he accidently kills his sister

just cuz i can’t sleep and i saw baby driver today...

 athe DGHDA baby driver au:

-Todd and his family were in a car accident when he was just a kid. His parents were killed, his sister was deafened and lost the use of her legs, he came out better but with lasting tinnitus that affects his hearing.

-with no other family and a disabled lil sister, he took to doing some illegal stuff to keep them both alive- he was jacking cars the second he was tall enough to see over the dashboard. unfortunately one day he jacked a car from someone he shouldn’t have- Riggins, a man who earned his riches through bank heists and killing the people who get in his way.

-seeing the talent and stupidity courage in the kid that stole his car, he makes little Todd a deal- he can pay off his debt by driving for him. Todd reluctantly agrees. 

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i have an idea where cor has a lot of nieces and he spoils them and gives them money a lot. he taught them their first swear word on accident and he thought his sister was going to kill him. also cor has an older sister, i've decided.

Hi hello yes I am here for all these HCs. Baby brother Cor, I NEED IT

Pomegranate Seeds || Sebastian & Sherrinford

Sebastian was six when he killed his fourteen year old sister. It was an accident. He was angry at her and shoved her, and next thing he knew, she was dead. Nobody saw and he lied about what happened, so nobody thought he was to blame. It wasn’t until the mayor’s son died in a fight with Sebastian that everyone knew what Sebastian already suspected; he was a Death Carrier.

Death Carriers held the power to bring death to any living thing, and were most hated of all the Carriers. The moment his village found out, Sebastian ran. He left a trail of dead animals and plants, but the people lost his trail as winter came in the coming weeks. This left Sebastian needing somewhere to live.

Several months later, he found an abandoned crypt. It was perfect. Cold, dark, secluded, and full of only people already dead. So Sebastian took to it and stayed in seclusion with very little interruption for centuries.

One thousand years later, Sebastian had control of his powers. He had changed his name from Sebastian to something more appropriate for his nature; Hades.

He was walking through a park several miles from his home when he saw the boy and his roses. He was making them grow without even a thought.

Hades was instantly obsessed. He walked towards him, a dark and pale imposing figure against the bright blue sky. He stayed outside the circle of flowers, since he could feel the grass withering beneath his feet, and didn’t wish to harm the boy’s work.

“Are you an Earth Carrier?”