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For anyone who is timeline or date-obsessed like I am, I figured I’d make this post and throw it out there.

The new Honda Civic commercial was filmed on July 27th, probably in Chicago, since that was their hub at the time.

Back when the Honda Civic Tour Diary Part 2 was released, I paid attention to this little clip of Liam talking about Louis ripping his shirt open onstage the night before (which happened on July 26th).

So I made a mental note that this clip was filmed on the 27th, whatever it may have been. If you watch that tour diary video closely, you can see the wardrobe RV they’re in, and they’re obviously in a warehouse with high ceilings. I figured it was some sort of photo/video shoot.

Here in the HCT Tour Diary, you can see a bit of their surroundings:

Notice the pattern on the walls.

Then look at the Civic commercial:

Same walls. Liam’s shirt also matches in both videos.

Lou Teasdale also posted on Snapchat about a shoot on the 27th.

If you’ll notice the lady in the vertical stripes, she’s the one dressing Liam in the Tour Diary video:

Also to add, Niall posted on IG about hanging out with the Fullwell crew on what would have been the night of July 27th.

So blah blah blah, long story short, this commercial was filmed on July 27th for anyone who cares about being precise with dates /o\


One Direction - On The Road Again Tour Diary from the Honda Civic Tour: Part 2

Paramore Playlists!

Well, everything is all uploaded!  The recent shows I went to aren’t the only Paramore vids I have, though, so I thought I’d link them all for any new followers to my blog and videos.  :)

Paramore @ The Meyerhoff, Baltimore, MD 5/11/15 Writing the Future

Paramore @ The Borgata, Atlantic City 5/08/15 Writing the Future Tour

Paramore @ Beacon Theatre, NYC 5/06/15 Writing the Future Tour

Paramore + Fall Out Boy @ Montage Mountain, Scranton, PA 8/31/14 Monumentour

Paramore + Fall Out Boy @ Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD 7/18/14 Monumentour

Paramore Q&A @ Parahoy 3/10/14

Paramore @ Parahoy Show #2 3/09/14

Paramore @ Parahoy Show #1 3/07/14

Parahoy Outtakes + Paraoke @ Parahoy, March 7-11, 2014

Anaheim (Honda Center), CA 9/19/10 Honda Civic Tour (Paramore, Tegan & Sara, New Found Glory, and Kadawatha)

San Diego (Viejas Arena), CA 9/18/10 Honda Civic Tour (Paramore and Tegan & Sara)

Hershey (Star Pavilion), PA 8/07/10 Honda Civic Tour (Paramore, Tegan & Sara, New Found Glory, and Kadawatha)

Columbia (Merriweather Post Pavilion), MD 7/31/10 Honda Civic Tour  (Paramore, Tegan & Sara, New Found Glory, and Kadawatha)

Harrington (Delaware State Fair), DE 7/24/10 Honda Civic Tour (Paramore and Tegan & Sara)


Kelly Clarkson // People Like Us // Live

things i noticed about the tour diary
  • they’re doing tour diaries ????????????????????????????
  • NO solo harry interview 
  • lots of niall and liam talking 😍 
  • seriously harry doesn’t talk at all
  • niall being a fanboy
  • louis and lottie !!!!! 
  • sarah’s kitchen 
  • they ARE recording and there are NO mattresses in sight
  • lots of ot3 especially at the beginning
  • could they make it more obvious that they are trying to get rid of the ‘harry the frontman’ image