Is this true???!?!!11!!?!!?!?1! CAN THIS *ACTUALLY* BE TRUE? THIS TIME?

Or is this a feverdream hallucination? A product of some antibiotic I took once when I was suffering from strep throat for like the 90th time when I was like eleven destroying my brain cell by cell, nerve-connection by nerve-connection? 

We know how hard he is still for Kurt; this would be so bonkers.
There have been so many rumors and letdowns over the years that I just don’t know if I can trust this - but I so want to…

If he had any fears about taking on The Joker and living up to the expectations of that beloved, wrecked icon (one he didn’t even have strong feelings for) - I can’t even begin to imagine the personal pressure and stress and fears and doubts and anxiety he would undoubtedly be placing on himself to step into Kurt’s Chucks. 

Like, NIRVANA and the memory of COBAIN, in particular - is still so intensely regarded by multiple generations at this point; from the people in their 30s, 40s who were there when Nirvana bust-up on the scene, to people in their teens and 20s who maybe only know Nirvana via Guitar Hero and unintentionally wear band-iconography appropriated by designers - like Smiley Face tees, torn in precise places selling for $250.00.

To see Jared’s name attached to an actual Cobain Vehicle, tied to HBO with Love’s blessing - that sounds like it stands to be an actual thing maybe happening - like, this is so epic and so exciting and so heart-racey and so perfect and so terrifying all at once.

I may have to invest in some heavy sedatives to carry me through this in-between time until an actual, official confirmation happens, set photos are captured, and leto is scruff’d up, less harshly blonde and still so effortlessly beautiful….


Great presentation of transgender people and transgender rights from John Oliver. 

Really: You have to watch this one!


Full trailer: ‘7 Days in Hell’