Okay but like

Imagine Marinette and Adrien in the first parts of their relationship where they’re still figuring out how the other works. Marinette, I can guarantee, would be a blushy, stuttering mess. 

HC Adrien is a model so he has some eXPERIENCE WITH WOO-ing THE LADIES (also anime) SO THIS BOY AIN’T AS PURE AS MARINETTE THOUGHT.

Adrien makes one little peck to her neck while they’re hugging and tHAT GIRL SQUEAKS. A LITTLE EEP WILL COME OUT AND SHE’LL BE SO RED. 

Marinette is a fucking romantic but she can’t handle the heat. However, she won’t get out of the kitchen. So she’s just gonna have to be there and mELT over every gesture he makes; Kissing her knuckles, back rubs, and playing with her hair. She’s probably such a fucking virgin(likeme) that she’ll be a puddle of goop. Honestly this girl is too fucking pure for her own good. 


Adrien will come over while she’s watching Manon and those two will cuddle while Manon watches her favorite cartoon or something. 


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do u have any davekat first kiss hcs this is of course urgent

yeah!!! I’ve talked about this here before some but I always like to think their first kiss as like. they’ve both kinda been inching closer on the couch all night and they’re nervous and sweating and fidgeting and this movie ends and oh god now its awkward they need to move or talk or do something and karkat is finally just like okay, fuck it, I am not going to shame walk back to my block once again without having accomplished literally anything in regards to this dave situation, I fucking refuse, so he just screws his eyes shut and leans in and does it, it’s the quickest, driest, most underwhelming peck and it only half lands in the correct place because he is not aiming at all

and they just kinda are like okay well 


uh, good night 

and it doesnt matter at all how objectively bad it was they both seriously are up all night just grinning to themselves thinking about it, bringing out their phones, half wanting to text something, putting it away, thinking about it some more … 

leohyuk head canon: They go grocery shopping but didn’t bring a car so they have to hold all the bags home. Hyuk tries to take most of the bags bc he wants to show how big and strong he is but Taekwoon won’t let him bc he literally cannot allow himself to stop doting over hyuk. Ever. They keep bickering over it, getting louder and louder until it escalates to a full blown fist fight in front of Hakyeons flower shop. Hakyeon calls the police.

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Hai friend, could I possibly get reactions for the RFA (+ V and Unknown if u do them) reacting to MC who drinks water constantly and always has to pee every 5 minutes? Is it inconvenient? Irritating? I hope this was specific, thank you! :3


  • Every five minutes he noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye.
  • He was studying for his upcoming Anatomy test and that blurry movement kept distracting him.
  • After a few moments he realized it was you.
  • And the thing was that you only went in and out of the bathroom.
  • What?
  • What are you doing?
  • He tried to shrug it off before curiosity got the best of him.
  • “MC… Why are you going into the bathroom so much? Is something wrong!? Do yoU FEEL SICK!? ARE YOU OKAY?”
  • He went from stressed to mortified.
  • This man was already by your side, placing his hand on your forehead.
  • You couldn’t help but laugh out loud.
  • “I’m sorry, Yoosung. It’s just that I drink a lot of water and I tend to well… pee a lot.”
  • You let out a breathy laugh before kissing his cheek.
  • “Thank you for worrying. Now, get to study.”


  • He’d been working out for 30 minutes and he kept looking over at you every time you left the room.
  • Every. 5. minutes.
  • It was driving him crazy.
  • He wasn’t mad or anything but his curiosity stirred.
  • He followed quietly after you when you left the room.
  • You heard footsteps behind you and immediately turned around, startling your poor boyfriend.
  • “H-Hey!” he smiled down at you, followed by an awkward silence.
  • “Hey, babe! What’s up?” you started shifting slightly in order to hold it in. lmao.
  • “I… Okay, don’t be weirded out, but I noticed you leaving the room so much and I followed you and you’re acting weird. Is something wrong, princess?” he reached out for your cheek and trailed his fingertips downward.
  • He was so kind it sometimes just melted your heart.
  • You gave him a kind-looking lopsided smile followed by you blushing slightly.
  • “I… Uh… I need to pee… I drink lots of water, haha, I’m sorry for worrying you, babe.”
  • He’s mortified because you probably think he’s a creep until you firmly cup his cheeks and bring him down to press his lips firmly against yours.
  • “Now… I need to pee,” and you started running down the hall and into the restroom.


  • You both decided to spend her day off watching one of Zen’s musicals.
  • After taking a sip of your water bottle you decided to take a bathroom break.
  • Jaehee paused that masterpiece and waited patiently for you, checking her phone meanwhile.
  • And that happened again 5 minutes later, and again, and again.
  • When she paused the musical seemingly out of nowhere you turned to face her and tilted your head.
  • “What’s wrong, Jaehee?”
  • She put the remote down and offered you one of her lovely smiles.
  • MC, if you don’t feel like watching it please tell me. We can do something else..”
  • That’s when it clicked. You were taking too many breaks and she got the wrong idea.
  • “Oh! No, no! I’m sorry! I do. It’s just that I tend to… uh… pee a lot. And… well, I’m sorry. I like drinking water. But I’ll stop until the movie’s over, baby.”
  • She blushed and faced the TV again, resuming the musical.
  • Her blush got 10000x brighter when you pressed a gentle kiss on the corner of her mouth.


  • It was one of those rare days in which he had absolutely nothing to do.
  • You were both lying down on his bed, your fingers locking and unlocking with his.
  • He then started noticing how much you stood up and went into the bathroom.
  • After the fifth time of you going back into the same room he sat up and took out his phone.
  • Is she sick? Oh… I need to call the doctor.
  • Not even 20 minutes went by and there was a knock on your door.
  • “What? Did you invite someone over, love?” you looked over at him, making your way off the bed before a pair of arms locked around your waist and carefully made you lie down.
  • I’ll go get it, princess,” when he walked back into the room, a man in a gray suit with a leather suitcase followed him.
  • “Uh… What’s this?”
  • MC, I called a doctor. I think you may be sick. You’ve been going way too much to the bathroom..”
  • You looked from your husband to the doctor and back at him.
  • “I am… not sick. I tend to…” you hid behind your hair, your hands fidgeting uncontrollably, “…I t-tend to p-pee a lot because I-I drink a lot of w-water.”
  • Jumin seemed unfazed and he turned around and offered the man an apologetic bow, “I’m sorry for taking your time. I’ll make sure to pay you for this.”
  • You immediately stood up and did exactly as he did, “I’m so sorry for the disturbance.”
  • After the doctor left and the stoic man walked back into the room he was greeted by a pillow being thrown at his face.
  • “I’m so embarrassed!” you immediately hid under the covers.
  • Not even a minute passed and you were being pressed against the mattress and had a giant nuzzling into your neck.
  • I’m sorry, love. I was worried.”
  • You smiled and pecked his forehead. “It ok.”


  • You were startled when you walked out of the bathroom for the 15th time in an hour.
  • He was laughing so loud with his phone in his hand, camera pointing at you.
  • He was recording it.
  • “Hey! Stop!” you reached for his phone but he moved it out of your way.
  • You’re like Poseidon! But with your pee! I can hear the mighty waterfall from outside the door!”
  • Oh, that was it.
  • Next thing he knew was that he was on the ground with your legs straddling his waist.
  • He started laughing nervously and abruptly stopped when he felt your hips grind agains his.
  • “Guess who won’t be getting some for a MONTH!?”
  • That’s when you stood and walked back towards the living room, walking past Saeran along the way.
  • “Your brothers an idiot sometimes.”
  • You think I don’t know that? By the way, you left your water bottle on the kitchen counter.”
  • You could hear Seven protesting loudly on the background, making you laugh loudly.

I know you asked for v and saeran too but i tried writing this for them and i just couldn’t get the inspiration.

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SNART SNART! anymore relationship headcanons for Cap'n cold?

oh man @shayara 

  • Quick kisses in passing that leave you breathless and wanting more
    • Turning the tables and being the one that instigates the kisses that leave him confused and a bit frustrated when all you do is smirk and walk away
  • He shows you how to work and how the cold gun works
    • You aren’t the best with that gun but he’s very proud of the progress you make
  • Leonard doesn’t care much for being called Lenny or Leo but will melt if you call him by those nicknames
    • The first time you met he didn’t go easy on you for calling him Lenny but it began to grow on him especially when you started dating
  • Dates themselves aren’t actually dates. They’re late nights, planning a heist filled with roaming hands and lots of cheek kisses
    • When dates do actually happen, he wants to treat you to something nice, which just ends up being a night in or a trip to a diner
  • He likes to keep his room cold and you don’t mind much because you have him and lots of blankets to keep warm
SLBP Lords’ Hogwarts House

Oda Nobunaga-  Slytherin

Akechi Mitsuhide - Ravenclaw

Sanada Yukimura - Gryffindor

Kirigakure Saizo - Slytherin

Maeda Toshiie - Gryffindor

Toyotomi Hideyoshi - Hufflepuff

Tokugawa Ieyasu - Slytherin

Ishida Mitsunari - Ravenclaw

Date Masamune - Gryffindor

Katakura Kojuro - Hufflepuff

Takeda Shingen - Gryffindor

Uesugi Kenshin - Hufflepuff

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Ok, what is the stupidest, yet funniest thing to happen to you while you were originally working under miserix?

It is difficult to choose only one, for his reign was rife with errors. However, there was one time that Miserix was commissioned by Ehlek to develop a new pack Rahi for his territory. Unfortunately, an impurity mysteriously found its way into the creature’s vat, altering its genetic code so the animal would explode fourteen days after creation.

Two weeks passed, and the day came for Miserix to unveil his new Rahi. As our small audience eagerly watched, Miserix proudly unsealed the creature’s stasis tube, and let it lumber out. The animal briefly turned to meet its creator’s gaze… then promptly exploded in his face, splattering its foul-smelling remains everywhere.

Fortunately, I happened to have been standing just shy of the blast. The same, however, could not be said for Miserix: Our dear leader was left drenched in the liquefied entrails of his own creation, with an expression so priceless I had to repress my laughter and continue feigning surprise. It took three weeks for Miserix to finally expunge the stench… but nobody could forget that expression of shock, disgust and humiliation.

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Peter Maximoff's children are all accidents. He and his s/o love them all more than anything, but they were definitely all unintentional. Primarily the results of one of the pair doing something that the other finds incredibly sexy, and the other just lunges at them. (When the kids ask how babies are made, Peter bluntly replies "Well, your mother wore this little lace number, and that's how you were made, and --" then their mom just smacks him and tells them that babies are brought by storks.)

oh my god

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Wait, there's a train of thought that the woodsman's still around when god!Alcor is a thing? Like, after the stars are all gone and there is nothing left but the promise of heatdeath? Is he just like... floating in space as this massive mound of ex-tree somehow resisting the unbelievably strong force of dark energy? What would he even be at that point?

Mod S imagined him like the Flock if we go with The Woodsman sticking around- incorporeal and growing grand and terrible until planets and life start to form.

Bethany is the kind of sister to tell your SO embarrassing stories and then proceed to giggle about them behind her siblings back with them and you will never know which story she told them

She will also do her very best to become friends with your SO, she wants to be sure they feel accepted and loved within their family. 

Bethany may not always like them, or who they are. She’s not going to get along with everyone but she will never go out of her way to cause a fight or create a rift. 

Just Bethany trying her very best to make their home and family a safe place

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Hank is very shy. He dislikes drawing attention to himself. Which is why he loves going to his children's sports games, but hates going with his s/o. Don't get him wrong, he loves spending time with her. But holy shit, she is THAT soccer / baseball / football / whatever mom, who is constantly yelling and threatening the ref and whatnot. "I SWEAR IF YOU DO NOT SHUT UP, TONY, I WILL HAVE MY HUSBAND KICK YOUR ASS" "oh my god, honey, please just sit down, if I end up in a fight because of you...."

im crhing this is beautiful

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What happens when someone summons Alcor to get revenge on a person, only that it isn't petty revenge but the summoner was genuinely wronged and suffering because of that person? What is the price for such a deal? Does it depend on what they want Alcor to do to the person?

Depends on how much revenge they want to enact.

And honestly, Dipper would make a deal even if it’s petty or undeserved revenge. Sometimes he may dish out some just desserts, but well…

At the end of a day Dipper is a demon. A deal is a deal is a deal.

Also it should be noted that Hanamura is 500% most likely on the out skirts of Kyoto. If any thing it clearly over looks the city (this is clear from the map in game) it might be a bit on the lower side of a mountain. And Yes, you can see Mnt.Fuji from Kyoto I just looked this up to check. Like Yeah its much bigger looking in the game, but based were “Hanamura” is sitting it would be easier to see Mnt. Fuji rather then being in Kyoto its self. However Hanamura (meaning flower town) is only a small section of Kyoto a bit out from the rest thus giving the place its own name.

what if natasha brought tony to the smithsonian and tony was like “nat i really don’t need to see an exhibit on america’s ex golden boy, current fugitive, thanks” and nats like “tony, for once, just shut up and look.
and she takes him to that wall with the videos of steve and bucky and it gets to the iconic smiling and laughing together clip and nat just goes “you ever seen him that happy? i know i haven’t.“ and tony’s like “no, that guy isn’t anything like the quiet and brooding cap i know” and nats like “because that’s not the cap you know. that’s steve. how could you expect him to pick anyone but bucky when none of us make him look like that?

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However, Hank will very willingly get into a fight if anyone disrespects any one of his daughters (or sons, but it's usually daughters). One of his girls comes up to him during one such aforementioned sports event, saying "Dad.... some guy grabbed my butt...." He is immediately on his feet, handing his s/o his glasses and saying "Point to who it was, and stay here with your mother," before trudging off to beat the shit outta the dude. (His s/o totally jumps his bones when they get home later.)

!!!!! y e s !!!!!

I have this headcanon that the Lions communicate to their pilots in different ways.

The lions have their essence, and that drives their personality. It also drives the bond with their pilot. They need to be compatible. Which is why it’s not that a lion and a different pilot cannot communicate, it’s just that it comes across as very jarring when you’re used to a certain kind of communication.

The Blue Lion, friendlest of all, makes suggestions.

“Why not try the ice cannon?”
“Want to go faster? Hit the booster!”
“Hey, now might be a good time for escaping.”

The Green Lion, eternally curious, asks questions.

“What do you think is on that planet?”
“Is that an invisibility cloak? Are you going to install it in my hardware?”
“When are we leaving? How much fuel does Voltron have stored?”

The terse, quick and temperamental Red Lion makes demands.

“Activate my gun.”
“Shoot those sentinels.”
“Get inside faster. I’m getting us out of here.”

The patient, steady Yellow Lion makes statements. Beautful, strange, obvious statements.

“That’s an asteroid.”
“We’re in space.”
“Fuel is almost gone.”

The Black Lion, leader of the rest, makes acknowledgements.

“You did well with that use of the shield.”
“Thank you for saving Lance, he was in trouble.”
“Everything will be all right, Shiro.”