hbo life is but a dream


“Sometimes, at night, I think about Japan and I’m like, did I create this country in my mind?”                                                                                                                       “You have to enjoy life. You cannot rush a cherry blossom.”

  ♪ It’s a God-awful small affair,       To the girl with the mousy hair
But her mummy is yelling no,       And her daddy has told her to go                       But her friend is nowhere to be seen
     Now she walks through her sunken dream                                                              To the seat with the clearest view
             And she’s hooked to the silver screen ♪

bob characters as texts i have recieved
  • nixon: ( ͡ʖ ͡°)
  • welsh: steal my homework and i will stab you with a fork i stole
  • speirs: *shoves hands in jar of honey* ive got sticky fingers
  • webster: i have a papercut i cant come over u will have to do the whole project on ur own
  • perconte: im not little fucKING FIGHT ME WAit no dont pls im smol dont kill me
  • liebgott: LETS FUCKIN DO THIS *cracks knuckles* *pops neck* *stretches* COMIC BOOK TIME
  • toye: i swear to god girl i will fight you i will fight your mom and your dad and anyone who gets in the way of my fists because i have no control please send help
  • guarnere: *singing* text me one more time i will fuck you up-up-up-up, gonna murder, gonna murder, gonna murder, dddddDEATH
  • lipton: i gotta go ignore you now bye
  • heffron: just imagine how cute a penguin couple would be, like would they hold flippers? imagine the snowball fights omg its so cute, i want a penguin girlfriend
  • blithe: what do you think dragons dream about?
  • luz: i just spent my life savings on 97 bags of jolly ranchers
  • roe: shoutout to me for only losing my chill once. thirteen people died. never again.
  • sobel: stop
  • dike: ¿¿¿¿???؟؟؟؟؟؟﹖﹖﹖¿¿¿¿
tag game

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Name: Ash

Nickname: Ash is a nickname but I like it better 

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Height: 5′5

Orientation: Pan Grey Ace 

Ethnicity: Caucasian 

Favorite fruit: bananas 

Favorite flower: Marigolds 

Favorite scent: sea breezes, coffee

Favorite animal: doggos

Coffee, tea, or cocoa: coffee all the way 

Cats or dogs: DOGGOS 

favorite fictional character: Max Vandenberg 

Dream trip: New Zealand 

When was your blog created?: Dec 2016 I think?

Number of followers: 513 (ily guys)

What do you post about?: hbo war, and my life 

Do you get asks on a regular basis?: yeah I think so?

Aesthetic: laughter, the color navy blue, candles, melancholy, the ocean

Favorite band/artist: errrrrr i have no idea. frank sinatra and nate ruess?

Fictional character id date: well, if we’re talking hbo war guys then: Gene Roe, Joe Toye, Chuck Grant, Joe Liebgott, George Luz, Babe Heffron, Ron Speirs 

Hogwarts house: I recently discovered I am a hufflepuff haha 

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Small Victories

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I used to play the long game. Dreams drove my motivation, fuelling it with possibilities and impossibilities. I’d imagine what the prime of my life would be like - rousing success, nuclear family and all. A dramatised, sexualised HBO adaptation of my life’s best case scenario. That fantasy worked for a while, years even. Every good grade or stamped certificate was one percent up on the loading bar, like I was having some sort of software update. Until the end of my degree, the curve was steady and the only way was up.

Then, of course, life throws me a curveball. The doubt kicks in. The brakes are slammed. The line on the graph starts to slope. Perhaps it was my naivety, or the circumstances, but the light of the end of the tunnel started to fade. Maybe the bulb needed changing? (Ha.) What started as a bad pun construed in my head sparked a series of small revelations. The dream? It was an artifice. Maybe that’s harsh, not an artifice - artificial. It was something I made to pull me through life’s trials and tribulations. My eyes were so fixed on the horizon, I never stopped to see the sand between my toes.

I still believe goals are important. Whether it’s a marathon or a sprint, there’s still a finish line. If you want to be a brain surgeon one day, or an editor, or *shudders* the president, you should discover all the ways to get from your A to that B. If you’re not there yet - and this is the sobering reality that many of my close friends opened my eyes to - that is okay. There is time. Your ambitions can and will change course, some doors will slam shut and others will creak open slightly, begging for a gentle push. Much like my feisty dog, the future is unruly and will not stay put. Don’t make yourself miserable worrying over the hurdle you’ve yet to jump - it will exhaust you. It exhausted me.

Instead, learn to love and appreciate yourself in the present. Pat yourself on the back every now and then for the little things. Whiplash is one of my favourite movies, but I do not agree with Terrence Fletcher (played exceptionally by J.K. Simmons) and his point that there are no two words in the English language more harmful than “good job”. Much like the alienation that the film’s protagonist experiences, excessive and brutal aspiration can damage you, even break you. Push yourself when you need to, but learn when to apply a little restraint. I accepted the now and am happier for it. I feel a little perkier, the days don’t drag like they used to, and I can even crack a smile once in a while. The small victories keep me afloat. May we all stay above the water.

You finally know that you didn’t have to hold on so tight. To realize in all your life, all your love, all your hate, all your memories, all your pain, it was all the same thing. It was all the same dream. A dream that you had inside a locked room. A dream about being a person.
—  Detective Rust Cohle, True Detective

I had a dream last night that JKR was developing a TV show with HBO and it was called “The Malfoys ”, that portrayed the difficulties an adult Draco Malfoy faces as he tries to balance the conflicting requirements of his home life and his job,  struggling with his past (choices he made, why he did it), seeking help in therapy. It was basically The Sopranos with magic. I imagined all those amazing episodes titles like “A pure-blood walks into a psychiatrist’s office” and “I dream of Hermione Granger”.

Guys, It was the best! The show totally broke the “Slytherins are evil” stereotype.

“You, yourself, this whole big drama, it was never more than a jerry rig of presumption and dumb will, and you could just let go. To finally know that you didn’t have to hold on so tight. To realize that all your life, all your love, all your  hate, all your memories, all your pain, it was all the same thing. It was all the same dream, a dream that you had inside a locked room, a dream about being a person. And like a lot of dreams, there’s a monster at the end of it.”

#OnTheRunHBO Tour: Beyonce & Jay Z debuts in September, exclusively on HBO


featuring the superstars in their first collaborative tour – and their first HBO concert event – will debut in September, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. Taping September 12 and 13 at Stade de France in Paris on the only international leg of their current tour, the special will feature the superstars performing
more than 40 songs. 

“This is a major musical event that belongs on HBO,” noted Lombardo. “It’s going to be a night to remember.”
Although 17-time Grammy winner Beyoncé and 19-time Grammy winner JAY Z have recorded numerous hit songs together, including “Crazy in Love” and “Drunk in
Love,” and have been special guests on each other’s tours, ON THE RUN TOUR: BEYONCÉ AND JAY Z marks the first time the married couple has toured together on the same bill. The tour covers 19 stadiums in the U.S. and two stadium shows in Paris.

USA Today said of the tour, which began June 26 in Miami, “The coordination is not just remarkable, it’s the absolute best way that two of the world’s best performers can deliver a show that proves why they are on top together,” while the New York Times hailed it as “a show that acknowledged their two very different sorts of success without diminishing either one.” 

Beyoncé is currently appearing on HBO in “BEYONCÉ: X10,” a ten-episode series of concert performances debuting Sunday nights before “True Blood”; she was previously seen on the network in the intimate feature-length documentary “Life Is But a Dream,”
which debuted in Feb. 2013. JAY Z’s “Picasso Baby: A Performance Art Film” had its world premiere on HBO in Aug. 2013.



It’s never meant much of a damn thing to Emma.

It’s one of those things she’s encountered in passing, that are rumored to exist somewhere out in the wide world, like comprehensible IKEA instructions, or changing lanes into the one that speeds up, or not doing something terrible the instant you put on your nice clothes, that she knows vaguely might somewhere someday be real, because someone has to have it. Not her. Not with the constant shuffle from foster home to foster home until she was spat out of the system at seventeen (or rather, ran away) to start a relationship with an older (she had no idea how much) man and live in a car. Jail, maybe, that was stable, if you can count eleven months of being pregnant, having a baby chained to the infirmary bed, and losing your mind, while at least being in one place the whole time, to be stable. It was the longest she’d been anywhere since the Swans gave her back when she was three.

Not Storybrooke. Storybrooke never was. Curses this and danger that, big bad this and fairytale that. But she had Henry there, could see him at least, and that was a small bright point. Then lost him again, journeyed to a dark, demented netherland ruled by a psychopath, came back but not home, had to run from another curse, had to leave again.

And then, into dreamworld. False memories of stability, of holding a job, of raising Henry, of being happy. Walsh, just a regular nice-guy furniture-store owner, a normal relationship, Chinese takeout and watching HBO once Henry had gone to bed. But then this mysterious man in leather and eyeliner showed up and wouldn’t stop hounding her and wouldn’t go away and finally she trusted him somehow, did the unforgivable and drank the unidentifiable substance offered to her by a clearly unstable individual in New York –

and remembered.

Waking up from a long, bizarre, really good dream, back to the true oddity of her life. Kept thinking she had to be able to get it back somehow. Would do what she had to do here and leave. Better for Henry, she told herself. Knew deep down she was terrified. Running, just like she had when she was younger. Running. Running.

Straight down a time portal and into an adventure she never expected.

Came home just like Dorothy and found it had been waiting all along.

Now. Stable. She can’t get used to it. Knows that Killian will be there when she wakes up and when she goes to sleep, or at most, will be only a phone call away (she’s been trying to teach him to use a smart phone, with indifferent success; the man does only have one hand, but he catches on quick). Knows that if she wants, she can lean in and curl herself into the angles of his body, lie tangent to him, grip both hands in that silly leather jacket (she thinks she’s almost convinced him to shuck it, but she knows how long old habits take to die). Can run her fingers through that ridiculous hair (it is unfair for him to look like that) can open her lips for his, can laugh. It’s not a dream. It’s real. And the bittersweetness of it pierces her to the heart.

She can touch him all she wants. She can hold his hand (or his hook; she doesn’t mind, it’s part of him). She can sit down with him and Henry on the couch, squashed between her boys. She can take the chance and slowly, at last, invite Killian into her bed, undress with him there together in the darkness, running fingers over each other’s scars both seen and unseen. Can feel what it’s like to be completed by a half of herself she never even knew she was missing.

She can roll her eyes at him, or snark at him, or point out he’s still a selfish bastard sometimes, as he happily does the same for her. Sometimes they fight, though mostly in pithy remarks. She knows it’s a huge change for him too, that it took just as much bravery for him to come out from behind his walls. Three hundred years of living on a ship, roaming from place to place, serving nothing but hell and darkness and a broken heart, always confronted with the ghosts of everything he’s lost, and then to give that all up for her. And apparently has never even thought twice about it.

He’s horrible at cooking breakfast.

He tends to hog the bathroom (divas and their eyeliner).

He just won’t go away. He never quits. He never leaves.

Her fingers know him as well as her heart.


It is like that after all, Emma Swan thinks.

It’s so.


“The best thing about being a hockey player starts out as a secret, as a question they might first posed to some friends one night years ago, is a mystery they determined they devote their lives to solve it.

The best thing about being a hockey player is a discovery impermeable to the passage of time, a realization every one of them comes to share, a sensation that endures whatever the game decides to put them through.

The best thing about being a hockey player is a phenomenon that emerges from a collection of connections, encompassing the first figures who guided them onto the ice, and single minded towers who never stop trying to make them better.

The best thing about being a hockey player is the feeling that they rediscover every time they strike the puck, an understanding that propel them forward through every term their paths may take, a truth every apparent in the real-life dreams their lives become.

The best thing about being a hockey player is in fact very simple, as being a hockey player is exactly what they always hope they would be.”

The Drunkalypse Season 4, Episode 8: The Mountain and the Viper

Overall rating: 7/10 Tyrions in a barrel

Sansa rating: 10/10 lemoncakes

Fight scene good but ICK, I have a lot of feelings about a certain character, this was a nice episode to start rounding out the season and moving the Kings Landing plot along and….yeah. My professional opinion. Pretty good, Thrones, pretty good.

I wrote some of this drunk and some sober so… be the judge.


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Beyonce Lands Series of HBO Concert Segments

Beyonce is heading back to HBO.

Following her 2013 documentary Life Is But a Dream, Beyonce will return to the premium network for a series of four-minute concert segments from her Mrs. Carter World Tour called Beyonce: X10.

The 10 installments will air every Sunday evening at 8:55 p.m. ET/PT ahead of the seventh and final season of True Blood, which begins at 9 p.m. ET/PT on June 22.

Taped performances of “Blow/Cherry,” “Drunk in Love,” “Ghost/Haunted,” “Flawless/Yonce,” “Get Me Bodied/Baby Boy/Diva,” “Girls,” “Heaven,” “Partition,” “Why Don’t You Love Me?” and “XO” will air as part of the series.

The performances were shot in various cities around the world from Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour. The tour began in April 2013 in Belgrade, Serbia and ended in March 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. It was the highest-grossing female solo tour in 2013.

Life Is But a Dream, which aired on HBO in February 2013 and was directed by Beyonce, gave an inside look at the singer’s life.


“To realize all your life, all your love, all your hate, all your memory, all your pain, it was all the same thing. It was all the same dream. A dream that you had inside a locked room. A dream about being a person. And like a lot of dreams, there’s a monster at end of it.” (True Detective, 1x03)