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Does Hannah actually think her boyfriend left her for her BFF? She was dating some other dude at the time in a relationship that lasted more than a year! Why is she still obsessively writing stories about this?

And why is she slamming Adam in the story, when - as her ex - he owes her nothing?! He can date who he wants. I understand why Hannah is mad at Jessa (even though Jessa didn’t ‘steal’ Adam, since Hannah rejected Adam years ago), but why slam her ex for moving on with his life?

I do not understand this. Are we supposed to think Jessa stole Adam from a woman who was dating a totally different guy at the time? SMH

*sigh* like… I know they tried to make a whole statement about Jessa being a good friend and Adam being a dick but honestly, I don’t see it. I can’t. Yes Adam was the one who pursued her, but for fuck sake she gave in as well. It wasn’t just Adam that ruined Jessa cause guess what, Jessa have a will of her own. If she really didn’t want to start something with Adam she shouldn’t have done it. He didn’t kidnap her, force her or anything. At the end of the day, she was the one who showed up at his door to have sex with him. Adam hasn’t done anything wrong in regards to Jessa and he is allowed to move on from Hannah.
I also hate the notion that you can “steal” someone, because that is so gross. People aren’t objects. Jessa never stole Adam from Hannah because 1) Adam has a free will, 2) Adam is his own person and doesn’t belong to Hannah, 3) Hannah said she didn’t want to be with him anymore meaning that Adam was free to pursue other women who did want him.

Just no. So much fucking no to Adam and Jessa. Ughhhhh. Like Adam for real. Remember that one time, when Jessa was like “I need to take a piss” and then literally pissed in the street and you both went to jail for it because Jessa decided to make a scene even though she intentionally broke the law in a very public open area where it was easy for her to be caught. That’s who you’re dating rn. She’s a selfish bitch and she doesn’t care who the consequences of her actions affect. *rolling my eyes so hard they roll outta my head and down the street*.

Holy crap. I'm still not over the amount of shit Adam Driver broke at the apartment in Girls tonight.

He made Kylo Ren look like a model of restraint. I thought he was going to bring down the actual roof by the end of that fight. They really managed to match each other’s crazy.

And of course they both got off on it. Jessa and Adam are full on “War of the Roses”. I can’t decide if they’re perfect for each other or if they should run at top speed in opposite directions.

Either way — HOT. You know the sex must be insane.


“New rules!”

Adam Sackler Driver giving a helpful hand in HBO’s Girls S05E02 (2016)

So I am a huge fan of Girls on HBO, and if you are a fan as well, you already know the final season premiered last night. Before I let you know of my speculations, let me just say this: SPOILERS AND FAN THEORIES AHEAD *speculating based off premiere episode and previous set photos* IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW OR THINK ABOUT THE POSSIBLE STORYLINES AHEAD - DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Okay, now that that’s out of the way, allow me to speculate. Last year photos were taken of Lena Dunham on the set wearing a fake pregnant belly (the character Caroline [Adam’s sister] was seen even feeling it. There were also photos of Adam with his hands on her baby belly in another outfit (as well as kissing her), though so far he’s still with Jessa. Of course everyone then started to believe that the baby must be Adam’s, but after watching last nights premiere episode- I’m not so sure of that. Realizing that the pair [Paul-Louis and Hannah] had sex quite a few times (and it’s safe to say in the first round he definitely did not wear a condom), and unprotected as far as any of us knows. Even if she’s on the pill, we all know it’s not 100%, and this is Hannah after all; she could’ve stopped because she’s not with anyone consistently enough [if at all] to be consistent. In the article I screenshot, apparently this wasn’t the last we would see of Paul-Louis because again, “he dips in and out of Hannah’s life in an important way”, and what would be more important to dip out of than a freaking kid? Again, this is just a fan theory, but I am as of now believing that if Hannah is pregnant with anyone’s baby- it’s Paul Louis, not Adam. I loved the episode, proud and embarrassed of Hannah multiple times throughout the premiere, but overall, I can’t wait to keep watching to see where we will end with these girls (and boys too, ‘cause they grew on me). Let me know what you’re thinking kids, the final season has officially begun.

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Thoughts on Girls S5 E6 from someone who had given up on this show:

While i enjoyed the first few seasons of Girls i had completely lost interest by the fourth season (Hannah in Iowa is so boring). I found it increasingly predictable, boring, self serving and just plain annoying. And really now that Adam Driver is in Star Wars is there really any reason to watch this show. But a friend said she had watched the most recent episode of Girls and that it was amazing; and i just so happened to be bored enough today to catch up on the episodes i had missed (they mostly sucked by the way so don’t bother if you haven’t seen them) and eventually got to Season 5 Episode 6 ‘The Panic in Central Park’ (which is actually an amazing episode). I wont go over the plot of the episode (cause google exists) but the episode revolves around Marnie (the second most annoying character) and Charlie (holy crap charlie’s back and has a beard… and a drug habit) and it feels like a completely different show. The show looks visually different and feels decidedly more surreal and fantastical then other episodes it still has the gross aspects that Girls always does (i.e: wearing sneakers with a ball gown, walking bare feet in Brooklyn, a mugging, and a communal bathroom). While i usually hate when ensemble shows do capsule episodes but this is the best thing Girls has done for a while. Its romantic yet dark (kissing charlies forehead then finding a needle in his jeans), its self contained yet movies the storyline forward (Marnie dumps Desi at the end… finally) and its dramatic yet funny (Desi telling marnie she is probably gonna get murdered is just lol). While i doubt that the rest of the season will be anywhere near as good as this episode i would recommend watching it then quickly get back to watching better shows.