hc 110(b)


201705-09-M4BP-JCH400-21SA-11 copy by Gabor Samjeske
Via Flickr:
Tokaidoshinkansen, May 2017 … Leica M4 BP 21/3.4 Super-angulon-M JCH400 / HC-110 “B” (worst film ever)


201706-02-M4BP-400TX-40CRON-35ELMAR-15 copy by Gabor Samjeske
Via Flickr:
Shibuya, June 2017 … Leica M4 BP 40mm Summicron-C Tri-X / HC-110 “B”

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Ricoh GR1S/ 400PR (+2)/ HC-110 B

‘Skip in Ol’ Timey NYC’

Minolta X-700 with Kodak Tri-X 400 developed in HC-110 dilution b

Shooting 35mm black and white film is my main squeeze - from travelling to shooting in my backyard(the Cuyahoga Valley National Park) exploring the world in monochrome film is my favorite thing to do.  But I can’t limit myself in anyway - I also shoot all kinds of color film with my collection of around 50 vintage cameras.  I also light digital portraits with off-camera flash and my Canon 7D.  I do commercial photography for money - but making prints in my darkroom is where I want to be when not shooting out shooting for fun.  Chasing light is my mission - whether I want it or not.  

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