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Should you fight them: HS kids edition

John Egbert: why on god’s green earth would you fight John Egbert??? He just wants his friends to get along. Look at him, he’s just a big dork baby with glasses. He’d probably just offer to shake your hand with a shock buzzer on. Besides, kid’s fucking ripped. Giant hammers, expected to lift a safe, homeboy may not have beef w u, but he has BEEF. He’s been plagued by nightmares his whole life he already hates himself more than you Don’t fight him.

Rose Lalonde: think to yourself very carefully. Rose Lalonde is ready to rip imps and ogres apart at a moment’s notice. She’ll psyche you out without saying a word. She will kick ur ass. She has a vampire wife. Do NOT unless ur prepared. U must be prepared.

Dave Strider: no!!!! He has had enough fighting!!! Let!!!! Him!!!!! Live!!!!!

Jade Harley: raised by an aggressive dog God and always carrying guns. This should not have to be explained. That smile is deceptive.

Jane Crocker: Jane looks sweet and soft but honey she is READY 2 THROW DOWN. Her dad had to use a fridge to ground her and she sent a table 360 flipping through the air with one arm. She’s emotionally vulnerable, but that could turn on you REAL FAST. Be wary.

Roxy Lalonde: she could go for a few rounds, but literally why???? Roxy has gone through enough hardship and killed the Condesce leave her alone.

Dirk Strider: You could. And prolly win if ur good enough. But do you really want to??? He hates himself more than you could imagine. He’d beat himself up. Shits gone pear shaped straight up decapitate him he don’t give a FUCK.

Jake English: he’d love a round of fisticuffs. Mano el Mano. And he’d be so cheery and such a good sport about it. Fight Jake English. But friendly fight him. Being his enemy is dangerous.


We’re only getting older baby - Santa Clara, CA | July 11, 2015

namjoon: [reads a book on how to make the world a better place with equality, has a big, cute Ryan collection, is a hardworking, intelligent and talented person and is a big fluffy dork]

namjoon: [breaths]

antis: omg he’s plagiari-

Remember this?

Part of Yuuri’s first dialogue from episode one.

Now, when watching episode 12, this same scene brought back memories. Yuuri’s repeating the exact same thing.

The exact same words, except now he is 24.

And he is biting back tears of joy. He’s no longer forced to cry afraid someone would listen. All his life he’s been doubting that big of a skater everyone else seemed to see in him. That’s one of the reasons I’ve come to love this next line. “Katsuki Yuuri has succeeded in creating a masterful culmination of his career!”

Because he never thought he’d actually come this far. Even if he wanted to, he couldn’t stand with his head held high. He saw the end of the road, until that one big of a dork came to his life, that russian man who made him fall in love with skating all over again, and reminded him how much he really adores to be on the ice. 

Now he can finally feel proud.

I’m actually so mad at myself for falling in love with a character who is dead and not even mentioned that often throughout an entire 7-book series, like??? I’m just mad that everything about James Potter resonates in the pits of my soul when all I really know about him is that he was goofy and talented and arrogant and unfailingly loyal and protective and that he ran his hands through his hair like a big dork and that he DIED AT 21 standing up for his child and his wife and for what he believed in ok I love him so much and it’s Upsetting

Love-Struck Dork

Adrien’s fangirling keeps Plagg from sleeping well… Poor Plagg.

Ok though, Adrien is a total romantic at heart, and constantly daydreams about his lady. My brother saw this and said “Where is the mysterious bulge?” and I said “Dude, that is realistic, but I only drew his upper torso, ok? We are keeping this wholesome”

Why Steve Rogers is Actually a Big Dork Who Needs to be Squished in a Giant Bear Hug (because he's just that adorable): A Photographic Essay

Evidence #1:

He sings a merry tune while jumping out of a high-rise window, as you do…

Evidence #2:

He pairs boxers with cowboy boots…

Evidence #3:

He totally rocks the cute animal aprons…

Evidence #4:

He gently teaches that to assume makes an ‘ass’ out of 'u’ and 'me’ in the traditional, time-honored way, via mindf*ck…

Evidence #5:

He cracks old man jokes…

A lot…

Evidence #6:

His curiosity about the new century he finds himself in knows no bounds…

Evidence #7:

He likes to preserve his modesty, thank you very much (but as above boxer panel proves, this only extends to when he’s wearing tighty whities)…

Evidence #8:

He’s mastered the art of the facepalm, aka he can’t even…

Evidence #9:

Okay, so he’s a bit of a momma’s boy…

And lastly…

Evidence #10:

He designed the Nomad costume all on his very own (right down to picking out the all-weather fabric in somber tones)…

…The defense rests.