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(Book) Jaime appreciation post (I)

After being extremely pissed at what D&D have done to Jaime in the show (especially after 7x03), here comes a post to remind everyone about that amazing character development that we should be witnessing since season 3. We really can’t understand what’s the whole point of stopping a redemption arc of one of the most interesting and complex characters of this story, a character you begin hating and despising but end up admiring and loving (for most people) because of the person he’s becoming/become. We think we’re gonna leave the ranting here because we had finally managed to (kind of) cool down since yesterday and we don’t want to get salty again.

So, here goes our appreciation/comparison post of (book) Jaime/Season 3 Jaime, showing the beginning of that redemption arc (when book Jaime and show Jaime still had something in common). Hope you enjoy it!

Part I:

Jaime ran his fingers through his hair. “Walton,” he said, “saddle the horses. I want to go back.”

“Back?” Steelshanks regarded him dubiously. He thinks I’ve gone mad. And perhaps I have. “I left something at Harrenhal.”

Jaime’s head jerked round at the sound of a distant roar, faint but ferocious. It echoed off the walls of Harrenhal, and the laughter swelled up like the sea.

All of a sudden, he knew what was happening. Have we come too late? His stomach did a lurch, and he slammed his spurs into his horse, galloping across the outer ward, beneath an arched stone bridge, around the  Wailing Tower, and through the Flowstone Yard.

They had her in the bear pit.

Brienne wore the same ill-fitting gown she’d worn to supper with Roose Bolton. No shield, no breastplate, no chainmail, not even boiled leather, only pink satin and Myrish lace. Maybe the goat thought she was more amusing when dressed as a woman. Half her gown was hanging off in tatters, and her left arm dripped blood where the bear had raked her.

At least they gave her a sword. The wench held it one-handed, moving sideways, trying to put some distance between her and the bear. That’s no good, the ring’s too small. She needed to attack, to make a quick end to it. Good steel was a match for any bear. But the wench seemed afraid to close. The Mummers showered her with insults and obscene suggestions. “This is none of our concern,” Steelshanks warned Jaime. “Lord Bolton said the wench was theirs, to do with as they liked.”
“Her name’s Brienne.”

“Pull her out of there.”

Bellowing in fury, the bear showed a mouth full of great yellow teeth, then fell back to all fours and went straight at Brienne. There’s your chance, Jaime thought. Strike! Now!

She moved around the pit, keeping the wall at her back. Too close. If the bear pins her by the wall…
The beast turned clumsily, too far and too fast. Quick as a cat, Brienne changed direction. There’s the wench I remember.

Where’s the blood? Then suddenly he understood. Jaime rounded on Hoat. “You gave her a tourney sword.”

“I’ll pay her bloody ransom. Gold, sapphires, whatever you want. Pull her out of there.”

“You want her? Go get her.”

So he did.

Jaime VI, ASOIAF A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin.

  • Book!Daenerys: Mother of dragons, Daenerys thought. Mother of monsters. What have I unleashed upon the world? A queen I am, but my throne is made of burned bones, and it rests on quicksand. Without dragons, how could she hope to hold Meereen, much less win back Westeros? I am the blood of the dragon, she thought. If they are monsters, so am I.
  • Show!Daenerys: You get a Dracarys, and you get a Dracarys and everybody gets a Dracarys!

“Flee, idiot”

Ok, i have never been a big fan of Daenerys , BUT WOUAAAAAAAH I have to say that this episode gave me shivers ! I had to draw an illu about her !

Missandei // April 2017 for Character Design Challenge!

“A slave who served as an interpreter to the masters of Astapor, Missandei was freed when Daenerys Targaryen took the Unsullied army and used it to overthrow the slavers. Missandei now serves Daenerys as her trusted advisor and Handmaiden.”

Asha / Yara Greyjoy, an incredible character that I really like !

I did her character design for the character design challenge based on Game of Thrones, but I ended choosing the Sansa one after all.

By the way, Greyjoys are my favourite family in GOT and this character concept of Asha is based by her look in the book, where she’s described as a short-haired girl (and with a slight different concept in her clothes) !


“Tarth. I’m biased, but she keeps it together.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to HBO on which character do you admire the most?

“I love the character of Jaime Lannister. He’s just so complex…” -Gwendoline Christie

“Gwen and I have a lot of fun together, I wish it could go on forever.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

“And Nikolaj is a very special actor. He’s brilliant, hilarious and mercurial. And again, incredibly highly skilled. I felt nervous about acting opposite someone that was so highly skilled that I’d be working with so intensely, but he completely went for it from the beginning and was not afraid to go full-throttle on all of the scenes. And to really feed the relationship off-screen, too, by endlessly teasing me, haha. It’s really fun and hard work. He’s a brilliant actor. And I’ve had an absolute ball. I’ve had a real riot.“ -Gwendoline Christie

“If you meet Gwen, you’ll know that she is light.” -Nikolaj Coster-Waldau