Grigorology pt 2

An updated and finished list of accounted Fallen Angels

During my research of the Grigory, I came across an extensive amount of names of Fallen Angels. I’ve made a list of all these names, making sure to note those who are Watchers, as these are the angels I’m most interested in working with. The estimated number of Fallen Angels recorded in the 15th century is 133, 306, 700. I have finished putting together this long list to share here. Names capitalized are angels that are part of the Grigori. I’ve found about 90 of the 200 Watchers, as only a fraction of them were accounted for in records.


Aariel, Aatxe, Aax, Abaddon, ABAROS, Abdiel, Abduxuel, ABEZITHIBOU, Abigor, Abrinael, Abrulges, Acaos, Achaniel, Achas, Aciebel, Aciel, Adi, ADIRAEL, Adnachiel, Adramelech, Adrastaeia, Adriel, Aeglun, Af, Agapiel, AGARES, Agb, Agiel, AGNIEL, Ahrimanes, Aim, AKIBEEL, AKIKEL, Alastor, ALDEBARAN, Alexh, Alhoniel, Allocen, Almesiel, Almodar, Alphun, Alpiel, Amand, AMANE, Amaniel, AMAZARAK, Ambriel, Amdusias, Ameradiel, AMIZIRAS, Amnediel, Amnixiel, Amriel, Amudiel, Amutiel, Amy, Anael, ANANEL, Ananiel, Anarazel, And, Andras, Andrealphus, Andromalius, Andros, Andrucha, Aniel, Aniguel, Anizel, ANMAEL, Annixiel, ANTARES, Aor, Apa, Apiel, Apm, Aquiel, Araebel, ARAKIBA, Arakiel, Araon, Araqiel, Aratiel, Aratron, Araxiel, ARAZIEL, Arbiel, Ardesiel, Ariaiel, Aridiel, Ariel, Arifel, Arioch, ARIZIAL, Armadiel, Armarele, ARMAROS, Armbiel, ARMEN, Armisiel, Armoniel, Arnibiel, ARSTIKAPHA, ARTIQOPH, Asa, Asahel, ASAREDEL, ASBEEL, Aschiel, Aseliel, Ash, Asi, Asimiel, Asisiel, Asmadiel, Asmiel, Asmodeus, Asphiel, Aspiel, Assaba, Assyriel, Ast, Astaroth, Asteliel, Ataliel, ATARCULPH, Atazoth, Athesiel, Ato, AUZA, Ava, Axosiel, AZARADEL, Azariel, AZAZEL, AZEMO, Azeruel, Aziel, AZKEEL, AZZA


Baalberith, Bael, Baglin, Balam, Balidet, Balkin, BARAQIEL, Barbatos, Barbiel, Barchiel, Barfael, Bariel, Barmiel, Baruel, Barzebel, BATAREL, BATARJAL, Bathin, Bealphares, Beelzebub, Beleth, Belial, Belian, Belphegor, Bernael, Bethnael, Bethor, BETRYAL, BEZALIEL, Bidiel, Bifrons, Biga, Biriel, Boniel, Botis, Bramsiel, Brufiel, Bucafas, Budarim, Budiel, Buer, Bune, Buniel, Buriel, Buriol, Burisiel, Butatar, Bydiel 


Cab, Cabariel, Cabiel, Cac, Caim, Cam, Camal, Camaysar, Cambriel, Camiel, Camory, Camuel, Capriel, Cariel, Carnesiel, Carnivean, Carnodiel, Caruch, Caspaniel, Caspiel, Cassiel, Causub, Chaigidel, Cham, Chamiel, Chamoriel, Chaniel, Chariel, Charobiel, Charoel, Charsel, CHAZAQIEL, CHOBALIEL, Chomiel, Chremo, Churibal, Cimejes, Cirecas, Claniel, Cms, Cobusiel, Codriel, Comadiel, Cop, Cotiel, Crocell, Crucham, Cruhiel, Csc, Cumariel, Cumeriel, Cumerzel, Cuniali, Curiel, Curson, Cus, Cusiel, Cusriel 


Dabrinos, Dagiel, Dagon, Dalkiel, Damiel, DANEL, DANIEL, Danjal, Dantalion, Decarabia, Demogorgon, Demoriel, Dibiel, Dirachiel, Diriel, Dommiel, Doriel, Dorochiel, Dramiel, Drelmeth, Drsmiel, Drusiel, Dubbiel, Duma, Dusiriel 


Eac, Ebra, Edriel, Eequiel, Egibiel, ELIGOS, Emarfiel, Emoniel, Enediel, Enepsigos, Ephememphi, Eng, Ergodiel, Ermeniel, Enn, ERTAEL, EXAEL, Exn, EZEKEEL


Farsiel, Fecor, Focalor, Foe, FOMALHAUT, Foras, Forneus, Furiel, Fustiel, Futiniel


Gaap, GADREEL, Gamaliel, Ganael, Garadiel, Gaziel, Geliel, Geniel, Geradiel, Geriel, GERYON, Glasya Labolas, Godiel, Gremial, Gresil, Griffael, GURSON, Gusion 


Hagith, HAKAEL, HANANEL, Hantiel, Harut, HAURES, Hbr, Heiglot, Hemah, Heramael, Heresiel, HERMONI, Hismael, Hizarbin, HOSAMPSICH, Hru, Hsa, Hua, Hutriel, Hydriel 


Iabiel, Ialdabaoth, Ian, Icosiel, Idalam, Ielahiah, Ieropael, Imamiah, Iniaes,  IOMUEL, Ipos, Itrasbiel, IUVART


Jameriel, Jamiel, Jazeriel, JEQON, JETREL, Jezebeth, JOMJAEL, Joustriel, JOVE, JUNIER


KAEL, KASADYA, KASBEEL, Kathazel, Kawkabel, Kedemel, Kerthiel, Kiriel, KOKABIEL, Kushiel


Lahash, Lahatiel, Laila, Lailahel, Lamael, Lameniel, Laphor, Larael, Larmiel, Larphiel, Lauviah, Lehahiah, Lehatiel, Lelaliah, Lemoniel, Leosiel, Leraje, Leviathan, Librabis, Luciel, Lucifer, Luriclan, Luziel


Macariel, Machaliel, Madres, Mahonin, Makatiel, Malguel, Malik, Mammom, Manasael, Marax, Marbas, Marchosias, Marfiel, Mariel, Marock, Marou, Marut, Maseriel, Mashith, Masinel, Mastema, Mastinim, Mastuel, MATAREL, Medussusiel, Memuneh, Mephistopheles, Meresin, Merihim, Meshabber, Mgm, Mishel, Miz, Mizkun, Mma, Moc, Molael, Moloch, Monadiel, Morocha, Mop, Moriel, Mortaiel, Mrx, Mto, Mudriel, Murmur, Murriel, Mursiel, Musiniel, Musiriel, Musuziel


Naamah, Nachiel, Nadrusiel, Nahema, Nathaniel, Nathriel, Negarsanel, Nelchael, NEQAEL, Neriel, Nilaihah, Nisroch, Nithael, Nitika, Nociel


Oap, Och, Odiel, Odo, Oec, Oiellet, Og, Oia, Olivier, Omael, OMANEL, Omiel, Omyel, Ona, Onh, Oniel, Onp, Ophiel, Ophis, Orbiel, Oribel, Oriel, Oriens, Orinel, Ormenu, Orobas, Orpemiel, Orphiel, Ose, Othiel, OUZA, Ozibuth 


Padiel, Pamersiel, Pandiel, Panuel, Pariel, Parmiel, Parniel, Paymon, Pdi, Pelariel, Penador, PENEMUE, Permiel, Perniel, Persefiel, Pfm, Phaleg, Phaniel, Pharzuph, Phenex, Phul, Pia, Pirchiel, Pirichiel, Pischiel, Piz, Posriel, Prasiel, Praxeel, Prulas, Pubrisiel, Purson, Pusiel, Putisiel, Pyrichiel 




Rabdos, Rablion, Rad, Raguel, Raguhel, Rahab, Rameriel, Ramisiel, RAMUEL, Rantiel, Raspel, Raspiel, Rasiel, Raum, Rda, Reciel, REMIEL, Requiel, Resbeel, Richel, Rimmon, Rogziel, Romiel, Romyal, Rosier, Rpa, Rrb, Rrl, Rsi, Ruaniel, Rumael, Rxp 


Saboac, Sabas, Sachiel, Sachluph, Sadiel, Salikotal, Samael, Samathael, Sameon, SAMEVEEL, SAMIAZA, Samiel, SARAKNYAL, Saraphiel, Sardiel, Sardiniel, SAHRIEL, Sarisel, Sarfael, Sasquiel, Satan, SATANACHIA, Satanail, SATAREL, SATAVEL, Sathariel, Sazquiel, Schedbarschemoth, Scheliel, Scox, Sealiah, Semibel, Senciner, Serguthy, Serviel, Shamdan, SHAMSHIEL, Shoftiel, SIMAPSESIEL, Simiel, SIPWESEEL, Sitri, Soloviel, Sonneillon, Sorath, Sturbiel, Suphlatus, SURIEL, Symiel 


Tabaet, Tagriel, TAMIEL, Taphthartharath, Tarel, Tediel, Thammus, Thanatiel, THAUSAEL, Thuriel, TIRIL, Tobiel, Tubuas, TUMAEL, TURAEL 


URAKABARAMEEL, Uraniel, Uriel, Ursiel, USIEL, Uvall


Vachmiel, Vadriel, Varpiel, Vasenel, Vassago, Veguaniel, Verrier, Verrine, Vodyanoi, Vriel



Xai, Xaphan, Xcz, Xdz, Xii, Xom, Xoy




Zabriel,  Zabulon, Zachariel, Zachiel, ZAGIEL, Zakun, Zalambur, Zamion, ZAQIEL, Zoeniel, Zosiel, Zuphlas

DXM Safety Guide

~If you’re taking antidepressants or ADHD medications do not use DXM
~Do not drink alcohol, take benzos, or any other sedative-hypnotic drugs while taking DXM
~Do not take DXM in conjunction with cocaine, amphetamines, or any other stimulants (excluding caffeine)
~Do not take DXM in conjunction with MDMA, MDA, methylone, or any other serotonergic drugs.
~Do not take DXM in public
~Grapefruits, grapefruit juice, diphenhydramine, doxylamine, cannabis, and NMDA receptor antagonists potenate DXM
~Taking DXM products that also contain guafennisen is 100% safe, but may cause nausea, vomiting, and indigestion
~Do not take more than one bottle of DXM syrup that also contains doxylamine succinate
~Do not take more than two boxes of Coricidin Cough & Cold at a time
~Do not use DXM products that contain acetaminophen/ paracetamol or phenylephrine
~Delsym contains dextromethorphan polistirex, which is extended release.
~Most DXM products contain dextromethorphan hydrobromide (DXM HBr), which is immediate release
~Do not mix syrup with other drinks, it will overpower every taste. Just drink it from the bottle
~Taking diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate, or doxylamine in medically recommended doses can ease nausea from DXM
~DXM can cause false positives on a urinalysis for opiates or PCP

July 9, 1917 - British Dreadnought HMS Vanguard Explodes in Scapa Flow, Out of 800 Men 3 Survive

Pictured - So bare your heads ye landsmen all,
Who live at home in ease,
And pray the Lord that ye worthy be
Of the men that hold the seas;
Of the mighty Vanguard who are stood
So valiant in the strife,
Of her gallant crew that flashed from view
Through death to endless life!

On Monday, July 9, 1917, the British battleship Vanguard suddenly exploded, killing almost her entire on-board crew of 800 men. There were three survivors. The Vanguard was one of the Royal Navy’s older dreadnoughts, and had served in the Battle of Jutland. Although sabotage was of course suspected, it is unlikely. Probably a fire in a coal bunker went unnoticed for a long time, which overheated cordite and detonated an explosives magazine.

An Australian seaman on watch on a nearby vessel described a nightmarish scene:

“HMS Vanguard Battleship blown up in Scarpa Flo Hbr all hands lost, spectator 9 July 17. 2 saved.

HMS VANGUARD Scarpa Flow North Scotland at 11.20 pm on the 9 th July a great explosion occurred in the midst of the Grand Fleet, a terrible detonation took place lighting the whole fleet as if it were daylight there was a crash and one of the big boats went sky high with a crew of 900 men all searchlights were switched on immediately but not a thing was to be seen.

A trawler which was close by got smothered in blood and pieces of human flesh, and afterwards picked up half the body of a marine the only body recovered up to date. I happened to be on watch and saw nearly everything no one knows how she went up, but seeing she had a new ships company it is surmised that it was the work of German spies (Later) 2 men saved 1 Marine and 1 AB I Officer died immediately after. 187 men recovered from the sea.”

Delsym DXM Extraction

1. Get a water bottle, delsym, and scissors
2. Pour the Delsym into the water bottle
3. Pour water into the water bottle. The water should be three times the mass of the delsym
4. Shake well, but not too well
5. Let sit for an hour
6. There should be brown powder at the bottom of your bottle, make sure that there is
7. Poke holes in the bottle with the scissors, until the water is almost entirely gone. Be sure not to disrupt the brown powder at the bottom of the bottle.
8. Cut most of the bottle away, leaving only a small, tray sized bottom of the bottle, where your brown powder remains safely unmoved
9. If there is some water left in the tray (which there likely will be) let it sit out for about 24 hours. You can expedite this process with a hair dryer
10. Put your Dextromethorphan Polistirex powder into capsules and orally consume them. Dextromethorphan will not work if you use any other method of administration. Dextromethorphan has to be metabolized by your liver in order for it to become active.

Note: only use delsym that’s active ingredient is ONLY Dextromethorphan Polistirex

~A 3oz Delsym contains 555mg of Dextromethorphan Polistirex

~A 5oz Delsym contains 888mg of Dextromethorphan Polistirex

~Dextromethorphan Polistirex is the time release formula for Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide (HBr)

Things Sherlock thinks about while lying awake at night:

  • What time do the algae need to be taken out of the fridge tomorrow?
  • out of milk again, maybe Mrs. Hudson has some.
  • ν = [H2][Br2] ½ 1 + k’[HBr]/[Br2]… no no that's not what needs doing.
  • is he awake right now as well?
  • 1:31am. probability points to no.
  • which bed shirt is he wearing tonight?
  • is she sleeping on her edge of the bed or the edge of his chest?
  • you could have known these things. if you had not left.
  • if you hadn’t left he may have… no, he definitely would be. he would still be here. showering at 6:15 in the morning while the kettles boiling. routine, he always had his routine.
  • he has a new routine now, you dont know anymore.
  • you’ll never know
  • if you hadnt left he would still be here. he may even have been right here. next to you.
  • the bed feels cold. how can the comforter be so heavy and at the same time provide no warmth. 
  • if you hadnt left john would be here. right here, next to you under these blankets. you could measure the exact change in his body temperature between wakefulness and deep sleep. you could monitor him all night, watching for changes, twitches, shifts and mumbles. 
  • what is john watson like to wake up to? is he slow to rise? would he rub his eyes and groggily look over, chapped lips pressing into a smile?
  • if you hadnt jumped. if you hadnt left you would know. you would have all this.
  • no no NO. stop this, stop now.
  • The extrinsic pathway of coagulation is initiated as a result of contact between the bloodstream and Coagulation Factor III/Tissue Factor, a glycoprotein constitutively expressed on the surface of subendothelial tissues that is exposed upon vascular injury… 
  • 30 (Zn) mass 65.38 31 (Ga) mass 69.723 32 (Ge) mass 7… 74? no. not that, not right. cant… cant think.
  • if you hadnt jumped he wouldnt be here. 
  • he would be dead. you wouldnt know his temperature, or his shirt, or how the early morning light cast along the creases in his face. he wouldnt shower, wouldnt stretch and mumble a good morning. you wouldnt know what his toothpaste tasted like as he left for work.
  • he would be dead. if you didnt die, it would have been him.
  • it was done for him. John Watson is alive.
  • it was a trade. 
  • he’s living and thats precisely why he cant be yours.


DXM Amounts in Products

~3 oz Delsym - 444mg DXM Polistirex
~5 oz Delsym -888mg DXM Polistirex
~4 oz Robitussin 8 hr - 350mg DXM HBr
~30 Robogels 8 hr (15mg per pill)- 450mg DXM HBr
~Coricidin Cough & Cold - 480mg DXM HBr
~Generic Tussin 4oz (15mg per serving) 350mg DXM HBr
~Generic DXM Gelcaps (15mg per serving)- 300mg DXM HBr
~DXM Syrups with 10mg per serving (4oz bottle)- 240mg DXM HBr

~15 Generic DXM Gelcaps (15mg)- 225mg DXM HBr
Overview of freebase DXM extraction

Use a brand that doesn’t contain guaifenesin or any other active ingredients besides DXM.

I diluted the 16oz cough syrup (used 2 x 8oz bottles) to approximately 150% its volume with water in a glass Mason jar and added 3-4 grams pure NaOH (sodium hydroxide) crystals to the solution and stirred vigorously until they were dissolved.

After stirring & letting sit for 30-45 minutes, I then added (approximately) 1/10th of the volume worth of naphtha and shook the sealed jar again.

Wait for the syrup/water and naphtha layers to separate as best as possible (the naphtha will stay on top). Then siphon off the naphtha layer with a glass turkey baster / eyedropper and put it in a glass evaporation dish.

You can add more naphtha to the syrup & NaOH solution, shake it, and let it separate, to make sure you’ve extracted all the freebase DXM.
Siphon off any additional naphtha into the evaporation dish again, making sure to leave behind any water/syrup/NaOH solution.

(an additional/optional step is to take the naphtha which contains freebase DXM and further purify it by combining with *cold* water in a separate glass jar, shaking, then removing the water layer & continuing with the evaporation of the naphtha)

When you’ve evaporated the naphtha from the glass dish, you should be left with relatively pure freebase DXM crystals. Scrape them up with a razor blade.

Freebase DXM is slightly more potent per milligram than DXM HBr or polistirex.

spacey-rogue  asked:

Why do I have this bad feeling in my gut, that everyone is celebrating too early and some big bad guy is going to kill them all? Oh wait, that's right. LE isn't dead. Do you think he's going to be a Bec Noir esque party crasher? Because that's what I'm feeling. That and Dad Egbert's days are numbered. As in, this is his last day as the last living, nonsprite, parent.

Others (like homestuckbecausereasons) have pointed out how similar this is to the end of the troll session.

AA: even 0ur inevitable failure
AA: th0ugh it will briefly masquerade as vict0ry

We’re about to see them dramatically create Universe C (which is going to be quite an experience), and then all of them will be waiting on the lilypad as the door to their new realm appears, reaching for the final doorknob…

…except Lord English has NOT been dealt with.

They may have beaten the King, Queen, and Jack of their session, but the stand-in Black King of Paradox Space is still going to deny them control over their universe, especially as critical a universe as the one in which he supposedly originated.

No idea if Dad Crocker’s going to bite the dust, but he’s sure a convenient-looking target. Especially if the Condesce’s immortality curse still applies, so she can arrive and kill him right in front of Jane; since they only really beat a puppet of Lord English instead of the real thing, Condy getting up would mean that BOTH the King and Queen are still too “alive” to permit them going through that door.

(Again, though, this is all just one of many possibilities, here.)

EDIT: HBR said some more on this.

This is what happens to the metal can of the 48% hydrobromic acid solution if it is stored next to a bottle of 30% hydrochloric acid and a few other acids for a few years in a well ventilated chem storage room.

The sad part in this is that the hydrochloric acid is a weaker acid than HBr and it was even in a lower concentration inside of a not really well sealed bottle. If something would have happened with the HBr solution inside of this can (and the glass bottle what is inside this), than probably it would’t protect us from anything for more than a few minutes, even through it is filled with vermiculite (a mineral what is used as an absorbent).

What is your favorite drug?

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