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you cannot separate jason and tim after a mission, doesn't happen. batfam has also given up on sending one out without the other, (jason lost it when tim came back with four broken ribs and a fractured wrist.) jason pretty much kidnaps tim after them and it's a while before anyone sees either of them. batfam bets on what they're doing. dick is the one who goes into the room. they're cuddling. or suffocating each other more like it. //jason also pulls a gun on dick but that's normal by now//

Okay this is adorable and I agree with it 150%!

But picture this:

Batman, sneaking into Jason’s safehouse at 4:45 AM. His patrol is done for the night, and all of his kids have been accounted for, except Jason and Tim.  Bruce knows they are likely both here and can handle themselves if any trouble comes up, but he sleeps better if he knows without a doubt that his children are asleep.

He barely makes it all the way in before Jason is pointing a gun at him. It irks him, but definitely doesn’t scare him. Jason is laying on his back on his bed, arm a wrapped around the bundle lying half on top of him. Bruce can make out a tuff of Tim’s hair sticking up out of the top of the bundle and his mismatched socks poking out of the bottom.

“I’ve been waiting for a good reason, B.” Jason hisses. Bruce raises a brow behind his mask. 

“That’s a nerf gun.” He replies.

“Uh yeah so? It’ll still hurt like a bitch if I manage to shoot one up your nose.”

Batman leaves them alone for the night, content in knowing that his family is safe.


*A month later*

This time it’s Dick crawling in the safe-house window, on Bruce’s orders, to make sure the missing boys are alright. He stops short, smiling at the sight of Tim reclining on the couch. Jason is laying down with his head resting on Tim’s lap, fast asleep. Tim is using one hand to play with Jason’s hair while he uses his other hand to type on his laptop.

Tim doesn’t even look over at Dick when he speaks.

“If you wake him, I’ll send the entire Justice League pictures of you in your disco suit.” He says in a deadly whisper.

Dick has never left a building faster in his life. 

I never make Keith hcs but like have you considered Keith being a boy.

Like a boyish boy.

Like ripped jeans and baseball caps and shirts covered in oil from his car and black belts from the sixth grade and getting into fist fights because someone said Babe Ruth wasn’t that great of a player and sitting on the hood of his dad’s first car and being infatuated with with learning how to turn a spoon into a weapon and never owning anything that matches but it’s somehow cute.


Strap in nerds because have i got a long post ahead for you

So me and @sassycsap​ (bless her soul. she’s like my first friend here) talked about the nyoom nyoom post with how Rich would totally cart Jake around in a wheel chair like madmen on a chariot race because Rich is a Fast Boy™ and somehow we accidentally gave birth to this beautiful thing called the *drum rooooolll*

BMC Incredibles AU

So here’s each of the Characters

  • Rich is Dash (super speed) u can’t argue with me. have u seen the nyoom nyoom post
  • Jake is violet (invisibility and force fields)
  • Michael is Frozone ya’ll (Ice powers)
  • Jeremy is Bob (Super strength)
  • Christine is Helen (Elastic Body) (because we’ve all universally accepted that she’s the Mom of the Gang)
  • Jenna is Jack-Jack (this guy has a lot of powers that I’m too lazy to type in)
  • Chloe is Edna (She makes the costumes!!!!)
  • Brooke is Mirage (That really pretty girl who’s a spy)(don’t worry, we we’re made her good)
  • Squip is Syndrome (Bad Guy™)

=(The HCs are under the Cut so I’ll spare u the mess)=

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I Don’t Believe that the figure Keith Pulled out of the Pod was Lotor

First of all, time-wise, it doesn’t make any sense with Haggar’s statement.

Assuming that character WAS Lotor, and they looked like their pod was lost in the belly of the weblum for a long time. The pod was practically grown over. That’s not someone who got trapped recently.

So, Keith just rescued someone who has been trapped, and possibly in stasis for a while.

Then Haggar is like “Summon Prince Lotor!” and not “Holy shit, after missing mysteriously for so long, Lotor is back!”

These are not the words for referencing someone who has just gotten back. This is summoning someone who is already around.

Secondly, and I will bet money on this:

The person in that pod is female.

Just look.

Like, I know voltron plays with body diversity, especially with alien bodies like Shay who doesn’t have a very “feminine human” silhouette, but that is a female body.

Also note that the character never speaks to Keith. This could be because it would be a givaway to the charatcer’s gender.

No, that isn’t Lotor.

I’m pretty sure that’s Keith’s mom.

whenever Viktor gets too annoying for Yurio to tolerate the blond kid yells “CHIHOKO IS BETTER THAN YOU” and Viktor will let out a hurt gasp and start crying bc it takes him a while to remember that n o, Chihoko is NOT an e-lover of Yuuri’s, but a fucking fish statue

Yuuri has to reassure Viktor and remind him that no one in the world is better than him, and by Yuuri’s request Beka will take Yurio out on a walk to cool down


yuri!!! on ice instagram: seung-gil lee, georgi popovich, michele crispino, & emil nekola

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i feel like the reason why jughead was so smiley after that kiss in the last episode was because

when he first kissed her, she did kiss him back but she never really explicitly hinted or told him that she returned his feelings and went straight to thinking about polly and the car and i feel like deep down he was worried that she didn’t like him back and her kissing him back was just a heat of the moment thing but he pushed those feelings away bc he knew she had other things to worry about

and then, when he was trying to hint at their kiss as he was walking her home she looked spaced out bc polly and yet, he pushed away his feelings to listen to whatever she was worried about and i feel like betty noticed that she hadn’t been explicitly returning his feelings lately although she did and she kissed him.

this time, she made the move, she was the one who cupped his face and leaned in and i felt like every single one of his doubts and worries or insecurities about their situation melted away when she kissed him and when she pulled away and thanked him you could tell that it wasn’t just bc he was being a good bf and walking her home she was thanking him for being there for her these past few days and sticking by her no matter what throughout her whole shitty polly problem

but idk lol

Zimbits AU where your world is black and white until you hear your soulmate laugh


Jack knows his parents’ story off by heart.

Bob had been on the ice at an away game. The crowd was screaming; it was overtime. Things had been a bit tense. 

And then Bob had put a puck in the net of the opposition and that was it. The disappointed home audience had fallen into a quiet grumble after some polite clapping. Many hands were slapped on Bob’s back as the team skated towards the edge of the ice. Bob had been just about to leave the rink, and then-

A laugh. A snorting, wonderful laugh, and his world filled with color.

He had frozen where he stood, ears caught on the sound of that laugh and the voice that followed.

“I told you, didn’t I? No one’s got it like Bad Bobby Z!”

It was his turn to let out a laugh and he did, with gusto. His voice boomed so loud it had seemed to reverberate around the arena, every head swiveling to the source of the noise.

Every time he told that story, Bob swore blind he heard his soulmate’s gasp in the ensuing silence. Alicia would roll her eyes fondly, stating that she did not gasp, thank you very much, and that the dreadful nickname she’d called him had been popular among hockey fans at the time. 

Whatever the truth, they’d introduced themselves moments later and were married within the year. It was like that, with soulmates. Instantaneous.

Jack’s not heard that story since before the Draft. He knows people think if he’d found his soulmate before- before, he wouldn’t have done it. But people tend to over romanticize things out of habit. In the end, soulmates and laughter and colors had very little to do with how he ended up here.

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Don’t mess with the mystic messenger fandom, we’ll fuck you up