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BTS reaction to travelling with their girlfriend


He would be so happy to finally take you some place special. When you would go out, Jin would always make sure you had a hat so you didn’t get too warm, sunscreen and water. He would love to wander around, holding your hand as you both took everything in. “This place is amazing, don’t you think? I’m glad I got to come here with you!”

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He’s pretty used to the whole travelling thing, so it didn’t really woo him anymore. It was kind of annoying to him since he has done so much of it. But seeing how happy you got when looking at the sights made him love it again. He’d follow behind you as you pointed at every new thing. Yoongi would love watching you rather than looking at the vacation spot. “How do you always manage making things like this fun?”

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Hobi would be an excited ball of energy. He’d be jumping around, dancing, laughing, smiling. He’d love being able to be with you and see your reaction to the new places. He’d skip with you down the streets, holding your hand while singing at the top of his lungs. Hoseok would pull you into a little café and order some drinks for the both of you. “This is the most fun I’ve had on a trip like this!!!”

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He would be happy to take you on a nice trip. He’d take you on a relaxing boat ride. You’d sit and talk about everything while sailing around. Namjoon would then, of course, take you to a little clothing shop to pick out anything you wanted. He’d hold up clothes he’d think you’d look good in and laugh when you posed after trying them on. “You look really beautiful in that, jagi. I’ll get it for you~!”

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Jimin would be the one to surprise you with the trip. He’d make plans, hand you your suit case and tell you to get your butt moving with no explanation. He would take you to explore all over your destination, take you on hikes and try to take you swimming if there was time. “We have to fit everything in! You’ve always wanted to be here so we gotta do everything, babe!”

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He would love to take you to every place you have ever wanted to go. He’d bring snacks along when you went exploring and make sure you weren’t hungry or thirsty every time you two walked past a shop. Tae would take a million pictures of you every chance he could. “Stay right there! I gotta get a picture of you because you’re so cute!”

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Jungkook would be so excited. He would pack way to much and bring things he thought you would need and maybe forgot. He would take you to see everything that he could. Kookie would like to slowly walk around, talking to you about how lovely this place is. He would say it’s so relaxing to be with you here rather than having to do work. “Ahhhh…. I love being able to treat you like a princess and take you to places you’ve never been.”

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BTS as Degrees

Jin- Theatre 

Okay, Jin has a degree in acting so it’s pretty clear what he likes doing. He’s the captain of the theatre soc, organising events to Film institutes on facebook and winning society of the year awards. He’s never found without his beret, the stage is his second home. Everyone knows he’s just waiting for his acting break. 

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Yoongi- History

Grandpa Yoongi would roll into his lecture on Soviet expansion in the 1930s, sit there with his vintage moleskin notebook and write down anything that was new to him. He’d be chill most of the time, ready to call out imperialist bullshit in his seminars if it got to him. Apart from that, he’s most likely found sleeping in the library. 

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Hoseok- International Relations

Hoseok is your budding UN diplomatic wannabe, who joins the United Nations team as a captain and reacts with fever to human rights abuses around the world. He wants the world to be full of sunshine, just like him. He’s the mediator, fun guy who just wants the world to be a better place so he doesn’t have to freak out most of the time.  

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Taking on different cultures with stride

Namjoon- PPE (Politics, Philosophy + Economics)

Mr philosophy here couldn’t figure out what to do, so went for the creme de la creme of all courses that budding any-body who wants to be a some-body in the world do. This guy is set on being the next game changer, call him Namjoon-Obama, debating Descartes with his lecturer and picking up his morning coffee from the artisian place opposite campus, calling out bullshit elections and analysing third world data trends for fun in his spare time. Yep, he’s that guy. He’s charming though, all budding politicians have to be. 

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Taehyung- Paediatric medicine (Medicine)

No, he’s not specialising so he can get it down with the hot young mama’s. Tae loves kids, and he’s that guy that will roll into his placement as a med student, pull up a chair next to sick kid Louie, and make him feel better. He’d say bye to Louie before making rounds with his supervisor, noting down every little detail about patient history whilst the girls in his group swooned at him. He’s oblivious to how much people are attracted to him, because he’s that guy whose so into his work.  

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Jimin- Pyschology

Soft, understanding and attentive Jimin is the guy you want to go to after having your mental breakdowns. His caring nature shines through and he really wants to help you. He’s a pysch major whose mostly found in the library writing essays on Freud (wearing those cute glasses). 

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Jungkook- Fine Art

This boy is talented af but with a hint of up himself fuck boy chic, he’s your next Picasso who can paint a Stary Night by Vincent Van Gough out of literal water and water colour.  He secretly has a drawing pad full of the cute girl he sees at the campus coffee place, where he goes every day at 3 just to see her. 

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AN: This is more of me getting my ideas out because I have spent the last week in essay hell, with my mind often drifting off to what these boys would do at university. 

Sigh, right now I need a Jimin. 

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Ludi Lin is so damn attractive. I hope Hollywood stops being racist and cast him in more movies, especially as a lead.

HE’S EXCELLENT! My #1 complaint on Power Rangers is that he should have been the leader instead of Jason. Loved him.

Also my headcanon is that he and Trini are the gay+lez BFFs of the team. Especially because he’s so damn suave and cool and I would just love it if the “cool” team member was the gay one. How fucking great would that be?

Anyway yes, he was great and he’s so damn pretty. Put him in all the things.

- mod g


Guess whose brain decided that it needed more Merthur? Because of this…I thought of a cute little could-be-but-no-because-I-can’t-write-for-shit fanfic idea. So without further ado,

  • based off the lip lock jinx (aka the only drarry fic I can read)
  • Arthur gets his voice taken away by a witch
  • he can’t speak again until he kisses some that the he loves and loves him back
  • the king freaks out bc he can’t have an heir who can’t speak
  • He has Arthur go through and kiss all these princesses but none of it works
  • Arthur feels nothing even with the prettiest ones so he’s pretty bummed
  •  obviously Arthur realizes he’s been in love with Merlin all along
  • Merlin falls asleep researching the curse and Arthur thinks he looks so cute and then freaks out bc Merlin is not cute, nope not even a little
  • Arthur starts to notice other things about Merlin and how adorable he is
  • this leads to many flustered Arthur moments
  • Arthur has to carry parchment around to write down the stuff he wants to say and often Merlin reads it out loud to whoever Arthur wants to talk to
  • this leads to many incidences of Merlin saying the complete opposite of what Arthur wants and lots of slaps to the back of the head for Merlin
  • the king is freakin out more now bc it’s been over a month
  • Arthur confides in Gwen and Morgana about his feelings for Merlin bc the girl figured it out and confronted him
  • let’s be real the girls always knew but once Arthur finally sorted out his feelings they were more than happy to help
  • Merlin obviously loves Arthur omg
  • Merlin starts to miss the sound of Arthur’s voice, he is annoying prat but Merlin still loves him for some reason
  • Arthur’s known about Merlin’s magic for a little while but never confronts him about it, but he is the most giant mother hen to make sure Merlin never gets caught
  • Arthur is a coward for once and won’t confess to Merlin
  • therefore, Merlin is the one to kiss Arthur 
  • he just gets fed up and goes “screw this, please don’t punch me” and kisses him
  • they kiss for a bit and then Arthur pulls back and says “Well Merlin, at least you know how to do something right” 
  • Merlin is stunned because Arthur just talked
  • they kiss again but are smiling so much that it’s not very good
  • now that they are together all the playful shoving just turns into hand holding


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Omg so my school is having a video chat with ANDY RICHARDSON BECAUSE MY UNCLE IS AWESOME & I am so excited, pls send help my heart is racing & I have to try to act normal but I am loosing it on the inside

Woah! That’s awesome that ya get ta meet that Andy fella! -Romeo

He must be pretty special that you’s so excited! Hope everythin goes great! -Crutchie

((Details, Blondey! We need details!!!))

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Tell us what Lance Catamaran would be like in bed.

alright here we go

  • honestly he’s not so bad, solid stroke game and I mean it’s technically John Cena so you know that dick is A1
  • He strikes me as a missionary type dude tho
  • But probably pretty good at oral so he’s got that going for him
  • although he is prone to sometimes crying before, during or after sex
  • occasionally whispers self-depreciating statements to himself (”Come on Catamaran this is why you lost the job in Utica”) 
  • One time he accidentally called you “mommy” and the two of you silently agreed to never bring it up ever again

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I love your Magnus so much, he's intimidatingly pretty but I still want to cuddle him

the real universally debated dichotomy…. is magnus a soft boi or a tuff boi…. (also thank u sm)

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Is Tae or jk more attractive to you? Appearance wise


i find taehyung a lot more attractive in the sense of beauty. like he has these godly features and he’s so god damn beautiful that it honestly takes my breath away and i cried once because of how pretty he is. he’s so soft and plushy and his body is lanky and i’m so. enamoured with him. like i want appreciate his beauty and cuddle with him and play with his hair.

but. with jeongguk i think he’s a lot more attractive in the sense of hotness. like okay damn son he glowed up so hard. it’s like a “i want his thighs to crush my skull” kind of hotness. he has like all these muscles and sharp features and i just. can he sit on me? or me on him? or both? like he’s the kind of guy i would definitely have a crush on and or want to fuck if i was straight.

so to conclude:


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🌟 🌟 🌟 (idk if I can do this but can they be related to what you think about halfies


-Oliver manages to fund schooling for a lot of his young hybrids. He even managed to have one of the adults become a teacher for them.
-He used to hate hybrids as much as he hated devils/demons. But Oliver found that they’re all just wanna live lives like the rest of us so he became pretty open to them.
-He’s known as ‘big brother’ to Anita and a few other young hybrids. 

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I see that Preston is with louis and was wondering if louis would have hired Preston to go with him to Miami or if it's something management would do. Because that would seem like too much work for rusty to handle and organize. I am happy to see louis has someone there watching out for him at such a huge event though!

I think it would be Louis’ choice to hire Preston. And while Jessie may have exerted herself to pick up a phone and make the call (tho I doubt it) Louis is paying for him to be there.

And yes, I’m happy to see Preston there too :)  I hope we see a LOT more of him - like every single time Louis is out and about. Not because I love Preston so much (though I think he’s a pretty good dude), but because I want Louis to have a bodyguard he likes and trusts close by at all times.

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his eyes and hair and omg he's just so pretty that I dont even know how to comprehend it and that piano is so beautiful and I hope it is in one of his songs and that song is equally as beautiful. Can you imagine Harry playing the tune on the piano and you're sitting beside him or behind him with your arms draped around his neck, him softly singing lyrics about the love you to two share in the most beautiful chorus

I honestly… didn’t need to think about it, cause the possibility of them being ANY notes from ANY song on his album… is devastating to me, haha. So this is WAY WORSE! ;) x

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Veronica's favourite things about subway justice!!!!!!

veronica’s favorite thing about martha is how passionate she is about everything. she’s the type of person who puts her entire heart into every little project, into looking out for her friends, into loving her favorite films, etc. martha is almost incapable of bullshitting anything or anyone because she’s so sincere

her favorite thing about betty would have to be her capacity for learning. she’s smart as hell, so she’s trying to work on something all the time. if she’s not trying to code a webpage or mod a game or something, then she’s trying to work on personal flaws, like her tendency to come across callous or selfish. so veronica is very proud of betty’s ability to learn and improve

veronica’s favorite thing about jd is his perseverance. he’s gone through so much shit, but he’s pretty much been surviving on sheer stubbornness alone, so she’s grateful for that

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I know probably people 'in the know' can justify Simon Jones lack of well.. pretty much everything but it really doesn't do his company and reputation and favours. A lot of the comment sections reacting to the Louis hatchet jobs mention the lack of support, and not all of them appear to be 1d fans.

Yeah, it’s weird that he’s willing to continue being dragged through the mud tbh. I mean, as much as I despise him, he’s done pretty good work for Little Mix, so he does actually know what he’s doing and that he’s NOT doing anything is clearly intentional.

But his reputation in the industry sucks from what I hear, it’s weird to think that he wants it that way.

Person A: *sobs all of a sudden*
Person C: oh, my god, what happened?
Person A: *points at B who’s ordering drinks*
Person C: did something happen between you guys?
Person A: *shakes head*
Person A: *whispers* he’s so pretty
Person C: what.
Person A: he’s.so.damn.pretty.

Okay but if Keith knew Shiro had a crush on Allura, do you think he talked about it while he and allura were alone in the pod??

Imagine if Keith were trying to play wingman for Shiro, except he was really bad at it

“So… Shiro’s arm… it’s pretty cool… it could light up someone’s world.”

“Did you see how sweaty shiro was in training; it was moist.”

“He’d make a great father, even if his kids are half alien from a species he had only learned about less than a month ago.”

Or alternately: Keith being a little shit

“Once, when I was 15, Shiro got mad at me and locked me in the bathroom and the lock broke so I was stuck there for an entire day. He was so sorry he cried for three hours straight.”


okay so i know everyone’s been talking about how this scene “might” be alluding to trans girl pidge because she doesn’t know what bathroom to use but honestly i think it’s DIRECTLY alluding to that fact.

later keith comes out of the bathroom with the blue marking (the “male” marking because apparently aliens have a gender binary and associate certain colors with it like us) so it’s pretty obvious then that he knew which bathroom to use, while pidge didn’t. because of that, i don’ think this scene above was like “haha pidge doesn’t now what bathroom to use because all the aliens look weird and we can’t tell which ones are using which bathrooms and this is just a slight nod to trans girl pidge” but rather “pidge doesn’t know what bathroom to use because she IS trans and she’s afraid to use the ‘wrong’ bathroom”