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someone said michael with round glasses…… yep I agree


♡ here are my draws for this year’s daiya big bang!! i worked together with ewa for this bang and it was really really fun to chat together about these boys!! thanks so much for keeping me in order and things and i hope we can jam more together in the future!! ♡

here’s ewa’s wonderful fic!!! and a big thank you to the organizers for all of their hard work!!


A quick follow-up to reassure you that, yes, I am aware that being bad at video games is a Joestar family tradition.  This was another tangent–next time, things get a little more serious. Stay tuned!

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“Hey Kaito, did you want to get ic—?!”

“I’d normally agree but today I think I’ll have ~you~ instead.”

Floral x Holiday Kaito for 03-23-17

Tim: [While Jon is proposing to Lucah] Oh my gosh, it’s happening! Say yes, please say yes!

Lucah: Yes!

ProtonJon: Okay, but technically you just said yes to Tim.

Lucah: Then ask me, Jon.

ProtonJon: Right. Lucah, will you marry us? Mostly me.

Tim: Yeah, mostly Jon.

Jon: Although Tim is always gonna be part of the deal.

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Hi there! How would the RFA react when they meet MC for the first time and see that she has unnaturally dyed hair (u know, something like blue or purple or whatever) ? Thank you in advance for writing this and even if you don't still thanks for being an awesome person! :D

Little A/N here; We’re now two people on this blog. :’) Admin being @rougeheichou , so I’ll tag stuff with Admin Rouge….
So if you guys don’t now me… yeah just call me Rouge or Vandy. :p
I hope I don’t mess this up. T^T

Btw, I love this request, because I do tend to dye my hair in every possible colour aha!

Little side note, I’ll not write for Jaehee for now, as I haven’t played her route yet and I don’t want to mess her up. (I’ll probably force myself into her route once I get that god damn normal ending for Saeyoung)
But for that matter, “RFA” for me contains V, so he’ll always be included.



★ Thinks it’s super cool?

★ I mean, he has dyed hair himself, even though it might not be as unnatural

★ He honestly thinks your hair looks like some of the characters in LOLOL that he sees

★ He’ll always come up with some new colour suggestions

★ “MC, you’ve had blue for a couple weeks now, why don’t you try green?? IT WOULD BE SO COOL


📱 He’s a bit surprised at first

📱 But he loves it

📱 Dyed colourful hair speaks for a certain confidence

📱 But he is the beauty king, he knows colourful hair requires bleaching your hair and bleaching your hair too much, will ruin it!

📱 Will always bring you the best conditioners he can find

📱 Or will generally come up with stuff to keep your hair all soft and healthy

📱 He’s low-key jealous you get as much, if not more attention for your hair colour than him for his looks in general


♛ “That’s not your natural hair colour? I mean… Jihyun also….”

♛ Genuinely thinks it’s your natural hair colour

♛ I mean his best friend got natural mint hair??? He thought you were just one of those really rare cases so he thought it would be a bit rude to just ask you about it

♛ Until he comes home from work early one day and finds you in the bathroom, dyeing your hair

♛ He’s a little shocked, but he thinks it suits you

♛ You’re not one of his employees, so you can do whatever you like

♛ You’ll have his full support

♛ He’ll always get you appointments with his hairdresser to make sure your hair stays healthy and soft



☆ No matter what hair colour it is he has a wig in the same colour

☆ and o boi he’ll wear the wig whenever you go outside


☆ similar to Yoosung, he’ll also suggest you other colours 

☆ but he’ll just throw one of his wigs your way so you can check whether the colour suits you or not


☼ He’s so relaxed, not even shocked, I mean who is he to be “shocked” over anyones hair colour???

☼ but did you just dye your hair mint to match his hair??

☼ He’d feel so loved and blessed if that were the case

☼ He’ll always run his fingers through your hair while cuddling

☼ is a little relieved now that people don’t only stare at him for his hair colour

dammit i wanted my first fanart of my angry trash son to be cool and intimidating and feature a lot of explosions or something, not This


Take a moment to imagine Peter Parker wearing these and just being a comfy and happy little jelly bean boy

~ somebody who does art please draw this for me ~

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Patton makes Virgil cupcakes when he feels bad. Idk, I thought it was cute.

It is cute ahh!!!

- When Virgil is having a bad day, Patton bakes a tonne of cupcakes and asks for help frosting them. Most of the frosting ends up in Virgil’s mouth or on his hands, but Pat can’t find it in himself to complain when it brings a rare smile to his face.

- Virgil’s nightmares wake Pat up too because he hears the door open for him to go watch cartoons in the brightly lit common room. Pretending something else woke him up, Pat comes out and asks if he wants to help bake cookies. Regardless of how unhealthy, they eat more of the dough than they actually bake.

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I lowkey ship Austria with Croatia

is that so 👀

have some medieval…something feat. @ask-republicofcroatia’s…Croatia. it was gonna be her complaining about so-and-so to Austria but it almost looks like gossiping

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