i ship mob/teru in the way that like.. theyre super close, neither are really sure if this is Gay because they never actually kissed or anything like that but they like to cuddle a lot and have really deep convos and watch old cartoons together. 

teru keeps trying to treat mob carefully and being too gentle with him because he seems so innocent but mob keeps reminding him he’s Actually Pretty Fucked Up by saying the most unnerving shit regarding his fears for what he might do. he ends up crying into teru’s shoulder, face still unchanged, but tears staining teru’s shirt and teru doesn’t always know what to say. he’s never felt like mob does, he doesn’t have to deal with this unknown factor because his powers have always felt like an intrinsic part of him while mob’s are in a constant struggle inside him. 

mob’s uncanny natural ability to stay upbeat compliments teru’s controlled calm exterior. mob likes teru because he understands him. teru likes mob because he’ll never understand him. 

New Idea:

Just as patients receive a HCAPS survey in the mail to rate their hospital experience, healthcare workers should get to rate their patient & return the survey to them.

Have a jerk of a patient that believes they are nice? Tell ‘em in the survey!

Have a sweet patient you would like to make your adopted grandma? Tell ‘em in the survey!

Have a patient that is an idiotic WebMD “Doctor”? Tell ‘em in the survey!

Just as the HCAPS survey exists to “improve” care, the “What Your Medical Team Really Thought of You Survey,” will improve staff satisfaction.

Everything you wanted to scream at your patient that you held in can be let out in the survey. Just go home, open a bottle of wine, grab that survey and tell that patient from room 834 exactly where he can stick his “12 out 10 pain,” as he sat texting in bed. The lady that griped for 15 minutes about the noise of her neighbor patient being coded needs to be told to grow up; it’s for the good of society. 

So, let us join together to improve patients and reduce our own risk of stress induced ulcers from bottled up rage. The “What You Medical Team Really Thought of You Survey,” just let it out.