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Junkrat, Genji, and McCree's S/O getting cold and huddling next to them for warmth on a walk? (Since you asked for fall asks and it's chilly in the fall!)

Junkrat: Literally the best person to be with when it’s cold outside bc he’s just a big ball of heat?? The warmest boy. He also loves hugging you from behind and nuzzling your hair a bit, will also hold the umbrella when it rains or snows.

Genji: He’s made of metal how would he provide heat, you ask? His internal temperature regulator thing keeps him warm during the day but he needs clothes so he can stay warm and not overwork his internal workings. Not that best with transferring heat tho.

McCree: The second warmest boy, and will let you under his serape for when you’re sitting down outside. Also hugs you a lot and will get you like.. five million cute hats and scarfs so you stay warm.

I like to imagine that even if Dave never had a serious conversation with her about it, Rose was at least part of why he was able to eventually accept his Not Straightness. It would have been so easy for him to rebuff Karkat and even Terezi and Kanaya as “they don’t get it, they’re aliens, it’s not the same” but ROSE? Fellow human, one of his best friends, actual biological sibling, embracing her own queerness and pursuing a same-sex relationship? A same-sex interspecies relationship, even. And then her and Kanaya just being happy together, being casually together and working just fine, proving that there’s nothing wrong or bad or even all that scary about the thought of being gay, or bi, or just Not Straight. 

And even if they never had a single serious conversation about it, I’m 100% sure Rose was hovering around acting like she did during that Dave&Roxy log. Who is gonna stand up to that, like, who is gonna be able to sit there and cling to homophobic conditioning and self-hate against the all-consuming power of The Judging Eyes Of Rose Lalonde? Not Dave Strider, that’s for sure. Boy likes to think he’s tough but he crumbled just like the fluffy puddle of bisexual stuffing he is

(and tbh, imagining Karkat with Kanaya in such a similar dynamic but with interspecies reservations instead is so fucking good) 

In the southern part of zone four, there are a bunch of hills. Before the war, people mined for copper in them, but all that’s left of those days are the mines themselves- dark holes carved into hillsides and gaping pits so deep you can’t even hear the rocks that you toss in as they hit the bottom.
It’s rockier there, too. There are fewer plants. The dirt is red and gray and when it rains, the earth leaks green.
The further south you go, the thicker the air gets, and if you go far enough, you’ll choke on your own breath.
Or so I’ve heard.

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alright alright so it's been established that Warren is fucking ready to fight for his babygirl, but imagine that with Kurt and his best friend, like reader is this badass, take-no-shit type of person, and Kurt is of course this happy blue dork and whenever a comment is made about his skin or his tail they're like "HEY YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH MY BOY COME BACK HERE AND SAY THAT" and Kurt is just standing there eating his ice cream with a warm feeling in his heart cause someone cares about him


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i saw that one thing- 'if mizar said she wanted to take over and meant it, alcor would join in' they pro8a8ly have overthrown a few corrupt government people. and that's where it comes into play that ma8el is a congresswoman. i don't know.

Millicent Tesker for Congress 2186: Cotton Candy and Change for All!

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Hanzo, McCree, and Reaper with an s/o that is way too hype about Halloween like its August calm down, babe. The s/o brings them into the local crafts stores that already have the autumn smell where the Halloween stuff is stocked.

Hanzo: He’s never been much of a man for the holidays, and always has been kinda ‘meh’ about them, but finds it entertaining that his s/o is so into Halloween, and indulges them. When they bust out the pumpkin spice before the beginning of September, though, he has to put a halt on it.

McCree: To him, Halloween belongs to October and only October, no ifs ands or buts about it, and always whines about his s/o putting up the decorations so early (but he doesn’t do anything about it bc his s/o gives him The Look™ and he just goes along with their ideas). Makes sure that they start decorating halfway through September, no earlier.

Reaper: He started decorating for Halloween in July what do you mean his s/o is way too hype. They’re the best pairing bc once Halloween ends, they’re already planning for next year, and their house/dorm is always the most amazingly decorated.

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Please tell us more about how Hisoka is overprotective of his s/o that's honestly the cutest thing I've heard in a millennium 💘

Sure! It’s ooc but I love romanticizing this clown. ❤❤️❤️❤️❤️️

♠️He likes to escort his s/o to the bathroom when they are out on a date. He doesn’t want anyone to hit on them or stare at them. He gets really jealous if other people are staring at his special fruit.

❤️Did I mention that he gets really jealous easily? Because when this clown gets jealous all hell will break loose. He will break down every door until he finds the person that’s trying to steal his special fruit away from him. He will kill them before they get a chance to explain their side of the story. He doesn’t have any mercy.

♦️He likes to shield his s/o from the rain by putting his jacket over their head or giving them his umbrella. He will walk in the rain beside them, holding their hand and looking around to make sure their surroundings are safe.

♣️If an earthquake happens while they are sleeping, he will guard their body with his by laying on top of them; protecting them from anything that falls from the shelf behind the bed.

❤️He will hold his s/o hair back when they are sick or spoon feed them rice porridge when they have a cold. He will also cuddle them naked and whisper sweet things into their ear to help them feel better.

♦️Sometimes he will call his s/o “sweetheart” when they are having a bad day; however, every morning he whispers “good morning beautiful” into their ear while they sleep because he can’t say it while they are awake. He expresses his feelings in his own way.

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Okay, so I for one don't really look good during summer and spring since clothes and stuff, so imagine Hanzo with an s/o that he'd just recently gotten together with during these warmer months, and had gotten used to them looking not too fashionable and stuff, and then BAM! Fall hits and holy shit he had no idea his s/o could be that attractive where have they been hiding these clothes oh my God.

He’d be so ecstatic about them looking so cute (even if he thinks they look cute no matter what) and constantly asks them to send him pictures of their outfit that day if he’s not able to spend any time with them bc he’s super supportive and loves every outfit they have on.

He’s also convinced to get sweaters but only the ones that have the tiddy window in them

just imagine neil sleeping and andrew carefully pecking all the freckles on his face and shoulders and saying sweet sappy things he usually wouldn’t say while neil is awake.

and sometimes neil just pretends he is asleep and listens to every single thing andrew says to him and when neil mentions it one day, andrew responds with: “i fucking hate you, josten.”


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Please more headcanons of Illumi being with a S/O

📍Illumi likes to give his s/o foot and back massages when they are not feeling well.

📍He loves to take them to expensive restaurants or to different countries. They always ride first class. If he wants some alone time they will take his private jet.

📍He likes to spoil his s/o because he doesn’t want them to leave him for another man. Plus he read a terrible dating book that says he should shower his s/o with expensive gifts.

📍He will sleep over at his s/o place a lot because he has more privacy. His mother likes to interrupt him when he’s having sex to ask him a question. She will stand in the room and wait until they finish to converse with her son. She doesn’t care.

📍His s/o isn’t an assassin nor do they kill anyone. They have a kind heart like Gon. He likes being around them a lot but sometimes he doesn’t know how to act because he’s never had a serious relationship before. No has he been around someone who doesn’t kill like him.

📍He likes to cuddle his s/o for hours after they have sex or when they wake up in the morning.

📍He asks his mother to make his s/o apple bunnies. He will bring an expensive lunch box filled with apple bunnies to his s/o’s job. If he doesn’t have a contract, he will eat the apple bunnies with them in the break room.

Narumitsu headcanon

Miles has a really hard time when it comes to saying “I love you”, it makes him uncomfortable. And so he and Phoenix worked something out bc Phoenix loves to say “I love you”.
It goes like this:

“I love you, Miles.”
“The feeling is mutual.”

And everyone is a little irritated bc it sounds so aloof and kinda cold? But Phoenix just has the hugest smile on his face.

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(headcanon) sometimes when your college classes drag on, hank shows up at the classroom window with a boom box, breakfast club style and starts playing your favourite song and then waltzes in the room and takes you back to the mansion and continues your lesson there but he does it way more fun than your teacher bc everytime you get a question right he kisses you

that’s the dream right there

I found this big cat quiz

You’re a Jaguar!
You are a Shrewd Warrior!

Your spots may not always be evident as you are often dark and mysterious. You are most at home assessing and dominating your environment. Without any fear, you size up the task at hand and leap for the jugular. In the distant past, native people may have regarded you as a powerful ruler of mystical realms.

headcannon : 9 / ? : Edgar V. Hawkins

Edgar is the only son of Gordon Hawkins, a well-regarded werewolf who fought against the werewolves with the other clans during the regime of Lord Voldemort, which is how he came to join the Hawkins Clan. It was by invitation of the current Hawkins Alpha, and Edgar’s grandmother Althea Hawkins. Gordon married Althea’s youngest daughter Halcyon Hawkins and they lived happily together for a number of years, Halcyon had war wounds from Voldemort’s regime and no-one believed the girl would give birth to a single pup, three miscarriages later until finally Edgar was born, premature few thought he’d survive the year– but Halycon knew her son was a fighter and sure enough at 11 years old he was a happy healthy young wolf and was off to his first year at Hogwarts having elected to attend the Wizarding School in lieu of homeschooling. He was sorted into Slytherin and was especially skilled in Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts, an extremely apt flier he was a beater for the team. However, Edgar never lied about who and what he was– a werewolf. There was a certain amount of fear that was directed at him and prejudice, and it was commented that if he wasn’t a werewolf then he’d have many job opportunities but his status wouldn’t let him do much. It was in his later years at Hogwarts that he attracted the eye of Selene. Quickly falling in love with the vibrant young woman who gave him a run for his money in the duel after duel.

That’s how they fell in love, over the duelling team, over mock battles and exchanging information. They fell in love over practicing patronus, his a wolverine and her own a panther. They fell in love on the Astronomy Tower, laid out on blankets. They fell in love over a quiet dance during a Christmas Ball. They fell in love as he broke up with her as it became obvious she was becoming a social pariah. They fell in love when she hung him by his ankles and slapped him for being stupid. They fell in love, suddenly and like a storm. But what they grew together to create became great treasures. His son and daughter, the greatest gift that his wife had ever given him. His own pack. He took a job far below his ability and rose to lead it. He fought for each pay raise, to pay off their small house, for each extra hour so he could buy his son a starter quidditch broom or new boots for his little gear. He fought, and fought, and strove for greatness he knew that he could attain and thrive in. He found the Ministry to be hurting him, and by extent his children, not something he would stand for. He would not let the system be in place where his children would be treated as he was, to become exploited, hurt, held back because they were his. He tried to scrape his way to the top, strove for his own pack to rise further than their small house, with their small jobs and hope that maybe one day his brilliant little girl could become all she deserved to be. But staring into her tearing little blue eyes, the same as his, he knew he failed. Dying in a gutter, bloody, naked and fading from the earth. So much potential, wasted.