hbo's the out list

Mother in law deletes my Netflix watch list and adds her shows.

My husband and I gave his mom our login in to our Netflix and her own profile within our account in exchange for her HBO go password.

One day out of the blue my watch list no longer had all of my movies and TV shows that I was really looking forward to watching and was replaced with crime stories shows and shitty reality tv. She logged in to my account thinking it was hers and removed everything, she even watched so much shows that my recently viewed wasn’t my own. I feel like a logical person would realize that maybe since nothing looked familiar they would realize maybe they clicked the wrong profile. She said is was an accident but laughed it off saying now I can watch her shows and have something to talk about.

For the past few months I have been watching strategically picked programs on her profile so swerve the recommended programs, mostly LGBT shows since she is kinda homophobic. I will also add really bad, or really f*cked up movies to her watch list.

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