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Omg your bby damian posts killed me then revived me to kill me again, is it ok to ask for more? Cause dang it i NEED.IT, INJECT IT THROUGH MY VAINS. TURN IT TO GAS AND LET ME INHALE IT IT'S MY FREAKING O2 BRO!! ..... so yeah i like it

Ask and ye shall receive, my friend!! ^.^ (also dang i liked that speech it inspired me)

• he’s really great at picking things up from the ground. dropped your keys? baby’s got them!
– problem? baby’s really great at putting things that he picked up from the ground in his mouth too

• cries “DA-DEE!” and waddles/rushes to the front door every day when Bruce gets home from work. likes to headbutt Bruce’s legs and give his shins a rather drooly wet kiss.

• chewed on his arm when he was teething. he sucked his forearm raw, Alfred had to put on castor oil as a deterrent. Alfred will never forget the look of betrayal Damian shot him. he ought to have known a child of Master Bruce would never forgive nor forget.

• loves tickles and raspberries…for approximately a week. anytime anybody tries after, all they get is a toddler shriek of “no!” Because now it’s his turn but he can’t quite manage, so he wiggles his plump hands and goes “tschkle tschkle tschkle” or “paaaabbbbbbttttt”

• his first word, formally, was “dog.” informally? “damn.”
– this caused a big ruckus, as one might expect. Bruce browbeat all the boys (Dick and Jason especially) and instituted a strict No Cussing policy. weeks went by and Damian STILL said it. well, it was discovered that it was coming from Tim. from reading the animal book. “the beaver builds a…dam!”

• his ‘second’ (third) word was “no!”

• followed by the Damian-specific routine of “no!” *smack*

• getting Damian not to hit was a long, arduous task and almost broke the household.

• likes Stephanie’s long golden hair
– likes to pull it even more

• the only person to ever make Damian inconsolable was, sadly, Bruce. Dick was driving into the driveway and Damian shot out the door, straight for Dick’s car. Bruce thundered “NO!” and Damian froze while Dick screeched out of the way of his baby brother. Damian, unaware of his mortality but very aware that Papa just yelled at him, flopped face down on the ground and sobbed. he wouldn’t let Bruce touch him until after dinner, so Dick dealt with the tears (and thus, a wet new t-shirt full of snot)

• this event led to a surplus of child leashes

• bby Damian LOVES dancing! Cass and Steph will turn on music to practice for dance class, and he’ll come in and wiggle with his baby 'moves.’ They pick him up and let him dance between them, dipping him and spinning him around
– dancing to the radio becomes a family activity. bby takes turns dancing on people’s feet

Has Alcor ever been asked to take in a reincarnation of one of the souls he follows? Like something along the lines of the following.

(Alcor is summoned)

Alcor: WHO DARES TO SUMMON…*notices his summoner is a terrified young woman holding a baby whose soul, upon close inspection, is one he normally looks after* Okay; there’s a kid involved and you look scared out of your wits plus this isn’t a binding circle so I’ll hear you out. But talk fast.

Woman: They…they think my baby is a demon or at least demon-touched. Something about being the reincarnation of one of your pets?

(Both the Alcor and Dipper sides of the demon want to kill whoever called this kid and their soul that but he gestures for her to continue.)

Woman: Just…just take my baby and protect them. I don’t know how much of the information I found after they started preparing for the “cleansing” process is true but everything I looked into said you protect kids, no matter how mad you are. I don’t care what happens to me; I just want my baby safe.

(They work out a fair deal [probably her soul in exchange for the baby’s protection] and suddenly Alcor has a baby to take care of. Again.)

The amount of babies Dipper gets stuck with is starting to be ridiculous

my ideas on bleo/thlaise, badly formatted and horrible i’m so sorry

  • from what we know about pureblood society, it’s very exclusive, right? even among itself
  • there’s the “sacred 28” or whatever bs
  • anyways, so like, once you get to the sacred 28, you can’t get better than that
  • that’s like the cream of the crop, who’s “in” with the wizarding world
    • because, you guessed it, pseudo-racism
  • and the Zabinis are from Italy so like, they’re not on it, but u bet ur ass they can pseudo-racism along with the best of them
    • by best i mean worst
    • i get the feeling it was the “congrats! of all the racists, we are the worst! nicely done, guys”

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💣Damian has a slight case of emetophobia. Blood doesn’t faze him, but he can’t stand the sight, sound, or smell of vomit. His brothers mercilessly use this to their advantage.
“Drake! I did not agree to your brainless, injudicious–”
“That’s not–*gag*–I don’t–*gag*–you–*gag*–argghh!”
It makes having the flu a living hell, however. Dick swears that’s the only time he’s seen Damian scared absolutely witless.
“I don’t want to throw up, I don’t want to–*gag*–Grayson, Grayson please, I don’t want to throw up, I don’t want to, I don’t want to, don’t let me–*gag*”

Draco is empty after Astoria dies. He feels even more alone than any moment in his life. Yet, he feels most afraid for Scorpius, because he hasn’t lost a lover, he’s lost his mom. Draco only knows one person who can help.
His friend Theo lost a mom. He lost his mother around the same age Scorpius did. He invites Theo over for dinner. When he walks in without a hug from Astoria, he knows. He walks up to Scorpius’ room, a knowing tear falling from his glistening eyes.
“I know.”
Scorpius falls asleep in Uncle Theo’s arms, and Draco knows, at least his son won’t be alone.

Headcanon based on Milo’s fear of chinese finger traps theory. To sum it up, it states that since Milo can easily make a clean getaway if he has full freedom of movement, being hindered by something even as small as a chinese finger trap makes sense in terms of being scared of it.
I raise you the idea that, what if being hugged/held too long/often or restrained scares him in the same fashion? if this is true, restraints would give him a strong sense of anxiety, since he cannot easily get away if something goes wrong and attempts to hurt him.

I have many head canons when it comes to Tsukishima’s taste in music.

One is that he is totally into American alternative rock bands. He enjoys the variety in style..the wide range of melodies and tempos, the mesh between classic rock and electronic vibes, and finds it a really great test of his English knowledge. One of his favorites as of recently is definitely Panic! At the Disco. 

Not at all because it’s my favorite band or anything.


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I know we’re all very fond of oblivious heartbreaker Yuuri, but can we consider a situation where no-one has ever expressed interest in Yuuri before because they all think he’s out of their league?


“What? Talk to Katsuki Yuuri? So he can reject me and I can die of embarrassment, no thanks?”

“Is that Katsuki Yuuri coming our way? Dude, let’s take the long way please, I AM NOT FIT TO WALK IN THE SAME CORRIDOR.”

“Today Katsuki Yuuri smiled at me, and I ran away screeching because HOLY SHIT.”

“Oh my god Katsuki Yuuri is in our class???? How can we avoid being noticed ohmygod I AM SO NERVOUS?”

“What do you mean he’ll like me? HAVE YOU SEEN HIM? He’s a national figure skating champion and I barely managed to put on pants today.”