Jeff: You’re alone. That’s why you can handle your pain. No need to put up a front, to be what anyone else wants you to be. You’re having more bad days lately, aren’t you?

House: [quietly after a pause] Yes.

[Chase looks at House for a moment.]

Jeff: Take a look at your future. Let’s hope the drugs work this time.

[Chase injects the back of Jeff’s neck. House looks up to see Cameron looking at him before leaving the observation gallery.]

- House MD - 5x12 “Painless”

Hot Chocolate At Midnight || Jani

Jane smiled to herself as she grabbed a sweatshirt. She was going to get Starbucks with Danielle…at one in the morning. She needed some cheering up, and that’s exactly what Dani would do. Jane liked Dani, she was a nice and bright girl. After everything tonight, she could use some enthusiastic people in her life. Jane ran outside, it was raining, to her car. She barely got wet. Success, Jane thought to herself, giggling a little. 

She drove to Danielle’s house, it was a short drive, really. Jane ran out of the car and stood under the porch roof before knocking at the door, hoping Dani answered soon. She just couldn’t believe she made out with Adam tonight, that was the dumbest thing she could have done. Carter was pissed, she could tell. Definitely pissed. Jane sighed, admiring the rain.