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The ignorance this man possesses.

People are fucking starving in North Korea, and you think people will give a shit about 2NE1? Holy shit.. no wonder no one likes you.

Secondly, why the fuck are you bringing 2NE1 into this? I am sure they’re the ones who are going to have to apologise for this when the shitfest starts, not you. 

Jeremy Scott, sit the fuck down and watch some videos about how shit actually is over there. As I said before, people are starving. They are being forced into camps when they disobey laws and the whole country is blocked off from the rest of the world, giving them no access to medicine and basic human necessities.

The people the world has to live with these days. :l


Over the past year, I have slowly created a K-Pop Shitlist. This document contains nearly every illegal/bigoted/generally negative action/quote a K-Pop idol has said/done. 

I am open to any suggestions or input for the Shitlist. Please do message me with any Shitlist-worthy incidents that I should include as this would be a great help. ^.^

If your article/blog/video/resource has been featured as a source on the Shitlist and you wish for it to be removed, please feel free to message me and I will quickly remove the source and upload a new version of the document.

To download the Shitlist, click here. (You will be redirected to/have your computer open a mediafire download link.)