You can’t help but notice that your dopamine and norepinephrine levels become abnormal when you are nearby this pegasus. There is something in her innocence and her love towards nature that makes her amazing in your eyes. You would like to stay with her for longer, maybe go for a walk or invite her for dinner…

jayekib: Its a spider, yay!

CC:  Can I please adopt him, Miss Fluttershy?
FS:  Of course! I’m so glad he has finally found somepony willing to give him a good home.
CC:  Thank you very much! Hmm, eight… I’ll call him… Byte! We will be best friends forever!
CC:  How much do I owe you for him?
FS:  Nothing, all adoptions are free. Oh… but we would be grateful if you decided to donate a few bits to my foster home for pets. If that’s ok with you.

ask-hobby-nobby: Is it a cockroach? I bet it’s a cockroach.

ask-firequillmoonstone: Oooh! Is this a spider? A crab?

lastenline: Some sort of rodent? Maybe she has a pangolin in need of a good home? Pangolins are cool. They have built in scale mail +1.

FS:  An itsy bitsy spider! Nopony before has ever wanted to adopt him. Bugs aren’t very popular pets.
CC:  Sweet Bermeia! He’s perfect!
CC:  In Hisponya, spiders are said to be good omens. This superstition is, of course, derived from the fact that spiders clean our homes from mosquitoes, parasprites, and other pests which could otherwise spread diseases.
CC:  Plus, it has eight legs. That makes up for my lack thereof.

nulloctagon: Mod, why must you make the internets sad.

brainy-twilight: Aww, don’t be like that! I know for a fact there’s SOMEONE out there who’ll love you just the way you are!

myflavorcountry: Oh, Copper, don’t let that doubt cloud your mind. Where is that can do attitude, the one that never gives up no matter what? Dig deep, take hold, by a madman’s say, ask the dang girl out!

krtbuni: Copper, you are a handsome stallion and, frankly, I think your legs make you more attractive. Call me a boring post-equinist if you’d like, but I think you have every right to think of yourself as attractive, capable, and deserving. If you want to ask that mare out, ask her! If she rejects you out of hoof because of your legs, it’s her fault for being shallow.

askbrfrancis: Dude, pull yourself together! Negative thoughts about yourself aren’t going to do anypony any good.

You exit the meadow and continue your journey, wishing Miss Fluttershy a good day and leaving her wondering if it was something she said.

You have stuff to do. Go do it.

  1. Some food.
  2. Clothes.
  3. Magic spells.
  4. Thaumoreactive gems.
  5. A pet.

What will you do now?

(I have already collected all items)

skultech: How about a cute little critter to keep you company?

krakzyblog: it can get lonely out there ya know? its a good idea to get a good ol pet to be by your side

tofferpumpkin: Pet get the pet go

Since you don’t know many ponies in Ponyville yet, you should get a pet to keep you company. You go back to that nice meadow you saw before. There were a lot of animals there, maybe that kind pegasus would allow you to adopt one.

ask-changelingspy: That teal-eyed mare that helped you before seemed to have quite the knowledge about animals, she may help you find a pet.

nulloctagon: I wanna see what he’s going top pick up and have following him around ^^

Miss Fluttershy is delighted that you considered letting a little forest creature into your life. She will do her best to help you find the one that best suits your needs and likings. Which one did you have in mind?

smilingshroud: Awwwwwwww.

meckapie: Well go for it you old Romeo you!

airrazer: Come on cog ask her out, just be your suave, regal self and I’m sure it will go along just fine.

krosis-the-changling: Stay calm, Coppercog. She’s a shy pony. Try casually asking if she would like to have dinner sometime.


Look at her. She’s an angel. A wonderful, flawless creature. She is the most beautiful mare you have ever met. What could you possibly offer her? You are worthless. You are a cripple. What makes you even think somepony like her could ever like a pathetic slug like you?

Go away now. Don’t waste any more of her time.

External image

Byte the spider has joined your team. When equipped in your pet slot, he raises your morale and lowers your loneliness points. You place him on your ponventory so he’s safe until you finish your current quest.

You also make a generous donation of one hundred bits to Fluttershy’s foster home for pets. You were given a huge budget for this mission, so you can afford it.