hd masterpiece

universe: Such Great Heights

Titles: Such Great Heights and its sequel Scenes from a life

Author: @dddraconis

Ratings: NC-17 and M

Word counts: 93,312 and 22,551 (115,863 adding both parts)

Eras: Post-Hogwarts, EWE, Hogwarts 8th year (basically there’s a year gap between the end of the war and the beginning of their second 7th year at Hogwarts)

Warnings/Content: In the words of the author; “character death (minor, but important to a main character; see end of work for more clarification), nods towards PTSD for a range of characters, and teenage boys saying dumb things about bisexuality.”

Summaries: Draco Malfoy, wide-eyed and pale and in a decidedly ragged shirt, was crouched next to the pile of whatever the dragon had been eating. Harry threw himself to a halt and yelled, “Merlin, how many times do I have to save your life?” • Several years, several Christmases, several children.

Comment: So. I’ve kind of have a super long list that I named, being very original always, FICS TO READ ASAP. The thing is, I’m still working on the ASAP bit, mostly because the list is full of fics that I already know I will adore and cherish until the day I die, and I want to be ~in the perfect mood~ when I finally read them so I can fully appreciate them. Odd reason, maybe, but still a very valid one. Right? Anyway, I’ve been blabbling about this because Such Great Heights is one of those fics. I feel like it’s been on The List for ages, and I finally got around to sit down, take a deep breath, and start reading it. Needless to say, I fell in love right away.

It’s got… pretty much everything I ever dreamed of, to be honest. Harry being surrounded by all his friends right after the war and just, taking a break from all the chaos, the lot of them living together in Grimmauld Place and making it their home, platonic bed sharing between the golden trio (<333!!!), GORGEOUS characterisations of literally everyone I still cry about it, a DRAGON, I KID YOU NOT, and so much more. The dialogues were SO GOOD that sometimes I thought I was genuinely watching it all happen instead of just reading about it. Actually, scratch that, the writing style in itself kept me breathless and gagging for more all throughout the story. I fell in love right along the characters, I cried with them, I was happy with them, I felt relieved with them, and not just for them. This fic—it’s why I love Harry and Draco so much. It’s them.

I’m not going to talk about the sequel because a) you’ve probably noticed by now but I’m truly terrible at summaries, b) I don’t want to spoil anything and c) I’m still trying to recover from all of it, because yes, it’s very good, and yes, you should totally read it too.


This (now in HD) Reylo masterpiece, ladies and gents.

By Darknesseternity91 (not me)