hd beats

  • sony/micro$oft: bruh this one is far superior to the Competitor Model™, here are all these Important Specs™, this one runs on 7210 frames per minute and is super mega HD and could beat the crap out of the Other Model in a fight, KO instantly, this one will play the Classic Shooty Shooty Bang Bang COD™ games Superior to the Other Model™
  • nintendo: here is kirby he is pink, what about a yoshi...made out of wool - and also some super adorable figures to match, also there are some squids shooting eachother and say woomy a lot, dont forget sworn enemies mario and bowser playing tennis and having a Good Ol' Go Kart Race
  • pc players: *laughing manically in the distance*

Marco D. shares his desk.

This is my writing/blogging workstation. My iPad is my main home computer, and I use it for everything, from surfing the net, to photo and video editing.

  • iPad 2 White 64GB (+ Apple iPad Dock)
  • iPod 5th Generation White 30GB (+ Apple Universal Dock)
  • iPhone 3G Black 16GB (+ Apple iPhone 3G Dock)
  • iPhone 6 Plus Silver 64GB (+ Apple Blue Leather Case)
  • Beats Solo HD Blue (+ Brainwavz Quartz Headphones Stand)
  • Apple Wireless Keyboard 2011 Model & Apple Remote

submitted by Shane Rogers

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