Studio updates: Appletini for Mac & Jackpot (

Sims 4 Studio Appletini ( Studio’s Mac version now has a CAS mesh import/export feature and can merge .packages among other new things. It is updated through the latest EA patch and includes City Living and Vintage Glamour items. Download Appletini and check out the full list of updates HERE.

Jackpot is also updated for Vintage Glamour. Harmony is in the middle of bug fixes and will get updated for the new stuff pack at the same time. ETA on that is about a week or so. Download Jackpot HERE.

Happy Modding!  

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Maggie's parents and sisters and aunts and uncles meeting Alex for the first time will actually be like they've known her for years "Everyone this is Alex, my girlfriend." A round of cheers and "Alex!!" aunties coming to give her kisses on the cheeks and Uncles saying "its good to see her" instead of "meet her". Alex getting a lil emotional because she's from a small family with so many secrets and this is all new to her.


alex being the certified over thinker she is, completely stressing herself out about meeting them, starting her worry over it like a week in advance. maggie trying to tell her like “there’s really nothing to worry about, i promise”, but none of what she says really gets to her. 

nervously trailing behind maggie as they walk in, watching as maggie greets everyone with a hug and a kiss on the cheek before introducing them to her, being surprised and a little almost overwhelmed at how loud and enthusiastic it all is. 

alex presenting maggie’s mother with a pie she made (eliza’s recipe), which she accepts with a smile that makes it very clear where maggie got hers from. maggie’s tio piping in with a “she brought something? see, already doing more for us than cousin bobby over there”, the house erupting into laughter when bobby throws one of the couch pillows at his head.

maggie squeezing alex’s hand and getting her attention with a small “i told you so” wink.


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Episode 4, “Twilight Revue”, Page 9
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