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Tarch’s Old Fanarts - Day 30 - Bonus
Title: Battle-Ready Tonemapped
Date: Mid-November 2013

This picture shows tonemapping in action. Tonemapping is basically faking the HDR look of a picture. This approach is doing in in post-process, nowadays I’m working with HDR on render-time, not in post process. ;)


Grey day at Arbroath Harbour and Coastline

July 2017

While there is evidence for settlement of the area now occupied by the town that dates back to the Iron Age, Arbroath’s history as a town begins in the High Middle Ages with the founding of Arbroath Abbey in 1178. Arbroath grew considerably during the Industrial Revolution owing to the expansion of firstly the flax and secondly the jute industries and the engineering sector. A new harbour was built in 1839 and by the 20th century, Arbroath had become one of the larger fishing ports in Scotland.


Edinburgh Riding of the Marches Part 2

These guys left from City Chambers and marched half way down the Royal Mile, where they met up with the horses parading up from the opposite end.