Yeah, I’m a bit slow on the uptake.

SO happy he won though (:

My dad checked his phone the moment we got off the plane, and I litteraly did a happy dance all the way of the terminal. 

All while my family pretended they didn’t know me.

Oh well. 

I’m cool.

And I’m finally home :D

Harry Potter at Universal shall get a complete review from me tomorrow, but it was amazing(:

Night all! 

the spectacular growth of council estates. Within half a century, they grew from a tiny proportion of the total stock — a fallback solution for those who could not house themselves — to represent a third of all dwellings. A third to which the lower orders were shunted off in a series of huge one-class ghettos in every town and city in the country. These colossal enterprises were seen by planners and architects as a golden opportunity to realise their utopias, to promote their visions of community and order, just as Le Corbusier had taught them. Serious modern architects rejoiced in the fact that here lay the great opportunities to build as they liked and not as the wretchedly philistine client dictated, with his love of semi-detached houses in appalling retro styles. What I want to emph…