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you know i remember when i was in the fourth grade and ben barnes played prince caspian in narnia 2: sword boy or whatever and i never even saw that movie because i loved the first one too much and i was like… who is this man on the poster??? who is this person??? ruining one of my favorite movies??? …… he’s so pretty????

and now i’m sitting here almost twenty years old watching the punisher and this man…. has the nerve to continue to be…. so stunningly handsome…. and it’s so offensive to me like i remember you sir i remember you and your hair

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What do you think the elves would be like as roommates? (Elrond, Elladan, Elrohir, Erestor, Glorfindel, Celeborn, Haldir & his brothers)

Elrond: He’s barely in the room, as he’s always out and about doing Lord stuff but he’s very neat and keeps his stuff on his side. He makes sure he cleans up after himself and tries to make sure everything is out of your way. He’s just really considerate. Probably the best roommate lmao. 

Elladan: Now, he’s pretty lazy and is usually late for things so he’s a bit messy. Things that belong to him may or may not end up on your side of the room from time to time. Expect clothes on the ground and things not to be completely tidy. 

Elrohir: Elrohir is just like his father, except not as much, he just keeps his stuff together, but will sometimes slip. He gets confused with who’s is who’s so he might take your blanket or pillow. You’ll probably never see it again. Your hairbrush also.

Erestor: Just like Elrond, except he isn’t as polite, he will pick up things he doesn’t find acceptable on your side. He’s just the type of roommate to nitpick. If you leave clothes on the ground? You’ll hear about it. If you leave a dish in the sink? You’re gonna hear about that. He just wants everything together, and he makes sure of it. 

Glorfindel: Very messy, and it’s worse than Elladan. Glorfindel is so fricking busy so he’s always changing and throwing his shit on the floor and dipping out. Doesn’t wash his dishes because he forgets. He washes his clothes but doesn’t put them away so he ends up washing clean clothes too and ugh, it’s just a mess.

Haldir: He’s almost never home, so his side of the room looks like no one lives there. It’s kind of creepy, but it’s nice because he pays his rent but you pretty much have the room to yourself, almost all of the time. 

Orophin: Will sometimes go out of this way to do nice things for his roommate. He will buy food and share with you. But he leaves the cap off the toothpaste lIKE STOPPP.

Rumil: This sweet boy, tries to be as considerate as possible but he just forgets things. You gotta be patient but he’s such a cinnamon roll ughhhhhh


So this is Kit, and he’s pretty much the only OC i’ve ever made. The idea behind him was that monsters experimented with more traits then just determination and he got given patience. Unfortunately his body has both fused with it and rejects it leading to him constantly having bouts like this. This can also be trigged during stress, which is pretty often for him. 

This is adorable boy is Kit who belongs to @letsallbecalmchaps

I just want to give him blankets and hot coco. Poor baby :c

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So like I'm trying to be a photographer and is it just me or is sam like the percect model to take pictures of?? Like he's so pretty and like perfect and I love him so much wow

sammy babe is perfect for photos. get him in the sunlight and expos his freckles and golden eyes, and tell him he’s the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen. that would be a perfect candid.

sam sunday



I have a lot of feelings for my dad.

Inktober 2017 day 1: The Old Hero

amami’s real talent is actually the shsl tearista