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The hero’s bond

I absolutely love the fact that Wolf Link is in Breath of the wild. So much so that I thought it would have been even better to have had regular TP Link helping BOTW Link during his quest. 

So naturally I though of the possible conversations they would probably have, and after some daydreaming I made the connection that they have both had “almost something” relationships.  

And then BOOM! This came out of my head, to my drawing pad, then to your eyes!

I might actually keep making these if I think of some more stuff like this.

But at any rate, hope you like my art!

Edit: I have started the series, give it a look why dontcha?

The hero’s bond “Teamwork” Part-1


2017 Cheesy Zelda Valentines Part 1

The hero’s bond “Teamwork” Part-2



The hero’s bond (original post)

Sorry to keep those of you actually keeping up with this comic waiting so long.

I’ve been trying to shorten these, but I don’t wanna leave cliff hangers like this one and the last one, and I don’t want to make these mile long post that pester those just scrolling by.

also I notices that the tumblr app of this is garbage in the fact that people are not seeing my full post of these. so Ill try to make a work around.

But at any rate, keep your eyes peeled for the next one.:3


Tyler Hoechlin and Zelda Williams play Zelda for charity 

zeldawilliams We raised $5,172.32 for Brain & Behavior Research Foundation today, just by playing Legend of Zelda! Thank you guys so much for making today so fun and for helping us raise money for such a great cause via watching me be killed repeatedly by Moblins 😂👏🏼❤️
Thank you @lvlupdojo for hosting me, to @okgeorgie, @mrjakeabel, @ghostofjacobz, and @tylerl_hoechlin for stopping by to play with me and thank YOU ALL for helping support the cause!