Just a little note to say the request event is now over.
You can, of course, still ask me things, but I’d like to lay off the matchups for a while (they’re a lot of fun, but they also take a large chunk of my time).

So thanks to anyone who sent in a request! I’ll be releasing the rest of the matchups and hc’s this week.

btw, for the HQ!! second years fantasy/space mercenary/assassin au, I meant the karasuno second years.

Hi @bittersweetoranges!

Well, the short answer is ‘very much’.
The long answer is this:

I went for steampunk cowboys, because why the hell not. Heavily influenced by the old A-Team tv show (look it up young-uns)
For best effect, play this while reading.

In the barren desert of the Wilder West, in an alternate time line, somewhere in the future, live the Dirty Crows. That was not the name they chose for themselves (they wanted Double Black) but it is the one they have now. They are a crack commando unit, veterans of the civil war, who were sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade and went underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can hire The Dirty Crows.

Chikara 'Sarge’ Ennoshita

The charismatic if slightly weary leader of the Dirty Crows. He comes up with the strategies. He has a tendency to draw detailed maps of their situation, so he can pinpoint where to strike and direct his team to the best place and role for them. Loves it when a plan comes together. He’s a dead shot with pistols. Has at least three of them, two on his sides and one in his right boot. Narita suspects that there’s a number more hidden on his body. He has a large bowie knife strapped to his chest that he’s only ever used to cut rope and gut fish, but his mates fear that should it come to blows, he’d be really good with it. His most prized possession is a small ‘camera obscura’ that he mostly uses to take pictures of sunsets. This is dumb, because it makes pictures in black and white.
The Shenanigans: Is usually the one who has to mop up after any chaos that has occurred, which causes a fair amount of stress. He has a small, copper fronted slide guitar and when he’s feeling particularly bad, he’ll whip it out at night, by the camp fire, and sing the blues. Most of his lyrics consists of how much of a headache his team mates give him. Once got into a weird situation where a pack of coyotes joined him in howling at the moon. It took a well aimed string of firecrackers to disperse them again.

Kazuhito 'Doc’ Narita

Was the corporal under Ennoshita while they were still enlisted and is an earnest and calm person. He has a background as a scientist and worked for the Queen’s Medical College before he was drafted into the army. Still has a bit of a knack for brewing things. He does an amazing cough syrup out of snake poison that also cures arthritis and 'exhaustion of the loins’. Can make fuel out of a ridiculous number of components and, last but no least, manages to make an awful lot of things blow up. Usually intentionally! Carries a rifle on his back that is perfectly maintained and oiled.
The Shenanigans: Please note that Narita’s experiments sometimes blow up even when not intended. The team has taken to hiding out in abandoned mines and just giving Narita a cave further away in which to make his grenades and play around with sleeping gas. Also: it took him quite a few tries before he perfected his Narita Miraculous Cough Serum. An earlier version turned Noya blue, once. Did cure his cough though.

Hisashi 'Kuroko’ Kinoshita

Nicknamed after the black stagehands in traditional Japanese theatre. Kinoshita has a way of blending into the background. He’s gained this ability through years of being too lazy for his chores, but not lazy enough to concoct complex plans to avoid them. Does a lot of spywork and setting up traps. He’s an amazing sniper, and he wears a set of goggles with different pairs of glasses in them to aid his duties. There’s different magnifying glasses to see better at differing ranges, there’s some green ones that help him see in the dark, and at least one pair he doesn’t want to discuss. Tanaka thinks they see underneath people’s clothes, while Narita is convinced that he just uses them to win at poker somehow.
PS: Narita has never won a game of poker against Kinoshita. Ever.
The Shenanigans: Still kinda lazy. Like, sometimes Ennoshita will need him for something and the guy is nowhere to be found. Then he’ll suddenly show up hours later, pockets filled with money he managed to gamble out of some unsuspecting saloon players.

Ryuunosuke 'Berserk’ Tanaka

Tanaka worked aboard a galleon as powder monkey when he was a child. His role was to run gunpowder from below deck to the crew at the top during naval battles. This instilled in him a love of blowing stuff up, and a deep hate of fish and rum. He’s a brawler, mostly, turning into a weird sort of dust devil and causing intense amounts of chaos when let loose upon an unsuspecting enemy, or group of enemies. He has copper plated gloves with hidden blades in the knuckles to help him in a hand-to-glove fight, and a string of explosives in case he’s about to lose said fight. If that’s still not enough ass kicking, there’s the shotgun, named Bertie, on his back. This is only for emergencies, though, since the gun is a bit old and worn, and half the time it blows up in his face.
The Shenanigans: Where do we even start? There is Bertie, who has nearly killed Tanaka as many times as she (oh it’s a she alright) has saved his life. And then there’s Tanaka’s biggest weakness: the other sex. He cannot harm a woman and will try to woo her even if she’s holding a gun to his head. This is mostly a problem if they’re up against oil baronesses or female government spies. On the other hand, this has gotten him away from death’s door at least once (she felt sorry for him and let him go).

Yuu 'the Tank’ Nishinoya

They don’t call him that because he is built like a tank. Oh no. Even though he is surprisingly tough for a man of his nimble stature, Noya gained his nickname for his ability to turn practically anything into a fully functioning tank. The small mechanic grew up working for the Transcontinental Railroad as a child, tinkering with steam engines and fixing plating on long journeys fraught with bandit attacks. Give him some barrels, some random furniture and a pack of gum, and he will build you a rolling fortress. Noya does not carry weapons, since you can’t really use them while driving a vehicle where the viewing port is the size of your thumb. He is, however, the perfect height for groin kicks, if it ever comes to hand to hand fighting.
The Shenanigans: Noya is not a fan of horses, the main mode of transportation for the Crows, because he was kicked by one once, and also he can’t reach to get on. Him and horses just don’t get along. He usually and very grumpily shares a horse with one of his mates. One time they hid in a barn and Noya freaked out so much about the smell, that the horses ended up crashing through the barn door and giving away their location (they managed to slip out the back while the enemy was preoccupied with not being overrun by a bunch of angry horses).