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Kenma Headcanon

Okay so Kenma’s seiyuu, the adorable Yūki Kaji ♡(you can see my bias there), has a really cute but somehow soothing singing voice. I have a headcanon that Kenma can sing exactly like him (for obv reasons) and here are some things that I’d headcanon to follow this headcanon:

-Kuroo has known since they were kids that Kenma’s voice was amazing and begged him to sing for him whenever possible.

-Kenma sings Kuroo back to sleep when he has a bad dream. Just random lullabies. Kuroo just falls asleep totally entranced by his gorgeous voice. Of course Kenma is still pretty shy about it so only Kuroo knew he could sing at that time.

-When Kuroo has bad days, Kenma can tell. He just hugs him from behind and sings.

-Kuroo says it makes his heart fly and cuddles him like “Kenmaaaaaa you saved me.”

-“Kuro, you’re embarassing stop.” He doesn’t really mean it.

-I feel like he would sound amazing singing Kenshi Yonezu’s(I love Hachi ok) Eine Kleine. The lyrics are so moving, coupled by that beautiful voice, it brings people to tears.

-Yaku cries the first time he hears it when Kenma sings to him after a bad breakup.

–“My son is an angel what even.”

-The whole team finally realizes what an amazing voice he has and they’re all in awe.

-Kuroo has a smug grin.

-So Kenma ends up being the one to soothe the members of Nekoma when they’re having a rough time or like when Lev’s cat died or Inuoka’s was having a panic attack.

-Inuoka cried and gave him a big comfy hug when he sang for him. He awkwardly hugged back and whispered comforting words.

-After he sang for Lev, Lev got down on one knee and proposed. Kuroo promptly kicked him in the ass.

-One night during the training camp in Shinzen, while Akaashi and Kenma are sitting together and talking (Bo and Kuro are harassing Tsukki and doting on Hinata. Rip Lev), Akaashi lets out a deep sigh and tells Kenma his Akaashi Problems™(First rate Akaashi-only worries). Kenma soothes him by rubbing comforting circles on his back and sings Days by Jin(Shizen no Teki-P) ft.Lia (Hello I am Kagepro trash)
And wow Akaashi’s face turns like 50 shades of red.

-“Kenma.. your voice… you… I… sing for me more often please I beg you… I just need to hear your voice again wow.”

-He’s never seen Akaashi plead so hard so he sighs and complies.

-Bokuto, Kuroo, Tsukki and Hinata come out when they hear the gorgeous song and voice. (Lev is ded on the ground of Gym 3 because Kuroo is R00D and demanding when it comes to Lev)

-Bokuto’s mouth just falls open like.

-“Bro… we’re so lucky bro…” and tears up because Akaashi and Kenma are sitting next to each other smiling while Kenma sings and it’s too much for him.

-Kuroo almost passes out but catches himself and plasters a wobbly grin.

-“That’s my Kenma.”

-Hinata gets all excited like

-Tsukishima doesn’t say much but you know he likes it to by his flushed cheeks.

-One point in the camp, Nishinoya gets a deep cut on his leg and is sooo down about it, so Yaku gets Kenma to sing for him. (With a promise of apple pie.)

-Noya is just wide eyed and “KENMA-SAN IS AN ANGEL.” and sobs onto Kenma’s shoulder (Kenma gently pushes him into Yaku’s much more welcoming arms.)

-Needless to say everyone has fallen in love with his voice.

-Kenma thinks he should charge people ¥300 per song or something with all these requests… he needs that new Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice game after all.

Haikyuu!! Sleepovers (Nekoma)

-All sleepovers held at Kenmas’ place (due to him having the best game consoles)

-Lev’s too tall to comfortably sit on one of the beanbags, so he just lays on the floor.

-Kuroo, Inuoka and Yaku all fighting over player 1, then eventually just giving it to Kenma.

-So many snacks that most of the team goes home with more than they brought.

-Clothes are EVERYWHERE so the whole team (Excluding Kenma and Yaku, they aren’t having any of this) throws all clothes in a pile and go “Neko hunting” as Lev calls it, where they grab the first item of clothing they see and shove it on, doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit, you gotta wear it until it’s time to leave.


-Scary movies for all. Lev get’s scared halfway through “Yaku-san.. Yaku-san! I’m scared!” “Then come here you idiot”

-Yuki, being the shortest player, is the fucking champ at hide and seek. only just tying with Kenma who tends to literally climb fucking ANYTHING. One time the team found him on top of the fridge.

-Yamamoto rambles on about who pretty all the female managers are, which then leads to the topic of crushes

-”Kuroo, you gotta’ like someone! We all know you like long hair!” *insert wiggle of eyebrows “Well, I need someone shorter than me, maybe dyed hair? like idk l0l pft.. and maybe into video games? Like this is just me rambling, you know? hahah..” “…”

-Kenma winning every Mario Kart match, which sends the whole team into a rage.

-Fukunaga somehow sets the toaster on fire.

-Every sleep over, SOMETHING is set on fire, weather it be a small little bonfire out in the backyard, or people just setting each others clothes ablaze

-”Please don t kill each other, I really can’t afford any lawsuits” -Kenma

/ probably will do the other teams?? Tried to include all of the members but I might have missed some, whoOOpS /

I've just thought of The Most disastrous team of all teams
  • hinata shouyou
  • haiba lev
  • goshiki tsutomu
  • kyoutani kentarou
  • bokuto koutarou
  • koganegawa kanji

a bunch of wanna-be aces with one true ace with a mood nobody on this team would be able to handle

Haikyuu!! headcanon: school edition
  • Bokuto is that kid that nobody can figure out how he’s doing well at all, but it’s really unlikely he has enough of a pokerface to cheat
  • Akaashi spends a lot of time and effort on doing well
  • sleep deprivation squad: Akaashi, Kuroo, Kenma, Yaku, Moniwa, Oikawa,
  • Kuroo’s really frustrated that Kenma’s willing to do badly in classes that require participation for a grade 
  • Oikawa’s the prettiest guy at school, but everyone knows he’s a fucking volley-dweeb
  • it’s literally canon that Kageyama has no attention span for anything but volleyball
  • the Yachi/Hinata studygroup never disbanded
  • Tsuki’s the quiet fuck who nobody talks to because they’re afraid but one day he just starts cracking up in the middle of english class
  • Yamaguchi was the reason Tsuki was losing it in english
  • Iwaizumi is pretty quiet in school, but everyone seems to know him by association
  • also, OikIwa are those two kids who trade notes and tips and check their homework against each other 
  • it actually kind of bothers Noya that he can’t get good grades but he deals with it by tagging along with Tanaka and acting like he doesn’t give two shits
  • Ennoshita’s not any worse than any of the first string players, he’s just got his damn priorities straight
  • Sugawara lowkey doesn’t even try and gets As
  • which really pisses Daichi off because now he has to go to Asahi to find out how to do stuff
  • or Kiyoko, she’s very dilligent about school work
  • Kiyoko is the best
  • Tanaka gets yelled at for being loud or sleeping a lot
  • Kageyama probbly couldn’t find the bathrooms for like 3 weeks 
  • Oikawa genuinely likes his school uniform, Iwa fucking hates everything about it (except how Oikawa’s pants fit him lets be real)
  • messy backpack squad: Hinata, Bokuto, Lev, Suga 
  • <p> <b>Lev:</b> Ah Noya-san you really respect Yaku-san don't you....<p/><b>Noya:</b> *starry eyed* YES I LOOK UP TO HIM SO MUCH!!<p/><b>Lev:</b> Really??? Figuratively only though right? I don't think you need to look up that much physically considering his smol smol heigh-<p/><b>Yaku:</b> *pops up from behind and kicks Lev's legs*<p/><b>Lev:</b> *falls onto the floor in painful agony*<p/><b>Yaku:</b> I'm flattered Noya! Also now you can look down on Lev both figuratively and physically *beams*<p/><b>Noya:</b> YAY<p/></p>

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hey!!! Can you please do some headcanons with Lev crushing on or dating a 3rd year?? Like they're really independent, sassy, and funny and he just can't help it lmao. I feel like he'd really try his hardest to make it work but he'd be a lil insecure bc they are more popular/cooler and there's older guys that can take them away. And they'd be going to college soon!! Aaaa idk I just thought about this and I couldn't get over how cute it'd be!!

• I’m going with him crushing on you in this one, simply to torture the poor kitten a little more.

• For starters, while he is incredibly extroverted in general, he would feel extremely shy when it comes to approaching you- he knows himself; he’ll greet you, get excited and then babble out some nonsense. Hence why he turns towards his experienced senpai for help.

• Hands down, he’ll suck up to Kuroo like no one before just in case that the third years are having an event or planning on having a gathering so Lev too would know

• He wouldn’t only suck up, he’d ask for advice too. He really wouldn’t want to blow it, he’s far too much in love to mess it up before you even get a proper glance at him.

• Let’s be real, he would panic about talking to you 24/7 but when it finally happens he would be the cheesiest, funniest dork out there. Something about talking to you would just feel right and the way you’d laugh at his jokes and look up to him with your eyes glimmering would make his heart leap.

• Despite how secure he feels around you he would be highly aware of the fact that you’re a people magnet and that there’s quite a lot of competition out there for him– especially older guys!! He would not only hang around you at all times but would do his best to tower intimidatingly over anyone who approaches.

• Expect him inviting you to any and all volleyball events/matches after which he would ever so smoothly ask you if you’d like to go for an ice cream or something.

• Cue the transition from being bad on purpose in school so you’d help him out in the beginning of the year and then actually being a huge support and a study buddy during the finals. No way in hell would he let you drop your own grades for the sake of his- he’d become anything you would need and if that meant that he has to make up for 3 years worth school material then so be it!

• You can bet your ass that he’d lie awake during early morning hours, staring into the ceiling as he realizes you’re leaving soon

• While he would be incredibly supportive over any choice you might make he would genuinely hope that you would choose a university nearby. If you decide on an abroad uni he would be lowkey down in the dumps but would do anything in his power to help you out. No matter if it regards exams, general support or even looking around for accomodation. He’ll be there.

• He would be heart broken, I can’t lie, but his love is so pure that he wouldn’t even dare to voice it out to you in fear that you would take it as him trying to stop you from leaving.

• However, once you leave you’ll be getting messages on every social media possible– snapchat, facebook, whatsapp, viber, skype! He refuses to be forgotten!

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Lev or Asahi boyfriend headcannons??? (I can't chose so you chose!)

how about both?

Haiba Lev

  • 300% excited to be in a relationship with you and would put himself in front of a bullet for you
  • he leaves cute notes for you in your textbooks and notebooks to find when you’re sad or want to read something nice
  • forehead kisses!
  • he does that thing where if you say you’re cold he has no hesitations giving you his jacket (because, let’s be honest here, this boy is like a space heater)
  • wearing his jackets and shirts and he finds it adorable
  • always holding hands and it’s like, amazing, because everyone can tell how much you like each other and it’s so pure
  • when you’re sad he’ll sit with you in his lap and talk to you, and once the serious parts over he’ll cup your face, lean in and pepper and smother your face with tiny kisses that leave you giggling
  • literally the best listener, even though he doesn’t initially seem like it
  • despite him claiming not to know a word of russian he will whisper things to you in russian, like angel and dearest and beautiful
  • this boy is a super cuddler, he loves to hug people, especially you!
  • most of the time lev is the big spoon but if he has had a bad day or just needs to be held you are the big spoon
  • both of you loving each other so much, and you would give each other anything to see the other happy

Azumane Asahi

  • he’s so nervous at first but he gets used to it and then he’s the most in-a-relationship person there ever was
  • eskimo kisses and cheek kisses
  • at first he tries not to let you see when he has a panic attack or when he just feels jittery all together, but after you telling him that you’re there no matter what he hides them less until you can confide anything in each other
  • 3000% supportive and he’d give anything to see you happy and well; and you’d do the same
  • whenever he’s feeling nervous, just take his hands and run your thumb over his knuckles soothingly, he’ll calm down slightly at your touch
  • you buy him hair clips, headbands, bobbles (hair ties) and anything else accessory wise and you go to town on his hair; he loves how the colour of his hair goes with the brightly coloured clips
  • cheering each other on at whatever you’re doing, for him you cheer for him at volleyball, for you he cheers for you at whatever you want to do; you’re each other’s cheerleaders
  • dates at cute cafes and drinking hot chocolate
  • you love wearing his jumpers even though they hand off of you, and even though it makes asahi blush beet red, he loves you in them too
  • nicknames like ‘my ace’ and ‘my love’ for each other
  • looping your arms around his waits and resting your head on his chest, and him looping his arms around you and resting his head on yours
  • sweet kisses
  • loving each other to the ends of the earth and you would give the earth for the other to be content and happy

I love these two so much! ^-^ They give me a lot of emotions, I love them.

[reminder that the inbox is open for headcanons, matchups, scenarios and more! just specify when you request]

- Admin Emi

Nekoma was having their lunch break during weekend practice when Yamamoto accidentally spills his food on his shirt because he was telling a story too enthusiastically. So Yaku with a small frown accompanies him to help him clean up so that his practice jersey won’t be irreparable. Kuroo smiles and says, “I’m glad Yaku’s here.” And among the murmurs of ascent, Inuoka goes ahead and adds, “he’s the team mom after all.”

 All the while Lev was chewing with a confused look on his face, “Why is Yaku-San a mom?”

Kenma sighs and speaks under his breath, “Coz he’s good at taking care of the team even if he is a bit strict. Won’t you liken him to being a mom too?" 

 Even though Kenma speaks quietly, everyone waits for the usually slow Lev to realize things, seeing as he’s the most frequent focus of Yaku’s motherly affections. So it was a bit baffling when Lev’s expression didn’t clear up and he answered:

 "Yaku-San wouldn’t like to be called mom though. He told me to call him Daddy.”

YakuNoya Headcanon

Okay I know it’s a really rare pairing but I think it’s adorable so I’ll just leave this hc here lol:
So I have a headcanon that Kuroo and Kenma accidentally see a notification on Yaku’s phone that reads “Hey ♡♡♡ How are you today babe?” From “Him ☆” While Yaku is changing in the locker rooms and they FREAK.
Well, Kuroo freaks at least while Kenma looks shocked.
So the whole team (sans Yaku of course) starts coming up with wild theories as to who this mystery dude is. Inuoka and Lev all think it should totally be a big tol guy like the seme from bara mangas and maybe even in the YAKUza (Lev got a smack from Kuroo for that) Kuroo, Shibayama and Kai think it’s an older mature dude. Fukunaga just shrugs.
Kenma being the observant one just gives them The Look™ and merely says “younger, shorter, 500 yen says from Karasuno” so they all start a betting pool on an accurate description of what he looks like.
When they confront Yakkun about it they all get a lecture about privacy, dignity and gambling. But then he gives them a cheeky smile and tells them the mystery man is coming to Tokyo that day to spend time with him so they can all settle the bet after practice.
After practice everyone is so shocked to find a smol boy with a blonde streak in his dark hair running up into Yaku arms and screaming “MORISUKE-KUN!!!” and Yaku giggling like a middle school girl huffing out “Yuu!”. All except Kenma of course who smirks and says “pay up idiots”. Kuroo is pale from shock and mutters “He… called demon senpai by his first name????? Even I’m not allowed too??”
Taketora has tears in his eyes and screeches “YUU WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME!! I COULDVE SAVED 500 YEN!”
And Noya just laughs and says something about it being a surprise. They all are still pretty shook when Yaku walks off with a “okay stay safe kids” and hand in hand with Karasuno’s Guardian Deity. Well except Kenma who’s dragging Kuroo off to help him buy a new game with all the bet money he got.

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hey“ψ(`∇´)ψ may i request a hc with Bokuto, Lev, Akashi, Iwaizumi and Asahi with a s/o who its a big daydreamer. Like she is 2 minutes alone and already in her own world. And also of course of this daydreaming she is easy to scare like you just need to lay a hand on her shoulder and she jump like 2m away from you.

I hope you like these! I loved writing them~


Bokuto Koutarou

- You would be staring outside the window of your shared apartment
- He’d walk in and appreciate how adorable you look
- Would scare you everytime
- If you were at home and you’d daydream he would put his hand on your shoulder
- You’d gasp and jump slightly
- And youd slap his hand away bc he scared you
- He would be laughing tho

Haiba Lev

- Sees you daydreaming during lunchtime at school
- secretly thinks he should scare you but he cant
- Because he would stare at you and say in his mind like
- “Oh my she’s so beautiful”
- And he would lightly tap your shoulder to snap you out of it
- And you’d apologize
- But he’d be like “i think its cute”
- And youre a blushing mess

Iwaizumi Hajime

- Daydreams in cafes
- takes photos of you secretly
- Has 628492 photos of you daydreaming
- They all look so goOD?
- He wouldn’t scare you but he’d kiss you to snap you out of it
- You’d be shocked and melt into his kiss bc damn
- Happens all the time but you still get shocked
- “Stop taking photos of me!”
- “Pft no.”

Azumane Asahi

- He’d walk in from practice one day and see you
- would blush whenever he sees you daydream
- Secretly wishes you were thinking about him
- He would hug you from behind and you’d be !!!!!
- He would hide his face in the crook of your neck
- “Thinking about me?” Blushy asahi
- Blushy you
- “Maybe”

Akaashi Keiji

- He would be studying
- You would be trying to study but you just started to lose it
- So you just stare at Akaashi dreaming about how he’d probably he best husband ever
- Then youd start to blush bc he turns to look at you
- His cheeks turn pink and he asks if there was anything on his face
- Oh boy you would be sooo clueless
- Whenever he catches you staring he’d just be like ? Is she okay?
- But when it happens often he just loves to stare at you until you realize that he’s literally staring into your eyes

More fave ice cream hcs for the HQ nerds

@nishinoyaaass asked for the following so here you go sweetheart B)

  • Oikawa’s favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
  • Bokuto’s is salted caramel.
  • Akaashi claims doesn’t care for ice cream that much, but you could probably bribe him with blueberry ice cream.
  • Kuroo is always up for some chocolate almond ice cream as long as there’s plenty of cherries to put on top.
  • Kai likes lemon in his ice cream. Any variety of lemon.
  • Yaku is a sucker for vanilla with any type of candy pieces in them.
  • Yamamoto will inhale any ice cream, don’t let him ‘try’ your ice cream because I promise you it’ll be gone.
  • Kenma likes apple pie ice cream (that’s not a big surprise either).
  • Fukunaga prefers common flavors like just chocolate or vanilla, but it’s gotta be in a cone. It’s cone or nothing.
  • Inuoka likes cookies and cream.
  • Lev likes sophisticated flavors (such as cappuccino) and makes fun of Yaku’s favorites because they seem ‘childish’ (“They make you sound like a little kid!”) which earns him a swift kick in the stomach.
  • And Shibayama always goes for chocolate peanut butter swirl.

some haycon hcs because why not

  • when Hayden’s tired he’s constantly insisting that Connor give him piggyback rides places
  • Connor is just the slightest bit taller and the perfect height for Hayden to rest his head on his shoulder when they’re sitting 
  • they’re always calling each other babe and it’s only ironic half the time
  • Hayden never fails to blush when Connor says he loves him
  • Connor listens to Hayden on the radio every day and surprises him at the studio one day
    • he sits outside the booth and just watches Hayden speak so animatedly about what’s happening in the world and he’s so proud
    • Hayden looks up halfway through the show and sees Connor there and smiles until he’s done, at which point he barrels out of the room and almost tackles Connor into this huge hug 
  • all of their friends have heard the ‘remember when we first met in Sonia’s basement and now we’re together’ speech multiple times and they say the same things every time
    • “you guys I was tHEre” from Risa
    • “I swear to god if he starts talking about their spam conversation again” “UPCHURCH DONT EVEN START” from Bam, who is not interested in revisiting their food prep days
    • “funny how Hayden told the Dunfee story that day and now…” from Grace, who is the only one who can bring up the rewinding without Connor’s gaze going cold and an awkward silence coming over the group
    • “I can’t believe I missed that” from Lev, and Risa rolls her eyes and assures him it was not the great romance Hayden and Connor are making it out to be
    • but honestly it was a pretty good one
ok so apparently today is kuroken day!!!
  • this is kuroo and kenma’s response to a video of lev twerking (don’t ask how i got this idea, it just floated into my brain)
  • kenma: i'm mortified.
  • kuroo: ... dude, lev....
  • kenma: every single time i set to him that video is going to be in my head... i think i'm crying
  • kuroo: .... damn lev....
  • kenma: *starts to pack his bag* can i move to karasuno now?
  • kenma: *mumbles to himself* help me *kuroo reaches over and grabs kenma and holds him there as he scrolls through lev's channel*
  • meanwhile in FUKURODANI...
  • *Bokuto and Akaashi are watching the same video, which has gone viral*
  • Akaashi: to be honest, bokuto-san, your twerking is way better.
  • bokuto: only you have seen me twerk!! maybe that could change one day...

Imagine Haiba Alisa who always wanted a little sister and pouted for days when her mom told her she was getting a little brother.

Imagine Alisa who doted over her little brother to the point that he let her dress him up in her hair bows and their mother’s makeups when Lev was a toddler.

Imagine slightly older Lev who does not want to be apart of Alisa’s tea part and sobs his little eyes out when she makes him wear one of her dresses because “mommy I dont want to dress like a girl!’

Imagine Lev still wanting to be like his big sister though and accepting it when she paints his toes so they can match.

Imagine little Lev being much shorter than his big sister because she started growing tall quickly and he hasn’t yet, so he steals their mom’s high heels and stomps around the room to make noise when he realizes he’s still not as tall as Alisa.

Imagine Alisa getting a knack for makeup and hair styling, so now she always cuts Lev’s hair (with a couple tragedies, but now, his hair just gets too long when she’s not there to cut it).

Imagine Alisa pouting when Lev starts going through puberty because now he’s not her cut little brother anymore and he just smells like a man (wash your socks once in your life Lev).

Imagine Lev caving at 14 to wear makeup concealer that Alisa showed him how to use because of the bright red zit that showed up on his nose before picture day.

Just, imagine Lev and Alisa being perfect, catty little siblings who love each other more than anything.

Headcanon that Yaku took martial arts classes for most, if not all of middle school, and up till his second year of high school when he didn’t have time for it anymore. 

One day Lev irritates Yaku a little too much and the rest of the team senses the danger and starts planning Lev’s funeral while Yaku fucking nails him in the back with a kick. It isn’t till Yaku has Lev flat against the gym floor with one arm twisted around his back that he realizes he’s practically pressed himself flush against Lev, and leaps away blushing. Lev stays face down on the floor, attempting to hide the way his cheeks are burning. 

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CAN YOU DO SOME HEADCANONS OR A SCENARIO W LEV AND A SECOND/THIRD YEAR S/O?? like he'd be all blushy and stuff bc he think she's "cool" and like she meets the team and they're all like "wtf how'd he get someone like that??" I think this would be really cute :p



Lev with a second year s/o hcs

- Lev would love you so much
- Hed think youre really hot and beautiful and out of his league
- One day he was walking behind you and you were clutching your books and trying to rush out the doors
- And you didnt notice the wet floor sign so you slide backwards
- And you were caught by Lev
- cue blushy Lev
- Him holding you by the waist
- And its just progressed from there??
- So he finishes club and you open the gym doors and Kenma was like
- “Oh hello ____-san.”
- And everyone stares at you, even Lev
- Lev runs towards you and hugs you, spining you around.
- Then takes everyone by surprise and kisses you
- Everyones like “oh theyre dating”
- Then “thEYRE DATING?”
- “whAT”
- High pitched voices
- And until everyone just started to scream bc you were so beautiful and with Lev???
- Out of all of the people???