my little sister is so JKHJKAHSDFJDSFDLK

im playing in my piano Answer is Near and my sister come to me and says “one direction is moooooore best than OOR” she is SDFGHSDFG she always sing with me OOR songs but now she loves one direction.. and that so JHDAJSKFHSDJFLK

in my opinion OOR is sooo much better than one direction!!

i wanna kill her!! JDHFJKASDHFJ

gomen if my english not good T-T

my mom is so LOL
  • me trying sing naive astronaut
  • me:good-bye…~ good-bye…~
  • my mom:why you crying?
  • me:..... i'm not crying.. I'm singing
  • my mom:stop to cry!!
  • my mom:well stop singing
  • me:
  • my mom:
  • me:
  • my mom:
  • me:I can’t just stay~ I can’t just stay~
  • my mom:
  • me:----- IM NOT CRYING!!
  • LOL