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Delphine Cormier: a woman of her word

okay so, this is my third(?) follow forever, and even though i’m following 800 people, i’m gonna pick out the select few that i love a lot and acknowledge them!! yaaass!!

people that i consider my friends and even more

gabeofrp: gabe, i love you a lot, and i hope i never lose you as a friend tbh. you’re just amazing and funny and we have inside jokes about the disgusting brotp that’s goin’ on…

narryrants: moTHER!! where would i be without you? you’re the first person i spoke to on this blog and i’m so happy i did? you taught me a lot okay even tho i’m a knucklehead and ignored you the first few times you told me not to mess with the shitty talk blogs

zynsjavaads: bae :(( i love you to the sun and back. not the moon, that shit is too dark and you’re just a ray of sunshine and pls we don’t need the moon’s negative dark ass. anyways, you mean sososo much to me i always wanna write you inspirational paragraphs and i’m fr gonna choke my phone for not letting me skype you :((

bella-rps: i swear to god you are the cutest person on this god damn website. you’re so adorable and i will always, always, always stand up for you no matter what.

blackwidowtalks: I AM GETTING ANGRY AT YOU WITH ALL THESE URL SWITCHES. whatever, thouGH. you’re always there for me when i need you and you’re sooo pretty!! my self esteem drops by a thousand

rhiatalks: tbh i’m feeling you on an emotional level. our 1x1 is the best and i just love you sososo much. i hope when i grow up i’m like you?? (which is in like 3 years or so…) but yEah your life is so rad pls i love your stories

slaysofrp: yAS WORK BITCH!! you’re my partner in crime and i love you so god damn much okay you’ll never know how much ily 

harrehspeaks: ugh!!! i love you sososo much. man, you’re always there for me and i swear that i’ll always be there for you. you’re the cutest redhead ever, despite the authenticity.

ketchumrps: FRIEND!! PAL!! MATE!! ACQUAINTANCE!! EVERYTHING ELSE!! JESUS I LOVE YOU so god damn much jfc you’re just positive energy and i love the shit out of you wow

curlsrps: UM. the most avid fan of anal………….. jfc. okay well you’re so great like i’ve only known you for a while and i’m already in love with your bomb ass personality and i just jFC i adore you. you’re so funny and hilarious but i’m still gonna drive to queens and sit on you smh

markyrph: YAAAAAASS!!! you’re one of my favorites, fr. you’re a helpful ass RPH and it’s such a shame that people don’t treat you how you should be treated and that you aren’t appreciated enough because i genuinely love you and i think you’re amazing.

hbicmya: hbic mya fr, tho!! you’re so real and amazing and it’s sooo fucked up how someone did you dirty ‘cause you’re the cutest mya alive!! end of story ur a cutie

kendallofrph: u smell and i love u ella ur so cute and funny and yas ur bae

caebello: CAMILA OF RP FR if anybody ever does anything to you oh my god they’re fr gonna get choked ilysm like friends tht slay together stay together [hip rolls away]

dev1x1: :)

other friends that i love equally as much but couldn’t include bc already annoying others w/ paragraphs:

people that are rad//i wanna talk to//i follow and thirst after//should talk to me more//i should probs stop with the //’s

chances are, if we’re in a mutual, i probably forgot you. i’m gonna be dumb and say just reblog this anyway if i follow you because i’m tired and i can’t remember more names :(