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Here’s a story that’s equal parts adorable and awful. 

I was in the beading aisle, putting stuff away that the replenishment crew didn’t get a chance to and a family comes through. Mom, dad, four year old son. All of them have prominent eyebrows. I ask them if they need help finding anything. 

The mom is looking for charms and chains but mostly she’s just getting ideas for a project. 

The dad looks mostly bored. 

The kid is occupying himself with a foam sword- knocking stuff over from the seat of the cart. I’m not too mad about it because when I pick them up and put them back he generally gets the idea that he’s not supposed to be knocking stuff over. So all in all- pretty good kid. 

The mom excitedly thanks me for helping her find stuff and says she’ll be back, the dad starts to follow her out of the aisle with the kid in the cart. 

But before they’re out, he leans over to his son and says:

“Miko- show her what we do to the ladies.”

And I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was certainly not for this 4-year-old to give me this dopey grin while waggling BOTH of his very thick eyebrows at me. 

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What was midoriya' reaction to there first kiss

I guess it depens, on who kissed the other first…

But you can definitely expect Izuku to blush like no tomorrow. Damn, his face is gonna rival Todoroki’s left hair color, that’s for sure. But he’ll be very happy and relieved, I guess. Like, suddenly everything is sparkeling, and no, Aoyama isn’t the cause.


His heart was beating faster and ohmygod, Todoroki just kissed him. With wide eyes, he finally looked into the other’s mismatched eyes. They were so pretty, just like the owner of those orbs. And not only were his eyes pretty, his lips were warm and so-


He quickly snapped out of his thoughts, and he was sure his cheeks were as red as a tomato. Holy shit, Shouto kissed him, and this was just so unbelievable.

… Y-Yes?

Shouto was looking to the side, avoiding his eyes.

“I… Are you… fine?… I mean, the kiss wasn’t bad… right?”

Oh god, they were in relationship for awhile now, and they still behaved like that.

“N-no! Of course not!”

It was anything, but bad. In fact, Izuku wouldn’t mind it, if Shouto kissed him again.


Something like that? At least in my opinion, but yeah.

How Got7 Would Cuddle With Their S/O at Night

Hey guys! Here’s the next reaction in my little mini series! I have gotten a few requests, but there’s always room for more!! Please be sure to send in any requests you may have!! Lets get into this, shall we?


     How would Got7 cuddle with their girlfriend at night?

1. Mark (He’s so pretty and it makes my heart happy….)

     Mark would prefer being the big spoon because he enjoys holding you close to his chest. Also, being the big spoon gives him more freedom to change position if necessary, as opposed to having you sleep with your head on his chest, where he is held immobile. He’ll definitely be cuddly as he falls asleep and when he wakes up in the morning, but he wants the freedom to roll away from you if he needs to during the night.

2. Jaebum

     Jaebum would like cuddling only if you are resting your head on his chest. This way, he can hold you against his side and he doesn’t really have to deal with shifting his position if you decide to move. He tend to be a bit of a heavy sleeper so he doesn’t like to move around much once he’s out. That being said, he prefers the warmth of cuddling because it helps him sleep better.

3. Jackson

     Jackson wouldn’t like to sleep while cuddling. He’s more than willing to cuddle before you fall asleep and when you wake up in the morning, but he moves in his sleep sometimes so he doesn’t want to be cuddling while he’s sleeping. He knows that neither of you would stay cuddling while you sleep, but he finds it easier to skip a step and fall asleep not cuddling.

4. Jinyoung

     Jinyoung may not always want to cuddle and generally isn’t much of a cuddler at all. That being said, if he were to cuddle, he would prefer to be the little spoon and that’s probably the only position he would go for. Mostly, he would prefer this position because he can still read after you fall asleep.

5. Youngjae (I may have killed @mintyoongiisjungshook with this gif….)

     Youngjae would like to have you curled up against his chest while he sleeps. It makes it easier for him to sleep when he can feel you breathing against him. He always feels happy when you sleep curled up against him like this because he can always tell that you’re there as he falls asleep, and he finds that comforting.

6. BamBam (Then I killed myself with this one…..)

     BamBam wouldn’t have a set position. He would be willing to try a bunch of different cuddling position until you find one that is comfortable for both of you. This means that your cuddling position may change every couple of weeks, depending on how both of you feel about it. BamBam would be all about comfort.

7. Yugyeom (I also killed her with this one…)

     Yugyeom would prefer for you to be facing him, nestled against his chest. He prefers this position because he wants to stroke your hair as you fall asleep. His goal is to help you relax before you fall asleep. Feeling you relaxed against him before he falls asleep makes him feel more relaxed and makes it easier for him to sleep.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed! Please send me any requests you might have!!

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Hi! Could we maybe get some headcanons of Bakugou and/or Shinsou with a crush or s/o with suuuper long (e.i. to her knees) hair? Like what they think of their hair, if they like playing with it, and what kind of weird shenanigans might come of it getting tangled or in their mouth on accident and stuff. Don't rush yourself, and go at your own pace!

~ All though he prefers long hair, if you where training to become a hero he might suggest cutting it because of how impractical it is

~ He usually ends up sub-consciously playing with his S/O hair while they cuddle, watch a movie, etc.

~ He’s actually pretty good with hair, so if he see’s you having a bad hair day he might ask or insist that he fix your hair.

~ He doesn’t really have much a preference on hair, as long as it’s well kept.

~ He’s kind of embarrassed by if, but he loves the way your hair smells. One of the main reasons he likes to spoon with you, is because he can snuggle his face into your hair

~ He really likes to see your hair in pony tales and especially if you have a lot of hair pins or accessories in it. He likes seeing your hair dressed up.

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It's surprising that there's more discourse bashing ryuji (??? honestly why) bc I'm used to seeing this on the goro tag. It's quite sad honestly since I really like them both. Atlus flunked the writing their somewhat, and it's more disappointing that a good number of the likes/hates on these two are just at face value. "He's too rude, he's so pretty". The game might be poor at explanations sure, it's already so diverse/heavy plot-wise but that doesn't mean it should be consumed blindly either.

Atlus should hire me I’d clean this whole mess right up. Or I’d fight them to the death for what they did to my beloved.

Alexander William Gaskarth is the prettiest man alive and that’s coming from a gay girl he’s literally so pretty I am just honestly in AWE. He’s like the basilisk you can’t look at him directly you have to look thru a lense or a mirror but you STILL are stunned at how pretty he is

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Petty revenge on Gremlin/Human hybrid

So there’s this guy, let’s call him Dan. So Dan orders like 2-3 times a week on average, with breaks here and there, and never tips. His hair is short but spiked kind of like a troll doll. Almost every order he makes is trouble. All-in-all he’s pretty much unforgettable.

A Little Context: So Dan is your average bad customer. On many occasions, before we got our boss involved, he would pull the “Oh, I can’t seem to find my money bit.” We allowed it the first few times, on the condition he come down to the store and pay (Obvious no tip), but after he failed to show for a week we gave him a warning (We live in a somewhat more trusting area (Yay Canada)). So he kept up his lost money act up until our boss had enough and gave him a second warning (Three and you’re out!).

The Frustration: Last week he ordered again, through our call center, and we had to make the pizza. Just a normal order, nothing bad, not even a 2-Litre, takes about 20-minutes to make (We were taking our time. Slow night). So I’m already up at the place at about the 30-minute mark and I get this call from my cook. “We got a call from the call centre saying that the customer called and said he wouldn’t be home til midnight.” like 40 min from now. I drive back pissed, time wasted, gas wasted, dishes dirty. I’m behind. We’re both (My cook also drives) pissed at this guy. We decide to just keep the pizza under the heat lamp for the next half hour and drive it up later, which we do. I told our boss and Dan was given a THIRD warning but was allowed to continue ordering. Apparently three strikes and you’re out doesn’t apply here.

BONUS! He called the CALL CENTER to complain, not 5 minutes after delivery, about his COLD AND STALE pizza (I don’t know about you, but my pizza doesn’t generally go stale within an hour of completion (Under a heat lamp)). They actually gave him a credit for the order. UNBELIEVEABLE

The Pissed and the Furious: So Dan orders again (On my night. Typical). and changes his order throughout us making it, twice. Already pissed. His order is almost ready and another prints (It’s close). I wait for the double, in no way is Dan’s getting his pizza early. I take the other order first, (It’s closer) then head up to Dan about on time. I’m about to knock and spring the idea to knock WAY TOO LOUD (Keep in mind that it’s almost midnight). He’s answers super pissed and I play it off as “The lights were off, I didn’t see any proof of life close to the door.” He buys it and I leave with the biggest grin on my face knowing I pissed him off one last time before I quit.

TL;DR Some jackass, who constantly messes with us, ordered and I knocked WAY too loud to satisfy my own petty revenge obsession and pissed him off.

By: HammSich

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✒ with kubo?


Nana will only be the story teller during the winter, or at least as long as there is snow covering the land they’re traveling in at the time. He’s very enthusiastic and keeps everyone hanging off every word.

He’s pretty damn tall, so he’ll sometimes have Kubo sit on his shoulders or something to play or talk so the crowd can see them both at the same time UvU

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I'm trans and bi and I feel like no ones ever going to want to date me. there's this guy at work who I kinda like, and he kinda likes me but he thinks I'm a cis girl and he's made some kind of dodgy jokes about LGBT people so I'm pretty sure he's straight :/

Ew yeah avoid him. But also you are still totally loveable regardless of your gender or sexuality. I know plenty of people who would love to date a bi trans person, and I’m sure you’ll meet someone that wants to date you for who you are.

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Diehard "Friendly" here. I just love Rupert's hair! Has anyone else noticed that it looks like it grows forward on top, which might explain how it sticks up a little bit? Not criticizing by any means, I just think it's unique. I also think he's sexy AF no matter how he styles it!!

You are right, I think so too. It’s pretty obvious in season 4 when his hair grows back.



i painted Thomas Sanders bc i love him and this wonderful disney prince has helped distract me & keep my head together without even trying these last couple of weeks. also he’s so pretty? how could i not want to paint him?? 💜😅✨

amami’s real talent is actually the shsl tearista