HBP - Chapter 19 - Elf Tails

Okay so feelsandotps​, wearywanderer​, & I are rereading Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows and talking about our thoughts, but we decided making posts would be easier than messaging. We’ve been doing this for a bit, but I’m starting the first of many posts on chapter 19. Okay now that I’m done with the intro. here’s the chapter:

  • I read so many fics that Fred & George buy Zonko’s and I forget that that is something they really did think about.
  • “…[Harry] kept turning cold at the thought of what would have happened if he had not been able to lay hands on the little stone.” The best brotp in existence. #YourWheezy And the fact that Hermione couldn’t even speak out of almost-grief. The last memory of her and Ron would have been them fighting. No wonder she’s a wreck.
  • Harry and Ginny were obsessing about how Ron had been poisoned, while waiting to see Ron. I feel like they debated like this a couple of times when Harry was an Auror during particularly public cases. Also, they have similar ways of dealing with stress at this moment. They are being super chatty. This contrasts when they were waiting for news about Mr. Weasley in OOTP. They were very quiet. I guess it’s the difference of Harry being basically brothers with Ron, whereas in OOTP he couldn’t understand their pain nearly as much.
  • “So you think Slughorn’s a Death Eater?” said Ginny. “Anything’s possible,” said Fred darkly.  //// Sounds like being a part of the Order has taken it’s toll on Fred.
  • “muddy dolphin-sized footprints” I sometimes forget how large Hagrid is, until JK says something like this.
  • I wonder how one get’s a position at the board of governors for Hogwarts.
  • I love how often HBP makes me reminiscent of the first two books. Hagrid slipped one of his famous “I shouldn’t have said that” secrets. And of course he was talking about another fight at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. Everyone thinks they won’t be overheard, but they are. Hagrid is so giving, though. Once he starts to gossip he never seems to be able to stop. I love him so much.
  • “Yeah… [Ron] might not make it.” Harry finish your sentences. Ron’s not going to make it to the match. That kind of talk would give some characters a heart attack. 
  • I think the most unrealistic part of this book was how long it too Harry to figure out Draco was using the Room of Requirement. 
  • “Harry was forced to remind [McLaggen] who was Captain.” that would have been satisfying to read.
  • Side characters with one-track minds are so great for comedy. Lavender reminds me of Oliver Wood here. Finding Harry and talking non stop about one subject. McLaggen’s still annoying as heck, tho.
  • What poor children were Crabbe and Goyle impersonating???
  • I’m laughing bc I’m all heart eyes when Ginny “demands” “Where have you been?” Almost everything this girl does is a reason for celebration, in my eyes it seems. 
  • At least his unwavering dedication to figuring out what Draco is doing is only increasing his need to find the snitch. Good way to channel your current distraction, Harry.
  • LUNA COMMENTATING THE MATCH. This girl earns like 50 gold stars in my imaginary book for this.
  • “Swearing angrily, Harry spun…” Quick think of one of the fake swears your family used to use around you as a child! “Son of a biscuit eater!!” said Harry angrily as he spun. 
  • Ginny and Demelza were probably great friends. :)
  • Reading HP sometimes reminds me of the college I went to for 2 years in rural Illinois. They get so excited over matches probably bc nothing else ever goes on, unless there’s a villain causing trouble. But normal years at Hogwarts, were probably so boring. Never get to leave campus except once every few months and only able to go home twice in the year. I would not be a happy camper. 
  •  “‘Nice of you to drop in,’ said Ron grinning.”  ///  Ron, go back to your cot. lol
  • “The sky outside was indigo streaked with crimson.” sounds so pretty :)))
  • “I don’t want to stat here overnight, I want to find McLaggen and kill him.” -Harry “I’m afraid that would come under the heading of ‘over exertion.” -Madam Pomfrey  ///  Good one, Madam!

Hogwarts Students


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a British wizarding boarding school teaching the magical arts, located in Scotland inside Hogwarts Castle. Established aroung the 9th or 10th century, Hogwarts is considered to be one of the finest magical institutions in the wizarding world. Children with magical abilities may be enrolled at birth, and acceptance is confirmed by owl post at age eleven.”