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One In The Same - Opposition Signs

Due to the name ‘Opposition’, it becomes an easy assumption that this means the two are polar opposites. This is in fact not true. Opposition signs, also known as sister signs, form a unity. They have the same desires, wants and goals in life, but the opposing thing being how they come about these things. One takes one route to their goal, whilst the other takes the alternative. This can create a lot of harmony between the two, a harmony not often talked about. Obviously, it can also make them like oil and water and cause arguments or distaste towards each other, but this post intends to explain the side of sister signs less talked about: the unity and rich lessons to be learnt within the paradise the sisters can find in each other.

This post relates to no placement, but to the archetype formed by the sisters.

The Sister Signs are:

  • Aries and Libra
  • Taurus and Scorpio
  • Gemini and Sagittarius
  • Cancer and Capricorn
  • Leo and Aquarius
  • Virgo and Pisces

Aries and Libra are bonded over creation, destruction, and the balance of these two things. Aries is passionate, impulsive and headstrong, where their sister Libra is thoughtful, peace-yearning, and indecisive. Upon successful unity, they fuse their traits together to destroy the negative, and to create the positive within both their lives. Aries offers the impulse and passion Libra needs to draw them out of worrying and help them take control of their own peace and outcomes. Libra provides Aries with the thought and concern for their actions and well-being, which allows them to use their impulse for their own good. When done right, these sisters achieve peace.

Taurus and Scorpio find fusion in the deep and the stubborn, wishing to avoid the fake in life. Taurus can be one of materialism, but this does not mean they enjoy fake and superficial things. Being Venus ruled, they enjoy fine tastes, smells, and the best for their senses. Scorpio wishes to avoid superficiality too, but often this relates more to emotions. Scorpio is wise and investigative of the things in life we’d consider to be soul deep within us. A real connection and meaning - whether of a fine wine or a complex theory - is what these two aim for. When done right, they achieve stability and consistency.

Gemini and Sagittarius are fun-loving signs who want to learn things about the world. Gemini has a love for facts and experiences, often wanting to harness a thousand things at once. Sagittarius aims for the wider world of experience, wanting the memory of what they’ve learnt to be long-lasting. When put together, they’re a powerhouse of reminiscent intelligence. They offer each other the missing parts of their biggest, and smallest, questions. When done right, they achieve complete knowledge.

Cancer and Capricorn are signs wishing to nurture, advise, and guide others. Cancer does this through their emotions, often having vested interest in the advice they give to others, and allowing a personal nurturing feeling to aid and guide those they help. Capricorn takes a more structured and objective approach, often leaving their own view out of their advice. Where Cancer is like a parent, Capricorn is like a teacher. They learn to fuse the two approaches in order to get the best from themselves and to output that into the world, too. When done right, they achieve wholehearted guidance.

Leo and Aquarius are concerned with originality and individuality. Leo aims to achieve these through their radiating light, allowing their smile to light up a room. Leo finds their spark in now and who they are. Aquarius instead does this with their thoughts and future. They show individuality with their ideas and genius plans. Leo can teach Aquarius to store some of their spark within themselves, whilst Aquarius can teach Leo to draw out their radiance into ideas and the intangible. When done right, they achieve beaming light.

Virgo and Pisces want to achieve helpfulness, service and purpose within their life. Virgo is known for their want to do the little things, and their nagging nature to try and help people. Pisces is known for their sacrificial nature, and want to take on everyone else’s pain to save them. With Virgo covering the little helpful deeds, and Pisces catching people’s backs as they fall, the two can change lives and happiness when working together. They can learn from each others’ approaches to not only better their route to the goal, but their own self happiness. When done right, they achieve relentless compassion.

My experiences with the signs

Aries: My best friends tend to be Aries but somehow the friendships end as easily as they started. Supportive and always down to hang out. If they aren’t loud, they still have a presence. Likes to appear confident no matter their self-esteem. Really determined to get what they want.

Taurus: Low-maintenance friendships. The friend that’s always there even if you haven’t spoken in months or years. Does their own thing and cares about their own comfort above all else. Actually chill but can get really mad. Into DIY/domestic hobbies.

Gemini: Almost too talkative for their own good. Says dumb stuff but is actually pretty smart. Problems with being genuine because they’re so scattered. Just wants to be well-liked.

Cancer: MOODY. If you can put up with their ups and downs, they’ll keep you close. Clingy but somehow also pushes you away. Wants to appear tough, but is actually really soft on the inside (like a crab!). If they’re out of their shell, they can be super goofy. Doesn’t let anything go.

Leo: Has a bunch of friends and hobbies to keep them busy. Likes to make people laugh. Ambitious individuals. People always know who they are. Probably going to end up famous.

Virgo: Another sign I tend to be best friends with. But they have no problem cutting you off and not giving you a reason why. Hard-working and always looks put-together. You can hang out with them all the time and still know nothing about them.

Libra: There’s probably a Libra talking about you behind your back right now. But it’s not always in a malicious way. Likes being social but can be cold. Uses words to manipulate things in their favor. Says they hate drama but always ends up in the middle of it.

Scorpio: You definitely want a Scorpio on your side. You’re either everything or nothing to them. If a Scorpio cares about you, they’ll do anything for you. If they don’t, they’ll have no problem being the bad guy. Doesn’t trust anyone. Always has a plan. Behind their intensity, they have a good sense of humor. 

Sagittarius: Obnoxious and likes it that way. Bold personality that says whatever’s on their mind even if it makes others uncomfortable. Loves to party and get drunk. Serious when it comes to school and work.

Capricorn: Hard on themselves for no apparent reason. Often doubts what people say. Realistic on the edge of pessimistic. Occasionally emotional. Has good taste and sense of style.

Aquarius: True friends. I almost always get along with Aquariuses. Hilarious and smart but doesn’t even try to be. Quiet but good conversation-holders. Minds their own business and expects others to. Sometimes low-key shady though. They’re scarily good at lying. Has a weird variety of interests.

Pisces: Always passionate about something. Big dreamers. Stabs you in the back but you won’t even see it coming because they put on a friendly front. Highly sensitive and feels victimized even if they are responsible. Messy in every aspect but considers it artistic.  

Amar até florescer, pelo menos era o que você dizia por aí; como quem já soubesse o que estava por vir. Confesso que eu também soube, desde que te vi com aquelas cores, aqueles sorrisos, aquelas curvas, aqueles olhares; através do instinto, estava claro, não era passageiro; e eu tenho dito… enquanto houver capacidade para extrair a poesia das flores, das gotas, das estrelas, do céu, da lua e dos pássaros, estarei apta para dizer-lhe que: longe de ti meu coração se dissipa e aos poucos perde-se dentro da vossa saudade; às vezes eu chego a pensar que o relógio se aborrece comigo, as horas não passam. E eu preciso que venhas, numa terça à tarde, ou em um sábado pela manhã, eu só preciso que venhas, para que minha alma se encha de vida e meu coração faça para ti, uma canção cheia de alegria.
—  A luz dos olhos teus.

All Equal (10) by Peter Rea
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All Equal (14) by Peter Rea
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