HCF Episode 210, Technology will always be the future....


If there was a way to detach Cameron from Donna, I would be delighted. If there was a way to see Donna become an independent CEO of her own Company I would be ecstatic and more than anxious for S3. But as it is Cameron is part of an assembled cast. Even though I envision nothing progressive about her character. She advances but at a snail’s pace compared to the rest of her cast mates and it’s not like she hasn’t been given the material to grow from. I’m still having issues with this ‘girl genius’ in that even though the writers have confirmed they wrote Cameron as a tyrant in S2. It doesn’t appear consistent from paper to screen thought. I like my antagonists to either be outright evil or wolves in sheep’s clothing, clearly defined. I loathed Joffery [GOT] but loved how evil he was at the same time. Shane [TWD S1/2] got on my nerves but you could see his dilemma, reasoning and eventual breakdown. I could name more but the point I am making is that none of these ‘tyrants’ had an easy time of it. None of them were painted as being a saviour of the show, or particularly nice. Cameron is wrong as many times yet each time we ended the episode, almost, hoaxed into sympathising with her. Why should we sympathise with a women who is blessed with a high IQ yet does not see the benefits of new age concepts, does not listen to advice, or respect those whose stand by her rude, ignorant, teenage tantrums, and for no wages to for their own livelihood. Honestly I would embrace this character openly if the writers would just be bold enough to paint her in colours other than sugar pink. The whole season Donna stood by Cameron, took her outbursts, her refusal to listen to her, Donna having to fight for her vision to be realised should have been something Cameron could relate to. Yet when Donna is at the end of her tether, her emotional and physical self-exhausted all Cameron could do to console her was,

Cameron: “I don’t know what it’s like…marriage. Being married…I won’t pretend to understand. What you and Gordon have….don’t, I mean that’s something only you two can figure out. I do know that once in a while…life can give us a sign. Lead us to a different place, make good things come out of bad. If it won’t for Cardiff Electric they would never have been a Mutiny and…if it wasn’t for Gordon Clarke I would never have met you…..Listen I don’t want to add to your misery here but the coffee makers broken…so I think we should move to California”

I can’t take Cameron’s speech as a ‘pick me up’ to her friend when her body language is sleazing her way into another motive. She says what a women like Donna would want to hear, then breaks the concentration her words lulled her into with a joke. Next comes the real incentive for Cameron to be giving Donna the time of day, or night.  Cameron can’t leave without Donna, since Community was her idea. All Cameron knows is gaming and that is no longer relevant. If Cameron has to be in S3, please let’s have this girl shed her skin and reveal the real vixen that lays there. No more trying to force us to see her humane side when her motives and actions have exposed otherwise. Season finale and I cringed through all of Cameron Howe’s scenes. I just cannot even force myself to relate to this girl. Sorry KD.

Now I love Donna. The girl has passion, conviction, patience, is resilient. She is one of three that has gone through a tumultuous journey through S2. Struggling to balance roles as a wife, mother and businesswomen. I may not have always agreed with her [especially when it came to Cameron] but her progression has made me care for her, to root for her. It’s just a shame that during the end of the Season I could not talk about Donna without mentioning Cameron in the same paragraph. It seems like Donna and Cameron had turned into husband and wife, with the techs as their children. Ironic since Donna by her own admission was the ‘mother’ of the camp in 2.01 and Cameron just as well the absent parent that Donna has become to her daughter. I dearly wanted Donna to break away from her Cameron chains in the finale and either with or without Gordon, establish her own Company. One where, after a progressing form S1 help, to S2 partner, she would be promoted to run her own business as she sees fit. Maybe that is yet to come in S3 because collaborating these two women only showed me [in my opinion] that Donna was the more visionary and Cameron the weakest link.


Therapist: “OK, It’s the morning. You can’t find your glasses….Go!”

Gordon: [dramatically] “Oh no…I can’t find my glasses. I’m never gonna be able to see again. I’m blind…Oh No.”

Therapist: “Rather than caption what’s happening why don’t you tell us how your feeling.”

Gordon: “Right now, I feel like I’m wasting my time.”

The only time I enjoyed Gordon and Donna’s scenes together was when she was watching his frustration in group therapy and their honest conversation in the bedroom….finally! I can understand the writers simmering the moment until the finale to turn up the heat but it’s been a very disheartening to see the Clarkes marriage break down to such a degree.  You could tell very early on in the Season that they were mentally growing apart and only devastation would bring them together seeking familiar comfort, i.e. Donna’s dispirit after Cameron willing to lose Community to cover costs, Gordon’s health confession. But even so the Clarkes each had a secret yet only Gordon confessed to one day extra martial affair. I don’t condone cheating when you are in an established relationship but I don’t blame Gordon for his moment of weakness. Donna didn’t over-react when she found out but I was taken back by her solution [read Camonna’s terms and conditions]

Donna: “I don’t want to be the women that leaves her husband when he is sick, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I thought a lot about what you said and I think your right, this marriage isn’t working so we have to do what’s best for the kids and what’s best for us. So here are my terms. You’re going to write a check….it’s gonna be almost as much money that we have and were going to use it to buy a 30/30 mainframe and not only that you are going to help me fix it up and get it running again. The Mainframe is in Daily City, so yes you are going to move to California. We all are. That is what it costs to fix our marriage”

Cameron has certainly succeeded in influencing Donna more than her own mother could. At this stage I’m wondering why Gordon would want to bother saving his marriage when it clearly is crumbling by its foundations. Yes, he would be parted from his daughters and yes from the women he loves but as cruel as it seems, this term is not the best for Gordon no matter how you look at it. I think Joe will do a better job in looking after Gordon, lol Ted and John, teddy-man bromance comes to mind. I’m taking it that the writers have Donna keep her abortion a secret for it to be a finale blow up of their marriage in S3. It was a bittersweet minute when Gordon talked about having another child and Donna reached for her empty belly. Gordon has given it all up but I don’t think his dream about holding a new baby will ever come true.


The highlight….no, the white gold of HCF is Joe and Gordon’s not-related sibling relationship. S1 will always be my favourite purely because of its wealth in Joe and Gordon interactions. It’s sad we didn’t get more of these two in S2 but I think scenes in 210 more than makes up for it as it sets the stage for a turbulent S3 between the boys. I can see why all the lack of communication that’s ben frustrating me comes into play, or has been playing all along. Gordon does not tell Donna he is working of a programme called Sonaris, Cameron doesn’t let on that she has the Sonaris virus, she gives it too Joe who innocently wipes out WestNet. Gordon tells Donna that Joe had one foot in California already so had no idea about WestNet, Donna says she co-agreed with Cameron to give Joe the Sonaris virus. Because Cameron gave the virus disk to Joe, which I’m assuming Gordon did not know he still had it, so also gave him the cure. So both Cameron and Gordon gave Joe his next big idea. Now Gordon will get temperamental as this was all Gordon’s work taken by Joe…..again. But I hope Cameron gets called on this too. She gave Joe Sonaris gift wrapped when it wasn’t hers to give. The fact that Joe came up with an idea to revolutionise it is beside the point. So I am looking forward to S3 to watch Joe and Gordon working together again. I don’t envision them staying loggerheads for too long, especially if/when Donna’s little secret is exposed along with the titbit that it was Cameron who drove her to the clinic. Gordon is not long for Mutiny.

Joe: “I just came by to give you something.”

Gordon: “What is this….a PROM?”

Joe: “It’s from the one we revered engineered.”

Gordon: “You saved this.”

Joe: “I’ve always kept it as a private touchstone. Nice to have when times are tough. Sounds stupid but…It always kept me going.”

Gordon: “Maybe you should hold onto it.”

Only Gordon ever seemed to care about how or from where Joe was coming from. It’s sad to think in the finale, after discovering MacMillan Utility, that Gordon will go back to believing Joe is as toxic as Donna claims. Gordon also seems to be the only one to realise how important Sara was to Joe. It’s another shame that Sara never got to interact with anyone outside her father and husband apart from that brief dinner date with the Clarkes and Cameron in the parking lot. The way Gordon always stuck up for her in front of his wife and rooted for her with Joe, made it appear Gordon and Sara could have made good friends. The Joe would have had two people in common, and in common with each other.

Gordon: “I was the one who wrote the code that took everything down, ok, it was me….”

Joe: “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

Gordon: “Yeah but neither did you.”

Joe: “I appreciate that….but doesn’t really matter.”

Gordon: “well, what about Sara?  …..Joe, damn it…you’re a good man. You make it difficult for other people to see that, but I see it and I suspect she had something to do with that.”

Joe: “Is that supposed to make me feel better”

White Gold!…just please keep the focus on Joe and Gordon in S3.


Even though I knew the divorce was coming I was very deflated not to see Sara make an appearance in the finale. Her U-turns throughout midseason were inconsistent to say the least but I had hoped the finale we would get some answers from her. This could be just my delusional hopes and predictions but taking some hints from 210, I feel very optimistic that not only will Sara wheeler be in S3 but that she and Joe still have a chance. I can’t help myself I just loved how genteel she had made Joe. I loved their playfulness as a couple and the significant occasions when they’d talk and Sara would shower a worried Joe with love and reassurances. They were just full of substance and beautiful.    

First the look of expectance then pain when Joe found out Sara had already come by that morning and signed the divorce papers was just heart-breaking. I don’t give Sara full credit for Joe’s suicidal drive, since many factors came into play for that but the camera kept focusing at brief moments on Joe’s wedding band, how he would rub it. Which I am interpreting as he was taking comfort from what he has left of Sara since she in no longer close. That wedding ring is now his only connection to her and if not that then the memory of having it on. For a man who’s worn his wedding band a short a time as Joe has, he sure did notice its absence.

Joe: “I don’t care about Jacob Wheeler”

Gordon: “Then screw him…do it for Sara….when we came to dinner here that night, you said to me, “She makes all the suffering we do worth it” and I’m telling you…that is not an easy thing to come by and when you do…its….it’s even harder to make it last. I don’t know….maybe it can’t but…I do know you’ll hate yourself everyday if you don’t at least try.”

Joe: “Ok…Ok”

Then the hug…..goodness those two deserve so much praise for that scene. In fact all the HCF actors deserve full praise for all their hard work. I hope the network realises what a powerhouse of talent they have on HCF.

Now to me that moment when Joe looks at the floppy Disk and his wedding band, was Joe getting a lightbulb signalling a vision that leads to another great idea, and him debating what comes first….idea or Sara. Then I go back to how Joe kept his Mainframe venture from Sara basically to impress Jacob but also Sara and how Sara wanted Joe to start his own Company. Both put together and my over active mind conjures up that Joe is going to start on his own first, build something without meddling in other peoples affairs. Fore fill his thirst for bigger and better. Then go after winning Sara back. When Joe took is idea/virus/cure to the man whose name escapes me, he was still wearing his wedding band. The only time I notice it gone is right at the end [when Joe is doing his Christian Grey/skyline impression] he still rubs his ring-less finger and look on with a determined expression. I think he took off his wedding band to focus on MacMillan Utility but the determination to win Sara back is still there. If it wasn’t and it was all said and done. Then we could have done without that last scene. But now Joe Macmillan is back and with a purpose to build a business and reclaim the women he loves. That’s how I’d like to finish S2 of HCF.  If I was given one pick out of a dozen for S3, it’s that the writers please delve into Sara’s character more.

Thank you again for reading my ramblings. I have enjoyed watching S2 HCF and even more writing about it. I know I’ve written as if S3 was already a confirmed deal but I have high hopes it will be. They have a great team of writers and super talented cast. Technology will always be the future so HCF’s journey is still not over. There are more stories to tell!

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HCF 2.09

Oh no… This episode was so bittersweet and ironic.

Joe still loves Cameron. His face at the end totally gave it away, he looked so crushed. And I believe that what Cameron said to him and their kiss was genuine, too, regardless of what Cam had in mind. There was just too much longing in that moment from both sides to be fake. The sad part is that Joe didn’t have to be collateral damage. The way I see it Joe and Cam pretty much wanted the same thing. Both of them wanted to get revenge on Jacob Wheeler and WestNet, and both of them wanted to see Mutiny survive, Joe really cared about Cam succeeding. I wonder whether it was necessary to leave Joe out of Cam’s plan? What would have happened if Cam had been honest with him and told him that she put Sonaris on the disk? Couldn’t they have collaborated and worked out a plan together? Joe wouldn’t have felt manipulated and sabotaged by her, but both of them still would’ve got what they wanted, without anyone being collateral damage. I don’t think it would’ve ruined Sara and Joe’s marriage, either, since Joe wouldn’t have spoken up against Jacob publicly. WestGroup would have had a hard time tracking back the virus and where it came from. 

It’s tragic, too, because I do believe that Joe and Cam are on the same level. It’s just that the level they’re on comes with a passionate love-hate-dynamic, but at the end of the day they are equals.

It turned out that Sara didn’t really love him, either. She loved a version of him that she wanted him to be, which is kind of selfish. At least Cam fell in love with his authentic side, warts and all. 

Honestly, I can kind of understand that Joe has enough of everyone and wants to leave and start over in California, even if that means returning back to his old self. Maybe it’s better that way, after all. Although I don’t understand why he feels that betrayed by Cameron. She forgave him and let him know how she felt about him, it was kind of like saying “I regret what’s about to happen, please know that it’s not against you.”

His story definitely resonates with me because he desperately tried to improve as a person and to be accepted by others, but ultimately he lost himself in the process. The constant doubt from others became tiring and unfair, he just couldn’t win. I guess he’s right. He does deserve better. 

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