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Do you suppose that Akira is touch-starved or is he cat-like in his need for personal space? (He was designed to be like a cat vs Souji Seta who's like a loyal dog) Japanese culture doesn't seem to be very-touch friendly, and the fact that he was practically abandoned by his own family doesn't suggest a lot of affection there. And would prolonged skin-to-skin contact like back rubs and massages be too much for him or is it his personal catnip? (dumb ask, but do you think Akira's TICKLISH?? >8D)

> Do you suppose that Akira is touch-starved or is he cat-like in his need for personal space?

Honestly both, if that makes sense. So I think he’s pretty cat-like in physical affection for a little while as he and his S/O show each other their boundaries and get closer to each other, and at that point, Akira is much more touch starved, wanting all the affection he can get while also being subtly possessive, I think. I believe that in public, his physical affection would be very limited, especially since all of the Phantom Thieves aren’t trying to stand out and cause a scene (why have people be suspicious of you?), so holding hands or him having an arm wrapped around their waist or kissing them on the cheek/a quick peck on the lips would be, usually, the most he does (there are exceptions to this, though this is what I believe is normal for Akira and his S/O)

> And would prolonged skin-to-skin contact like back rubs and massages be too much for him or is it his personal catnip?

I think it’s his personal catnip to be frank, especially if it’s his S/O massaging him, he might think it’s better than Kawakami’s (unless his s/o is kawakami and then uhh he thinks its the best??)! Like just start giving him a massage when he’s relaxing or working, anything, and he’ll be under your command haha

> do you think Akira’s TICKLISH?? >8D

On the surface, he might not seem like it, and even then, he isn’t ticklish in normal places. However, if you start to ghost your hands on the sides of his stomach and begin tickling around there he actually is ticklish. This is not recommended unless you want to be pinned down and tickled mercilessly because this boy will not give in and will make you pay for your sins of tickling him

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Ooh after chap 129 I'm really really curious now; do you have any sort of theories about real!Ciel &/his behavior? Like lol when he goes rlly scary sometimes upon mentioning "fake" (e.g. "I don't need fake brothers","[real!Ciel]'s an impostor!") I understand our!Ciel's reaction because he has survivor's syndrome, but real!Ciel's behavior reaaally intrigues me! Does he have a brocon? Could he actually another superbeing? (real!Ciel also reminds me of Vincent abit and I can see the resemblance!!)

Hi there!

Well, he definitely is a supernatural being as there’s no way he survived that massive stab in the stomach, the fire and on top of that it is very likely that Sebastian devoured RC’s soul when he was summoned. So I’m pretty sure he’s not a living human being but either a Bizarre Doll or…. something else xD (I don’t really think he was judged worthy either because I believe that even a shinigami cannot revive someone who doesn’t have a soul to begin with.) So personally, I’d go with the theory that he’s the “ultimate BD” that UT mentioned in Weston arc.

About brocon/yandere… yes, that’s what I and some other people in the Japanese fandom are suspecting + kinda looking forward to xD There are some scenes that can be interpreted in that way (at least there aren’t any scenes in the manga that suggest that the twins didn’t get along, it rather seems the twins having were very close to each other), so it’s not that far-fetched an idea, I think :)

And yes, from Violet’s confession I guess we can safely assume that Lord Sirius, Blue Star and real Ciel are all the same person and that the true goal of the sect was to revive him. Honestly speaking, I haven’t given much thought into this blood transfusion thing yet but I guess this whole blood collecting project might have something to do with real Ciel’s growth. From the very little biology knowledge I have (lol) I /think/ what you actually need to grow up are stem cells rather than just blood, so I really don’t know how this all will tie in, but I’m sure Yana will explain everything in the next few chapters, so let’s wait patiently :)

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so I generally don't like the typical appearance that character's give love interests (like you said Kaelo was based off of a typical love interest look) but then I was blown away by how pretty he is???? like he's so pretty, I am ready to fucking despise him.

Lol! I generally don’t like the look either, but mostly because these love interests are usually presented as white men. Genetically speaking, the odds are slim that a 100% white dude could inherit that color combo. Kaleo on the other hand is mixed. 

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Dudeee can you believe I had a dream the day after my bday that I should have invited deku to my surprise party because then he would also invite todoroki and he is the Coolest kid and so pretty, I wanted him to be my friend.... and then I properly woke up and realized.... they're fictional characters.... I was amused and dissapointed at the same time.

askl;d;flsk omggg but maybe not inviting deku was the right choice because todoroki is the coolest kid and he’s so pretty that he might end up stealing the spotlight on your birthday!

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Top five angst magnets.

Well if we’re all perfectly honest with ourselves, the answer is probably “pick a fave of mine and they’re probably on this list somewhere” but okay, just five? Just five. Let’s see.

1. Loki. And he does it so well, he’s so pretty when he’s miserable. He’s so miserable 90% of the time and the other 10% of the time he’s on a manic upswing that’s going to make him miserable later. 

2. Rand al’Thor. Confused bisexual depressed child of my heart, oh Rand al’Fuckup. Again, spends a lot of his time miserable, and a lot of that making himself miserable through a variety of guilt wallowing and self-flagellation and obsessing about his own impending madness and death. Like, to be fair, he has a lot to be miserable about, but absolutely an angst magnet, especially from books four through twelve. 

3. Felix Harrowgate and Mildmay (the) Fox(e). You really can’t include one without the other because they’re at their angstiest when they’re together. It multiplies whenever they’re in the same room. Felix’s angst is louder but Mildmay is the “suffering inwardly” type. Tasty, tasty suffering.

4. Zuko. Mr. “I’m never happy” himself. I once had a roleplay livejournal for him and it was @angstbender and I was so proud of myself for coming up with the name. But, like, honestly, if anyone could channel and weaponize the power of pure angst it would probably be Zuko. Truly iconic.

5. Mordred. Pick your adaptation, he’s pretty consistent about it.

I almost put Daeron on here but, like, he mostly makes his own angst (organic and homegrown); also considered Maeglin but he’s less of an angst magnet than a straight up disaster magnet. 

I’m embarrassed that these are all male characters but unfortunately I feel like female characters just aren’t allowed to angst in the same way. Like, Laura Kinney is a very sad girl but she’s not an angst magnet.

Morgana Pendragon could probably count, but she feels like a different category.

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(whispers) Brown eyes are so warm and good, like chocolate!! Melty chocolate swirls in your eyeballs and it's good alright, trust me I'm an artist

hfjkgh okay anon ill just trust you on this. thank u sweet artist anon

tbh though, im bitter abt my eye color for another reason besides that theyre “just brown” and the reason is this: my dad has those cool blue/green eyes that seem to change from blue to green depending on the light he’s in and theyre so pretty and im so bitter that i didnt inherit them. im so bitter ill be bitter for all of my life



amami’s real talent is actually the shsl tearista