There’s a small enchanting cafe around the corner from where I live. Philadelphia in general has loads of cafes that all do the same thing: brew delicious coffee. However, since living in Philadelphia, I found myself going to the High Point Cafe a lot. One major reason was that it’s right around the corner. So the accessibility of grabbing a good cup of coffee was always appealing. As my coffee horizons grew and the more I sampled Philadelphia’s coffee’s, I realized that the High Point Cafe served, IMO, some of the best coffee the city has to offer. 

Today every street corner has a Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, or a Dunkin Donuts just waiting to take your money. Then there’s the hipster coffee shops that look quaint, but when you get in side, if you don’t have at least three piercings and a tatoo sleeve, you’ll get the impression you’re not welcomed. Finally you have your mom & pop, Persian, cafes that takes coffee to a whole new level. Their coffee is Fair Trade, organic, sharp with every sip AND their prices aren’t bad either. They might be .10 more expensive, maybe even .25 more than your chains, but in the end, you’re paying for quality over quantity. This is what the High Point Cafe has to offer. 

For a while now I’ve always wanted to do something for the High Point Cafe, but I never had the right idea that I wanted to pitch to owner, Meg Hagele. It wasn’t until a few months ago that something clicked and my creative juices began to flow. I wanted to create a visually stylized mini-doc that would focus on the art of coffee making. Later, my wife would broaden the idea than just focusing on the artistry of coffee making, but what role the High Point plays within our community. You have to understand, Mt. Airy is a small community and at its core is the High Point Cafe. It’s not just a cafe, but it’s a place where people meet, plan, relax. They’re also responsible for the Mt. Airy Fair, the weekend festivals, and large supporters of community programs. High Point isn’t JUST a coffee shop. It’s the heart and soul of a community. 

At the helm of the High Point is Meg Hagele. She’s a smart business woman that: 1) knows her coffee, 2) understands what it takes to run a successful business, 3) understands what keeps a community together. When my wife and I sat down to interview Meg it was apparent that she wore many hats. But what’s really amazing is her attitude. At 6am Meg is wide-eyed and raring to go. Her attitude is happy, excited, joyful, through another positive adjective, or many more and you’re beginning to see who Meg is. Besides her excitement, she’s very positive and passionate about what she does. 

The way I look at the making of this film is that it’s a thank you to Meg and for all of her services she has done for the community. The interview she gave was an amazing one. One that we probably could have made a much longer film from. However, as it stands, my wife and I are very proud of what we put together. It’s a clear representation of what the High Point and Meg stand for. In Mt. Airy it’s all about the community.

This Saturday, July 7, the High Point Cafe will be celebrating its 7th Birthday. So if you live in the Philadelphia area, stop on by and enjoy the party. It’ll be a good one. 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the film. 


An updated cinematography reel 


Hey guys, check out the newest wedding trailer I made/shot. 


Our latest Same Day Edit from last Friday!

Simple but a Wedding full with Joy and Happiness …


Me and my pal Joe Wilson made this to try out my new camera… Have a look x


The new Canon 6D. 


so this is the short film i made, that convinced me to want to use HDSLR’s… i was on the bubble about them…but the footage i saw made me want to shoot with it.. for this i used the shane hurlbut and phillip bloom, preferred picture style.. and was able to get the best possible image from the footage i shot, IMO. the thing people dont realize about HDSLRS is yes they shoot excellent in low light..but you shouldn’t always shoot your image with available light, thats just lazy. i used two small LED light panels.. for the exterior shots, the interior was shot in staten island and the interior was shot in brooklyn under the brooklyn bridge… the male non-actor was a friend of mine, and he sucked..but was good for the purpose i intended.  the actress, was a young woman by the name of Diana Budur, who was very talented and hard working.. we shot this in near 0 degree windchill, and she didnt complain once.music was done by a friend of mine name BJORN VINAS.

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I am starting off this post with this note: THIS IS NOT A SCIENTIFIC TEST. Now let me continue on with this. So basically I got the Canon 100-400mmL for a week to shoot with. It is my first L lens and also the first lens I’ve used with a focal length like this. I was immediately stunned by the great stills you could take of wildlife and such with this camera (coupled with the Canon 7D’s 8fps burst mode). Now I was eager to test out this lens in a run and gun video scenario. With that I packed up my 7D and headed out to the shopping square near my house. I mainly shot at 300mm @ 720p 60fps as you can probably tell. The amount of detail picked up by this lens is awesome! Especially compared to my 18-135mm kit lens. Everything was clear and sharp. Focusing whilst recording was also great because of the smooth focusing ring. The build quality of this lens is extraordinary, I felt as though you could use it as a baseball bat (please don’t try that). The image stabilization was also superb, combined with a good tripod (something I don’t have) you could really shoot run and gun with this lens. Unfortunately my $11 SunPak tripod just won’t make the cut.