Hello, My Love.”  I heard her honey sweet voice a few minutes later.

I let my head rest against the back of the car seat,


“You sound exhausted.”

“Just a long flight.”

“And how did you leave Africa?  Are they more in love with One Direction than ever?”

I laughed softly,

“Of course.”

My smile faded though.  Emily had no idea what had happened in Africa for the most part.  I wanted to get home and tell her, but I needed to gather my thoughts and my words so I could adequately give her the right information.  What I was going to ask her was big.  

Going back to Ghana with the boys was only supposed to be a few days to reconnect with the kids in the hospitals and orphanages we’d met before.  A sort up update on some of the kids to see where they were now for Red Nose Day.  I certainly didn’t expect what happened.

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Imperfect Perfection

Summary: Broken boy meets broken girl.

Pairing: Isaac Lahey x reader.

Warnings: Underage drinking, smoking, mentions abuse, swearing.

Notes: I honestly have no idea why I wrote this. GIF is not mine.

It was beautiful really. The way the afternoon sun washed over you as you leant against the old tree. White smoke poured from your lips, forming intricate patterns in the air. You closed your eyes focused on the soft trickle of water from the nearby creek, the sound kept your mind from wandering back to reality.

You heard the crunch of leaves. Opening your eyes you smiled at the dirty blond boy that stood before you. “Care to join me?” You asked, motioning to the vacant space next to you. Isaac sat down. He looked at the half empty bottle of Jack Daniels that you held before taking the cigarette from your hand and pressing it to his own lips. You chuckled, “I’ve corrupted the last remaining innocence of Beacon Hills.” Isaac’s soft blue eyes bored into yours as smoke spilled from his mouth. “I lost my innocence a long time ago.” He sighed. “Besides cigarettes and alcohol won’t do anything if you’re a werewolf.” Werewolf, the word echoed in your mind. Your world had completely changed.

The supernatural had completely consumed your life. You remembered the night you had been bitten. Running through the rain alone and crying under the pale light of the full moon. It was all quite poetic, up until a wolf like individual attacked you. It left you bloody and weak on the side of the road. You would have died alone that night if it wasn’t for Isaac. He had carried you, a complete stranger, all the way to the hospital. When you miraculously healed overnight, Isaac introduced you to the supernatural and he had stuck with you through everything that followed.

But becoming a werewolf had cost you dearly. The loss and suffering you had endured was beyond comprehension. Sometimes you missed living a mundane life, even if it was horrible, it was better than this hell.

“Do you miss it?” You said filling your lungs with smoke again. “Do you miss being normal?” Isaac smiled and tilted his head to the sky. “No. Not at all.”

You knew about his past. How his father had abused him both emotionally and physically. Words could not describe how thankful you were that Isaac’s father was gone. You hoped that he was rotting in hell. The amount of emotional trauma Isaac carried was insane. No one this young should have to live with that. But even after he told you that, you still hadn’t told him about your past.

“I do sometimes. I mean it was terrible, but at least I didn’t have to live in fear every day.” You sighed.

“My father barely acknowledged my existence, he was always too focussed on work. Too busy to notice that his wife was using him for his money. She didn’t really notice me either, she would forget to pick me up from school sometimes. In fact the only person that payed attention to me was my older sister. It was like her one goal in life was to make mine hell. Her favourite thing to do was press burning cigarettes onto my skin, she would even laugh. God I hated her. But all of it was better than watching my friends die.” A single tear rolled down your cheek as painful memories re-surfaced.

Isaac wrapped an arm around your waist and you rested your head on his shoulder. “Here’s to being fucked up and broken.” he said before taking a sip from the bottle. You squeezed his hand and looked at him, the only good thing in your life. Tree branches cast shadows over his defined features and his eyes stared off into the distance. In just a year, this boy had come to mean the absolute world to you. He was not perfect, far from it actually. But that didn’t matter. The thought of losing him terrified you.

“Let’s run away.” You said. Isaac smiled and pulled you closer.
“Where to?” You thought about this for a moment. It had to be somewhere far away from Beacon Hills. “How about France?” You suggested.
“And why should I run away with you?” You climbed onto his lap and looked directly into his eyes.
“Because you love me.”
“I know.” Isaac said softly, he kissed your forehead and cupped your cheeks. “Let’s go.”     

Leave Me Alone

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gif not mine

Bruce x Reader

Request: No

Warnings: Swearing, but other than that I’m not sure.

Summary: Reader is new to the Avengers Tower and is Tony’s new assistant and Bruce can’t stand her. They argue 24/7 and finally Bruce realizes he has feelings for her.

Part 2


“y/n you will be staying here” Tony showed me to my new room. It was quite large and I took in the view. 

Tony set my bags down and waited for me to return my attention to him. He cleared his throat causing me to look directly at him.

“Now I want you to meet the team!” He said cheerfully. I followed him to the elevator. Once we made our way to the next floor, I saw the team all sitting around the living room watching TV and talking to each other. 

“Guys,” Tony spoke up getting everyone’s attention,”This is y/f/n y/l/n, my new assistant I was telling you about. 

“Hello” You gave a small smile and awkward wave. I watched everyone do the same thing “I know who you all are so we don’t have to do the awkward one on one introductions.” I joked earning a few chuckles. 

The only person who barely acknowledged my existence was Bruce Banner. I watched as he gave me a small wave and left the room. I looked at Tony who only gave a small shrug.

The next few weeks you spent in the Lab with Tony and Bruce helping in anyway you could. Tony asked you to stay in the room in case he needed you to do something. Tony left for a few minutes to use the bathroom 

“So whatcha working on?” I asked Bruce quietly from across the table. Knowing that he didn’t like me talking to him unless needed.

“Something called none ya business.” He spoke coldly, not looking up from his work.

“I don’t really care, just making small talk” I rolled my eyes walking away to Tony’s desk to organize his papers.

“Well don’t” He spoke again.

“I won’t” I continued to talk knowing it bothered him. I had to have the last word.

“So stop talking.” He shifted in his seat, clearly irritated.

“If you want the conversation to end so badly, the stop responding.” I said sarcastically. I watched him look up at me and roll his eyes in frustration. I chuckled knowing I won. 

“What’s with the tension in the room?” Tony asked breaking the silence.

“Bruce is losing his patience again.” I spoke innocently to Tony. This caused Bruce to sit up straight and open his mouth but nothing came out.

“Get it together Brucie” Tony joked.


“y/n, wanna watch a movie with me and Nat?” Steve asked. 

“Yeah sure, why not?” I answered closing my book and following Steve to the mini theater. 

I sat on one of the sofas. I heard Nat enter to room and Bruce following closely behind her. I groaned quietly, I didn’t want to deal with him. Since the day I purposely bothered him in the lab, We’ve done nothing but argue. He would mumble a couple of insults and I would take them as a compliment, knowing it irritated him more. I would do something and he criticize me for it, irritating me, he would smile knowing I was supper annoyed.

Steve picked up on my expression and gave me a worried look and sat next to me.

“Everything okay?” He asked quietly.

“Yep” I said in almost a whisper. The last thing Bruce had said to me was an insult to m appearance which drew the line for me. He didn’t realize what he had said until I left the room. I didn’t acknowledge him since. That was a week ago. 

“Hope y’all don’t mind I invited Bruce.” Nat spoke breaking the silence. 

“Nope. Not at all.” I said not looking at her or Bruce. I got up to look through the movie selection. 

“How about Grease?” I suggested and everyone shrugged. Steve put the movie in. 

20 minutes into the movie I get a text from Tony

*Meet me in the lab. Need you assistance.*

“Excuse me, Tony needs me. Continue without me” I spoke quietly. 

Bruce watched as I left the room. I made my way to the lab to find Tony sitting on his desk drinking coffee. 

“Yes?” I asked. 

“Steve texted me that you were upset and that you seemed irritated when Bruce walked in the room so I figured I get ya out of there, since I know you to don’t like each other.” Tony admitted. “ Why do you guys hate each other so much?” 

“I don’t know” I replied with a shrug, “He just didn’t like me since day one.”

Three hours later, everyone went to bed and I was the only one up. I quietly got out of bed, wearing a large sweater and shorts and my hair up in a sloppy bun, I tiptoed to the kitchen, quietly so I didn’t wake anyone up.

 I opened the fridge to find a late snack, closing the fridge, finding nothing that looked good enough, I opened the cupboard to get a cup. Since I’m so short I had to go on my tippytoes to reach for a glass. After struggling for a few seconds, I noticed and arm stretch out and grab a glass. I turned to find Bruce standing directly behind me holding a cub.

“Y/N” He spoke softly, “I would like to apologize for my rude behavior last week and I have no good excuse I don’t know what came over me, I didn’t mean to insult your appearance, I didn’t mean it, you are a beautiful women and what I did was wrong”

I stood there for a minute studying him. He looked ashamed. He looked down, still holding the cup, he moved it around with his hands. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out.

Bruce looked up at me starring me in the eyes, almost as if he could read my thoughts he slowly nodded, “Are we good?” He asked, all I did was nod.

He moved closer setting the cup down behind me on the counter, I backed up a bit more until i was completely against the counter. I met his gaze and waited for something to happen.

The only reason I purposely bothered him was because I had that silly high school crush and that turned into us disliking each other. But for some reason the way he was looking at me gave me butterflies in my stomach. He looked me top to bottom taking in my appearance.

“I like this sweater on you.” He spoke calmly.

“Thanks, I stole it from my ex” I finally spoke. 

“Do you steal all of you exes stuff?” he joked causing you to crack a smile.

“No, I stole it to make him made and just never gave it back. I usually steal my boyfriends clothes.” I joked back “Well when I have one.” 

“You can steal mine” Bruce blurted, he clearly didn’t mean to say that since his face instantly turned red from embarrassment.

“Do you have anything worth stealing?” I spoke casually making my way closer to him. I pulled him closer.

“Yes” He pulled me in and kissed me, “Me”

This is Frank.  Frank is the Official Cat of the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum.  As you can see, he’s a magnificent tabby.  True to his feline code of honor, he refused to look at me or acknowledge my existence in any way as I prostrated myself before him in hopes of getting a decent photo.  I think he could tell I was a dog owner. 

Why is Frank named Frank?  His name was bestowed in honor of Frank J. Sprague (1857-1934) who is credited with the invention of the trolley wheel and is known as the “Father of Electric Traction.”

Diamond And Robin

Characters: Tim Drake (Robin), Reader (You).

Requested by:

Synopsis: Prompts. 109 “why are you naked?”, 96 “well this is just great”, 138 “are you cold?”, with Tim Drake. You are a member of the Teen Titans with ice powers and your name is Diamond.

Warnings: Non-descriptive nudity.

A/N: This, weirdly, is my longest imagine, which I didn’t think it would. It’s over 1100 words when my usually range the 400-900 mark.
This is 2003 Teen Titans and I’m pretty sure Tim is 18 around this time? So you are 18 and so is he.
Inspired by scene in ‘What if’.
Hope you like it!

I have been a part of the Teen Titans for 2 years now. I have ice powers and everything thought it was about time that there was a superhero with ice powers. So here I am. A part of a team. I got along with all, except one. Tim Drake, Robin. He had been wary of my sudden arrival. I couldn’t blame him. But I just wish he would show SOME attention to me. He barely acknowledges my existence. Forgetting me when the group has to split up or just in general occasions like ordering pizza. I’m a part of this team too. I actually rather like him, if only he would stop being cold to the ice girl.

The Titans ran around the beach under the light of the moon and stars, plus the small fire they had made. The only ones sitting were Tim and I. He still didn’t try to have any conversation with me. He just stared out at the ocean, lost in thought. I sighed loudly in the hopes maybe he’d give a quick glance this way, but received not even a blink. Groaning in frustration, I stood up and walked down to the shoreline where Cassandra and Kon were kicking and splashing water at wach other. A small look at Tim as I left him. I swear our eyes met. But he looked in another direction just as I noticed.

“Hey! Diamond!” Kon waved me over.
“Yeah?” I happily skipped over.
“We’re going skinny dipping. Want to join?”
Kon pointed over at Cassandra who I managed to make out as naked before she dove under the water.
“Lord! It’s cold!” She exclaimed as she resurfaced.
I looked back over at Kon was now down to his underwear. “You in?”
Glancing over at Tim, still sitting there like a statue. I didn’t want him to see me. After consideration, I realized there was no way he would. He wasn’t looking at anything at the moment. He wouldn’t notice if one of us was drowning at the moment.
“Hell yeah, I’m in!” I stripped down and walked out into the ocean, not feeling the coolness of the water.
Kon jumped in after me.

I swam further out, basking in the moonlight. I could hear splashing and squeeling behind me. I tuned it out. Embracing the winter I breeze, I let my hands dangle at my sides and water come up to my hips. My light reflected off my porcelain skin. My silver hair was wet and heavy, sticking to my back. I started to hum, closing my eyes, feeling hypnotised by the moment.

When I turned around, there was no one to be seen, not even Tim sitting by the fire. “Guys?” I called and there was no response. I made my way back to land, the water forcing my legs to struggle as I moved. “Guys! Where did you go!” The only reply I got was waves crashing. The fire was still burning far up on the beach, so I can’t have drifted down. “Guys!” I ran towards the fire. A shadow ran out from the bushes and trees in my direction I screamed and shot an ice blast at the figure.

“What the heck, Diamond?”
“Yes, it’s Tim. Why are you trying to kill me?”
“I’m not! You just startled me.” I defended myself.
Tim stepped closer to me, coming into the light. My face flushed and I almost squeeked. Covering my eyes I asked “Why are you naked?” Almost in a yell.
“I went out into the water with you all.”
“Well, why are you STILL naked?”
“Kon and Cassie took our clothes.”
“What!” I looked around frantically and my clothes were no where to be seen. Not here and not where I’d dumped them on the beach. “Well this is just great.” I growled.
“They left us a sleeping bag.”
“A sleeping bag? One sleeping bag? What kind of sick joke is this to them? I’m out on isolated beach without any clothes and to top it all off I am stuck here with you who never talks to me!” I ranted.
“Well, listen. You take the sleeping bag,” Tim threw the bag in my direction and I caught it, “and I’ll sleep on the sand next to the fire.”
“Are you crazy? It’s winter and you’re wet. You’ll freeze.”
“Just take it.” He sat on the ground with a humph.

We lay in silence, keeping as far as possible from each other without leaving the light. I could hear Tim’s teeth clattering together and noticed he was curled into a ball, shaking. I almost wanted to give him the sleeping bag. Almost. He insisted I had it himself, didn’t he. “Are-Are you cold?” He managed to ask.
“No.” I said in a monotone voice.
“Is the sleeping bag really warm?”
“I don’t know.”
“How do you not know?”
“My body temperature never changes and I can’t feel the cold.”
“Oh…” he came to the realisation. “That’s why you wanted me to take it.”
“Oh good. The light bulb in your head is working.”
“I was just looking out for you!” He snapped.
“And since when do you do that!”
“I try to!”
“You don’t include me on team missions even though I’m on the team. You ignore any one of my plans whenever I have one. You-”
“I’m sorry!” He shouted.
My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. “I’m sorry?”
“I’m sorry. My knowledge on trying to protect people I don’t want to get hurt isn’t as good as you’d hope, is it?”
“No. No it’s not.”
“So, I’m sorry for the way I treat you. I will do better to let you have a say and include you. I guess… I guess I just liked you and didn’t want to see you get hurt the way most heroes do at some point or another-”
I interrupted him by throwing the sleeping bag at him.
“What was that for-”
“Your apology is accepted.” I looked at him. “Now stop with the mushy, soft talk. You’ll melt me.”
He laughed. “Would you-” he hesitated.
“I’d feel- I’d feel a lot better if you were in this sleeping bag with me. I’m sure you won’t freeze but-”
I slid in next to him. “If it makes you feel better.” I smiled at him.
He returned my smile. “Has anyone ever told you that you have a stunning smile. It’s blinding.”
I shook my head.
“You do.”
If I could feel temperature my face would feel like it was on fire right now.

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: was the song help from pink season a genuine cry for help or is it satire because im concerned for the well-being of a comedian I've never met or spoken to he doesn't even acknowledge my existence but it's as if he's pulling some marina joyce shit man like is he okay? what scares me more is the fact it sounds like a teen movie song and papa hates teens like....dang
Crème de la Crème: 33


“Yo Aug, you coming?” Ashton pointed at the chartered van that we arrived in

Pressing my phone against my ear, I nodded, holding my finger up letting him know that I needed a minute.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t hang up in your face right now?” my wife asked

“Because we both know you just as relieved to hear my voice than you are angry, so what’s up baby?” I smiled

“Don’t ‘what’s up baby’ me.” she mocked my voice “I know your plane landed more than three hours ago, so why are you now just calling?” she asked

“I was held up on the plane when we landed and I told you that I had a meeting, what you think I came here to find another woman or something?” I asked

I probably should have taken the time to Call Corrie while everyone was worried about Evie’s choice of clothing but it was just too much going on at the time, so I opted to wait until I was done with my meeting so I wouldn’t have to rush her off the phone.

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anonymous asked:

Thank you for saying " I would never chase him down". I know of a popular fan who lives in NYC and chases D down everywhere. Doesn't pay. Showed up at a very expensive and private meet ( we paid $1,000 to hang with him). Yet, someone leaked where we were ( he asked us not to). And she was outside waiting when we were done. She brags about showing up all over NYC when he's there. He knows her because she's outside wherever he's at. Don't pay to see the show but wait out for him to come out. 1/2

2/2 So thanks for saying how many of us feels. He’s entitled to his privacy. I once found out he was in my area. I did not go looking for him. I had just saw him at Elsie! Many thought I should. Again if you just happen to run into him, fine. But as an adult I will not be a stalker. He deserves some privacy. No one should tell where D is when ppl are paying big $$ to be with him. Got ppl to sneak her into better seats than what she paid for. She used to post and brag about these encounters.


This is so disturbing, yet I know it is is true. I have heard that the usual suspects have even followed him home after Hedwig. I remember I went to see Justin Vivian Bond, D was just sitting in the audience and of course had a few fans around him. My friend, who is not a fandom friend, asked if I wanted to go over to which is said absolutely no. It just seems so wrong to me. Later saw a photo that indicated that the same fans followed him to the bar afterwards.

Look, clearly I am a super fan. No denying it.  But there are lines.  And I feel like there are so many that cross those lines more often than I can say. How many pics do you need with him?  

I purchased a photo. I deserve for him to be kind to me for my 15 seconds. If i see him on the street, i cannot even expect that he would acknowledge my existence if I said hi. That is the difference between when he is supposed to be welcoming and friendly and when it is his private time to do and act as he chooses.