'Girls' Star Andrew Rannells on Elijah's Big Audition and Singing 'Smash'
Rannells chatted with Billboard about Elijah's big audition moment on HBO's 'Girls', how a song from 'Smash' made it on to the show, and his own audition horror stories.

I mean, it’s funny — particularly doing Falsettos on Broadway recently with Christian [Borle, who played Tom Levitt on Smash], it made me realize how often I quote that show. And then I became really self-conscious about doing it front of someone who was actually on the show. When we got into tech I said, “Dev, I’m in tech!” [Laughs.] I’m not sure if you recall, but when Karen gets proposed to, she says that.

A couple of weeks ago after we filmed the episode, I realized, “Oh shit – it’s actually going to be on television.” I was nervous about how my friends in musical theater would feel about me doing it. But so far the response has been good. I haven’t heard from Megan [Hilty, who sang the song as Ivy on Smash] actually, but I’ll reach out to her later today. I hope she was pleased and pleasantly honored by our tribute.


Dear Lena and all of the other writers for HBO Girls,

You have officially confused all of us. Some are upset. But some of us are not. Cause most people love things that are unpredictable. Especially for a show where I trust the writers to make an ending that makes sense and doesn’t cheaply try to appease the audience.

Looking forward to watching the rest of the season. Thanks for giving all of us fans something to talk about.

Most of Us.

the only good moment in 6 seasons of this crappy show