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Maya grabbed Lucas by the front of his shirt.
“This ends, NOW,” she demanded.
“Awh, what’s the matter, is our little game not fun anymore?” Lucas teased.
“I’m sorry, this coming from the boy who couldn’t even open a little bottle of paint.”
She tilted her head, their lips mere inches away from each other.
“Some mad dog you are,” she growled.

Close and Personal with the Old One. August 2013 on Flickr.

Jenisch Park Hamburg. A bit on the contrasty/bright side – needed some more than average processing (curves, definition, vignette).

Zenza Bronica ETRSi (645) Zenzanon-PE 1:2.8 f=75mm on Tri-X 400 @400, yellow filter y/k2 developed in Spur HCD-S + HCD-2 (2 min 30 sec. agitations then stand; 5:30 min 30 sec. agitations then every minute 3 times, 22°C)

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Still Life: Roses (III) #believeinfilm

Testing DOF: 4.0 ¼, almost full bellows extension with exposure compensation of +1 – In my eyes best shot so far, I love the creamy unsharpness. Some problems with framing on the left though. Sigh. The roses are continuing to dry (not on the stems any more and I plan to continue the series.

Mamiya RB 67 Pro S Mamiya K/L 1:3.5 f=127mm L, tripod (mirror up) on Tri-X 400 @100 developed in Spur HCD-S + HCD-2 1:35 (3 min; 30 sec. agitations then stand; 5 min; 30 sec. agitations then every minute 3 times, 20°C).