Excellent monopod tips from StillMotion.


Curta:“The Killing Joke”

Camera: Canon 7D
- Canon 24-70mm
- Canon 70mm.


Vincent Laforet’s latest short, Mobius, shot on the C300.


That’s pretty sexy! 


11x14 final.

Shot with a 5D Mark 2 with

50mm 1.8 65mm 2.8 macro 85mm 1.2 24-105mm f/4-5.6

Camera in the film is a Deardorf 11x14 made in 1920.

Suffering from Documentary Filmmaking Equipment Overload!

A while back, I shot a short piece, a few months after purchasing my first DSLR. I’ve called it “Beach Day with Kaya” (below). It’s a fun, “cute” little piece, but it was quite a pain in the ass to shoot. Why? Because I wasn’t just carrying a camera to get the shots. I was carrying a camera, a zoom lens, a 50mm lens, an 11mm lens, a Rode Videomic, a tripod, a Zacuto Z-Finder, a slider (I think?) and a backpack with a myriad of miscellaneous odds and ends.

Granted, I went out for the day without any particular shot list or subject matter in mind. I guess, in a sense, it was a “gear test”. But ultimately, I ended up missing out on probably 20 shots I would have loved to have.

For example, when I switch out a lens (unless I have it strapped to my belt, which occasionally I do), it can take me the better part of a minute. I’ve got to take off my backpack, pull out the lens, take off the caps, swap it out for my existing lens – adding the caps to that, and then I’m ready to roll. The advantage to this is that I’ve got the right lens for the shot. The disadvantage is that when I’m shooting run-and-gun documentary style (which I love to do), the shot might be gone.

Beach Day with Kaya from Jesse Springer on Vimeo.

So how do you do it? For me, it’s a question of quantity of quality is really the question. As a perfectionist, I prefer pursuing quality over quantity, but really, there should be a certain level of compromise when shooting documentary style by yourself.

If you have any input, I’d love to hear it! Have a great week and happy shooting.

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“Reverie” by Vincent Laforet
Just like Akira started the Manga craze, iPad started the tablet craze, Mac started the DTP craze, Madonna started the pointed-bra craze, etc., here,the video Reverie started the HDSLR craze that enable high quality video shooting on a DLSR camera at the fraction of the cost of traditional film making gears.