Up until that point at Holby, Serena as a woman and a thinking and feeling person is basically ignored. People are intimidated by her, professional with her (as she is with them) and that kind of thing - but she is the resident caregiver it seems. She’s there as the sounding board when people’s lives fall apart around her and no one really gives a shit that her life is falling apart repeatedly.

It’s just this repeated trend where Serena’s falling apart and desperately clinging at her professionalism to keep her head above water and no one but Bernie has ever thrown her a life preserver. When Serena has a bad day, Bernie drops her own problems (the ex draining their bank accounts) and basically says “Serena, I’m here and we’ve got this.” Bernie is acutely tuned in to what bothers her “It’s Arthur isn’t it?” - just one thing after the other. Bernie watches Serena and notices and makes an effort to help her.

It’s always bothered me how little Bernie says to Serena about her feelings (I know it’s just not her), but thinking about this today - I just get it. I get why Serena fell in love quickly and harshly. [x]