Alejandro Quan-Madrid aka Aquma from One Million Hit Points was kind enough to get some footage of our single “Fire,” being performed at the Continental Room in Downtown Fullerton.

It was the last night of our residency, and the crowd was incredible!

Check it out!

- Terence

the Littlest Viking / Here Between You Me "Split" 12" EP from Mountain Man Records

Split EP release between two of the more interesting bands in Southern California. Here Between You Me mix both chip tune / 8 bit with a heartfelt traditional pop-rock sound. The Littlest Viking return with a brand new original track in their classic instrumental mathy twinkly format as well as a

Our first physical release! You can order your copy now!

Here’s a track from the record: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMH-ln_Jb4A