: I think Fluttershy shold help Copper out!

You are now Fluttershy.

Oh your goodness oh your goodness that pony hit that tree so hard that his legs tore off of his body and his horn snapped and you are not a doctor so you have no idea what you are doing and you don’t even know who he is and you are getting way too close to him for comfort, sweet Celestia how do you even deal.

aires163: Fluttershy: Make sure he isn’t severely injured.

krakzyblog: coppercog: retrieve arms er, i mean legs

You deal adorably.

Everything’s fine, it seems that this is one of those famous disassemblable ponies you have never heard so much about. Once his horn is in its place, he can put his body back together, much to your relief, while you tend to his inertia-derived bruises.

Although you are too shy to indulge in small talk, he tells you a bit about himself. His name is Coppercog and he comes from the far away land of Hisponya. He says that he is moving to Ponyville, and apologizes for meeting you in such a kinematical manner.