TS:  Absolutely not. You take that thing out of my house this instant.
CC:  But miss Sparkle, I really need that spell.
TS:  A library is a place of reason and knowledge. Technology is based on credulity and superstition. Those dumb ideas about powering machines using invisible subparticles that move along wires, they are just a bunch of religious mumbo-jumbo.
CC:  But it works if you have faith, and I have it. Please, madam, couldn’t you at least try?

That was awkward, but you got what you needed. You leave Ponyville’s library after returning your portable thaumic pattern recorder, now loaded with a level 2 portalling spell, to your ponventory.

You wish you could help miss Sparkle see the benefits of technology, but you refuse to force your beliefs onto other ponies. Doing that is what gives engineers such a bad name. You must respect her choice.

You cross this task out of your list and check which one to do next.

  1. Some food.
  2. Clothes.
  3. Magic spells.
  4. Thaumoreactive gems.
  5. A pet.

Which one do you choose?

(I have already collected all items)

TS:  What? Why not?
CC:  I’m not a real unicorn, you see. My horn is prosthetic, I can levitate light objects, but I can’t cast any spells.
TS:  If so, what is the point of ordering one at all?
CC:  Well, I… I’m going to need you to cast it for me, and I’ll save the result for later use.
TS:  That’s crazy talk. There are ways to contain the effects of spells, but you can’t just store and transport them.
CC:  Not with just magic, no.

TS:  Mr Coppercog, the next time that you wish to order a spell from me, I’d appreciate that you use the regular mail and not my dragon. Spike is my means of communication with princess Celestia, and I will not tolerate that you use him without his consent.
SP:  I really don’t mind, Twilight. Plus, the topaz that he included with the letter was delicious.
TS:  That’s not the point, Spike. How do I know that my channel of communication with the princess hasn’t been further tampered with?
CC:  But I didn’t…
CC:  Oh.
CC:  I’m very sorry, Ms Sparkle, I promise it won’t happen again.