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Traveling in Iceland gave a unique and wonderful experience of isolation, as though exploring on another planet. Léa and I spent two weeks traveling by camper van in the midst of an Icelandic winter. Living out of a van with limited wireless connection welcomed us to go days without human contact. Bitter winds, epic storms and icy roads constantly tested our minds, bodies and spirits. When the clouds parted to reveal the rugged landscapes and dramatic sunsets, we experienced it from a profound and new perspective.

Please enjoy this video of Iceland in full HD and with good speakers! Also, please like/comment/share to support my future travels and more videos like this!! Thanks :)

This video couldn’t have been made without the positive support of Léa Lefeuvre ! She was by my side while flying, keeping my hands warm, holding equipment, making food, and taking tons of photos!

Thank you to GO Campers Iceland for hooking us up with a wonderful camper van.

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Shot with:
- DJI Inspire 1 drone Zenmuse X3 Camera
- Canon 5D Mark III
- Edelkrone SliderPlus Pro

PC Specs:
  Lenovo K450 midtower
  Intel Core i7 4770 3.4 GHz
  16 GB RAM
  XFX Radeon R9 270x
  2 x 2 TB HDD

  AOC G2460P 144 Hz
  Samsung S24D340

  Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse
  Roccat Taito Mousepad

  Mad Catz v.5
Secondary Keyboard:
  Lenovo Accutype (bundled with PC build)

  Roccat Kave Solid 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

  Logitech HD Webcam C270 

  Samsung HT-D4500 Home Etertainment system

  Ikea “Fredde” Workstation

PS3 Slim

Pink iPod touch 5.Gen

As the Demand for Visual Effects Grows, a Shortage of Artists Looms Ahead

“There may not be enough artists to meet the every-increasing demand for visual effects shots, participants warned Thursday at the FMX animation and visual effects conference in Stuttgart, Germany.

‘The Matrix was only 420 VFX shots. These days, it’s 2,000 [shots], certainly on a Marvel film, and they have gone up to releasing one more movie per year,’ said Diana Giorgiutti, executive producer of features at Luma Pictures and a former Marvel producer.

'There needs to be an understanding of how long things take; I try to keep an open dialog [on changes],’ [said Lionsgate’s senior vp of VFX Kathy Chasen-Hay]. 'There is such a huge benefit to the digital age, but also with the digital age, everything is instant. The director can keep changing things up to the DI [digital intermediate color grading stage]. We can even change the DCP [the digital equivalent of a film print], because we want to accommodate the creative. We want to accommodate the director.’

She added that a VFX project might start with a 30 percent profit margin 'but when you’re finished, you’re lucky if it’s 5 percent margin, because you can’t control the creative. At the end of the day you have to make a call whether you are going to make changes [because you have a] relationship or go back and ask for overages. I think it’s really tough for any VFX vendor.’

Also discussed during the session was the move toward 4K 'Ultra HD’ resolution, which amounts to four times more data than regular HD. Speakers argued that there’s no time or budget to go to 4K in VFX. 'It will bring costs higher,’ Giorgiutti warned. 'And cost is just one part; there isn’t time.'”