childhood daemon headcanons
  • children asking their daemons to become very small, hiding them in their pockets, and trying to scare the other children by pretending they don’t have daemons at all
  • children and their daemons staying up reading far after their parents have put them to bed, their daemons becoming fireflies to light up the pages of their books
  • daemons playing “guess which animal I am,” asking their human to shut their eyes, turning into different animals, and having their human touch them and try to guess what animal they’ve become
  • nerdy children reading about an exotic animal and school, and asking their daemon to become that animal so they can study it better
  • kids and their daemons trying to scare each other, kids making crazy faces while their daemons transform into tarantulas and bats
  • children trick-or-treating with their daemons, making sure that the daemons form matches their costume perfectly
  • daemons turning in to fishes when their human counterparts don’t want to take a bath, trying to coax their humans into the water and show them that it isn’t scary
  • the daemons of children who don’t have coats and blankets turning into big bears to keep them warm in the winter
  • children taking care of their daemons. daemons taking care of their children.

with all her heart - for Marisa Coulter + Lord Asriel [listen]|[PC]

for ice-cold women and their fiery lovers as they become what they never believed they would; a clash of fate and consciousness

I. Drumming Song (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) - Florence + the Machine  | II. Bones - MSMR | III. Bedroom Hymns - Florence + the Machine | IV. Power & Control - Marina & the Diamonds | V. Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell | VI. Money Power Glory - Lana Del Rey | VII. Seven Devils - Florence + the Machine  | VIII. Courtyard Apocalypse - Alexandre Desplat | IX. Dark Doo Wop - MSMR | X. Oblivion - Bastille

talesofalife  asked:

Do you think young children's daemons manifest as little baby animals? When a person is born is a daemon in the womb with them or do they appear out of thin air? Has this been addressed before? These questions plague me!

Philip Pullman has only ever said one thing on the matter. “This is a difficult one, because I’ve never had to think about it. I’ve never had to talk about how daemons come into being because I didn’t write a scene in which a human character was being born. The gynaecology of daemons is a closed book to me. What I do know is about how they get their names: the parents’ daemons choose the name of the child’s daemon.” (source)

As for my personal headcanon on the matter?

I think when humans are infants, there daemons are baby animals, because the duo has no awareness of what adult animals even look like. But as they become toddlers and start learning more about the world, there daemons are able to take whatever forms they choose. I imagine that as children grow up a little (six or seven) and start wanting to be “big kids” children whose daemons still prefer to take baby animal forms would be picked on.

As far as daemon birth: when I was younger I imagined that as humans had sex, so would their daemons, and so daemons would be pregnant and give birth along with their human. Obviously, this poses some, uh, difficulties, as daemons can be anything from great white whales to butterflies. I like the idea of daemon pregnancy, but I guess my headcanon alternative would be… perhaps as an infant takes its first breath in the world, becomes something that Dust will eventually be interested in, gains its first piece of autonomy, perhaps Dust would collect in the air around it and resolve itself into the corporeal form of the child's daemon.

Anyone have any other thoughts on the matter?

Corruption and envy and lust for power. Cruelty and coldness. A vicious probing curiousity. Pure, poisonous, toxic malice. You have never from your earliest years shown a shred of compassion for sympathy or kindness without calculating how it would return to your advantage. You have tortured and killed without regret or hesitation; you have betrayed and intrigued and gloried in your treachery. You are a cess-pit of moral filth.

bloodstainedchessboard-deactiva  asked:

Ok but one thing that really confused me was: Lyra and Will are around 12-14 at the end of TAS, right? Well, if they can only live in another world for 10 years, and they can't leave open a window because Dust, couldn't they just open a new window every 10 years or so? Even though that would create a Spectre, it would only create 1 and they'd only end up opening maybe 7 windows in their lifetimes. How bad would it be?

This has ALWAYS bothered me! Specters are only afraid of one thing: the subtle knife. Because of this, it seems only logical that the subtle knife can kill or damage specters. So if Will is in possession of the only thing in the universe that can kill or damage specters, he could theoretically devote his life to hunting and killing specters thereby making up for the approximately 7 or 8 specters he could expect to create by cutting holes so he could see Lyra. Additionally, it is stated that feelings like love and passion create Dust, and Will and Lyra being together would surely create enough dust to make up for whatever dust would escape into the void during the few seconds it took them to climb through the hole in the universe.

However, I don’t think this is a mistake on behalf of Philip Pullman.

I think that Will and Lyra care so much about the Republic of Heaven, Dust and the fabric of the universe that the idea of damaging those things, even just a little, for their own selfish gain seems repugnant to them; especially to Will.

Keep in mind also that Will’s mother’s mental illness was created by specters, so to him, creating more specters to see Lyra might seem especially unconscionable.

The fact that they made a sacrifice that was so great to avoid doing such a small amount of damage speaks to the morality that they developed throughout the series. (for example, do you think Lyra would have made such a sacrifice at the beginning of The Golden Compass?)

I think that the magnitude of their sacrifice in comparison to the minimal amount of damage that they would have done by allowing themselves to see each other is part of what makes their parting so unbearably sad.

3xavion  asked:

Hello :) i adore phillip pullman and began reading his books when i was 7. Please could you give me a little information about the book of dust as this is the first i've heard of it thanks!

The Book of Dust is a not-yet-released companion book to the His Dark Materials trilogy. Philip Pullman has been teasing us with it since 2005, and every few years he alludes to the fact that it will be coming out within the next few years. We don’t know much about it, except that he has described it as a “big, big book,” and initially intended for it to follow a 16-year-old Lyra, although his plans may have changed since then.

The most recent news we have regarding the progress of The Book of Dust is a tweet from Philip Pullman on March 15 where he said that it will “probably” be finished by 2015, although  might not be published until 2016.


As suggested last year by mrscoulterOctober 6th to 12th is #hdmweek!

Hdmweek is a time for everyone in our tiny fandom to come together, discuss, create, connect and share.

 Last year, folks created all sorts of wonderful content and tagged it with #hdmweek, and a lot of that work got featured on this blog! So let’s see if we can do it again!

I will be tracking the tag, creating content, answering a bunch of your asks and doing dæmon analysis (for those of you who message me what you think your dæmon would be), and generally having a grand old time!

Let’s spread this around to everyone in our fandom! I am super pumped for this and I can’t wait to see what you all create over the upcoming week! don’t forget to tag it with #hdmweek!

Just some thoughts to contribute to HDMWeek

The thing I find really cool about His Dark Materials is that it presents the idea of the book of Genesis as God created a boring, two-dimensional universe, and Woman one-upped him and created the WORLD.

Because what is the world without sin? Boring. We would have nothing to fight for if the world was a paradise. We would never dream of anything better because it would already be perfect. We would have no passion, no drive, no goals, no desires. And as a side note we wouldn’t get to have sex. The “sin”, the conflict, the bad stuff that happens in life is what gives it depth and meaning and a reason to carry on. And that’s what Woman did in the Bible, according to Mr Pullman.

She defied God and brought depth and colour to the world by creating sin and refusing to live in a flat paradise, where everything is so fine and happy that there’s hardly any reason to live at all.

I mean come on, that is a pretty interesting way of looking at life, don’t you think? I’m not saying I agree with everything Mr Pullman writes about religion, but I think this is a pretty appealing re-vamp of Genesis.


his dark materials meme: favorite location [½] 
 lyra’s oxford

Just as she was unaware of the hidden currents of politics running below the surface of College affairs, so the Scholars, for their part, would have been unable to see the rich seething stew of alliances and enmities and feuds and treaties which was a child’s life in Oxford. Children playing together: how pleasant to see! What could be more innocent and charming

My Dæmon
Aruthey takes the form of Eurasian lynx, and she settled a good 6 or 7 years ago.
I’ve always had an “imaginary animal friend” according to my mum, also It used to be a cat anyway.
Aruthey is all in my head, I know, but I still make allowances for her, as if she was real, for example, I sleep really straight out, but off towards the side of my bed, so she would be able to lie alongside, or on top…

We’ve been through a fair bit, and she’s always steered me right.
In this universe, Aruthey might just be a flight of fancy, but to me she’s real, and I wouldn’t give the second voice in my head up for anything.