aires163: So what exactly is it that they want you to do Coppercog?

You proceed to help the pony build the thing for Queen Chrysalis. You slowly learn the basics of his technology, and eventually are even able to suggest improvements in his techniques. With lots of hard work and dedication, you manage to make the thing work in a record time, learn a lot about each other’s species, and even build a strong relationship.

This all of course takes several months, as engineering montages and loves at first sight are dumb concepts, for both science and personal relationships require a lot of time to develop and cannot be rushed.

annomaniac: Yhsrettulf?
darkfiretaimatsu: > Be Yhsrettulf.
dac0n: yhsrettulf ofc! didn’t see her for a long time now :/
nikil-san: Yhsrettuif
askchemique: > Be Yhsrettulf.

You are Yhrettulf. Her majesty has sent you on a very important mission: a pony will arrive shortly, and you must assist him during his stay. You cannot understand why a pony would be allowed in the hive at all, but you shall not question the authority.

You have never seen a pony before. You are very nervous because you have heard terrible things about them, but you will not disappoint your hive. You are sure you can do this. You are ready.

CC:  This place looks pretty nice and peaceful.
YS:  You can see the whole hive from this spot.
CC:  Excellent, that’s exactly what we need.
CC:  Let’s do some engineering, miss Yhsrettulf!

YS:  You know changelings can see ponies’ feelings, right?
CC:  Yes. Oh… I’m sorry.
YS:  Why? Are you ashamed of your feelings?
CC:  Yes. No, I… You have been an excellent friend. I’ve learnt so much about your species, and… you’ve been so kind to me, all the time…
CC:  These months next to you have been wonderful. I guess I’ve grown fond of you…
YS:  So what’s the problem?
CC:  I… I have never had a special somepony. I don’t think I even understand how love works. What could I possibly offer you as a lover?
CC:  I’m not fun or interesting. I’m not even a full pony. I’m a crippled wannabe unicorn. You would be better off with any other creature.

YS:  We are close to the balcony, you will work there.
YS:  Er, Her Majesty said so. I hope that’s ok with you.
CC:  I’m sure it will be fine, miss Yhsrettulf.
CC:  As long as I have all the materials and my tools, anywhere is good.

brainy-twilight: Yes, but what exactly did you -build-?

aires163: That’s a rather curious contraption. What’s its purpose?

cyberprincesstwilight: So now that you’ve built the device… what exactly is it supposed to do?

lastenline: It looks like you’ve made a very fancy nightlight. I’m assuming it has some other function. Which is what exactly?

YS:  The generator is online and stable. Her majesty will arrive shortly to see it work.
CC:  I am quite proud of the results. It’s been great working with you, Yhsrettulf.
YS:  Thank you. Same to you.
CC:  I guess I better grab my things. Now that my work is done, there’s no…
YS:  Coppercog…

sonicdash: Hope you arent too startled by her appearance Copper?

You very reluctantly reveal your true appearance to the visitor. He seems not to burst into insecticidal rage upon beholding your changeling body, as you kind of expected from a pony. You can see that he instead feels a bit surprised and… reminiscing? That is strange, but at least him not wanting to murder you can be considered a step in the right direction. Maybe you can do this, after all.

CC:  Oh, no, madam. Or sir. I would never do that.
YS:  But ponies always attack changelings. Because we feed off you.
CC:  Yes. That’s why I’m here. So that nopony hurts a changeling ever again.
CC:  Could you tell me your name? Or your actual gender, at least?
YS:  I… I’m Yhsrettulf. I’m a girl.
CC:  Good. I’m pleased to meet you, Yhsrettulf. You can trust me.
CC:  Do you think you could show me your true appearance, please?

mad-mechanic-glimmer: Wait… why was that last image tagged #treason?

You guide the pony through your hive towards the area where you were instructed to take him. He is a bit concerned that your siblings react to his presence in fear and hostility, but, as you tell him, Her Majesty has ordered that no changeling shall disturb him during his stay. He understands that this is a very irregular situation, and assures that he will not cause any problems.