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HDS (Heavydirtysoul) MUSIC VIDEO THEORY (one out of many I have):

Tyler is stuck inside a vessel (aka the car) that is being driven and controlled by Blurryface. It would seem Tyler has no control over the car or where it’s going because he has been forced to sit in the back seat and endure the ride that Blurryface has planned, and the things that will come with it. Blurryface’s car is unstable and if you haven’t noticed, its driving is erratic. He swerves constantly and somehow can’t stay on the right side of the road. His driving is uncontrolled, which just tells you something about Blurryface. Blurryface is unpredictable and can’t be controlled easily. Blurryface’s driving is not only a danger to the people trapped inside by him, but also the people around him (in this case Josh). The driving represents how unstable Blurryface makes things. 
Now Josh on the other hand is free from the car Tyler is in. In fact, he’s directly in the middle of the road and completely vulnerable to Blurryface’s car and it’s chosen path. He doesn’t know if the vessel Tyler is trapped in will decide to completely kill him, or decide to go around him and spare him for some hidden reason. He is willingly putting his life in Tyler’s hands, knowing that if he chooses, he can make Blurryface miss his target (which is Josh) and he ends up doing that and ALWAYS misses him.
Did you notice that there is no red around Josh’s eyes at all? His Blurryface is gone, he’s free from it’s vessel and now his mission is trying to help Tyler get out of his. Not only is he physically stuck inside Blurryface’s car, but he still has Blurryface INSIDE of him. He still has the black paint on his hands and neck. It’s a part of him. It will always be intertwined in him, and that’s something he has to accept and try and beat.
Did you also notice that every single time Blurryface drives Tyler past Josh the car looses a part, and becomes weaker and weaker? In fact it becomes so wrecked in the end, it goes up in flames. Tyler also always looks back at Josh either to see if he’s okay, or to see if he’s still there every time they pass.
Eventually the car slowly becomes non existent, and once the roof comes off Tyler is able to stand up. You can see a huge change in his mood once the roof comes off. He is now less confined and hidden than before, he’s out in the open and in a sense exposed. He’s now free of the vessel he was trapped in, and Blurryface is no longer in control, he’s no longer at the wheel. He can breathe and he starts letting go.
As the car slowly comes up to Josh for the last time in the video, the car goes up in flames and Tyler jumps out and joins him for a short while before the night ends. 
In the morning you see Blurryface once again driving Tyler inside his vessel and drives him down the same exact road again. He captures him again. Why? Because Tyler is always going to have the same exact battle with Blurryface and the vessel that he has trapped him in. It’s an ongoing battle, and it happens every single day. He can’t escape that, and if you see him in the car at the end of the video, he has his head down and it looks like he’s tired. Tired of what? Tired of the constant battle he has to go through. He also looks as if he’s used to it, as if he knows what’s coming.
In the beginning they were going around in circles all day as they were passing Josh repeatedly. They never changed course, it was a repetitive cycle that he couldn’t escape from until the vessel was completely destroyed.

He can’t escape the battle, but he always knows he will be set free at some point in the journey. He knows that Josh will always be there waiting for him in the middle of his Blurryface’s path, to help him help himself to destroy his Blurryface.